Chapter 516 Black Bear Clan Friendship flag( sought subscription) Beastman Race is very strange, if you give them any gift, no matter is precious, they will receive, that feared that is clearly know you in helping him, he also accepting without hesitation, but if you put out the liquor in eating meal, only if kisses such as the a family/clan person, otherwise they think that you look down upon him, that matter was big. However this type incited the primary taste the Beastman Race barbecue, eats also to have turns the flavor, Megan and Lizzy are first time drink this pure Beastman Milk Wine, to does not have too many are not familiar with, after all purify Milk Wine they have also drunk, the flavor difference are not quite many. This meal Zhao Hai they eat is very full, the liquor little has not drunk, seats guests in Beastman Race here is so, you eat are more they are happy. After having eaten meal, the weather early, Zhao Hai their returned to the tent, today is not impossible to discuss the matter of grain transaction with Bear Clan. The Zhao Hai returned to tent, some people will not come, just about to enters Space, Mendes and Buffon came, this arrived at making to be shocked Zhao Hai, being busy made Laura ask them to come. On their faces also some tipsy feelings, but can look, they have not gotten drunk, Zhao Hai was busy at giving them to prepare Spatial Water, they have not actually gone to touch that water, Buffon look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, just we told Black Bear Clan to grow the Radiant Church matter, but now looks like, some that we told early.” Zhao Hai stares, Mendes also face guilty said : „, said a little early, Black Bear Clan has lacked the grain, but they do not have immediately/on horseback to discuss that with you matter of grain, it seems like after they want to wait till the war starts, to Human Race there snatches the grain, therefore did not prepare to buy in your here, was really, who said that bear clansman was solid, their mind these many? This also too insufficient friend.” Zhao Hai one hear of their this saying, were understand what's the matter, he cannot help but smiled said : to be all right, you thought were too many, Black Bear Clan is now difficult, they want little to buy a grain to be also normal, actually I spoke the truth with you, if did not look that Beastman Race really lacked the grain, these Bread Fruit I will not take, in my territory, with Bread Fruit making wine, if has made, that income will be more than Bread Fruit on several times, therefore you did not need to be worried that was all right.” Mendes sighed said : thank you Little Hai, like you Human Race, if were more, I think that between Beastman Race and Human Race were forever impossible to have the war.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : person have the ambition, so long as some people have the ambition, the war will not stop, sooner or later will live, depending on my strength, cannot change anything, I also help the person who some I can help.” Mendes sighed with Buffon, their he knows right that Zhao Hai said that ambition thing, was everyone control, let alone was Human Race, even if were Beastman Race is different? Must otherwise not live the matter of Bull clan. Buffon look at Zhao Hai said : what that Little Hai do you then have to plan?” Zhao Hai smiled said : I to go to Beast God City there to have a look, now the here matter had basically ended, some races that even if on good terms with Black Bear Clan, was some big War Clan, they will lack the grain not necessarily, if the matter investigated thoroughly , may live the war, as the matter stands, will not have many people to buy the grain, but I also had a look to Beastman city there, if must go to war, feared that was my this Human Race status, will become on Prairie the most persona non grata.”

