Chapter 501 marries( sought subscription) Ten days of regarding the people on Continent, were really too short, in the blink of an eye time, ten days passed by, Golden Island these ten days of continuously very lively, on entire Continent honored and popular Noble, ran up to Golden Island to come up, house simply on entire Golden Island insufficiently lived, has plenty Noble has to the tent. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, without the means that his immediately to Golden Island there, has put out the tent that many Beastman Race have used, these tents are very big, a tent can live in Beastman one home fully, Human Race do not use. These Great Noble has plenty simply have not seen such tent, to finally, the has plenty person even starts to request to live in the tent, but did not go to housing. Sits in the tent, the look at over the mountain green grass, these person of suddenly had one type of to the Prairie on feeling, but some Noble of knowing the business actually saw the differences of these grass. These grass all are Plate Silk Grass, very tenacious, is impossible to be used to drink Magic Beast, but can actually be used for manufacture medicine and weaves thing is actually in, some small Noble, see this grass, value that immediately understand this grass, person cannot help but two eyes shines. On the same day of Zhao Hai marriage, on entire Golden Island has been fully occupied, do not say that other place, is only pier there, simply did not have the means to make the ship approach shore. But Zhao Hai they also came ashore three days later, Laura they also come with Zhao Hai together, has Lizzy, when Zhao Hai sees Lizzy, he somewhat is surprised. In God's Grace Day during that time, Zhao Hai saw Lizzy the time, Lizzy appearance Fei Yang/flying upwards, the princess posture was full, but is seeing Lizzy now, actually wanted with initially complete varying, the complexion wax yellow, the body became very thin is also weak, when compared with initially saw her minimum thin 20 jin (0.5 kg), can describe with the thinness. Sees Lizzy this appearance, Laura they are feeling sad, when their understand woman cannot see his lover was what, Lizzy this was stranded for the sentiment absolutely. Zhao Hai looks at the Lizzy appearance, felt that heart pain, yes, he did not have that deep sentiment with Lizzy now, but Lizzy to his sentiment, he actually felt, this let his very touched. Underwent nearly ten days of recuperation, present Lizzy with original was different, now Lizzy before several days, was better, body extensive was similar. Body of Zhao Hai look at Lizzy now a day a type, very happy, Lizzy looks at the Zhao Hai look, was almost gives to melt him. After several people arrived at Golden Island here, Zhao Hai made Laura they live in the military base, made the final preparation in inside, all people also think that Zhao Hai they will marry in the military base, only then Zhao Hai knows that this was just a guise.

Colored fort Zhao Hai that now the true marriage uses has prepared, in the summit of Dingzi Shan, there was ordered to declare martial law by Zhao Hai, anybody is impossible to go, also presently there situation. Today finally was day of official marriage, according to the Ark Continent here custom, Zhao Hai must go to the new maternal home to meet the bride, then arrived in his home to get married. However Zhao Hai their situations are special, therefore they can only carry in Golden Island now all these, Laura they are waiting in the military base, Zhao Hai drives to meet them. The person who all attended the ceremony, by Zhao Hai welcome to Dingzi Shan, have been arranged outside of flowered fort, but flowered fort there lived in the Dark mist technique to the files by Zhao Hai, no one can see inside situation. These Noble don’t know lived any matter, wants to come in them, the wedding must carry on the military base, how to arrange here them, saw that group huge Dark mist that these Undead Creature gathered round, they felt at heart the wool, they heard, Zhao Hai every time turns into Undead Creature to have Dark mist appears the person, many Noble are thinking at heart: „Doesn't Zhao Hai want to turn into Undead Creature to regard the marriage celebration us?” Quick they knew the answer, saw Zhao Hai horse carriage to come out from the military base, gathers round the military base to walk, then entered in the base, their several has met Laura. horse carriage that Zhao Hai sits today does not have the carriage, is half boxcar, Zhao Hai they stands in the car(riage), what outside person can see them to put on is what clothes, These Noble stand in the mountain is positive, happen to can see that Zhao Hai they meet from the base Laura, the formal clothes that Zhao Hai and Laura on them wear they also saw, before that is one type of them, has not seen formal clothes, but they have to recognize, very be really attractive. These Noble think that Zhao Hai arranges here them, can to see the process of wedding, they to such arrangement, to are very