Chapter 509 Dog Clan meeting( sought subscription) Mentioned Space, Zhao Hai their moods relaxed, just as was such that Zhao Hai said that if these gods had Space such mysterious existence, their simply did not need fee that vigor to make any church, so long as caught in the person Space, has given ***, when the time comes these people compared with church these followers frantic, wanted Strength of Faith, managed for the influence, had the use. Several people also chatted a while, Zhao Hai led them to go to Prairie to play, nothing, although said in any case now the Markey Family there matter were many, but the Markey Family headquarters have moved to Golden Island now, has not needed Laura to hold many hearts to Golden Island there, had Kun. Kun has worked as half a lifetime Butler in Markey Family, regarding managing this matter naturally is handy, moreover regarding Markey Family some inside stories, he compared with many of Laura understanding, therefore makes him manage Markey Family these people, is not a problem completely, he is not only experienced, but also the people of Markey Family remaining these Steward also take him. Before Kun, has certain prestige in Markey Family, if because of Laura relationship, he possibly already did not keep in Markey Family to be an official, therefore in Markey Family remaining these Steward, has plenty knows him, he manages convenient. Therefore now the Laura matter is not many, even if there is a matter, so long as delivers to her study room, Cai'er will receive in Space, she can also process promptly, therefore manages is very relaxed, her also has plenty time. Before the Markey Family business did was very big, the matter also will be naturally many, but now after the contraction of several times, their business already only then original 50% many point, but management staff original were more than much, the matter in business has not needed Laura to worry. Is having Space in addition, Cai'er can monitor them to covet money through Space, has such a saving paternal aunt of inspector general, these want to call Laura just took over, Steward that not familiar situation, profits, immediately was tidied up, these Steward also honest, starts well working. Markey Family can make such big business on Continent, with these Steward abilities is unable to separate, person who these Steward are some much has the skill, but wants to call before Laura looks for a matter unprepared, but seems like is now impossible. Because Space currently had such formidable strength, therefore Zhao Hai they, when takes over Markey Family such smooth. Now Markey Family business although said that has tailed off, the income has also been short, but their present business were better than before.

Robert Family that before Zhao Hai tidied up, was on Continent the famous daily necessities sale on commission adds the clan, Markey Family also does this, but before , they also had other business, now Zhao Hai closes down other business, only has stayed behind with the daily necessities related business, on adding on Robert Family put is removed, daily necessities market share that Space came out, immediately by Markey Family taking over, therefore, Markey Delphi in the Rosen Empire here business, does compared with before now in a big way. On Continent all people know that Markey Family can have today, is Zhao Hai in the back support, Markey Family in fact is also Buda Family, therefore in Rosen Empire here, but also nobody dares to annoy this Clan. Now Markey Family income although has been short compared with before, however rumor on Continent was better, Zhao Hai does business is naturally impossible to look like Markey Family that overbearing, bullying some Manager, had been tidied up by Zhao Hai, the way that now Markey Family these shops, the service attitude and does business, had very big difference with before. This situation Zhao Hai very much happy, he knows now Buda Family cannot unfold is too quick, taking advantage of the Markey Family personal connection, their present exhibitions was quick, time that needs to stabilize. Because of this, now does not worry in Zhao Hai, everyday brings Megan they to play on Prairie, because the spring arrived, on Prairie some Magic Beast also ran, Zhao Hai also received some Magic Beast to enter Space, but Space did not have Level Up, this arrived lets Zhao Hai very helpless. Three days Wales there will transmit information from now on, next day they leave Mastiff Race there \; first, to go to form an alliance with Mastiff Race, is two are to have a look at this Prairie here grain shortage area very big. Zhao Hai to has not said anything, Megan and Lizzy were also similar over the two days, but Wales everyday that on Prairie played was greeting of be fond of food and drink they, moreover Megan and Lizzy were also learning from some Beastman Race women are making some milk product food, they looked like these in the city person who went to the rural area to play, looked that anything felt curious. Zhao displays to them like this also often smiles, has not said anything, now Zhao Hai did not fear that in hand had too many Magic Beast, Markey Family beforehand in hand had many meat produce Processing Factory, Zhao Hai had Magic Beast he to have the place to process. Is adding on the Markey Family person to be many, but Zhao Hai to them is not very feel relieved, therefore has only arranged some ordinary living to them, even if this, big slow understands the Buda Family personnel wild issue. Buda Family is not thousand Nian Clan clans, the inside story is insufficient, in has come across a disaster in addition, can say that almost does not have who to use, now was good, had Markey Family join, even if not make them know too many matters, but some ordinary matters can make them be done, this regarding Buda Family, absolutely is good information.

