Chapter 508 god exists( asked to subscribe department) Wales thinks that sighed said : these years, our Tauren Clan, was on good terms with Mastiff Race, in base its looks like horse's head Human Race and pig Human Race , was just the casual acquaintance, the too deep friendship, had not feared that could not find helps.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, deep voice said : this, that arrives is somewhat troublesome, was right, Big Brother, we go to Mastiff Race time, asks them, has a look race that they have anything to be on good terms, the friend of friend naturally is also a friend, we and Mastiff Race are the allies, that Mastiff Race ally comfortably is also our allies, as the matter stands perhaps we can have several allies.” Wales has gawked, then nodded also right, if can such that said : you said that that be really best, was right, now Little Hai your in hand has the grain, if our Beastman Race here made the grain to be hurried, that Little Hai you helped them be busy, did not worry not to have the ally.” Zhao Hai smiles said : also well, but must look that the situation decides, Big Brother, everyday Prairie lacks the grain, but if Prairie lacks many grains this year, I suspected that some people have been up to mischief in the back, therefore this matter we must process carefully, if some people are up to mischief in the back , a localization discovers this person to come, handled with the plant root this matter.” Wales stares, then knit the brows said : also really to have this possibility, in the past Prairie here although also lacked the grain, but will actually not lack these many, but is different today, today lacks probably specially many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, therefore I said that possibly some people such do intentionally, do not forget last year Radiant Church matter, they were defeated one time, may not be resigned such to be defeated, therefore this time lacking grain possibly is also they make, if they make, I to believe that the war possibly is the means of solving the problem.” Wales knit the brows said : „, but issue is, now our Tauren Clan Main Force loses is not small, if moved the war, regarding our Tauren Clan, not helpfuls but harmful?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Big Brother, how you such cannot look on the bright side of thing, Tauren Clan will have me not to lack the grain, did not lack the grain you naturally not to need to snatch the grain, in the past you when with Human Race to war, when always Vanguard, nothing but wants to set up the point to attack, many points of some grain, do not use now, you can definitely find an excuse, said with Bull clan fight time, the loss was serious, without ability, when Vanguard, having made other people hit, so long as you made comparison relaxed living to do on the line.” Wales has gawked, then laughs said : well, Brother, your this idea is really fantastic, was too prompt, good, such manages.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : other Big Brother happy is too early, now this matter is also only our guesses, if not because Radiant Church is up to mischief, that matter somewhat has troubled, but no matter what, if went to war, Big Brother you must find an excuse to stay in the rear area, even if must with, do not participate in the fortification fight, now Hercules Tauren Clan cannot lose.” Wales nodded said : well, waited to determine this matter was saying, crossed several days we to go to Mastiff Race there with, their days crossed some compared with other tribes fortunately, after all in the winter of last year we had also sent to many grain to them.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, naturally listens to Big Brother to Prairie here, that Big Brother, I first went back, the time of waiting for is looking for me.” Wales nodded, gazes after Zhao Hai leave, Zhao Hai returned to own tent, looked at Laura their eyes, sighed said : I now is somewhat excessive? Helps Beastman Race cope with Human Race unexpectedly?” Laura shows a faint smile said : this is anything, Elder Brother Hai, if this matter has relationship with Radiant Church, moves a time war, regarding Human Race possibly can also be the good deed, now on Continent besides Rosen Empire, the increasing number of people believed in Radiant Church, has plenty commoner even contributed the complete family belongings to the church, existence of Radiant Church, regarding the people, not helpfuled but harmful, even if cannot eliminate them completely, must achieve to be able the control situation, therefore you coped with Radiant Church I are completely the agreement.” Megan also nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, Radiant Church is the death of our family copes, copes with them should be.” Lizzy look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, are you felt that the conscience is restless? it doesn't matter, I think that a war, regarding our Clan, perhaps is a good deed, you think that what now Black Wasteland there most lacks is what? Is the person, but Beastman Race moves to Human Race attack, first attack is target there? Aksu Empire, if a Aksu Empire there appears chaos caused by war, definitely meets the has plenty common people destitute and homeless, at this time, we can definitely send out the person, tribulations them to Black Wasteland goes, apportions their land, they have become our Buda Family person, moreover now our Buda Family biggest enemy has two, one is Aksu Empire, one is Radiant Church, if the matter on this Beastman Prairie is really related with Radiant Church, that Beastman dispatches troops, certainly will state clearly that this regarding Radiant Church, is not a small attack, but Aksu Empire is first by attack target, their losses. Meets even bigger, when the time comes Elder Brother Hai, can we one except two heart big troubles, why not?” Lizzy after understanding the Zhao Hai style, has demonstrated own talent, her suitable matter is a military strategist, the advice of each time offering very ruthless spicy, but actually also very effective. Zhao Hai sighed said : painstakingly these commoner, if this time hit, most suffered hardships was they, especially the Purcell Duchy person, how they us told that also some friendship, I do not want such to do.”

