Chapter 499 wedding date has decided( sought subscription) Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really must hold the wedding in Golden Island there, because Golden Island there anything does not have, he wants to hold the wedding in the here castle, such is lordly. Looked that Zhao Hai frowns has not spoken, Green puzzled said : Young Master? Goes to Golden Island there not to be good?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : Grandpa Green, Golden Island there is good that constructs, but there is some cavern, moreover there does not have what nice construction, holds the wedding in there, feared that is some are not quite good?” Green thinks that nodded said : this truly to have an issue, Golden Island there just constructed, if holds the wedding in there, was appears extremely is truly simple.” Laura open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, Grandpa Green, I to does not think that Golden Island there is our domains, we can say calculate that with Carson City here, this time we do not marry, words that if some people disturb, will certainly live the fight, Elder Brother Hai, although now the crest of wave very vigor, but to know that my true strength for good, what we make into Golden Island there, Rosen Empire King will not care, but if we in a big way move Gan Ge in Carson City here, moreover revealed by Rosen Empire is felt strength of fear, that was possible to sit. Has troubled, therefore thinks that we go to Golden Island to marry to well.” Laura they just heard Zhao Hai to say must marry with, actually solid some shy, but was now good, they already wanted to marry Zhao Hai, now the desire has eventually been realized, their happy many shy, in adding on them is not the ordinary girl, naturally cannot like the ordinary young girl. One hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai was actually calm, now he offended Aksu Empire, but other two Empire there Radiant Church influences were very big, to go to there not to have any good fruit to eat, now he can only be relying on Rosen Empire, if Rosen Empire could not accommodate him, that feared that can only defend own Golden Island for a lifetime, Zhao Hai does not want like this, therefore the feeling of Rosen Empire he to consider well. Thinks that Zhao Hai nodded said : to be a pity, Golden Island there present environment although is good, but there does not have what construction, in there person who if we hold the wedding, was really too suffering from injustice you.” Laura smiles said : not to have relationship Elder Brother Hai, is not suffering from injustice, now reputation of our Buda Family on Continent, that dares underestimated we, feel relieved, we will hold wedding also nobody to say anything on a desert island.” The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, shows a faint smile said : well, that such has decided that tomorrow I go to discuss that with Grandpa Lando a next wedding date's matter, after deciding, the immediately manufacture written invitation, this, the written invitation I make Universal Machine manufacture, only leaves behind the date not to add, when the time comes the date is set, we were inscribing the date on the line.” Green they also simultaneously, Zhao Hai they also discussed detail, must hold the wedding, the issue of this reception, eats, drinks, with, is prepared to be good, must know that now the Zhao Hai status is not ordinary, person who participates wedding, the status definitely is not ordinary, if not satisfying, may offend some people.

Was good they have also been accustomed to because of Green the Butler person, therefore these matters could not baffle them, Zhao Hai raised, Green has not needed him to manage, these matters he will arrange. Now various Space here types of commodities do not lack, therefore Green arranges this to be very simple, is adding on presently in his hand to have more than 1 million Undead Creature to be able command(er), handled this matter is really too easy. After reaching an agreement, Zhao Hai they have rested, Zhao Hai returned to own room, has lain down on the bed, if also wants the Golden Island there situation. After one month of construction, the Golden Island there shop has built up much, but these shop majority are made of stone, these Stone these Undead Creature mine on the island, in the island a best building possibly said that was Shelly Family that five layers high hotel, in not anything too nice has constructed, was held the wedding in such place, truly was puts in great inconvenience Laura they, Zhao Hai does not want to be regret lifelong by them. Lies on the bed, although closes one's eyes, however the head of Zhao Hai has not actually stopped revolving, this is also his custom, before everyday sleeps, can think matter that some daytime have not handled, because he believes that in the sleeping beforehand these days, is the person brain thin brain most active time, if at this time you careful thinking daytime the fresh matter, perhaps will find out the great idea. Really, this Zhao Hai not disappointed, when he for the Golden Island there construction headache, his suddenly has thought a matter, or is a picture. This picture is not other thing, but is piece of Flower Garden, has flowers everywhere in this piece of Flower Garden, moreover there all comprised of plants. Zhao Hai originally somewhat blurry must fall asleep, thinks that this picture, he one has opened the eye, this picture he was too familiar, is in Swamp Flower City there scene. Thought of this, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has called Cai'er in mind, Cai'er did one on appears in the room, look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what matters you look for our?” Zhao Hai look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, can you present put a branching toward Golden Island there, then composes an appearance of castle with this branching, like this I can hold the wedding in there.” Cai'er nodded said : to be able Young Master, I now already Level Up, even if is composing an looks like Flower Garden that big city not to be a problem.”