Buffon snort|hum said : other Human Race Merchant my don’t know, but you will definitely not have the matter, do not forget, but you now Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, is half Beastman, what a pity, you must go to Beast God City, if can return to a tribe with me, possibly the Dog Clan Friendship flag matter can decide.” Zhao Hai smiled said : to consider as finished, at the worst I was good because of returned to Hercules Tauren Clan there, moreover nearest/recent I have resulted in the a piece territory newly, the matter are also many, is really not good, I returned to Human Race there to go, feel relieved, I will not have the matter.” Mendes nodded said : also well, if in any case really lives the war, Beastman Race here will not kill Human Race Merchant generally, will only pursue them, you have my Hercules Tauren Clan own king´s flag, is effective very much.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : to be good, did not need to be worried about me, I also went to Beast God City there to have a look at the situation, perhaps can also make two business.” Mendes sighed said : „the present situation is this, I estimated that opportunity of fresh war was very big, but I want unable to project on Rosen Empire to go, Little Hai should not be worried.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to have what good worry, my territory is on the sea small island there, in what kind, your Beastman Race is impossible to project on there to go.” Mendes nodded, looked at weather said : weather not early, we went back to rest, Little Hai, this several days I thought that you have not gone to deliver the grain to the Wolf Race person, I looked, or tomorrow you went to one, the Wolf Race person was very heavy honest, if you went was too late, was not quite good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, feel relieved, tomorrow I go, you did not need to be worried, earlier rested.” They nodded, stand got up turn around returned to their tent. Zhao Hai and Laura their returned to in Space, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : looked like we had underestimated the determination of Beastman Race, on Prairie lived the big grain shortage now, no matter this matter has it doesn't matter with Radiant Church, I think that Beastman Race will move a war, because they needed the grain.” Megan look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that these Beastman Race people can run up to Black Wasteland to go? there is also the Aksu Empire domain, if they run up to there to go, that troubled.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „should not, Black Wasteland there situation, was not a day or two, on Continent all races know that in adding on currently there has Seven-colored Poisonous Mist, even if Beastman will not rush toward, you did not need too to be worried, all right.” Megan nodded, Lizzy actually frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that this time matter, does have it doesn't matter with our Rosen Empire? Our Rosen Empire does not make the person go to Aksu Empire there to do business, therefore meets has plenty Merchant not to have the means to arrive at Prairie here to sell the grain? Must really be such words, our did Rosen Empire open has not become the accomplice of this war?” Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy said that stares slightly, then complexion changes, said : is reasonable, but I think that will not be because on this, Rosen Empire will not let person and Aksu Empire does business, but on Continent these can Great Noble for the benefit, give up this business really? Is impossible! Does business with Beastman is the sudden and huge profits, these Merchant will not let off this opportunity, therefore I think that this is not our Rosen Empire mistake, after your saying, I to was thinks that this matter might be Radiant Church trick/hand and foot!”

Laura they stare, some do not understand look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai sighed said : you also to know that Rosen Empire there, did not permit to have Radiant Church to exist, this offended Radiant Church, if Radiant Church can the control grain not make them sell the grain toward Beastman Prairie here, was advancing the head of Rosen Empire the crime of this matter, in that case, Rosen Empire had in a big way troubles!” Lizzy their complexion change, their very clear, if Radiant Church advances the head of Rosen Empire the crime of this matter, that Rosen Empire has become on Continent on street Old Mouse, this move murders with a borrowed knife, carries shifts blame to be possible really to be enough ruthless dirty. Lizzy most cares about this matter, his immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, that what to do? If made Radiant Church go well, our Rosen Empire all people will be been isolated by Continent on.” Zhao Hai nodded said : immediately/on horseback to write a letter, told Your Majesty this matter, making Your Majesty be ready, Radiant Church wants to cope with our words with this method, I think when Beastman Race here moves the war to start, we do not wait, making Your Majesty hold first this matter, when the time comes bad luck was Radiant Church, how actually must process, I think that Your Majesty compared with my understand, we must do, told Your Majesty this matter on the line.” Lizzy nodded, Zhao Hai immediately has put out the written records, making Lizzy write a letter to King Your Majesty, then his immediately/on horseback advocated