Chapter 513 Dog Clan Friendship flag( sought subscription) Old Wolf King nodded said : your this brothers to is a character, the Bull clan I also knows, the strength is not weak, if adding on the support of Radiant Church, their strengths were stronger, you can in such a short time defeat them unexpectedly, but also extinguished the clan, is very great.” Mendes showed a faint smile said : to be lucky had the Mastiff Race help, under adding on our Hercules Tauren Clan the help of Foreign Crown Prince, can such quick defeated the Bull clan.” Old does Wolf King turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : you to call Zhao Hai? Is Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince?” Zhao Hai felt pressure that on old Wolf King has dispersed, but Zhao Hai has not cared, 9th level Expert he same facing, old Wolf King this pressure, his cares, he shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai.” The old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai appearance, to stares slightly, Buffon and Mendes see him, somewhat is gingerly, only then Zhao Hai calm, this made old Wolf King cannot help but look at Zhao Hai one. Old Wolf King looked at Zhao Hai some little time said : well, good, Human Race can become Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, your method is good.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :Wolf King to overpraise, did not have what method below, but was congenial with the Wales Big Brother loyalty, in has helped Hercules Tauren Clan in addition slightly some busy, the Hercules Tauren Clan person favored below, let below this Foreign Crown Prince. Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai appearance, suddenly smiles said : young man, should not be so false, Beastman Race is impossible the Foreign Crown Prince position, to the person, you certainly has helped casually busy of Hercules Tauren Clan, therefore they such will do, he he, heard that you do have in hand large quantities of grain?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, but my in hand these grain are quite special, is not general Bamboo rice, but is on Continent has not seen Bread Fruit.” Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : puts out to come to see.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has put out Bread Fruit, explained to old Wolf King. Old Wolf King personally tastes this Bread Fruit, this has given Hans Bread Fruit, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : price?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is Bamboo rice price one-fourth that other Merchant sell.” Old did Wolf King stare, two eyes straight look at Zhao Hai said : you did not have to crack a joke? Bamboo rice price one-fourth?” Zhao Hai smiles said : there to dare with Wolf King to crack a joke, said it, I do not crack a joke in the business, Wolf King please do not need to suspect.” Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai said : „, if you said is real, your many Bread Fruit, we wanted.”

The Zhao Hai look at old Wolf King appearance, has smiled bitterly next step: This I feared that Wolf King you cannot eat up, you said that you want many.” Old Wolf King one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, he thinks that Zhao Hai looks down upon him, he cannot help but is bringing anger said : 100 million jin (0.5 kg).” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have the issue, Bread Fruit I installs in my Space equipment, momentarily can take to give you, asking Wolf King not to need to be worried, so long as prepared the place to be OK.” Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai, he is very clear, do not look that Bread Fruit is not big, is not very heavy, so long as opens Bread Fruit, has become the bread, that these 100 million jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit, will turn into many hundreds of millions jin (0.5 kg) bread, isn't this small number, Zhao Hai unexpectedly can take at any time? Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai said : „don't you have to crack a joke?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to dare with Wolf King to crack a joke, I truly bring on the body, to Wolf King said that sentence truth, my territory produces Bread Fruit, moreover this Bread Fruit output is very high, 100 million jin (0.5 kg) regarding me, are not the big number, even if Wolf King you wants some, I can also take, if you take over 1 billion jin (0.5 kg), I can the prepayment give you 400 million jin (0.5 kg), remaining 600 million jin (0.5 kg) I can pay you five days later, you must know that this Space he also has the size, my in hand although has several Space equipment, but. Most also can only install these many.” Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, that pressed you saying that I took 1 billion jin (0.5 kg), the price pressed comes, but I who you said presently in hand Magic Beast is also not many, I can come to trade with you with some money, did you agree?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have issue, but my some requests, I want to collect on Continent some special Magic Beast, if Wolf King you can come to trade with me with some special Magic Beast, I can give you to give preferential benefit.” Old Wolf King stares, look at Zhao Hai said : any special Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai looks at the old Wolf King appearance, knows that he is thinking anything, before also had Human Race to bring returned to Human Race there to carry on research Beastman Race beast relative, hopes that can discover to cope with the Beastman method, although had not succeeded, but Beastman Race, to this matter protection is very strict. Zhao Hai smiles said : some unique Magic Beast, plants, on Prairie unique, or Wolf Clan peculiar plants.” Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai said : „, but these thing need to prepare, I can the prepayment give you some money, is giving you some wool blankets and carpet, is giving you some Argali, you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, that matter does not worry, this, my prepayment to Wolf King you 300 million jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit, I must stay behind goes to Bear Clan there to have a look, to have a look at Bear Clan whether needs.” Old Wolf King laughs said : that greatly stupid bear naturally to want, young man, I dare to tell you, the Bread Fruit that you take, will not have that Beastman Race to reject, good, first will take 300 million jin (0.5 kg), it will pass through will press you saying that five days later will deliver, delivery payment.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, invited Wolf King feel relieved, five days later and ensure delivered.”

