Chapter 515 intelligent Black Bear Clan( sought subscription) Black Bear Clan long one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked next step: Oh, is this, was right, is your this Bread Fruit price what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is Bamboo rice price one-fourth.” His one-fourth, refer to naturally was the Bamboo rice price that on Continent other Merchant sold, Bamboo rice that he sold, the price was in itself other Merchant Bamboo rice prices half, Bread Fruit naturally cannot Bamboo rice price one-fourth that sold him to sell, that was too low. Even if such price also makes Black Bear Clan long be startled, his look at Zhao Hai said : you haven't spoken incorrectly? Really is Bamboo rice price one-fourth?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I had carried out some transactions with Wolf Clan before, comes according to this price.” Mentioned the transaction of Wolf Clan, Zhao Hai thought that the leave Prairie Wolf Race domain also had about six days, should send to remaining 700 million jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit. The Black Bear Clan long look at Zhao Hai appearance, said : suddenly asked mister to rest first, allowing us to discuss.” Zhao Hai nodded, arrived at outside with Laeben, but Mendes kept in big tent. Outside they have prepared the tent to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai not politely, led Laura they to enter a tent directly, then release the monitor picture, the person in look at big tent was saying anything. Black Bear Clan long not polite, directly asked how Mendes is with Zhao Hai knew, why he will become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch. Mendes has not hidden the truth from Black Bear Clan to be long, directly knowing Zhao Hai, how with defeat the matter of Bull clan to say with the help of Zhao Hai. The Black Bear Clan person temperament is straight, but does not represent them is the fool, they also listened to understand, reason that Hercules Tauren Clan can such quickly defeat the Bull clan, because of the help of Zhao Hai, no wonder Zhao Hai can become their Foreign Crown Prince completely. When Mendes said that Black Bear Clan long then nodded said : so that's how it is, it seems like that this Zhao Hai also was really our Beastman Race friend, the friend came, how can not have the nice wine, Laeben, prepared quickly, we must invite Mr. Zhao Hai drinking well today one cup.” Laeben complied with one, turn around walked to prepare. Black Bear Clan long then turned the head to listen to Buffon to say to Mendes said : that besides the matter of grain, you also had other matter to say? Said.” Mendes has complied with one, wants to ask the matter that Bear Clan helps to say them, Buffon was helping to help backing up, Black Bear Clan long comply with this matter, after all now can get so far as Black Bear Clan to come Zhao Hai this big grain, this has let Black Bear Clan long very grateful.

After saying this matter, Mendes this time grain wilderness the matter that but Radiant Church incited in behind long said to Black Bear Clan. Hears this information, Black Bear Clan long late is being angry, immediately makes the person look up, passes to other big War Clan in Beastman Race this information. To this time, Zhao Hai they have almost all gotten through to the Black Bear Clan here matter, remaining finally traded with the Black Bear Clan grain. The Black Bear Clan long present is also thinking must trade how much grain to be appropriate with Zhao Hai, regarding matter that helping Hercules Tauren Clan asked for leniency, he has not cared, in his opinion, that was the matter of a few words, Hercules Tauren Clan and Mastiff Race were on good terms, just as was such that Zhao Hai said that the friend of friend was also a friend, this small should help busily. Now in their clan most lacks is the grain, so long as the grain question has been solved, that all were easy to do, if the grain question is unsolvable, their this losses can even bigger. However previous time had been deceived by Human Race Merchant, has not gotten strength back Black Bear Clan to the present, they want to trade with Zhao Hai, with too many thing, therefore Black Bear Clan is thinking steadily that has a look to be able with Zhao Hai to trade how much grain to be worthwhile. here Buffon and Mendes welcome to be rested to the tent that in they arranged, therefore in the tent besides the Black Bear Clan length, had elders in several clan. And a Black Bear Clan elder looks at the appearance that Patriarch frowns, puzzled said : Patriarch, what worried? Now can't Zhao Hai, us solve the matter of grain?” Black Bear Clan sighed deeply tone said : grain question to solve temporarily, but I also don’t know must buy how much grain to be appropriate now.” That elder thinks that said : Patriarch, I looked, or we little buy, if this time wolf uncultivated land is Radiant Church pulls strings in the back, that goes to war is affirmative, so long as goes to war, we can snatch the grain from Human Race there, did not need to buy too much grain.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of this elders said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : graciousness, I to have not thought of this point, we first little buy, buys the several ten of millions jin (0.5 kg) to deal with first, then has a look at the situation to decide.” Several elders nodded, sit in their tent look at these Zhao Hai, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, turned the head who saying that to Laura said : Beastman Race simpleminded, I hit certainly him, I thought these Beastman not only simpleminded, conversely, they to were intelligent.”

