Chapter 510 said the reason( sought subscription) The Dog Clan race be much more than Tauren, therefore Zhao Hai sees these Dog Clan, felt that the eye spent, this person were also too many. After also said that Wales and Zhao Hai they were welcomed in big tent, today Zhao Hai has not been bringing Laura they, but made them stay in Space, naturally, in bystander opinion, Laura they stayed in Alien within the body. To Dog Clan golden big tent, these dog head person somewhat curious look at Zhao Hai, they know that Tauren Clan were many Foreign Crown Prince, moreover this foreign new king is a big grain merchant, in hand has is the grain, Hercules Tauren Clan can recapture the throne, has inseparable relationship with this Foreign Crown Prince. Because of this, therefore these dog head people regarding Zhao Hai any dislike, at the matter have not had that Beastman to have dislike to the Human Race big grain merchant, but they to some general Human Race Merchant also protection, but Zhao Hai is actually Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, is half Beastman, these dog head people naturally increase to the Zhao Hai favorable impression. Buzeer look at Wales, shows a faint smile said : Wales, your this youngster, now the facial expression looks like good, it seems like your Hercules Tauren Clan got strength back.” Wales very respects to Buzeer, he smiles said : Uncle Buzeer to look, let alone, this winter our my is really very good, the winter of every year time, our grain must calculate eating, only then in the winter of this year, this grain is eating that could not finish eating, the facial expression naturally is good.” Buzeer look at Wales appearance, cannot help but laughs said : well, had Little Hai to support, your this small the days passes by were really very good, your day felt better, do not forget the uncle.” Wales smiles said : that energy, this was not Little Hai just arrived at Prairie to come, was drawn by me to your this comes, Uncle, you look at you to need anything, although said to Little Hai that I guaranteed his floor price gave you.” Buzeer look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : Little Hai, you come are really fantastic, this time you came our Dog Clan to ask, now we lack the grain, did you have a look?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Uncle Buzeer feel relieved to be good, my this grain of bring, you wanted many to have many, look these has time brought Bread Fruit to you, don’t know you liked.” Said that put out Bread Fruit to put the ground. Buzeer they may come not to see Bread Fruit again, even if Wales has not seen, now Wales their grain in storage return has plenty, therefore Zhao Hai these time comes simply not to leave behind the grain to them. Buzeer puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what thing is this?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Uncle Buzeer, this is Bread Fruit, Bread Fruit this thing is very mysterious, you noticed that a fruit is not so big, but you, so long as opens the hard shell of fruit, the fruit pulp of there surface will expand, such a fruit, enough Hercules Tauren Clan person ate one.” The Hercules Tauren Clan person can eat compared with Dog Clan, therefore Zhao Hai will say that Buzeer look at that fruit said : so is really mysterious?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, takes Bread Fruit, gently knocked on the table, then broke off, inside fruit pulp really one expanded, turned into an appearance of big bread, looked at that volume, truly sufficed Tauren Clan to eat one greatly. Zhao Hai puts on Bread Fruit the table, to Buzeer said : Uncle Buzeer, this Bread Fruit can such eat, can roast has been eating ripe, do you look what kind of?” look at Zhao Hai said : that Buzeer two eyes shines Little Hai, this can thing make us taste first?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this to have anything, the uncle takes away to taste freely.” Said that and puts out Bread Fruit that several had not opened, has the servant to deliver to Buzeer these Bread Fruit their in hand. After Buzeer they have eaten Bread Fruit, nodded, this thing is really very good, the flavor is good, moreover very convenient, is good thing. Buzeer puts down Bread Fruit to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this thing I wanted, how many do you have? Our Dog Clan really lacks the grain now, you have many me to want many.” Zhao Hai smiles said : uncle feel relieved, so long as you sent out to count, I prepared certainly to you, moreover this Bread Fruit price I can calculate according to the Bamboo rice half price to you.” Buzeer happy, great happiness said : good, fantastic, had Little Hai these words my feel relieved, now I want the 20 millions jin (0.5 kg) first, did you look to be good?