Chapter 511 Prairie Wolf Race( sought subscription) Buzeer reminded Wales, for was feared that he flaunted temporary brave, but must participate in the war, the loss of words Tauren Clan that let will be heavier, when the time comes Tauren Clan in nationality status big reduction, regarding Dog Clan, was not the good deed. Buzeer has not actually thought that Zhao Hai had already reminded Wales, to be honest, regarding Zhao Hai, the Buzeer many some hearts of protection, because the Zhao Hai appears opportunity was really too skillful, he just appears , Hercules Tauren Clan immediately had an accident, moreover Wales that was on good terms with him, finally actually has become Patriarch, he has become Crown Prince, can say that Hercules Tauren Clan had an accident this time, obtained the advantage many were Zhao Hai, Buzeer has to meet him to suspect. Two matters that however today Zhao Hai handles, made Buzeer cancel the suspicion \; first, delivered a letter to them, said that the grain possibly was Radiant Church directs, this matter he had not confirmed that but he actually must thank Zhao Hai. Second is Zhao Hai reminds Wales do not participate in the matter of war, can look from this point, Zhao Hai is the sincerity is Tauren Clan considers, otherwise he will not remind. Thinks that Buzeer to Wales said : Wales, two days I have made Buffon bring Little Hai to go to contact with Bear Clan, do you go with together?” Wales shook the head said : not to be good the uncle, I cannot go with together, the matter in clan are too many, I must go back to process, I want to make the Sixth Brother accompany Little Hai together to go.” Person Buzeer in Hercules Tauren Clan knew that one hear of Wales said that Buzeer also nod said : „, two Crown Prince together go, to also demonstrated that sincerity, good, this matter such has decided that if you have the urgent matter, tomorrow can go back, for two days has made Buffon lead small six and Little Hai on me goes to Bear Clan.” Wales nodded said : that to trouble the uncle.” Buzeer smiles said : this to have anything to trouble, was good, did not say that you came my happy today, we drink.” Wales has complied with one, with Buzeer their walk outside tent. Dog Clan these Patriarch did not have leave, outside the account to spread out the wool blanket, has displayed small table, they are drinking to chat in there, outside Argali raging bull has roasted, this in Beastman here is allowance of high specification. These people looked that Buzeer they came out, with a smile notified them, Buzeer also greeted people one, sat on his small table, Zhao Hai and Wales also sat.

At this time Argali had soon roasted, Buzeer has carried wine glass, to audiences on the scene *** sound said : today our Beastman clan has come across the big grain shortage, my Dog Clan is so, many taking advantage of the grain can not, Little Hai have the grain luckily, moreover wanted the low price to sell to us, this was helps us be busy, but he was also Tauren Clan Crown Prince, Tauren Clan and Dog Clan generation was on good terms, he was not considered as a bystander, later Little Hai was my Dog Clan person on one's own side, everyone/Great Clan saw takes care of much.” These dog head people loudly have naturally acknowledged that even if were Buzeer did not say that they will also comply, Zhao Hai in hand had the grain, they really wish one could Zhao Hai now are Foreign Crown Prince of their clan. Then drinks, in Beastman Race here, you , if not drink that is incorrect, does not drink cannot their face, no matter you can drink, you must drink. Did not have the accident, Zhao Hai has gotten drunk once again, but today he actually in installing to be drunk, in returned to Space sober, after having drunk two cups of Spatial Water, immediately was good. Laura they sit in the living room, Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, showed a faint smile said : tomorrow we possibly to be able with Beastman Race big War Clan to contact, what I also really want to take a look at Beastman Race big War Clan am.” Laura shows a faint smile said : Beastman Race big War Clan, reputation on Continent very loud, the matter that today you discuss I also heard Bear Clan although a few years ago had some losses, however their fighting strength , was also still similar, moreover they who for these years restored are in Beastman Race big War Clan are best to speak, the simplest most and honest race, is on good terms with them, has the advantage.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to draw relationship very heavy to want with Beastman Race, Beastman Race here anything lacks, does not lack Magic Beast, but currently our in hand also had own Processing Factory, these Magic Beast regarding us, the use were really too big.” Several people nodded, Lizzy is said : Elder Brother Hai, this several days contacts with Beastman, I present, deals with them the person puts to do to be much more convenient, I thought we should slowly shifts the center of gravity of show to Beastman Race here.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I also to think, but that may and easy, if we have occupied the Beastman Race business, that meets the has plenty person to come attack we, because our equal to broke the source of income of these people.” Lizzy smiles said : this point I also to know, but the Beastman Race here business was too big, we are impossible to eat up, but we can call this opportunity, hits relationship with Beastman Race, when the time comes we can capture the business the big end, so long as some people are doing business with Beastman, these Noble not understanding uneven copes with us, we can defeat them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile right that said : said that but after must waited for us to see Bear Clan, Bear Clan is War Clan of force, can win their trusts, this was very important.”

