Chapter 514 Black Bear Clan person( sought subscription) Zhao Hai laughs said : that to be good, looked, who also dares to annoy me.” If in Human Race there, Zhao Hai will certainly say: My that dares to walk sideways, so long as did my business on the line.” However actually cannot say in Beastman Race here, if he said that looks down upon Dog Clan on equal to, when the time comes let alone was Friendship flag, did not get angry with him is good. Buffon laughs said : your few proud, our Dog Clan is not considered as War Clan, selects honestly, if made these big War Clan meet, feared that will be impolite to you, so long as you can with obtaining the grain, these big War Clan also will perhaps give you Friendship flag.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, others may not be possible to have a liking for me, come, drinks, first held the Bear Clan here matter was saying that I may hear years Bear Clan because the matter loss of grain was serious, since Bear Clan were the Dog Clan friend, we must help them.” Buffon smiles said : that is certain, Bear Clan friend that may really be a good friend, if you really have become with them the friend, later has come across any matter, they definitely fully will help you, that feared that is suffers a loss, will help you.” Zhao Hai nodded, through the introduction of Buffon, he to Bear Clan also some certain understanding, this Bear Clan also is really very good, really if said to Buffon is the same, to is worth a junction. Three people in Alien within the body keeps is drinking outside, outside person naturally will not say Zhao Hai, because first time they drink, Zhao Hai will provide, some characteristics snacks to them, these people could not have dug up Zhao Hai they to drink daily. This day to evening's time, they really have also met in the small tribe, this small tribe is also a Black Bear Clan surrounding small tribe, total number of people also more than 300 people, Zhao Hai their population to also wants on many some compared with this small tribe. Bear People real very enthusiastic of that small tribe, looks is the Mastiff Race person, their immediately is helping Buffon their tent, simultaneously makes the people in tribe kill the sheep to entertain a guest. Zhao Hai they have not prevented, if they prevent now, that looked down upon these people, so long as they walked, gave these person of some grain as returning a courtesy was good, other did not have, grain Zhao Hai did not have. Zhao Hai does not need to construct the tent, his present evening rests in Alien within the body, is comfortable and warm, therefore he is observing these Bear Clan carefully. These Bear Clan although said head length big of , but actually does not look like that fat like the Pig Race person, conversely, these bear clansman look like very strong, comes compared with the according to strong famous Hercules Tauren Clan person, is not bad. However Zhao Hai can actually look, their days do not have Hercules Tauren Clan to feel better, more than 300 people of a small tribe like them, the sheep that they raise are not many, this time to entertain them, have killed much, moreover Zhao Hai also noted, they were ran out of food probably.

To be honest, Zhao Hai has not been cruel enough at heart really very much, these Beastman Race such adorable, but you have a look at them now, their in hand has the cattle, cannot trade the grain, this is really unfair regarding Beastman Race. Actually careful thinking, the has plenty time, Beastman Race and Human Race war, its result is Human Race selects, takes this time matter, if these Human Race broke the Beastman Race grain, what to do they don't snatch can also? Is waiting for starving to death? Even if Human Race will not do, let alone the temperament is not good Beastman Race. This late Zhao Hai they passed in this Bear Clan small tribe, next morning leave time, Zhao Hai gave this Bear Clan tribe to leave behind fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit, has gone bad to happy this Bear Clan tribe, they also think that was giving some Zhao Hai Argali, Zhao Hai actually confiscates. Like the small-scale business, Zhao Hai looked does not glance, tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) thing, regarding Zhao Hai, were too few, can make the friendly friends, is also good regarding him. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai they then left, do not visit them now to the Bear Clan domain, but wants really to Bear Clan encampment, arrives at about four days, Black Bear Clan in Beastman Race is also a large clan, their domains naturally also compared with leaving *** must many, but likely encampment of big race, is generally fixed, there also specially uses to winter. For four days of hurrying along, Zhao Hai they rests in the Bear Clan small tribe, four days later Zhao Hai they finally distant look at to Bear Clan encampment. At this time one team of Black Bear Clan Cavalry also dashed from their encampment, these people rode was about four meters high gigantic shape black bears, but these Black Bear Clan people themselves were also growing more than three meters high, this sat in Mount carries on the back, was really imposing. Quick that team of Bear Clan Cavalry arrived at Zhao Hai nearby them, that Bear Clan Cavalry of drivehead sees Buffon, cannot help but cracked into a smile said : originally is Brother Buffon arrived, sat to the camp in quickly, well, this was the Hercules Tauren Clan brothers, good, welcome, um, how also to have Human Race?” One hear of this bear clansman words, Zhao Hai knew, this is a solid person, far and near these words manifested, he saw that Buffon immediately invited toward camp, saw Mendes to say welcome, this obviously on far one layer, waited to see his time, but also a little hostility slightly. Buffon jumps down from Mount, was hugging with Mount that bear clansman, this said : Laeben, today is your night guards, how to the present also in Battalion Li? Was loaf?” Laeben cracks into a smile said : „you are don’t know, now in the clan did not have many grains, can only supply with limited quantity, I cannot eat to the full now, that had the spirit to go to the night guards.” Buffon has not thought that really Black Bear Clan arrived at this degree unexpectedly, now just beginning of the spring, Black Bear Clan supplied on the limit, it seems like their really not many grains.

