Chapter 512 Wolf King( sought subscription) The Prairie Wolf Race domain must be able to pass through with about five days, to evade Prairie Wolf Race each every tribe, must take about eight days. Buffon does not want to contact with Prairie Wolf Race, therefore they planned that with eight days of across the Prairie Wolf Race domain, are in any case many that several days not to matter, is not the specially anxious matter. Has Buffon to bring, their this walks to also locates is very smooth, in the blink of an eye four days on the past, they deeply have put in the Prairie Wolf Race domain now, therefore they were also careful. Couple of days ago Buffon daytime time also will drink to Alien within the body with Mendes, but now is not good, he was paying attention to outside situation in the time, these werewolves were very arrogant, but offended them, they are everyone will be impolite. Zhao Hai sits among the guests, their together is handling some Markey Family matters with Laura, Golden Island there matter. Now Golden Island there Merchant were many, although said that now Rosen Empire *** toward that marine passage that Aksu Empire went, but do not forget, before Aksu Empire, had Lyon Empire, Buddha Empire and Ocean Waves Dynasty these three *** the country, actually has no alternative but to do with their business, but Golden Island there was the place that the pirate traded, thing was very cheap, therefore now many Merchant happily are difficult to go to there to trade. although currently there has Kun to manage, but Kun also told them, he not forever is managing, therefore the has plenty matter lets Zhao Hai and Laura processes. Mendes also follows in the Buffon side, before they had not arrived at the Prairie Wolf Race domain to come up, in fact they little meet the leave Tauren Clan domain. In adding on friend of Wolf Clan on Prairie is not many, few people are willing to become friends with Wolf Clan, because they were too ruthless, on many Beastman Race although mouth did not say, but they actually harm Wolf Clan. Zhao Hai regarding Wolf Clan to does not have any dislike, Wolf Clan just to handle the matter to be somewhat extreme, is wicked Human Race comes compared with some, Wolf Clan is very adorable. Was walking, a suddenly wolf howl sound transmitted, Buffon complexion changed, immediately/on horseback said : stopped, has Wolf Clan to come, everyone/Great Clan was careful.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that also walked out from Alien, stood in the top of the head of different head, direction that the look at distant place wolf howl sound transmitted. Buffon knows that Wolf Clan is proud, if they keep, may receive Wolf Clan attack, has contact his very clear with Wolf Clan, just that wolf howl, was actually a warning, that meaning was to let them stops, if they kept, that troublesome was big. The Congo, they stop not long after, saw distant place quickly arrived one crowd of Cavalry, this crowd of Cavalry Mount was one type of body body three meters Giant Wolf, but this crowd of Cavalry, was wolf's head person Knight of one crowd of heights about in 2.5 m. Zhao Hai first time sees Wolf Clan, these Wolf Clan, their heads are going against big wolf's head, this wolf's head Jackal Race aggressive were more than Zhao Hai has seen, their eyes partly open the semi-closure to be the same probably, however the occasional eyelid change, makes people feel intermittent fearful.

These people put on the beast skin system the clothes, their stature although are very high, but seems like very thin, is that skinniness, the fat that their bodies do not have steadily being more than probably, under the skin all the muscle of strong/sturdy like the iron bar, seizing that draws back, without bringing bits of grass, sound not in a big way, imposing manner that but that heads on, cannot actually be borne be tempered with a sense of caution by Zhao Hai. These people look like Undead Creature to the feeling of person, aggressive, is organized, making the person not dare to look down upon. The Wolf Race person had five meters far place to stop in Zhao Hai their this team of troops surface, Wolf Race person walked out, looked at Buffon one, deep voice said : Buffon, did you go into the domain of our Wolf Race person to do? Also is leading the big Strength God Ox Fang person? How also to have Human Race?” Buffon looked at that Wolf Race person one eyes, shows a faint smile said : originally is seven Your Highness, is what? seven Your Highness is going on patrol today?” That Wolf Race person did not buy the Buffon account probably, two eyes opened two points slightly, deep voice said : Buffon, you had not said that you for what and will come here?” Buffon shows a faint smile said : seven Your Highness, we passed by, must go to the Bear Clan there management sentiment.” Why did that Wolf Race person look at Hercules Tauren Clan and Zhao Hai said : goes to Bear Clan to bring Hercules Tauren Clan and Human Race? Do you want to do?” He spoke very impolite, but Buffon also knows obviously his temperament, Buffon smiles said : actually not to have anything, but heard that Bear Clan in hand lacks the grain today, this was Zhao Hai, was Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, he was the Human Race big grain merchant, in hand has the grain, I want to bring Zhao Hai to go to Bear Clan there, having a look at them to need the grain.” As soon as that Wolf Race person listened to Buffon saying that two eyes one has opened, stubbornly stared at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : your in hand is having the grain?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „.” Through Buffon and this Wolf Race person's talk, Zhao Hai had almost understood that Wolf Race person, they are are not discontented with you, will therefore speak that impolite, how they are only don’t know with person communicate, moreover they do not like these polite wasting breath, their is more practical, therefore Zhao Hai has not wasted breath. Has that Wolf Race person sized up Zhao Hai said : your goods in that?” Zhao Hai has patted said : in Space Bag.” That Wolf Race person two eyes twinkling brightly said : your grain our Wolf Clan wanted, the price does not permit too high.” This......” Zhao Hai has hesitated, turned the head to look at Buffon and Mendes, they nodded, their very clear, so long as this matter made Wolf Clan know, that Wolf Clan certain meeting must buy the grain, in Prairie here, you offended that Beastman Race, do not offend Wolf Clan, Wolf Clan bore a grudge.

