Chapter 505 air force( sought subscription) Normally now on Continent two big Empire relationship so anxious, posture that some immediately people battle against, moreover in this base also relationship arrives at Radiant Church, but Golden Island geographical position also very special, at this time Zhao Hai should not go to Prairie, he should defend in Golden Island here is right. However Zhao Hai they actually do not think that after Lando and Green they several people of analyses, they to believes that two big Empire will not make war at this time easily. Therefore Zhao Hai also wants to call this opportunity goes to Prairie to have a look, now Prairie there the beginning of the spring, the grass bud grow out, Beastman must also start to herd, starts to communicate, at this time went to Prairie, was the time. Was adding on Zhao Hai to work as a good several days night of five times court attendant these days, he now is 8th level Expert, naturally will not have any issue, but Laura they actually did not think this, feared him to burst oneself, therefore simply was not making him do, everyday he can only in the evening in a person there rest. Zhao Hai also knows that now wife many hardship, he is the same to several people of loves, but everyday thinks one when a in the room rest of person, other people in the appearance of their in the room come all alone, he feel at heart very difficult. However is good because of Laura they to the appearance that has not displayed to take the post to be possible to be rivals for sexual favor, this is also makes Zhao Hai feel very happy, actually also guilty. although now Zhao Hai very likely is a Ark Continent here person, but some thought actually like earthman, therefore he will have such idea, if the Ark Continent here person, will not have such idea. Now Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire wrangle in there, both sides have the scruples, therefore does not dare to begin, but Rosen Empire is actually carries on the economy to Aksu Empire now ***, makes Aksu Empire very difficult receive. But this Zhao Hai they must go to Prairie, is not actually sitting horse carriage to go, does not prepare to travel by boat, but is prepares to ride the hawk. After this several times Level Up, now the Blood Hawk strength is getting stronger and stronger, strength getting bigger and bigger, therefore Zhao Hai also wants to ride the hawk, as the matter stands other people will know existence of Blood Hawk, when the time comes he in suddenly appears in Continent where, some people will not suspect. This Zhao Hai prepares to bring Laura their together to go, naturally, Xu Wanying and Junichi, but actually does not want to bring Blockhead and Stone, now Golden Island there also needs them to sit, Zhao Hai also thinks that should not make them the full-time bodyguard, but wants to train Green them *** person.

They to had not opposed, meaning of their also understand Zhao Hai, therefore they have been studying with Kun, is having Space in addition, they want to see Zhao Hai, is momentarily can see, no big deal. Zhao Hai they were ride the hawk to go to Prairie, however in one time has actually caused the stir in Rosen Empire here, after all now on Continent did not have flight Magic Beast that the appears person can ride, therefore on Continent did not have the air force until now, now suddenly appears , these people, if did not pay attention to that to call to feel strange that King Your Majesty personally inquired about this matter. Air force that is air force that had the air force to be many method of one type of attack enemy on equal to, moreover can carry out reconnaissance, such matter that look, these people were certainly careful. Found Zhao Hai first is Lando, Lando has not thought that really Zhao Hai will really have such Magic Beast, now heard that this matter, immediately/on horseback first had found Kun, making Kun look for Zhao Hai, must also make an air force to Calci Family. Kun also thought that this matter is not good to process, his immediately told Zhao Hai this matter, Zhao Hai makes Kun give Lando generation of a few words, his waiting for people. Heard these words, Lando one on understand, he was a household head, any matter has seen, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that who immediately understand Zhao Hai in and other person was, naturally and other King Your Majesty. Must know that the beforehand people also some establish the dream of Space, but has not succeeded finally, Space that now Zhao Hai suddenly establishes, this regarding a country, naturally is very extraordinary important matter, if Zhao Hai first has given Lando Blood Hawk now, but is not first to King, may stir up the old King vitality, that does not make is playing. After Lando thinks through this point, was not looking for Zhao Hai, but was waiting for the King there situation, old King summoned Lando immediately, because Zhao Hai went to Prairie. Lando one hear of old King must see him, knows for anything, he has not neglected, immediately went to the imperial palace, old King summons his place today is following study room. After study room has sat down, old King look at Lando smiles said : Lando, your this granddaughter's husband is extraordinary, this good thing to be equally same, has not broken.” Lando forced smile said : Your Majesty overpraised, that youngster has any skill, to be honest, my also don’t know, the matter of this air force, my point also don’t know, wants to look for him, he actually ran up to Prairie to come up, I told his family member, immediately/on horseback delivered a letter to him, making him come back.”