Buffon patted Laeben's shoulder said : not to have relationship, this situation immediately must finish, saw? But this Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, the Human Race big grain merchant, his in hand has is the grain, look just after I traded, by me is drawn to your here comes.” Laeben looked at Zhao Hai one, has grinned said : Human Race to become Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince unexpectedly? Really good, his does in hand have the grain really?” Buffon smiles said : naturally real, I deceive your this doing, arrives in the camp quickly.” Laeben has complied with one, leading several people to enter large camp, arrived at Black Bear Clan golden big tent directly. To Black Bear Clan golden big tent outside, originally income to report went, Zhao Hai and Buffon they stand outside, before long Laeben walked out from the tent, looked at three people of one, turns the head to Buffon said : Buffon, Patriarch to ask you to go.” Laeben had not said that invited Mendes and Zhao Hai, they naturally with, Buffon will not nod to them, this entered big tent. Also some little time, Laeben had come out, Patriarch please two go to Mendes and Zhao Hai said :, two invited.” Zhao Hai and Mendes expressed gratitude, this entered big tent. This enters big tent Zhao Hai present, originally in this big tent had these many people, about 20 Black Bear Clan people sit in big tent, Buffon most sits left their hands not far away. In the big tent innermost, to the direction of tent entrance, is sitting a Black Bear Clan person, this Black Bear Clan person looks like should be the positive maturity, a pair of not big bear eye look at stubbornly they. They know that this certainly is Black Bear Clan Patriarch, is busy at saluting to him, that Black Bear Clan person look at they, is deep voice to Mendes said : you Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince Mendes?” Mendes quickly said: „, Mendez has seen Sir Patriarch.” That Black Bear Clan person nodded said : „the Hercules Tauren Clan there there fresh matter I to know that the dry attractiveness, can tidy up Radiant Church is great.” Mendes in one time bows the expression of gratitude, does Black Bear Clan long then turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : „you are Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has seen Patriarch.” Black Bear Clan long look at Zhao Hai said : can become Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, this explained you to help them a lot, it seems like weren't you an unprincipled person, Buffon say your in hand has plenty grain?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, my in hand has many grain, is this type.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out Bread Fruit, long looked at one to Black Bear Clan, opened, asking them to taste. After Black Bear Clan long tasted Bread Fruit, nodded said : „, is very good, the grain quantity that but Human Race, our Black Bear Clan wants is big, how many do you have?” Zhao Hai smiles said : has plenty, this type of grain only then in my territory grows, on Continent, only then I have, I am do business the second year to Prairie today, did not prepare to sell these many grain for me, but in the feeling Prairie here lived the grain shortage now, Mastiff Race is the Hercules Tauren Clan friend, we naturally are the help, Black Bear Clan are the Mastiff Race friend, friend of friend are also the friends, my nature should also help, therefore I on.” Black Bear Clan long nodded said : well, you have many, our Black Bear Clan wanted.” Zhao Hai has the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, these Beastman Race Patriarch so are why self-confident, probably is their person can buy all Human Race grain to be the same. Zhao Hai quickly said: Sir Patriarch, you said that a specific digit, my in hand grain are too many, I feared that you could not want, although Bread Fruit can put for a long time, the words that but too long time did not eat, will possibly blast open, I thought that not save too to well.” Bread Fruit naturally impossible to blast open, this is only excuse of Zhao Hai, if he told the Black Bear Clan person directly that you will unable to afford my in hand complete grain, the Black Bear Clan person think certainly he will look down upon them, at that time, he in wants to become friends with the Black Bear Clan person will be impossible. Zhao Hai already present, possibly is because before , receives reason that Human Race deceives, therefore the Black Bear Clan person, has the psychology that one type of is hostile to Human Race, when Zhao Hai speech very careful, with the Wolf Clan transaction spoke is more careful.