Old Wolf King nodded, turns the head to Hans said : Hans, informs, today I must invite Zhao Hai and Buffon their several drink, prepares.” Hans has complied with one, looked at Zhao Hai one, this walks toward outside, Zhao Hai they naturally are salute to express gratitude to old Wolf King. Zhao Hai they kept one day in Prairie Wolf Race here, next day heads for the Bear Clan domain, but this their side were many some guards, is the Prairie Wolf Race person. Zhao Hai they have not cared, Zhao Hai in Space, is calculating his in hand Bread Fruit quantity now, to be honest, presently in his hand Bread Fruit quantity really many, enough billions tons, the attention, is the ton, is not the jin (0.5 kg). If he did not fear that one time puts out too many Bread Fruit, frightens these Beastman, causes their suspicions, he can definitely one time give him Bread Fruit that old Wolf King wants. Because did not need to detour, they two days later arrived at the Bear Clan domain, these Prairie Wolf Race people have naturally drawn back, although said that they with Bear Clan relationship were also good, but braved rushing rashly to the Bear Clan domain , may also cause the misunderstanding. After saying goodbye to Hans, Zhao Hai they entered the Bear Clan domain finally, this Bear Clan was not Royal Family in Bear Clan, but after was in Bear Clan, branch, Black Bear Clan. Black Bear Clan is also in Xiong Clan force War Clan, is existence of male time in Royal Family, but Xiong Clan the Royal Family polar bear clan, they are also same as snow Wolf Race, is the life near North Polar Icefield, their fighting strength are strongest. although Black Bear Clan is not in Xiong Clan Royal Family, however their strengths are very strong, therefore the prestige in bear clan is also very high, even if in Beastman Race, does not have that race to dare to them to disrespect, the words that they said that very much had the component in the bear clan. Black Bear Clan is not very hot tempered race, looks like in Human Race, Black Bear Clan certain very violent is hot-tempered, actually that complete mistake, Black Bear Clan person normally is very Wen He, on their mind very solid, this makes them appear very simple and honest, this also makes staff of Black Bear Clan in Beastman Race very good. Previous Human Race has deceived Black Bear Clan unexpectedly, this lets Beastman Race regarding Human Race very discontented, is adding on long time Human Race in Beastman here is the selling grains of high price, this also lets Beastman Race to Human Race disaffection, but Human Race possibly also saw this point, therefore lived this time grain shortage. Naturally, Zhao Hai now also and don’t know these, he thought that this time grain shortage probably some people in control, is Radiant Church they had not determined. To the Bear Clan domain, Buffon obvious relaxed, with Mendes in a time drill Alien within the body, looked Zhao Hai to drink. Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose that has put out the liquor, has put out in the Rosen Empire snack, these thing he wants many to have many now, some trades special sells these thing in Golden Island there, heard that the business is very good, Kun and Blockhead they also know the Space matter, therefore Zhao lets needs these thing the time, said one to them, their immediately/on horseback will prepare, delivers to the Zhao Hai room, Zhao Hai can pass Space to attain Alien within the body they to eat with Buffon. Puts out thing, after several people have drunk one glass of liquor, Zhao Hai to Buffon said : Buffon Big Brother, you well said Bear Clan to me, won't they look like Wolf Clan to be so cool?” In the Zhao Hai eye, Wolf Clan truly is very cool, their eyes forever partly open the eyes, feared that is when they all open, must kill people, in adding on their indifferent looks, one layer invariable expression, that very cool expression, who if on Earth with the Prairie Wolf Race same disposition, that very executed certainly.