Laura they have smiled, Megan is smiles said : not to think really that these Beastman mind these many, it seems like do not accommodate underestimated that Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that this time business feared that could not make.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile are not many , because obtained information that said : they buy, like this is just right, I also want to keep a grain to buy to Beast God City there, there is the center of Beastman Race authority.” After Laura nodded said : has taken over Markey Family, I know, Clan in some Beast God City there also business, but nearest/recent was removes probably, but the place still , after us went, can take over, I have believed to Ah Tai, there he should tidy up, moreover I have given back to his some Bamboo rice, making him sell in there first.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to be very good, but his there should not have the grain to be right now, now the Prairie here grain is so scarce.” Laura smiles said : Beast God City there to be not quite same as other place, is in Beastman Race that there is stationed most core race, they have the grain in storage, these grain in storage suffice them to use generally previous some time, therefore there should not worry, said it, besides the grain, I have also given some Ah Tai vegetables and fruit oil, I also told him, the grain first gave him that me, the vegetables and fruit oil you first were also coping with selling, after we went, in saying.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, such arrangement was right, tomorrow we after Bear Clan finishes talking, goes to Wolf Clan there, sends to them the remaining grain, told while convenient with the Radiant Church related matter the Wolf Race person the grain shortage that was right, you said why the Wolf Race person will trade with us with money?” Laura smiles said : this not to have quite strangely what, Beastman Race big War Clan, will trade with some money, if the light trades with thing, is not convenient, Wolf Clan there Magic Beast are few, money are many, do not forget, every year Wolf Clan snatches the Human Race Merchant most multi- races, can obtain much money from Human Race Merchant there, therefore they trade mostly carry out the transaction with money.” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is this, if bright Magic Beast carries out the transaction, but also is really very troublesome, this is also good, money to us also very much has the use in any case, right Laura, you said that we do manage Private Bank to be what kind in Golden Island there?” Laura stares, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you want with making Private Bank come? The water of there surface is very deep, now Private Bank on Continent, almost by various countries' Imperial Family control, if we make Private Bank in Golden Island there, must prepare for offending Imperial Family.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that regrettable shaking the head said : of considers as finished, if this is really the case, that this Private Bank we do not make, cannot on all people Continent offend is not.” Laura nodded said : Private Bank to make money very much, because has made money, therefore various countries' Imperial Family cannot allow others to meddle, Private Bank matter, was saying.” Zhao Hai nodded, now Private Bank on Continent, on the bank with Earth, is the has plenty differences, Zhao Hai wants to manage is actually a bank, but one hear of Laura said that he gave up, now does not have a falling out with Rosen Empire Imperial Family.

In this time, outside the account suddenly is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Mr. Zhao Hai in? Patriarch asked mister to feast.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, stands up walks outward, Laura they also follow in Zhao Hai, several people arrived at outside the account to look that Mendes and Buffon also just walked from the tent, but not far the place outside their tent, Argali has roasted, but also has roasted two raging bull, such allowance is very high standard. Laeben asked Zhao Hai they to sit down to there, Beastman Race here asked the style that the person ate meal to be similar, only if were the reason of weather, otherwise generally will not ask the person to eat meal in the tent, because in the tent did not have the means to eat this type of open-air barbecue, looked like in Beastman, that was Venerable to the irregularity of guest. Zhao Hai regarding this situation already being used to it , after several people sat down, Black Bear Clan is long they also to come out, Zhao Hai they were busy at standing up to salute. Black Bear Clan long now to Zhao Hai to was polite, after he invited several people sat down, turns the head to Zhao Hai said :this thanks a lot Mr. Zhao Hai to arrive at my Black Bear Clan to come, your arrival, helped our Black Bear Clan be busy. Zhao Hai smiles said : Patriarch to be too polite, I am Merchant, comes to also do business to your this, you are the friends, really needs the grain, I may certainly the friend come first.” Black Bear Clan long laughs said : well, good that mister said that we are the friends, works as may the friend, HaHaHa, is mister these words, we do one cup, starting today, mister was our Black Bear Clan friend.” Zhao Hai one hear of Black Bear Clan long said that cannot help but one happy, is busy at holding up wine glass to come, to cheer the liquor, now they drink that Beastman Race very common Milk Wine, Zhao Hai with Black Bear Clan is also not very ripe, naturally cannot come out with the liquor.