Chapter 507 joyful reunion( sought subscription) After the account has met next, Wales looked at Laura their several people of eyes, smiles said : to be then good, the brothers you have married finally, Elder Brother I also think when you must drag, has not thought that your youngster movement is not slow.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to dare to be slow, was slow, by others what to do if were robbed two, HaHaHa.” Who Wales also laughs said : to dare, that dares to move my brother, as soon as I the engagement raises army to kill Human Race there to go, Brother, you at this time? What matter has experienced?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, Human Race there has God's Grace Day, crossed God's Grace Day, your brothers I have resulted in fief in Human Race there, must be good fief there to settle down, Laura their Clan cannot pass with me, I their Clan extinguishing, having made Laura work as that Patriarch, is adding on Lizzy is the Rosen Empire princess, Megan is the Calci Family princess, we have held the wedding, look just the knot got married comes.” Wales has gawked, then laughs said : originally my these sisters-in-law's status not to be simple, good, fantastic, the brothers you now are get promoted and wealth, takes a wife, the good deed made you give to occupy.” Zhao Hai laughs said : also good, HaHaHa.” Beastman likes such speech way, you resulted in cheaply wanted happy, otherwise was false, therefore they to Zhao Hai such speech way not dislike. Chatted, is Zhao Hai to Wales said : Big Brother, in the clan now then what kind of? Lacks any few anything you to speak, the brothers help certainly you make.” Wales nodded said : brothers to be best to make the a batch iron hardware to me, best is the weapon, you also know that we in the winter the Bull clan tidying up, has plenty person don’t know this matter, later Hercules Tauren Clan probably will meet some challenges now, has the a batch iron hardware, I can tidy up them well one.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have issue, I look at this, I give you to prepare two hundred thousand the big axe, after a period of time sends to you, was right, you deliver my these slaves not to use now to me, keeps your here, when your here has fired off the weaponry to me, is really not good, gives me to be also good the corpse, I turn into Undead Creature them, same uses.” Wales laughs said : that line, Brother, I was impolite with you, when our here to settle down gets down is giving you slave, was right, I also need the grain now, today don’t know what's the matter, Beastman Race lacks the grain probably very much, I know now that our Tauren Clan the has plenty place runs out of food now.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, grain is not a problem, wants many to have many, a while I give you, Bamboo rice, the surface, Bread Fruit, has, you want many me to have many.” Wales smiles said : I to know that the brothers you have the means that but your feel relieved, Elder Brother will not make you suffer a loss, our Beastman Race in hand Magic Beast had many for these years, I ensure makes them pay the high price to trade.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, this Brother thing I can also leave, Big Brother you did not need to be worried, but you best were ask that other Beastman Race, having a look at them also to lack the grain, if entire Beastman Race lacked the grain, that Big Brother, will not do well will possibly go to war.”

Wales stares, then also has thought this possibility, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : right, right that the brothers you said that it seems like it was well one this matter, now our Hercules Tauren Clan is the weak time, few years did not recover consciousness, now are not going to war time, but brothers, if were our entire Beastman Race lack the grain, what to do that can?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : did not fear, Big Brother, if entire Beastman Race lacks the grain, I will find the way to provide, other thing does not have, the Bamboo rice dough making achievement will definitely have.” Wales now is unconditional trust Zhao Hai, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, the brothers your feel relieved, the remaining matters give me to process, I think currently to have the grain, they can pay the high price to buy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to not to count on that they pay the high price, so long as did not live the war to be good, but Big Brother, if only lived the war with Aksu Empire, I to did not oppose that you were don’t know, these days, Aksu Empire always looked for my trouble, I who made was very the worry.” Then Zhao Hai said to Wales the Aksu Empire there situation, Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that very angry, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Good Aksu Empire, they to dare such to you? I will not let off their, the brothers your feel relieved, has opportunity Big Brother I certainly to revenge for you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually not to use, I can also revenge, but does not want to begin now, is adding on me with the Purcell Family a little friendship, if you attack Aksu Empire, first bad luck certainly is Purcell Family, this is not I wants to see.” Wales nodded said : brothers your feel relieved, Big Brother will not act unreasonably, was good, did not say these, outside sheep also roasts was similar, walks, drinks.” Zhao Hai has also complied with one, followed Wales, outside Argali and raging bull have roasted, moreover there are characteristics food on various types of Prairie to prepare, these seafood that Zhao Hai brought also pass/test not to be many to prepare, immediately can open eats. The Hercules Tauren Clan person, took best food to gather toward golden big tent here, Megan and Lizzy first time saw this scene, they felt that their eye is a little insufficient. Wales looked that these people were randomly chaotic rumbling to walk, cannot help but handle has lifted, these Beastman immediately were peaceful, this let Lizzy being startled, in Rosen Empire there, even if were old King does not have Wales such prestige. Wales looked that the people were peaceful, this said loudly: Today is our Hercules Tauren Clan brothers Zhao Hai returned to Prairie day, is our Hercules Tauren Clan holiday, we must celebrate well, everyone/Great Clan should not be chaotic, your delicious puts, lets us with our good brothers Zhao Hai drinking well one cup!” The people have complied with one loudly. Zhao Hai look at this situation, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, his very clear, is together with these Beastman, you do not use these empty, how really how to come on the line. Before long small table has displayed, various emaciated looks have also put above, many are some meat, with the milk product, Beastman here makes these thing truly is very skillful, generally Human Race simply can't compare with. Wales not polite, after letting Zhao Hai they sit down, other Beastman such sit down, they have also supplied for oneself small table, sits in there look at Zhao Hai they, in the field that has roasted various seafood, must know that the seafood they have some people not to eat to have been for a lifetime.