Looked that they nod, Zhao Hai then turns the head to that Wolf Clan said : well, please guide.” That Wolf Clan nodded, revolution of Mount, walks toward the Prairie deep place. Zhao Hai has not entered with Alien within the body, but sits in the head of Alien, look at Buffon said : Buffon Big Brother, who is that person?” Buffon smiles said : he to call Hans, is Prairie Wolf Race Seventh Prince, fighting strength very formidable, although is young, but is 7th level Expert, is first Expert in Prairie Wolf Race young generation.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : probably is a very callous person.” Buffon smiles said : „seems like this, actually Hans this person is good, so long as has not affronted Prairie Wolf Race, generally his you will not be what kind.” Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like that this the Wolf Race person who called Hans with similar that he thought that was not a genuine callous person, how he was only don’t know must was together with the person. These Wolf Race people had not feared that Zhao Hai they ran or fear them unable to follow, selfish is walking in front, Zhao Hai following on the heels of their also continuously calm. Walked greatly certainly for about three hours, they could in front of an indistinct seeing camp shadow, this camp be very big, the tent have linked up into a single stretch probably. Hans has not stayed, walks toward camp in directly, was near to this camp, Zhao Hai present, this camp is actually also similar to Hercules Tauren Clan and Dog Clan camp, inside is Beastman, but is the city is the werewolf tribe. Wolf Race person although and Dog Clan long similar, but has the difference after all, little some people will mix with the dog lane the wolf. Wolf Race person although they have not revealed the hostility to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai their looks actually be more indifferent than and many dog head person, their bodies were more than air/Qi of aggressive dog head person, the air/Qi of this type of aggressive is not superficial thing, but disperses from their bones. These Wolf Race people have one type of curious look look at Zhao Hai their this line, also truly is, their this line of were really too strange, had Mastiff Race, had Hercules Tauren Clan, Human Race. The Hercules Tauren Clan Mastiff Race Wolf Race people knew that one is Tauren Clan Royal Family, one is Dog Clan Royal Family, strength of these two races in Beastman Race are very good, are the races that cannot offend easily. But Human Race their here was actually rare, because Human Race Merchant little had to like with Wolf Clan doing business, if did not do well, offended Wolf Clan, Wolf Clan will kill them.

Also golden big tent in this camp, Zhao Hai they stopped outside the account, Hans entered the tent, before long Hans came out from the tent, he looked at Zhao Hai their said : my father to ask you to go.” Three people nodded, entered big tent with Hans. Wolf Clan big tent is simple compared with Dog Clan and Tauren Clan golden big tent, what ground is beast skin, has a fiery pit in the middle of tent, in the tent has not suspended table small table and so on thing, Old Wolf clansman is sitting in the tent on sole a chair. After Hans entered the tent, stood side that Old Wolf clansman, that Old Wolf clansman build was similar to Hans, although looked like very thin, but to person one type of bar copper same feeling, on his face were many two wrinkles, these two wrinkles not only have not made him look like senile, instead to was made him look like has imposing manner. Three people give that Old Wolf person to salute hastily, said : has seen Wolf King with one voice.” That Old Wolf person nodded, looked at three people of one, first is to Buffon said : „you are Buffon? Is your father good?” Buffon quickly said: „, It is fortunately healthy.” The Old Wolf person nodded, turns the head look at Mendes said : „you are the Hercules Tauren Clan person? Heard your Hercules Tauren Clan person last year time of meets troublesome some?” Mendes bows said : Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince Mendes to see Wolf King to the Old Wolf person, yes, the winter of last year time, Bull clan the person of Radiant Church colluded, wants to extinguish our Hercules Tauren Clan, had been given to exterminate the clan by us.” As soon as the Old Wolf person listened to Mendes saying that cannot help but two eyes twinkling brightly said : did exterminate the clan? Good, who now Hercules Tauren Clan is Patriarch?” Mendes quickly said: Is my brother, Wales.”