satisfied. However they heard, drinking that now in the military base has not prepared to eat, doesn't Zhao Hai prepare to ask them to eat meal? Only after making them observe the ritual, goes home? Did that also knock on a door? When all people are puzzled, actually sees Zhao Hai horse carriage to walk toward their here, this arrived is makes them be shocked, they think that after Zhao Hai Laura they met, in around military base, then in delivering to military base, this ritual was completed, actually has not thought most probably that horse carriage actually came to their here. Quick Zhao Hai horse carriage arrived in front of them, these people looked dumbfounded, on horse carriage Zhao Hai formal clothes stood in there, in hand are taking red silk, the red silk other aspect, was divided into five, in Laura, Megan, Lizzy, Meg and Ni'er in hand, in the middle of red silk, was a large flower appearance, but Laura each of them was a pure white nuptial dress, in hand is taking one bunch of beautiful flowers, several person smiling faces actually compared with flowered tender and beautiful of in hand, looked at the people dumbfounded. Let Ni'er also marry, is the meaning of Laura, Laura knows that Ni'er this for a lifetime impossible leave she, that Ni'er sooner or later was also the Zhao Hai person, might as well call now to her a status.

Zhao Hai to also agreed that meaning of his also understand Laura, therefore his simply had not opposed, moreover they such arrangement, is Zhao Hai wants to come out now, in Ark Continent here, the marriage did not have red silk saying, Zhao Hai to make according to China the appearance of ancient marriage. Past time of Zhao Hai their horse carriage from these Noble, these Noble have delivered the applause, no matter how they think that in the face they must offer the blessing to be good. Dark mist that Laura they also puzzled look at these Undead Creature gather round now, their also don’t know lived any matter, because Zhao Hai simply had not told them here also has the arrangement. Zhao Hai has arrived at these Undead Creature, beckoned with the hand, these Undead Creature immediately made way a road, then Zhao Hai wields, rolled Dark mist one to disperse. When Dark mist dispersing, all people have tarried, these Noble are the same, because in their front, appears with the castle that the flower made, this castle no matter the city gate, was city wall, was similar to a normal castle, but in this castle all structures, were comprised of the flower, every large or small seven colors of the spectrum flowers, have composed a colored castle. At this time that big gate that used the flower to make opened slowly, Green they put on the belt neatly walked out from the castle, driving a cart Blockhead and Stone, immediately caught up with horse carriage to walk toward the castle, but Green they were ask other Noble to enter the castle. These Noble somewhat surprised look at this castles, they really have not thought that Zhao Hai can unexpectedly not making a sound causes a such castle, this made them be startled. But participates in Lando of wedding their actually very happy, they are also Zhao Hai must hold the wedding to feel some not happy in Golden Island here, but sees this colored fort now, their not quick completely vanished, conversely, they to are think Zhao Hai helps is very good, is good. Before long these Noble they entered the castle with Green, enters the castle they present, in this castle, in the ground is the seven colors of the spectrum flower composes, steps on soft, looks like steps on is the same on carpet. Zhao Hai and Laura their several people in square high grade people, in this base not understand this colored fort what's the matter, only then Lizzy, Zhao Hai these days had not brought Lizzy to go to Space, therefore existence of Lizzy also don’t know Cai'er, existence of don’t know Flower City , but sees this castle, her had been moved at heart fills up, the tears cannot stop is flowing outward. After these Noble entered the castle, curious looks to measure all in this castle, all in this castle were really too mysterious, the flower, except for the flower was colored, in all directions all was the colored, innumerable flower. Waited for all people to go to the square of castle, Green has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, coughed lightly two, then deep voice said : welcome in spite of being very busy, found the time to participate in Zhao Hai Buda mister and Laura Markey Delphi, the Megan Carchi Province, Lizzy Rowson, Meg Buda, Ni'er Markey Delphi several people of weddings, I welcome the arrival in here on behalf of Buda Family.” The people are applause, some little time stops, Green then said : Zhao Hai Buda, is Buda Family Patriarch, Buda Family, was one has magnificent past Great Clan, although underwent the tribulation, but again has actually stood, Zhao Hai Buda with several women, was the free to choose a mate marriage, below I say that several people of loves caused, does not know that everybody can agree?”