returned to Golden Island there, Kun has delivered to Calci Family to go this letter with Blood Hawk, must give King Your Majesty by Lando. Reason that Zhao Hai is so troublesome, does not think to be doubtable he, now the people on Continent know that he can ride the hawk to fly toward Prairie there, therefore this delivers a letter must give the hawk to be good. After having completed these, Zhao Hai they relieved have rested in Space, but they think to feel the fear, such as looked up this matter to make Radiant Church complete, Rosen Empire really met has troubled greatly, Radiant Church seize the opportunity will throw more filthy water toward Rosen Empire on, in adding on their these followers, fears is on Continent immediately will start a anti- Rosen Empire upsurge, Radiant Church wants seize the opportunity open and aboveboard suppression Rosen Empire, perhaps can also compel Rosen Empire to be done missionary work in Rosen Empire by Radiant Church. although said that now these information have not been confirmed that but actually has to guard, Radiant Church can do this matter completely, in fact Zhao Hai to this Radiant Church, more and more dislike, this Radiant Church that had his semblance performance attractiveness of that this completely is one for the organization that to reach the point resorts to all means. In order to deal with own enemy, they do not hesitate two clan wars unexpectedly, if this matter final confirmation is Radiant Church promotes in the back, that Radiant Church this organization was really one evilly organizes. Next morning, after Zhao Hai has had the breakfast, Black Bear Clan Patriarch immediately had found in Zhao Hai golden big tent, letting Zhao Hai wants to go to the plan of Wolf Clan there to postpone in the future. Zhao Hai to golden big tent here, actually accidental present, Buffon and Mendes also, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback looked like Black Bear Clan long to salute, under Black Bear Clan long enough to was to Zhao Hai very polite, immediately asks Zhao Hai to meet, after Zhao Hai sat down, Black Bear Clan long then to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, today asks you to come, must discuss the matter of grain with you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Black Bear Clan long then said : possible mister to know matter that our Black Bear Clan several years ago came across, we by Human Race Merchant deceiving, strength/Origin Qi have damaged severely, has not restored to the present, these time wants to buy some grain in mister here much, but yesterday Mendes told me, the Prairie here grain shortage was possibly artificial, if this is really the case, our Beastman Race certainly will look like Human Race to move the war, by that time we can snatch some grain, therefore these time on cannot buy too much grain in mister here.” Zhao Hai look at Black Bear Clan is long, Black Bear Clan does not want to buy that many grain steadily, this point his yesterday knew, he thinks that Black Bear Clan long will look for anything to give a pretext the own non- heart bought the grain, has not thought that the Black Bear Clan long anything reason has not arranged unexpectedly, but told his real reason directly, this made Zhao Hai too accidental.

Saw the false smalltalk between Human Race, ran into such a solid person suddenly, Zhao Hai really some had not adapted. although said that Mendes and a Buffon not only time said the Black Bear Clan person is solid, but Zhao Hai has not actually thought that they really will be unexpectedly in this situation. Black Bear Clan long looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, thought his not happy, his quickly said: Mr. Zhao Hai invited feel relieved, later our Black Bear Clan will cooperate with mister, but this time we little wanted some grain.” Zhao Hai one recovers, his quickly said: Patriarch was too polite, this does not have anything, I understood that Patriarch said that you want many.” Black Bear Clan long looks at the Zhao Hai not happy appearance, this smiles said : I to prepare to take 40 million jin (0.5 kg), mister you to look that first when can attain the grain?” Zhao Hai smiles said : immediately, so long as Patriarch told me the place, my immediately put the place that Bread Fruit you assigned, 40 million jin (0.5 kg), much were only many.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of Zhao Hai said that on understand, on him was certainly bringing Space Equipment, his immediately/on horseback happy said : good, outside fantastic, mister put the grain has been OK, naturally some people will move out, right mister, were you want Magic Beast to want money?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to give me money to be OK, money in the Beastman Race here not too big use, but Magic Beast can actually have the son, I wanted money on the line.” Black Bear Clan long two eyes one bright, then laughs said : well, mister really suffices the friend, your this friend, our Black Bear Clan handed over, Laeben, took our Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, I must give mister our Black Bear Clan Friendship flag!” Laeben complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai actually stares, he has not thought that this can obtain Friendship flag at the same time, is Black Bear Clan such big War Clan Friendship flag, this flag regarding him, was really too important, can say that had this flag, he really can walk sideways on Beastman Prairie, dares to annoy his person, few!