Chapter 500 bestows the marriage( sought subscription) Bestows the marriage! Regarding the person on Continent, not strange glossary, because uses this glossary person minimum is Grand Duke, but was bestowed the person of marriage, absolutely is the lucky fellow on Continent. When under this decree to Buda Family, Zhao Hai they all have actually been shocked, is not happy, but will be never expected will have such a decree. Rosen Empire King bestows the marriage to give Zhao Hai emperor nine princess Lizzy, becomes the Zhao Hai Ping wife! After this information passes on, entire Continent in one time has seethed with excitement, princess who Rosen Empire, the Continent first powerful nation, the emperor nine princesses, one of the Carson City double flowers, the emperor most love, attractive, intelligent, the status is noble, she is almost in the Rosen Empire all Noble dreams of age the sweetheart! But a such person, was being bestowed the marriage to give Zhao Hai unexpectedly, is as Ping wife, in other words, after Lizzy marries Buda, the status they will be the same with Laura, cannot suspend any princess's stance/framework/shelf. This on these Noble regarding Continent absolutely is a huge attack, but regarding Zhao Hai, not necessarily is the how good matter, he married the princess, the person who these unrequited love the princess will have a mortal hatred of him, as the matter stands set up many enemies on invisible to Buda Family. But Zhao Hai when hears this information, completely was scared, he does not want to meet this imperial decree, but Green and Laura their pulling Zhao Hai received this decree. After the person who when passes on the aim walked, Zhao Hai dull in the living room, look at Green they, Green to will not have anything, expression calm on face, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, expression unexpectedly also calm on Laura face. Zhao Hai look at Laura said : Laura, why can you make me meet this aim? This was unfair to you, moreover you should also know that except for that time in Charlie residence, I with this Princess Lizzy any occurring together, suddenly has not bestowed the marriage now, I should reject, not only otherwise was unfair to you, was unfair to Princess Lizzy.” Laura look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, you do not use anxiously, all right, I think that Princess Lizzy wants to marry you , will otherwise not have this decree, Princess Lizzy being favored very in Royal, moreover by the Rosen Empire Royal strength, does not need to marry with the person, in this case, will also have this decree appears , this Princess Lizzy meaning that felt strange.”

Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Can be this? But I can be said as with Princess Lizzy did not know that she will agree how possibly to marry me, moreover elected at this time, on the imperial decree added that must hold the wedding with our together, didn't this regarding a princess, too chen press?” Megan smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, you are don’t know, your body always has one type of thing to attract the woman, initially I am like this am attracted by you, we had not met several times at that time, has not spoken several words.” Laura also smiles said : „, moreover Elder Brother Hai do not forget, you have rescued a princess life, I want because of this, therefore Princess Lizzy will like on you.” In this time, out of the door is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Right that said that because of this.” Zhao Hai they one look toward out of the door, is being Charlie, Charlie gets a servant to stand in out of the door, the in front of the door servant has not notified, Zhao Hai stares, Charlie has taken a step the room. Zhao Hai they give Charlie to salute hastily, Charlie beckoned with the hand, said : I have not let the servant circular, Little Hai, I must say to you today this imperial decree matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Charlie, after Charlie sits down, look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I know you these days in hiding Lizzy, but Lizzy all has actually put your body a heart, this time imperial decree is Lizzy after hearing you must marry, kneels to ask to my father emperor there, she told my father emperor, you do not marry.” Zhao Hai one dull, then has smiled bitterly, his real don’t know must say that what was good, he has seen only that surface with Lizzy, later he in hiding Lizzy, even if meets Lizzy at the banquet, is distant avoid, had not said to Lizzy what words, how will Lizzy use the sentiment to be so deep to him? Zhao Hai is simply did not understand that Lizzy is a princess in country's, when her was planned, immediately must be lost oneself most important thing, will lose when also own dignity, Zhao Hai actually turned the hand gives to rescue him, in this case, Zhao Hai in Lizzy at heart, has made forever also the indelible impression. The woman is animal of inspiration, they believe to fall in love compared with the man, they like fantasizing that romantic, similarly, they treat the love also blindly, sometimes because of a small matter, they can fall in love with a person, moreover can love is unable to extricate oneself. Zhao Hai when Megan must lose all, has saved her, this regarding Megan was really too important, therefore Megan after that was late has fallen in love with Zhao Hai, with the lapse of time, this minute of sentiment not only had not been diluted, conversely, counter- was getting stronger and stronger.

