The Chapter 506 entire clan welcomed( sought subscription)

Buda Family gives the Rosen Imperial Family flight Magic Beast matter, entire Continent didn't take long knew, can put out this flight Magic Beast to come regarding Buda Family, they feel very curious, but more is actually surprised. But regarding this matter, responded warmest was Rosen Empire, now the Rosen Empire here almost all Noble vision turn the head Golden Island there, these people had a point, found Zhao Hai, got so far as this Magic Beast. However was a pity, answer that they get is almost same, Zhao Hai went to Prairie now, not in Golden Island there. Regarding this situation, these Noble naturally very disappointed, but all person immediately shifted target, the target image rotation Lando, what Calci Family is the Megan maternal home, they naturally are the hope obtain some advantage in Calci Family there. However was a pity that Lando has not obtained Blood Hawk now, other people want not to need to think, Lando such does to Zhao Hai, to has not felt any discontented, conversely, his very satisfied Zhao Hai the procedure. The Rosen Empire King very satisfied Zhao Hai procedure, do not look that this King is any matter also don’t know is probably same, actually Rosen Empire lives any matter, cannot hide the truth from his informer, if Zhao Hai has given Lando Blood Hawk, even if in how secret, by him who does is known, but Zhao Hai has not given, this lets King to Zhao Hai appreciation. King also knows that Zhao Hai is impossible forever not to give Lando Blood Hawk, King actually very clear, even if after is Zhao Hai, has given Lando Blood Hawk, that was also the later matter, he can definitely use these days, the display more formidable air force unit, this equal to has led Lando their stride, did not want underestimated such one step, these step often can play essential doing to use. Zhao Hai knows certainly these matters, but he does not have mood tube these matters now, by flight of hawk, they soon arrived at Hercules Tauren Clan encampment now, but they do not have mood tube these matters now, but is handling the Markey Family matter. Markey Delphi is very big . Moreover the aspects that likes the clan beforehand business doing involve, the starting business comes is ten people of overbearing, offended many people. But after Laura has taken over Markey Family, some small Clan started to be ready to make trouble, matter that therefore they must handle also really many. Moreover what most important is, Markey Family Lair on small island, there is not very safe, finally Zhao Hai they decided that moves to Markey Family Lair Golden Island, then their business further contractions, is taking Rosen Empire main as, toward the south show, the Aksu Empire there business does not do as far as possible. Because of this, therefore they now really very busy, was good in Markey Family these thorn by Zhao Hai eliminating, the remaining these were some good management.