Buffon smiles said : feel relieved, Bear Clan is very hospitable, they very simple and honest, you arrived in his home, they will put out oneself in hand best thing to you, that feared that was tomorrow in their family has not eaten has not drunk, today he family final a bellwether will also butcher entertaining a guest, naturally, the premise is you are his guest friend, if you were his enemy, that waited for your, only then Bear Clan nail head hammer, their nail head hammers were in Beastman Race one of the fiercest weapon.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to think really that Bear Clan is easy getting along with unexpectedly so, that is not a problem, was right, didn't the Sixth Brother, you say the grain shortage to Wolf King possibly with the Radiant Church related matter? Also had not told them that invites matter that they help?” Mendes smiles said : „the present was also not says, Wolf Clan regarding general Beastman Race also has the vigilance, therefore we cannot worry, must take your time.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not been saying anything, if said that understanding Beastman Race, he truly is inferior to Mendes their these locally born Beastman. Buffon also smiles said : not to have relationship, had the help of Black Bear Clan to be OK, Wolf Clan there, their vigilance were too heavy, needs for a long time to regard you are the friend, had not looked that you have done 1 billion jin (0.5 kg) grain business with them, they had not said that can take own War flag to you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Buffon Big Brother, your hasn't Mastiff Race taken War flag probably to me? Or you also delivered me to result at the same time.” Buffon ill-humored white Zhao Hai said : little wasted breath, do you think really not to you? The father wants to be at the same time good to you a point War flag, but fears other opposition, so long as you are doing the several times business with us, the father can take responsibility, delivers give you Dog Clan Friendship flag.” Zhao Hai stares, then careful said : Buffon Big Brother, what you said is Dog Clan Friendship flag? Isn't Mastiff Race Friendship flag?” Contacted such long time with Beastman, he also knew Beastman Race War flag some differences, the Dog Clan friendship number, was different from the Mastiff Race friendship clan. Mastiff Race Friendship flag, refers to dog head king´s flag, what dog head king´s flag represents is only Mastiff Race, but Dog Clan Friendship flag, representative is actually entire Dog Clan, this flag at will does not give the person, must obtain the agreements of Dog Clan all branch race 60% Patriarch, can give the person, obviously the importance of this flag. That Big bellied Pig Race Friendship flag that before Zhao Hai obtained, with Giant-horn Ox Clan Friendship flag, representative was only these two races itself, or was only representing a tribe, the component and Dog Clan Friendship flag simply has not managed Law Idol to compare, if Zhao Hai has attained Dog Clan Friendship flag, he forever was the Dog Clan friend, disrespected to Zhao Hai, was disrespects to entire Dog Clan, this will direct the war on Prairie. Because knows these, therefore Zhao Hai such will ask Buffon, Buffon also knows certainly that what meaning Zhao Hai is, he white Zhao Hai said : naturally is Dog Clan Friendship flag, otherwise, you think why that many Dog Clan branch race Patriarch do meet suddenly to run up to encampment? You just entered the Dog Clan domain, the father knew, father immediately transmitting orders made them come to encampment here, this they came, the father must make them have a look at the performance of your Zhao Hai, fortunately, your youngster performance good of , was being acted to mediate by my father, I think that this Dog Clan Friendship flag, you settled on.” Zhao Hai happy almost cheers, Mendes look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : Little Hai, your youngster may really be in luck, why knows our Tauren Clan with Dog Clan relationship such? Is because we have protected Friendship flag mutually, had this flag, you almost can walk sideways on Beastman Prairie.”