Chapter 517 cost-effective business( sought subscription) Black Bear Clan Patriarch such does, is not the temporary impulsion, he can become this Patriarch, naturally is not a simple character. Zhao Hai did not understand that Argali this class Magic Beast regarding the Beastman Race importance, Black Bear Clan long doesn't understand? These Magic Beast attain Human Race there unable to support, but raises on Beastman Prairie, that is each and every one moves, gold coins that can give birth. Can say regarding Beastman, money these thing, in their eyes are Stone, but these Magic Beast in their eyes are the treasure. Is adding on Zhao Hai or Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, is on good terms with Mastiff Race, such relationship, lets Black Bear Clan long regarding as important Zhao Hai. Beastman Race also speaks relationship, moreover very heavy of relationship in Beastman Race wants, because of the Beastman Race very heavy sentiment, heavy honest, if relationship of two races are very good, that was needless saying that you will be many a helper. The Black Bear Clan present situation is not good, such that just like Black Bear Clan long said that if not their really not that much money, they will certainly sell some grain, but now they really not that many thing. This Black Bear Clan long has given Zhao Hai Black Bear Clan Friendship flag \; first, equal to has done well relationship with Hercules Tauren Clan \; second, to give the Mastiff Race face \; third, to hold on Zhao Hai this big grain merchant, in these three types that is the same, can make Black Bear Clan Patriarch give Zhao Hai Friendship flag. Zhao Hai not polite, goes forward one step, received Black Bear Clan long in hand Friendship flag, long bows said : to thank Patriarch to Black Bear Clan, invited feel relieved, starting today, Black Bear Clan was my Zhao Hai friend, to the friend, my Zhao Hai, a while I will not leave behind 50 million jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit to Black Bear Clan, that came out, even if were I gives the Black Bear Clan gift, Patriarch must accept.” Black Bear Clan long has not thought that Zhao Hai so will be natural, make a move is 10 million jin (0.5 kg), this is not a small digit, must know that some comes on Prairie to carry out the transaction Human Race Merchant, they many times feared that does not have 10 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, but Zhao Hai puts out 10 million jin (0.5 kg) grain to see somebody off casually, this was also too astonishing. Black Bear Clan long enough to is thinks one have gained, at the same time Friendship flag has traded 10 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, this regarding their Black Bear Clan, absolutely is a worthwhile transaction. Black Bear Clan long laughs said : well, this grain I accepted, but Little Hai, do you want to trade with money really?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : line, uses money to trade, that thing keeps your in hand use not to be big, I know that many Human Race Merchant do not want money, that gave me to be good.” Black Bear Clan long laughs said : well, I was impolite with you, Laeben, looks for people to go these money to lift to me, we are remaining in any case also uselessly, transmitted orders to arrange a banquet.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Patriarch, this feast exempted, today I must go to Wolf Clan, came time was blocked by them, did with them has smiled the transaction, but also the grain has almost not given them, waited a while I to go to send to him the grain.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of Zhao Hai said that shook the head said : to worry, making that old thin wolf wait a while, hungry undead his, was right, what thing that he takes trades with you? Isn't money?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have part is money, part is Magic Beast, right Patriarch, I want some special points Magic Beast, does not divide the type, so long as is Prairie here unique on the line, plants, you can also pay attention for me.” Black Bear Clan long to has not said anything, nodded said : line, a while I first give two violent bears, but has reached an agreement, this violent bear you cannot give other Human Race research, that is our beast relative.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Patriarch feel relieved, I will not give other Human Race, moreover I want these Magic Beast also not for research, has the use.” Black Bear Clan long then nodded. Zhao Hai watched the weather, to Black Bear Clan long said : Patriarch, I goes to take with a smile first to you Bread Fruit, the 50 million jin (0.5 kg), is not a small number.” Black Bear Clan long nodded, Zhao Hai turn around left the tent. Zhao Hai the tent, Buffon with a smile Patriarch you passed to Black Bear Clan long said : quickly, a few words have given Little Hai Friendship flag, likely is not my father, wants to give Little Hai Dog Clan Friendship flag, but must discuss with these Patriarch that made you forestall one step.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of Buffon said that cannot help but stares, turns the head look at Buffon said : your Mastiff Race also to Friendship flag give Little Hai?” Buffon shook the head said : is not our Mastiff Race, but is Dog Clan, Friendship flag of our Mastiff Race clan can have the big use to Little Hai, my father was convincing these Patriarch, wants to make them agree that gave Little Hai Dog Clan Friendship flag.”

