Chapter 502 head made the insect crack with the teeth( sought subscription) Lando also in the character according to marriage lines read, but his this saying exit / to speak, made following these Noble feel at heart one tight. In Ark Continent here, did not have a before the wedding pledge saying, because the here man has the dominant position generally, moreover permitted the plural marriage, was the polygamy, therefore nobody will be asking such pledge before the wedding. These Noble one hear of Lando said that thinks Lando is because Zhao Hai one marries these many wives to be angry, therefore wants to ask that a such issue creates obstacles his, how all people want to take a look at Zhao Hai to reply. Zhao Hai look at Laura their several people of eyes, show a faint smile said : I to want!” Under the stage bursts into thunderous applause, Lando actually remains unmoved, but turns the head look at Laura their several people of said : Laura, Megan, Lizzy, Meg, Ni'er, you whether is willing to become the husband and wife with the man of your side, regardless of later is poor, the disease, does not leave not abandoned, lifelong accompanying?” Lando such asked that person finally understand under stage, this is the content in legally marrying word, such legally marrying adjusts the word they first time to see that feels very curious. Lando nodded, look at Zhao Hai their several people, show a faint smile said : to remember your pledges, I represent to present all guests to bless you, I propagandize, now you become the legal husbands and wives, your marriages will receive the legal protection of Buda Family Golden Island territory.” Said that has given Zhao Hai the in hand certificate. Zhao Hai is taking that specially-made marriage lines, its high has lifted, following applause in time resounding, under this time *** some people are the sincerity applaud, they know that this time wedding is the Buda Family preparation, that this time procedure should also be the Buda Family preparation, has saying that this is they have seen most has a characteristics wedding, especially finally that marriage lines and a that pledge, are add color for this wedding much. But finally Lando said that their this marriages receive the legal protection of Golden Island, this arrives is makes these Noble somewhat accidental, but this also added another one type of to guarantee for this marriage that making this marriage serious. After completing these, Lando from stage high and low, Green has arrived at Zhao Hai side once again, under the people to stage bows said : to thank presence of everyone/Great Clan, ended the nuptial ceremony, invites everyone/Great Clan in servant's guidance taking a seat surely, is the dining time.” These Noble stare, now knows that originally is not Buda Family has not prepared to eat, but is the preparation eats in here, they stare, then has smiled.

In this time, they present, had stood in their middle the person who many wear servants are thinking, but these Noble looked, these put on the person who the servant thought are not the genuine people, but was Undead Creature. However these Noble have not been startled, Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, on Continent all people knows that now Zhao Hai entertains them and no big deal with Undead Creature. This appears Undead Creature has plenty, enough about thousand, person Noble that because flowered fort square here stands now has over ten thousand. These Noble think that they welcome be dined to other place, but they have not thought that these Undead Creature, but welcome the nearby them to castle, did not have the leave square, in them was feeling strange time, square ground, suddenly moved, the uppermost one layer flower has drawn back unexpectedly slowly, has revealed inside Second Layer flower, these Noble somewhat surprised look at all these, don’t know Zhao Hai this was must be up to mischief. After the Second Layer flower rises, has not stopped, some large flower unexpectedly elevations of slowly, rose an altitude of table, but in each large flower surroundings, raised ten Little Flower, these Little Flower area were similar to the ordinary stool, this obviously was the arranging a banquet place. These Noble understand why just the flower in First Layer ground must draw back, because these perianths they have stepped on, was dirty, cannot, when the table and stool have used, therefore has fallen back on underground, but the flower that this second time rises is clean, can therefore , when the furniture use. These Undead Creature immediately direct these Noble to sit by the furniture that these flowers have made, asking them to sit down, this sat down these talented people to feel that the differences of this flower, said first that stool, that stool very soft, sat more comfortable than the stool, but that table actually very hard, knocked with the hand even can hear duo duo the sound. Let these Noble feel what is strange, they appear upside down are not having presently these flowers are any material make, how this entire castle makes into. After waiting for these Noble to sit down, immediately went out of rows of Undead Creature from the castle, suspends the dish toward the table on, these Undead Creature are the unified clothing, the body is the black waistcoat, the white shirt, below wears the black pants, the black leather shoes, are hitting the black lead(er) knot, is bringing the white gloves, sees cleanly, making person look at very comfortable. These Noble have to have a new understanding to the Buda Family strength, light prepares these clothes to these Undead Creature a lot of time, but Zhao Hai can actually achieve in that short time, this is is not very really easy. What most important is, to the present besides Zhao Hai their several, Buda Family other person few people makes an appearance, almost nobody knows that Buda Family many people, their dens in there, this make the person on Continent have to now to Zhao Hai dreading.