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : line, momentarily, this, you find the person to vacate a place, a while I put there Bread Fruit.” Buzeer happy calls the servant, making them prepare, other people then sit in tent chat, but can look, these Dog Clan Patriarch, were politer regarding Zhao Hai, one can put out a several ten of millions jin (0.5 kg) grain big Merchant, their impolite is not good. Wales looked that the crucial moment was also similar, does immediately/on horseback to Buzeer said : Uncle Buzeer, I hear on nearest/recent Prairie very much to lack the grain? Real?” As soon as Buzeer listened to Wales saying that cannot help but sighed said : real, how not real, our Dog Clan lacked the grain, wants with borrow some with the race that other were intimate, has not actually thought that they also same lacked the grain, oh, the everyone/Great Clan day did not feel better.” Wales and Zhao Hai looked at one mutually, saw in the happy expression to grid, Wales immediately/on horseback to Buzeer said : uncle, can we independent chatting?” Buzeer looks at the Wales appearance, knows that he had certainly the important matter to say to himself, his also doesn't blame Wales, nodded said : well, everyone/Great Clan exited first wait / etc., I had the words to say with Wales.” These people naturally do not dare to neglect, comply with one to exit.

Looked that the person walked, Wales only to Buzeer said : Uncle Buzeer, you also knows that our Hercules Tauren Clan these time received the disaster, feared that will have many people to feel embarrassed us, I want you to tell the uncle, if some people feel embarrassed us, asking the uncle when the time comes to want make a move to help us.” Buzeer laughs said : your youngster, on a little prospect, I also think what mysterious is any big matter, feel relieved was good, by our friendship, my meets look at, no matter, you do not need to be worried.” Wales has smiled bitterly next step: Uncle, this is only a matter, following matter, but not only pass/test our Tauren Clan and Dog Clan, on this Prairie the appears grain shortage, the scale was very big, Little Hai believes probably that possibly was behind some people must be up to mischief, moreover might be the Radiant Church person extremely.” As soon as Buzeer listened to Wales saying that cannot help but complexion changed, then turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what did this have with according to?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, can only examine first, but the uncle also knows, the winter of last year time, the Radiant Church person colludes with the Bull clan, wants to take over Tauren Clan, after we destroyed, did not have the sound, this is not quite common, but this year beginning of the spring Prairie here lived the grain shortage, was this too the coincidence? Therefore I think that this matter is possibly related with Radiant Church, but the Tauren Clan strength was attacked now, a short time cannot restore, therefore can only invite the uncle, passes on toward big War Clan there this information, making them look up well.” Must say influence that Beastman Race most dreads is that is Radiant Church, these fellows provoke Human Race and Beastman Race in all directions oppose, is an influence that Beastman Race most hates, therefore about Radiant Church matter, no matter is true or false, Beastman Race will look up clear. As soon as Buzeer listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, my immediately reported that your feel relieved, this matter met found out.” Zhao Hai Wales nodded, Wales then said : uncle, currently Little Hai in hand has many grain, you have a look, your Dog Clan has the race that these are on good terms to need the grain, we can sell to their some.” Buzeer two eyes bright said : good, this is the good deed, our Dog Clan is on good terms with Bear Clan, before was Bear Clan has helped us, but several years ago Bear Clan received the disaster, we did not have the means to help them, this made me very guilty, now has the grain shortage, I think that the Bear Clan day did not certainly feel better, if you can buy for their grain, that was it would be the best.” Wales smiles said : this not to have the issue, the Little Hai in hand grain to return has plenty, but the uncle, you looked, if, if some people feel embarrassed our Tauren Clan, can ask the Bear Clan person to help us speak words?” The Beast Race person is solid, Dog Clan is also good with Tauren Clan relationship, therefore Buzeer has not thought that nod said : this should not have the issue, such as is bear clansman there lacks the grain, you helped them solve the problem of grain, they will certainly help you, I made Buffon lead you to go to Bear Clan there, had him, Bear Clan will certainly agree.” Wales great happiness said : thanks the uncle, the grain is not a problem, if this time grain shortage has relationship with Radiant Church, that will possibly go to war, Little Hai in hand grain although are many, but impossible supplies entire Beastman Race, the uncle you to say?” Buzeer nodded, coldly snorted said : „, if this time grain shortage has relationship with Radiant Church, even if Little Hai can supply the entire Beastman Race grain, we must fight a war with them, does not need Blade and Sword to remind, these Human Race have always thought our Beastman Race is good to bully.” Speaking of here Buzeer also to look at Zhao Hai one, he also feared the Zhao Hai vitality, after all Zhao Hai presently in hand has the grain, that was they need, Zhao Hai complexion calm, could not see the discontented appearance.