Air force event past three days later, Blood Hawk has flown the Prairie sky finally, did not use such long time, but Zhao Hai, for does not make others presently split, therefore causing such long time specially. Comes out from Space, Zhao Hai also release Alien, then walked toward Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, place that they are, was very near to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, here is the Hercules Tauren Clan domain, Zhao Hai does not need to be worried about anything. Moreover Hercules Tauren Clan person in coping with the service of Bull clan, has almost seen Alien, therefore after Zhao Hai release Alien, has not set up the flag not to fear that some people will not recognize Alien. Really, they just appears before long, one team of Hercules Tauren Clan Cavalry present they, these people noticed that Alien stares first, then one happy, hit the cow to clash, this let not have been to Prairie Megan and Lizzy somewhat was worried that Laura immediately/on horseback comforted their said : to be good, do not worry, these people definitely were greet Zhao Hai, must know that Elder Brother Hai was their great kindness person.” The Laura voice just fell, that team of Cavalry rushed to nearby Alien, then tumbles under the cow, turning over prostrates oneself, said loudly: But Crown Prince Your Highness to?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, walked out from the Alien mouth, looked at these person of one, laughs said : not to think that you actually still remember my ride, what kind of? What is Big Brother busy at? Can think me?” That Hercules Tauren Clan person sees Zhao Hai, one face excited said : has seen Crown Prince Your Highness, Patriarch in large camp, daily talked over Your Highness.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, good, I have not drunk with Big Brother for a long time, quick, front guides, I must go with Big Brother drinking well liquor.” That team of Hercules Tauren Clan Cavalry happy has complied with one, set out the cow, ran in the encampment direction. Sits in Laura of Alien within the body they look at all these with a laugh, but Megan and Lizzy actually somewhat dull stare, but they before have not seen Beastman, on Continent in common book, Beastman tracing such as the devils are ordinary, when they just saw Beastman, looks at appearance also really very ferocious, but the manner is actually completely different, these Beastman treated Zhao Hai is really too respectful. Zhao Hai returned to Alien within the body, looked at Laura their eyes, smiles said : you saying that today asks Wales Big Brother to eat to roast Blade-Scales Whale to be what kind of?” Laura smiles said : well, I think that Wales Big Brother they certainly liking, walks quickly.” Zhao Hai often smiles, command(er) Alien is walking in the encampment direction. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at encampment, here encampment there received information, entire encampment has caused a stir, the Hercules Tauren Clan person almost all came out, to greet Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that did not have the means in advancing, his immediately came out from Alien, since Laura they also with his walked out, Zhao Hai also received Alien. These Beastman see Zhao Hai, whish one has done obeisance, this scene to is made that Megan and Lizzy felt very does not adapt, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai will really have such high prestige in Beastman here. Do not say them, even if Zhao Hai is surprised, but his immediately understand these Beastman are any meanings, his immediately/on horseback was good to people said :, my clansman, are quick, I must look for Big Brother to drink.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these Beastman cannot help but laugh, immediately/on horseback has stood, an old man smiles said : well, Crown Prince Your Highness must drink that not to be simple, everyone/Great Clan goes home quickly, makes oneself adept thing, making Your Highness drink a happiness.” The people acknowledged boisterously that four go randomly. Waits for these people to diverge, Megan they present, just gathered at the here person, 100,000 people, this made them be startled unexpectedly. In this time, a hoofbeat is transmitting, one team of Cavalry directly soar Zhao Hai they to come, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looks, lead Wales. Wales when carries on the back to jump down from the cow to the Zhao Hai about five meters, the half step of laughing ran up to nearby Zhao Hai, grasps Zhao Hai said : HaHaHa, my brother, you may be came, I want dead you.” Zhao Hai laughs said : Big Brother, I also think you, walks quickly, we drink.” After Wales lets loose Zhao Hai, laughs said : right, drinks quickly, Brother, I brings a nice wine to Elder Brother?” Zhao Hai laughs said : that is natural, how I can forget Big Brother you, moreover good information to tell Big Brother, Big Brother, I have married, these are my wife, Laura and Meg also has Ni'er you to see, this is Megan, this is Lizzy, Megan, Lizzy, called Big Brother.” Megan and Lizzy look at Zhao Hai and Wales happy appearance, does not dare to neglect, salutes said : Megan( Lizzy) to see Big Brother to Wales hastily.” Wales laughs said : well, two sisters-in-law do not use overly courteous, but you do not suffer a loss, my this brothers are not the average people, you can marry him, that was gains.”

Megan and Lizzy have gawked, they have not thought that really some people will speak such, Laura has actually been used to Beastman the speech way, they had anything to say anything, looked like in Wales, was Megan they gains, therefore he will say. Laura smiles said : „, Big Brother, in your eyes, Elder Brother Hai anything is good, Big Brother, walks quickly, we were also hungry.” Wales immediately/on horseback smiles said : well, walked quickly, making you hungry that not to be good.” Said that and called several Mount, making Zhao Hai they sit, walked toward encampment. Now in encampment all Beastman are busy preparing to eat, because Zhao Hai came, their benefactors came, they naturally must give Zhao Hai to prepare best thing. Zhao Hai to golden big tent there, Yale and Mendez was waiting for Zhao Hai in there, other Hercules Tauren Clan upper layer characters, Zhao Hai have said the hello with them, then to being just about to draw his income Wales said : Big Brother, delivers you to select delicious, a while we must give to eat him.” Said that release ten Blade-Scales Whale, these ten Blade-Scales Whale are not small, each year of Blade-Scales Whale has almost the twenty thousand jin (0.5 kg) meat, is in Space produces biggest Blade-Scales Whale, this Zhao Hai all took, was prepares to ask the people of Hercules Tauren Clan entire clan to eat. The Hercules Tauren Clan present population is not many, was less than 1 million, but these ten Blade-Scales Whale had almost the two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) meat, these meat were insufficient, but let have to taste foods newly in season greatly has also sufficed, then Zhao Hai release many other in the sea Magic Beast, then really have sufficed the Hercules Tauren Clan person to eat. Wales not polite, look at these thing, laugh said : well, your this fellow each time gives brings much delicious, but I may reach an agreement, these thing our here may nobody do, you must be responsible for doing ripe.” Zhao Hai laughs said : this not to be a problem, feel relieved Big Brother.” Said that release some Undead Creature, entered big tent with Wales, some seamen who these Undead Creature will make the seafood, have them to make these seafood and ensure cannot have the issue.