Old King nodded said : well, carefully says, Magic Beast that this air force uses what is.” simply that Lando forced smile said : Your Majesty, he uses is not Magic Beast, but is Phantasmal Beast.” Old King stares, then does complexion change said : Phantasmal Beast? This is impossible, what appearance Phantasmal Beast is, you should also know that does have Phantasmal Beast to carry on the back movingly? Before our research had also constructed the air force with Phantasmal Beast, finally hasn't completed?” Lando forced smile said : Your Majesty, I know certainly, but they use the thing truly are Phantasmal Beast, I also saw with one's own eyes their person to ride Phantasmal Beast to fly the space, then fell, that Phantasmal Beast the armor melted.” Old King could not sit still, what one stood got up said : you to say was real?” Lando forced smile said : Your Majesty, my dares to say hurriedly at this matter, I asked that Butler of too small family, they said that this Phantasmal Beast is various Little Hai meanings trains, this Phantasmal Beast collection Phantasmal Beast and Magic Beast merit in one, not only can armor, be able to carry on the back the person, but also does not need to absorb energy of human body, fed the meat to be OK directly.” Old King has gawked next step: Really also has such matter, that this Phantasmal Beast may really be very good, if can have several thousand, that not small fighting strength.” Lando forced smile said : Your Majesty, matter is not that simple, this Phantasmal Beast after is Phantasmal Beast, their although can carry on the back movingly, but actually cannot carry on the back the too heavy person, moreover cannot bring too many thing, therefore is very strict regarding the body weight request of Phantasmal Beast Knight, these Phantasmal Beast Knight, most also takes two pot arrows, carried on the back draws a bow, takes short sword to be great.” Old King showed a faint smile said : this to be very good, was right, you discussed with Zhao Hai, making me give us also to make several thousand to play?” Lando one hear of old King said that smiles was more bitter, this Your Majesty anything is good, is sometimes like the old naughty child, not being able to find out is one, Lando must smile bitterly said : Your Majesty, you also know that this Phantasmal Beast training is not easy, feared is Little Hai also really comes with that many Phantasmal Beast.” Old King snort|hum said : has feared anything, if he with, us can help him, by our Rosen Empire national strength, but also cannot make several Phantasmal Beast, I don't care, told him in any case, brought to me his in hand Phantasmal Beast egg, the more better.”

Lando forced smile said : is, Your Majesty, invited Your Majesty feel relieved, when he came back, my immediately told him, wants to come him not to dare to say anything, right Your Majesty, I also heard that their this Phantasmal Beast can also preserve the wing after armor, the person can put on the Phantasmal Beast armor, carried on the low-altitude flying of short distance.” Lando did not say fortunately, exceed said that old King is the heart movement, wishes one could immediately/on horseback to see without the sea, Lando looked that the old King appearance knows well, darkly is not blaming to talk too much, has been rulers and ministers of generation of health/guard, he naturally is the completely understand this Your Majesty thoughts, this saying was speaking of the Your Majesty itchy place, by the Your Majesty temperament, feared that will make Zhao Hai put out many Phantasmal Beast to come the line. Really, old King one hear of Lando said that immediately/on horseback said : fantastic, then on fantastic, quick, your present immediately/on horseback goes back, to the Zhao Hai letter, letting him five days later sends to me Phantasmal Beast.” Lando has smiled bitterly, complied with one to ask to be excused, his also don’t know these five days of can, make Zhao Hai Prairie that come back, this matter was noisy. After returned to, Lando immediately sent the letter to Zhao Hai, this letter naturally delivered to Kun under the hand/subordinate, Kun immediately told Zhao Hai this matter, Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose, his immediately reply, five days later, thing delivered certainly. Actually the matter of this air force is Zhao Hai makes specially, he knows that the matter of air force is impossible to conceal the truth too for a long time, is adding on his in recent time crest of wave too vigor, strength that shows very astonishing, certainly badly to dreading of Rosen Empire, therefore Zhao Hai has revealed air force Magical Treasure specially, so long as he gives to Rosen Empire air force matter, old King should not dread him. Five days later, Lando was bringing 300 Blood Hawk and 1000 Blood Hawk eggs went to the imperial palace, has handed over old King in hand these thing, simultaneously delivered also raising request of Blood Hawk, in this raising request, from Blood Hawk, if hatched, after the birth, how fear raised, after growing up, how fear raises, how lesson clothing/taking, had the record of very detailed. This thing stems certainly from after Ni'er, Ni'er most likes raising these animal, Zhao Hai Blood Hawk although majority is in Space automatically hatches, but Ni'er out of curiosity, must go to several Blood Hawk eggs, hatches with the normal method, then carried on strict recording to seek the entire development process, meanwhile has recorded Blood Hawk carried a heavy load most greatly, with manned farthest flight record and so on thing. Zhao Hai naturally remained that Ni'er recorded, that he delivered, was others copies down, naturally, he had not changed the content, that exactly the same as Ni'er record. After old King received this thing, immediately sends own trusted aide, according to the above request, full training Blood Hawk, these grown Blood Hawk also all found Knight to train.