Therefore Lizzy when hears Zhao Hai after the marriage, finally her sentiment has defeated her reason, she runs up to King there to kneel to ask King, bestows the marriage to give Zhao Hai her, moreover says words that he did not marry. Knew the after beginning to end of matter, Zhao Hai also can only sigh, was not saying anything, his understand, if he refused to bestow the marriage, that Lizzy will possibly do the piffle, when the time comes he removed breaking off of bottom with Rosen Empire relationship. First no matter Lizzy feels emotion to him, if he refused to bestow the marriage, Lizzy will become on Continent the laughingstocks of all people, in this case, Lizzy can the doing things sentiment of come not to say, if Lizzy had an accident, by love degree of King to Lizzy, their Buda Family will certainly have bad luck, not only their Clan, Calci Family, Crook Family, with bad luck. Zhao Hai sighed, forced smile said : I think that except for Laura they, this for a lifetime in marrying others was the wife, such words were not only unfair to Laura they, was unfair to other people, but has not thought that Princess Lizzy actually will look upon with favor in me, ascended the sky is not really thin to my Zhao Hai, invites Your Highness feel relieved, I will marry the princess am a wife, but also like treating Laura them treats her, right Your Highness, we must get married on Golden Island, you looked that was this several days lets Princess Lizzy to the Wild Dragon fort, we be reasonable matter that under one married.” The Charlie look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : well, I with the father emperor will say that but your youngster really is also in luck, but, you may be my brother-in-law, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai speechless look at Charlie, has not thought of this time, he actually still in thinking these matters, Green now actually very happy, Zhao Hai has become the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, this regarding Buda Family, only then the advantage does not have the fault. Green with has not thought that anything married the princess to offend other Noble matters, looked like in Green, Zhao Hai had this status, these Noble is angry can be what kind, said it, Noble by benefit give priority to, in the person who these want to marry the princess, several were the sincerity likes the princess, they for non- benefit. So long as Lizzy has married Zhao Hai, by the Buda Family strength, is having Calci Family in addition their help, Buda Family can certainly unfold in the shortest time, when the time comes is these , to be what kind of Buda Family, must think the consequence well. Has saying that Green this locally born Ark Continent person, truly compared with Zhao Hai understanding Ark Continent here Noble, Ark Continent here Noble not for a woman can offend formidable Clan, what they settle on is the benefit. Rosen Empire bestows the marriage to pass on to Zhao Hai information, on Continent all Noble understand, Buda Family also had a more formidable backer, later Buda Family cannot annoy. Simultaneously these Noble also feel very strange, especially these knew that Zhao Hai Noble, their understand, appearance ordinary the person like Zhao Hai, why so many beautiful women won't look upon with favor in him? On him had anything to attract these women.

No matter for anything, they knows, in this case, joins relationship with Buda Family, only then the advantage does not have the fault. But Zhao Hai is actually manufacturing written invitation now, person who before his some can please be able not to invite, Zhao Hai has not planned to invite, but actually has to invite now, because in his bride were many a princess. The matter of marriage is very troublesome, especially the person marriage of status like Zhao Hai, the matter that the here surface involves is many, is only their clothes must after the design, but Zhao Hai actually does not want to do, the Ark Continent here clothes he has not liked really very much, therefore Zhao Hai has used Universal Machine, making Universal Machine manufacture restoring the old clothes on several models of Earth, not only looked like noble aura, but also put on also attractiveness. But Laura they say nothing, their clothes are the nuptial dresses, naturally is impossible too to expose, Ark Continent here has not opened to that degree, but these marriage were wonderful in Ark Continent here are also the alone shares. thing that eats and drinks, Zhao Hai preparation that eats also on method of that giving a banquet with Earth, the person who because comes will be definitely many, the thing that therefore eats, must prepare well, good currently his here has ten Universal Machine, makes food is very relaxed. The liquor say nothing, Zhao Hai has prepared to manufacture three types of liquor with Universal Machine, red wine, white liquor, beer, these three types of liquor, only then the red wine is most common on Continent, white liquor now on Continent only appears Zhao Hai Milk Wine, but the beer was needless saying that few personally has also drunk to present Continent on. In order to prepare this time wedding, Zhao Hai has gotten down the initial capital, not only makes Cai'er manufacture a Seven-Colored Flower castle, but also has used Universal Machine, thing that almost at the wedding uses, all manufactures with Universal Machine, because of Zhao Hai very clear, by their Buda Family present manpower, simply is impossible to be busy, he does not want to make Lando they meddle, that can only use Universal Machine.