Wales not polite, carries wine glass to come, said loudly: Today we are welcome Brother Zhao Hai, come, Big Brother has done this cup!” The people should said : do loudly!” Zhao Hai has also lifted wine glass, has drunk up. in liquor, here rice wine that but Zhao Hai takes, the flavor is very good, moreover is very fierce, Wales they really very liking cup After this glass of liquor get down, atmosphere one warm, various delicacies by these Hercules Tauren Clan young girls carrying on table, Zhao Hai they start to eat and drink extravagantly. Megan and Lizzy could not somewhat have let loose, since childhood they receive is the strictest Noble education, eating meal time must follow a prescribed pattern, is naturally impossible to have the too big movement. Beastman that looks at eat and drink extravagantly, their person some have not adapted, but looks at Zhao Hai and Laura they is also this, cannot help but curious. Laura looks at their appearances, knows them, if wants anything, she to their said : in Beastman Race here, you not to use with a smile politely, if you were polite, Master will be angry, therefore you must let loose the food and drink in here, many Master that you eat are happy.” Megan and Lizzy look at Ni'er are the big mouth eating meat, they were also infected, big mouth has eaten, but also let alone, the eating meat of such big mouth, truly has turns the taste. The atmosphere so warm banquet, Megan they have not participated , on Continent they have attended the atmosphere warmest banquet, possibly was their wedding banquets, that is they have attended for these years the warmest banquet, but that time atmosphere compares with today, missed far. Before long has the Beastman young girl to dance, then also has the Hercules Tauren Clan soldier to perform the wrestling, is extremely busy at once. Zhao Hai they have been used to such atmosphere, in such environment, the person can drink many liquor compared with normally, today is so, Zhao Hai they have drunk many liquor compared with normally, finally all keeled over drunk. Midnight time, Zhao Hai woke, he was much better now, after all rice wine not above, moreover Laura has made Cai'er receive in Space him, filled Spatial Water, therefore Zhao Hai can such quickly wake. Zhao Hai installs, felt one rested one to be good to think probably to be the same, whole body relaxed and refreshed, he came out from his in the room, looked to living room there, presently Junichi is on night duty in the living room, their look at screen, on the screen Wales gave the Zhao Hai arrangement the tent. Looked at Zhao Hai to come along one by one, quickly said: Young Master, you awoke, several madames have rested.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, awoke, all right, he he, is laborious tonight you, I somewhat cannot fall asleep, comes out to sit.”

Junichi smiles said : Young Master to sit quickly, I give you to pour one cup of sub.” Zhao Hai nodded, sat. Before long Zhao Hai smiles said : to Junichi to Beastman Prairie here, the feeling that some of my always one type of very relax, is possibly together with these Beastman, does not use fee that many brains.” Junichi smiles said : „, Beastman truly is pure adorable, I think their appearances, they do not want to go to attack Human Race, but Human Race compelled them to suppress has been able so.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : this race war, originally nobody is wrong to whom, looks like in Human Race, what they do is right, their control Beastman grain price, does not make Beastman Race formidable, looks like in Beastman Race, Human Race is bullying them, so long as they can pass, will not attack Human Race, after all that wants the deceased person, but if Human Race does went too far, they not polite.” Junichi nodded said : that Young Master, what to do do you prepare? Helps Beastman Race? If provides grain by us to Beastman Race, almost can guarantee the supply, so long as lets Cai'er to these Bread Fruit tree pouring some water, we can receive many Bread Fruit, can deal with the grain that Beastman here needs.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to know is this, but I want to take a look at the situation saying that if said like Wales Big Brother, entire Beastman Race lacks the grain, that here surface has certainly the issue, behind this definitely some people in control, I do not think, for over these people.” Junichi nodded, he to is agreed that Zhao Hai procedure, Zhao Hai is not a philanthropist, does not need, for these people wipe the buttocks, Beastman Prairie here lived any matter, wants found out, otherwise was Buda Family is also planned on equal to, they do not want like this. Also chatted a while with Junichi, Zhao Hai returned to in the room has rested, next morning, after several people in Space washes, from Space comes out, then walked out from the tent, now these Beastman has bustled about outside, look at these busy Beastman, Megan and Lizzy they are very presently lovable. Their yesterday also contacted Beastman Race High level, met arrived at Beastman Race commoner firmly, but in their opinion, no matter Beastman Race High level or commoner, very adorable, they were some diligent people, they compared most Noble more adorable. Now their also understand, why Zhao Hai and Laura they, can with be so good, if with is not good, that such adorable person who these Beastman are together is together was your human nature has the issue. These Beastman see them, notified them, a person appeared very enthusiastic, Megan and Lizzy present, Beastman Race here with Human Race there completely was two different world. In this time, Wales is sending for asking Zhao Hai to have the breakfast, Zhao Hai has not declined, leading Laura they to pass with Wales together has had the breakfast, after having had the breakfast, Wales kept in Zhao Hai the tent, some people offered the tea with milk, Wales have drunk tea with milk, this to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you looked that we should go to Mastiff Race there to have a look first, if Dog Clan also lacked the grain, we should also help them, after all they also help us a lot.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „should, too should, Big Brother, you not say? Now our Hercules Tauren Clan also has plenty difficulty, we must hit relationship with Mastiff Race, has a such boost, our Hercules Tauren Clan can certainly the An Ran/safely pass through difficulty, right Big Brother, we had been concerned the race, if any, we can also go.”