The following person first time attended such wedding, were many, the general repertoire that the wedding they participated they know that nothing but meets the bride, then returned to new Lang Clan, then please have an elder of noble character and high prestige, manages wedding, how many blessings offered, was the new person to a everyone/Great Clan liquor, was the banquet, then like Buda Family, must introduce that unexpectedly the love did look at history? However this arrived has brought back people the fire of Eight Trigrams, applause that all people made an effort, some person even loud shouting said : good!” Green looked at Zhao Hai and Laura their eyes, Zhao Hai and Laura their faces are red, this procedure although is the Zhao Hai arrangement, but to truly to this step time, Zhao Hai feels really very embarrassed. Green he he chuckle said : that I start from my granddaughter Meg, she earliest knew that Zhao Hai Buda, Zhao Hai Buda also called Adam Buda at that time, is playboys who Aksu Empire became famous, but my adorable granddaughter likes him, has followed in his side, in Zhao Hai Buda Water of Nothingness time, she has followed in his side, does not leave not abandoned.” The person people's under stage in one time have delivered the warm applause, especially these females, they are moved for the Meg unreasoning passion. Green then said : second is Miss Laura, Miss Laura, was called a day of lovable girl, not only beautiful moving, but also her bare gets up, has established a very big merchant group, why will such beautiful woman like on Zhao Hai Buda? The answer is because Zhao Hai Buda rescued her life......” then Green simply to introduce Zhao Hai knew the Laura process, people then understand, has delivered the applause to Laura. Green beckoned with the hand, then said : third, we introduced that Miss Megan, Miss Megan is the Calci Family little princess, the collection myriad favors thousand in one, is gentle, long is beautiful unparalleled, why will such beautiful woman like Zhao Hai? The answer is also because Zhao Hai saves her......” then Green also to introduce that with the people how Zhao Hai rescues Megan, he will certainly not say that existence of Space, he only said that Zhao Hai gives Laura their one type of very small Undead Creature, can find these Dead-soldier immediately, therefore has rescued a Megan life, this also let people understand under stage, why Megan will marry Zhao Hai, originally unexpectedly was because Zhao Hai has saved him, this let be the Megan report bent the person, is at heart more comfortable many, in one time has delivered the applause. Finally the vision of all people centralized to the body of Lizzy, Green also deep voice said : finally I introduced that Princess Lizzy Your Highness, princess palace *** the share is honored, her beauty is similar to Mingyue of space is ordinary, why will she marry one to have the people of several fiancees? The answer is still because Zhao Huojiu she......” Green also said Zhao Hai and Lizzy learning process, when was big, this time he not polite, his although has not mentioned by name who wants to harm Lizzy, but those present actually also know why can have such matter, their also understand this bureau is who supposes, this let people understand, why Lizzy will be bestowed marriage Zhao Hai, originally unexpectedly was because this. This lets sit many not understanding the true situation Noble, dropped the negative number to the Crown Prince favorable impression. Including the person who her younger sister can so plan, is worth following? After waiting for Green saying that people in one time have delivered the warm applause, Green then said : good, the love was briefed by history, below we asked the Lando Carchi Province to lengthen come to power to legally marry!” Lando stares, he has not thought that really the here surface really also has his matter, but his immediately responded, has stood, smiles is arriving at Zhao Hai nearby them, Green also already prepared, a special marriage certificate has given Lando. Lando looked at a marriage certificate, has gawked, but his immediately/on horseback responded that said : Zhao Hai, whether you are willing to become a husband and wife with your side several women, regardless of being poor, the disease, does not leave not abandoned, lifelong accompanying?”