Wales noted Buzeer expression, did he show a faint smile said : to Buzeer uncle is being worried about Little Hai? Does not need to be worried about him, Little Hai with Aksu Empire, Radiant Church has the big enmity, he wishes one could tomorrow our Beastman Race to cope with Radiant Church to be good.” One hear of Wales said that Buzeer puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai is Dark Magician, has a grudge that with Radiant Church is the affirmation, why also has a grudge with Aksu Empire?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : made the uncle be laughed, our family originally was Aksu Empire Noble, afterward obtained King, was censured the count from a duke, moreover multiple sent for chasing down, the words of my also somewhat skill, feared that already died, we tied with the Aksu Empire enmity in a big way.” Buzeer nodded said : to be all right, so long as our Beastman Race makes war with Human Race, first bad luck is Aksu Empire, you do not need to be worried when the time comes I will help you revenge.” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly was apologizing Buzeer, Buzeer looked at Wales said : „, if real battle, I thought that your Tauren Clan should better or works as Rear Army today, today the loss is very big, needs slowly the vigor, was having Little Hai in addition, you did not need that my grain.” Wales nodded said : to thank the uncle to remind, Little Hai was also me told that I also want like this, therefore wants to look for several to have the race of component this matter, otherwise depending on our Tauren Clan, feared that did not have such big face.” Buzeer nodded, Tauren Clan in the nationality is also a skilled person, but puts in these big War Clan eyes, some insufficiently looked, Wales can want to be very good, represents him to be mature, can become Leader of a Clan. Beastman Race although simpleminded, but can become the Leader of a Clan person, their brains extremely in the simplicity, will otherwise not become Patriarch, the plan of Buzeer very clear Wales, but Wales wants to expand itself now, does not have any fault to him, he naturally is the agreement. Is adding on Dog Clan and Tauren Clan is the good friend of generation, has difficult, another can definitely aid, Tauren Clan is formidable, regarding the help of Dog Clan is big, Buzeer naturally hopes that Tauren Clan was formidable. Also is a little Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai now is Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, he is big Merchant, such person, on Prairie, no matter will arrive at there to be welcomed, normally they want to make contact with this line not to make contact with, now has such opportunity, he will certainly not let off, so long as later Zhao Hai sold to their grain according to the present price, regarding them that will be the huge good deed, Dog Clan will be getting more and more prosperous and powerful. Beastman Race is the temperament is straight, but did not express that they are the fools, conversely, can become Patriarch Beastman, is not the simple character, but Beastman is heavier than Human Race honest, Dog Clan and Tauren Clan generation is on good terms, Tauren Clan died, Dog Clan helps Tauren Clan without demur, this in Human Race there is very rare, only if has formed the forever ally like Buda Family and Crook Family, will otherwise not have that Noble to do this matter, they will settle on will have the benefit, with Beastman Race here completely different. Buzeer in helping Wales, this in his opinion is the day passes through the matter of intent, does not have what strange place, moreover is on good terms with the Wales father, the sentiment, he has regarded a younger generation Wales, the younger generation has had prospects, this works as natural happy of elder.