These types of vegetables have set out on the table, emaciated look that Zhao Hai these time prepares also according to the custom preparation of Ark Continent here person, the front of everyone suspends is the knives and fork, their emaciated looks are also the emaciated looks that some Ark Continent here people are familiar with very much. These vegetables are the Universal Machine processing, the flavor naturally is great, perhaps although has good that the top chef makes, but does compared with the average person to was much better, moreover inside also has plenty good thing. These Noble not polite, the immediately knife and fork develops simultaneously, puts in the dish own tray, then started, but was quick they present in the difference of this table, the flower petal of this table is divided into two, one layer big below, one layer small point above, but what on the big that flower petal was putting was their tray and knife and fork, on the small that circle flower petal was putting was these dish, but small that flower petal also in keeping revolving of slowly, you can using not stand, on can eat to the table on all vegetables.. These Noble feel very curious regarding Zhao Hai such design, but also has to recognize, such design really be very good, if goes to others Noble home to attend the banquet, some others also with such table, but they want in eating oneself love things to eat, often must stand to attain, is disrespectful regarding them, therefore their sometimes rather does not eat , can only sit in there, but Buda Family such design, complete has avoided a that awkwardness. Then these Undead Creature have delivered the liquor, with transparent glass bottled, has transparently, has the red, yellow. The red wine Ark Continent here person drinks frequently, but their here wine-making craft is not very mature, the liquor flavor that therefore ferments is not quite good. On white liquor and beer Continent appears very few, the average people have not drunk presently, therefore do not understand these two types of liquor are any meanings, but these liquor when deliver, each one type of liquor has his necessary cup, in the beverage bottle also writes the characteristics of these three types of liquor, these Noble curious tasting. Some people like the white liquor fierceness, some people like the red wine the alcohol, some people like the beer the fragrance, at once the atmosphere in square one warm. In this time, slowly has been promoting a large cart from fort, this large cart is very big, is very long, is putting complete Blade-Scales Whale on the vehicle, has roasted completely. Roasts Blade-Scales Whale regarding this, Zhao Hai they have to experience very much, in God's Grace Day they roast very successful, but ratio that this Blade-Scales Whale roasts is also better. Such a big whale has pushed, these Noble have been shocked, a person fool same look at that big fish, immediately had Undead Creature to take the blade at this time, cuts to put in the tray whale meat, then carries to the table on.

These Noble curious tastes this Blade-Scales Whale meat, let alone, this meat is very fragrant, the here surface has some are the psychology does to use, is because the Blade-Scales Whale meat flavor is really very good. This entire square here atmosphere was warmer, the people eat very much happy, they really have not thought of Buda Family this preparation good of such. here surface most happy must be Lando, at that time Zhao Hai did not let his make a move help, he also thinks that Zhao Hai is concerned about face-saving, he also fears Zhao Hai not to do well, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai this preparation unexpectedly such full, this is really fantastic, gave his long face. In this time, in sky suddenly has been transmitting sound speaking sounds: „Does Zhao Hai come out? Laura comes out, Karen comes out, Laura, Karen, your two Markey Family rebels, go home to abide by the law with me in a big hurry!” Has gawked in these Noble that in the square eats meal, then in dull gaining ground look at sky is fluttering that person's shadow, does not need to ask that certainly is 9th level Expert, but in these Noble eyes, that 9th level Expert does not have any fear feeling now, conversely, in their brains has an idea now: „The head of this Clan made the insect crack with the teeth!” In these Noble eyes, the head of this 9th level Expert was makes the insect cracking with the teeth, how many Noble today presents? Luo Lin Empire top Great Clan almost all arrived, what status is Zhao Hai now? The Calci Family son-in-law, the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, Buda Family Patriarch, facing such Expert, your suddenly runs up to here to come, can let his wife and father-in-law goes home to abide by the law? If this head has not made the insect crack with the teeth had felt strange. Is hearing this sound in there to Zhao Hai of these Noble liquor, cannot help but shows a faint smile, apology accompanied a crime to that Noble, this looked up that 9th level Expert.