excited said : of Zhao Hai face does not use that in a big way, so long as looked like a Wild Dragon fort such big castle to want, has remembered, the entire castle must have colored, I must make true Flower City .” Cai'er nodded said : good Young Master, my immediately/on horseback manages.” Said that personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight, Zhao Hai then relaxed, he does not prepare to tell Laura this matter now them, he must give them a pleasant surprise. Next morning, Zhao Hai came out from Space, sits horse carriage to the dark soldier fort, Laura they naturally also on the vehicle, actually originally like Megan, when has not married, she must stay in the dark soldier fort, but Megan actually did not agree, moreover Lando looked at the Zhao Hai also two fiancees, if Megan daily at home, but Laura they actually followed in the Zhao Hai side, that did not need to ask that affirmative was Laura they are favored some, for did not fall into disfavor by Megan, therefore Lando also by Megan in the Zhao Hai side. To the dark soldier fort, Zhao Hai immediately welcome to Lando study room, Lando be waiting for Zhao Hai in study room, but has not actually seen other, Smith returned to Sky Water City, there could not leave him now. Saw that Zhao Hai they have come , does Lando smile said : today to arrive at my here to come? Your there matter are many, does not need always to run toward my here.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Lando, today asks you to have a matter to discuss with you that this matter very heavy wants.” Lando said : what matter?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to want with Megan they to hold the wedding recently, the place is chosen on Golden Island.” Lando stares, then looked up Zhao Hai one, sighed said : also well, now Megan daily with you, if in did not hold the wedding, will be influential to her reputation, moreover you now are young, Blood Qi side just, if had an accident is holding the wedding late, good, I agreed that when?” Zhao Hai by forehead black line that Lando said that he has not thought that really Lando will have such scruples, but thinks is also, Ark Continent here was not Earth, before the wedding saw spatially with Gusse, here lived together to be scoffed before the wedding, Lando was feared that he will unable to bear. However Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback tidies up mood said : the quicker the better, after holding the wedding, I must go to Prairie, the Prairie there has plenty matter must process, therefore does not have the too much time.”

Lando nodded, thinks said : that ten days later, your present immediately/on horseback goes back to manufacture the written invitation, our here also publishes the written invitation, ten days later, Golden Island there holds the wedding.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my there written invitation to manufacture, so long as inscribed the date to use, this, my immediately prepared.” Lando nodded said : to go, holds the wedding, matter has plenty that must prepare, you go busily, family's matter I manage.” Zhao Hai nodded, to a Lando ritual, turn around was walking, returned to own castle, his immediately has put out with the written invitation that Universal Machine manufactures, after on please date, sent for delivering. The written invitation that Zhao Hai this time must deliver but are many, farthest one was Evan, was some Rosen Empire here Noble, although says him with these Noble not too deep friendship, but he has also met at the banquet, if did not invite others, that was disrespectful. Fortunately, Cai'er had already taken down these Noble names, therefore this written invitation manufactures is not very difficult, above is printing the names of these people, so long as delivered to be OK. Zhao Hai in hand may not have that many people, his these time sends to deliver the written invitation, near uses some Undead Creature to deliver, far makes Blood Hawk deliver, is the one type of very new and odd delivering written invitation way. Zhao Hai here is busy at arranging the wedding, because outside person actually information of his big marriage, but has lived it up, the in recent time Buda Family reputation is really very loud, these people know Buda Family not only strength very formidable, but also Golden Island there turned into the goose that lays golden eggs, this makes all people feel to envy, but does not have the means. Now Zhao Hai must hold the wedding, this regarding some small Noble, truly is the good deed, so long as attended this time wedding, can perhaps know with Zhao Hai that makes contact with Buda Family this line, later will perhaps reach! In these small Noble wants to reach, can only relying on powerful Great Clan, but Buda Family is powerful, but they are new, therefore the under the hand/subordinate person is few, the best opportunity of hiring oneself. At this moment, another information appears , making these still set firm resolve in waiting and seeing Noble immediately, must hire oneself Buda Family, even if not hire oneself, must hit relationship with Buda Family.