Zhao Hai believes that if Prairie here has come across the grain shortage, he will certainly get bigger and bigger with the Prairie here business, has Markey Family the help of these meat produce Processing Factory and shop front, he can make the canned food and rations comes, moreover can sell through these shops, this is also not a small income. What most important is, after having these shops, many good thing in Space to sell, this does not need to fear that others were cutting off their sales to coerce them. However Zhao Hai has also made some preparations, in type to Space these Bread Tree watered, he has planted many Bread Tree on the back land that in Space can use, but before , he wants to let these Bread Tree natural business, therefore useless Spatial Water expedites childbirth, but currently the situation has changed, he has to expedite childbirth with Spatial Water, because Beastman Prairie here will probably need the mass the grain. After waiting for these Bread Tree to bear fruit, Zhao Hai their clan moved in Little Jin Space, the Space here link environment be much better compared with ape island there, Little Jin also very happy, finally Zhao Hai also Vajra Tree transferring to Space, what what a pity was, Space these time actually not in Level Up, but Zhao Hai can the control metal quantity actually increase much, moreover these Undead Creature Bone, was also hard. Zhao Hai is very satisfied to this result, that Vajra Tree wants growing trend also very good in Space, even was also better than before. Next morning, Zhao Hai they with closing Wales walk toward the Mastiff Race domain, to hurry along, Zhao Hai has not sat Wales to the ox cart that the team provides, but sat in Alien, in Alien was more comfortable than the ox cart on, Zhao Hai also has met Wales, with has Mendes that Wales together came, Mendes this time duty was very important, after mastiff person here handled matters, if Mastiff Race also had the ally that other were better, Mendes on representing Hercules Tauren Clan, united with Mastiff Race together with that race meeting place, can say that Mendes now has become the Hercules Tauren Clan diplomat.. Zhao Hai has hauled in Wales and Mendes Alien, three people drink in inside, outside Hercules Tauren Clan person naturally does not need to manage, they regarding three people of such procedure not any opinions. Prestige of Wales in Hercules Tauren Clan is very high, after all Hercules Tauren Clan has recaptured the Tauren Clan Royal Family throne in his hand, but Mendes is his best assistant, Hercules Tauren Clan these people naturally will not have any opinion. But regarding Zhao Hai, these Hercules Tauren Clan people feels grateful, after all the initially Zhao Hai words, they possibly have starved to death, moreover goes to war, if no Zhao Hai, their logistics are also a problem. Such three people drink when marching, who will have the opinion, they not only do not have the opinion, but also meeting a lane game that does not use gives three people to hit to have a sumptuous meal.

Takes about seven days from encampment to the Mastiff Race domain, these seven days in hurrying along to pass, on the road although also passes through some Dog Clan domains, but Wales has not actually gone to disturb. However these dog head people to are very enthusiastic, they with Tauren Clan are the family friendships of many generations, therefore treats Hercules Tauren Clan is very respectful, after all Hercules Tauren Clan is also Royal Family. This walks, Zhao Hai they in Alien, little have come out, when everyone/Great Clan stops eats meal, they will come out with people together to eat meal to drink, Hercules Tauren Clan these people, are still respectful regarding Zhao Hai. Seven days on the past, Zhao Hai had come Dog Clan encampment in a flash, but this time he comes time, actually felt that different, probably is the here tent previous time comes the time were more. Waits for Zhao Hai they, as soon as enters to Dog Clan encampment time knows that here tent were why many, because of Dog Clan encampment here, gathered many Dog Clan collars unexpectedly, has the wolf dog clan, the Shar Pei clan, earth assists the clan, the Ox-head stem clan, the sheepdog clan, Canary dog clan wait / etc.. These races are force War Clan in Dog Clan, is in Dog Clan the important component of fighting strength, naturally, because of Dog Clan and Tauren Clan relationship, these race and Hercules Tauren Clan relationship was also good, Wales also knew most of them, but these Patriarch, were similar to the Wales father age, they saw Wales intimately also.