Laura several people nodded, Zhao Hai looked at weather said : weather not early, several madames, that accompany me to sleep.” Laura several people of face red, could not bear bah Zhao Hai one, turn around ran returned to own room, Zhao Hai has smiled, ran toward the Lizzy room. Next morning, Zhao Hai early came out from Space, but Lizzy starting today was actually some late, yesterday in the evening she by Zhao Hai tossing about unbearable, finally Zhao Hai happy, went into the Laura room Hu Tianhu to turn, this heavy went off. After having had the breakfast, Wales they said goodbye with Zhao Hai, he wants returned to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment to go, here can only leave behind Zhao Hai and Mendes they. Buffon after being under Buzeer order , the immediately explain/transfer in hand matter, he puts the here matter to be also many on the mastiff person now, must explain/transfer well one be good. Zhao Hai they stayed for day in Dog Clan here, gives to remain the grain that Dog Clan wants, Zhao Hai has also left behind some grain and daily necessities, thanks Mastiff Race. These thing may be many, this lets these Dog Clan happy, these Dog Clan collars are becomes friends with Zhao Hai, hopes when Zhao Hai can do business to their tribes. Naturally will not offend regarding these person of Zhao Hai, with these person of polite greeting, and has taken down the sites of these person of tribes. Next day Zhao Hai and Buffon they left, the population of their this squad person is not many, has about 1000 people, 500 people are Hercules Tauren Clan, the remaining 500 people are Dog Clan. Dog Clan and Bear Clan by, their two clans between are not away from a Wolf Clan branch race, Prairie Wolf Race. Prairie Wolf Race is in Wolf Race one is quite big, a fighting strength quite strong branch, they and Dog Clan and Bear Clan are near, relationship of three races are very good, but on the other hand Dog Clan and Bear Clan relationship is better.

Dog Clan does not like with Prairie Wolf Race explain/transfer, because the Wolf Race person has thought compared with on wolf's head Human Race high First Grade, therefore each Dog Clan and Wolf Clan contact time, Wolf Clan will have look look at Dog Clan that one type of occupies a commanding position, this lets Dog Clan very uncomfortable, especially arrogant Mastiff Race. Mastiff Race at the case inferior war, has not lost to Wolf Clan, mastiff clansman deals with several werewolves not to be a problem , because of this, how they possibly can bear despising of Wolf Clan. The Wolf Clan domain is very big, moreover they is a Beastman Race most repugnant Human Race race, only then minority Human Race Merchant are willing to do with them, therefore the first year they lack a grain heaviest race, but Wolf Clan is also ruthless enough, they obtain the grain besides the transaction, takes by force a Human Race Merchant most multi- race, simultaneously they also eat meat many Beastman races. Because Wolf Clan the first year lacks the grain, therefore they can only eat Argali that oneself raise, in Beastman Race, Argali that they eat every year is most, naturally, this was unable to make other Beastman Race envy, Argali that because they eat are most, therefore they are also in Beastman Race the poorest race. However has to recognize, Wolf Race also be in Beastman Race the most tenacious race, weapon that they use are beast bone makes, the clothes that wears are beast skin make, many of eating are in some quite bad rice is beast meat, but they are in Beastman Race most let the head pain War Clan, because their fighting strength were too strong, Wolf King issues an order, so long as were Wolf King had not died in battle, has not ordered to retreat, was the entire clan soldiers, they cannot retreat one step. In Beastman Race, any race to wolf from a clan several points of face, but Royal Family in Wolf Clan is actually snow Wolf Race, the snow Wolf Race life near North Polar Icefield, to one of the North Polar Icefield nearest/recent Beastman races, fighting strength very formidable of their clan, they almost does not eat the grain, year to year by meat give priority to, is adding on the brutal living environment, lets each snow Wolf Race people are the inborn soldier. Can with Beastman Race that the snow Wolf Race person contends with, only then polar bear clan and great Tiger Race, but these two races are also nearby life North Polar Icefield, is in Beastman Race most famous fights the race. Like Wolf Clan, Bear Clan, Tiger Clan Beastman Race fights the race, their although is called a clan, however on Beastman Prairie, their domains may not only a piece, in their clans the different races also in the different place life, compared with Tauren Clan, that domain big is not a least bit. With the Prairie Wolf Race person, their domains is not smaller than Tauren Clan, but Tauren Clan is the entire Tauren Clan inhabit region, but Prairie Wolf Race is the Wolf Race hear a branch race.