Zhao Hai sometimes is very tenderhearted, he is stingy time, generally is when to enemy, but these commoner common people possibly are not his enemy, therefore he is not cruel enough to start. Laura said : considers as finished in a soft voice Elder Brother Hai, can't this, you have to think? If not your appears , now Hercules Tauren Clan was possibly extinguished, moreover Beastman Race possibly also presently the incorrect place, to finally fights is also inevitable, perhaps beyond redemption.” Zhao Hai sighed said : this Radiant Church is really a disaster, what a pity, they now had made a name, wanting except not to be impossible.” Lizzy actually frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, rising of this Radiant Church very strange, several hundred years ago Radiant Church is also a small church that some Light Element Magician believe, even some Light Element Magician believe in is also not Radiant God, but is the life goddess, but afterward does not know that what's the matter, they are suddenly getting more and more formidable in the middle, I knew from the Royal literature that probably lived the several times Radiant God descend event, later they on are getting more and more formidable, to a present this scale, during the short several hundred years, on Great Clan 1000 many years compared with Continent has been much more formidable, The here surface definitely has our don’t know matter.” Zhao Hai stares, then does the face by change said : Radiant God descend? Has such matter really?” Lizzy shook the head said : in book to not to be many, but I who this aspect records think that possibly not real, how Radiant God can meet descend.” Why Zhao Hai forced smile is said : impossible? If on Continent really bright? If these gods are need Faith of people to take the strength? If so, the light teaches descend, helping meet some embracers, increases the strength to oneself, suppresses other Deity, wasn't this passable?” Lizzy they stare, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will say, Meg puzzled said : Elder Brother Hai, can be this? Are they Deity? Deity also strive for power and position like human?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „should not be good, Deity that Deity thinks is also the formidable person, since they are the person, they will fight for power and profit, this has anything to be quite strange, if on Continent has lived the Radiant God descend matter, that this Radiant Church back is not simple.”

Lizzy they felt one probably in listening to book from heaven, no person such crosses the god depending on the price, regarding them, the matter that Zhao Hai said that extremely Yu Xuanhuan. Zhao Hai cannot affirm what he said is right, in any case before him , on Earth, in the novel such writes, even if Ark Continent here is different from these novels, however these people, regarding Deity such belief, mysterious Magic, Battle Qi, these did not have the means to explain that with the science on Earth, that Zhao Hai to is rather believes that all these has Deity in the operation. Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : so looks like, we cannot eliminate Radiant Church, otherwise likely really will cause the Deity disaffection, Deity not appears on Continent, certainly has his reason, but if they presently we him influence on Continent eradicating, they will be certainly impolite, our present strengths, cope with 9th level Expert to be good, cope with Deity, he he, feared that fell far short.” Does Laura frown said : „to be this? Can Elder Brother Hai, be you thinks were too many?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I also hope that I want to result was many, no matter what, if were I wants to be many that to say really fortunately, otherwise, our troubles were big.” Lizzy look at Zhao Hai, showing a faint smile said : suddenly I to am believe that if really bright, we do not need to fear him, I believe that is Deity, does not have Space such mysterious existence, Elder Brother Hai, don't worry.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I also to believe that if some Deity Space such mysterious existences, they did not need to run up to Continent to come up really lecture on doctrine, caught some people to raise casually in Space was good, he he.”