Black Bear Clan long in addition, although said that Dog Clan is not War Clan, however their fighting strength are very strong, has been considered under War Clan, the fighting strength strongest nationality, general small War Clan not necessarily has Dog Clan fighting strength to be strong, if not because some Dog Clan fighting strength are really very weak, they now are War Clan. A such race, must give Zhao Hai Friendship flag of oneself clan unexpectedly, obviously they attaching great importance to degree to Zhao Hai, Black Bear Clan long present finally understand, value that too oneself this business made. At this time Zhao Hai Bread Fruit all let out, that pile of Bread Fruit, had also piled in there like hill, the Black Bear Clan people are one cheer, then in the clan under command(er) of person, went into storage these Bread Fruit. Zhao Hai returned to in the tent, Laeben actually had not come back, he is giving the Zhao Hai transporting money in the command(er) person outward, the quantities of these money are not small. After Zhao Hai returned to in tent, long bows to Black Bear Clan said : Patriarch, I go to Wolf Clan there to send to them the grain now, immediately comes back.” Black Bear Clan long has gawked next step: „Doesn't this need to worry? I have made the person prepare the banquet.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, immediately can come back.” Said that turn around entered in the accounts outside, howls, before long a red flying shade from airborne drops down, when these bear clansman have not responded, fell Zhao Hai, now the Blood Hawk build about three meters were high, god was handsome, the Zhao Hai stride sat carrying on the back of Blood Hawk, a Blood Hawk both wings leaf has shot up to the sky, before long has become small black spots. Laeben sees this situation, immediately/on horseback makes other people give then moves money, but he returned to the tent, told Black Bear Clan to be long just matter immediately. Black Bear Clan long does said : really have this matter slightly? Said that type of hawk, isn't stronger than the Hawk Clan person beast relative person? Can Human Race have the air force?” Beastman Race lies in the Human Race different places, Beastman Race has the air force, their air forces have many, is divided into the bramble finch clan, the hawks and falcons clan wait / etc., these Space have their unique Mount, can form the air force, this is also they compares to occupy the superior place with humanity. However a little, Beastman Race Space, cannot fly to be so high like Blood Hawk, flies to be so far, they can only carry on some low-altitude flying, Human Race can shoot them with three arm Ballista, in adding on the air training is not easy, Magic Beast reproduction also very difficult, doing that therefore the air force plays in Beastman Race uses is also not very big.

Now heard that Zhao Hai in hand also has Magic Beast that can fly . Moreover the strength is not weak, Black Bear Clan long naturally being startled, he also real don’t know, Human Race really also had Space. Thinks of here, he cannot help but turned the head to look at Buffon and Mendes, Buffon also don’t know this matter, Mendes actually knows that Zhao Hai has not hidden the truth from them, told them the matter of hawk, in Beastman Race suited into the race of air force to be many, but also was not extremely numerous, the race like Black Bear Clan and Tauren Clan, was impossible becomes the air force, their body weights sank, even if were Blood Hawk also carries on the back to be motionless they. Mendes looked that the Black Bear Clan long look knows he wants to ask anything, he has not hidden the truth from Black Bear Clan to be long, nodded said : to have, but Aksu Empire does not have, Little Hai now is the Rosen Empire person . Moreover the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, in his wife has one is the Rosen Empire princess, now Rosen Empire has started to form the air force, to form fighting strength, but also needs some time.” Forming of air force is not that easy, their training times be much longer than 6 military time, even if are Zhao Hai, presently in hand does not have airborne Cavalry, he currently uses Blood Hawk, what are more is makes Blood Hawk fight, Blood Hawk fighting strength is not in any case weak. Black Bear Clan long nodded said : originally is this, that is good, Aksu Empire on the line, was not in any case right, why doesn't Little Hai give Aksu Empire to form the air force?” Mendes smiles said : „, because Little Hai has a grudge with Aksu Empire and Radiant Church, has the big enmity, he may be helping how the Aksu Empire organization spatial khaki cloth, he cannot dig up Aksu Empire to perish.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of Mendes said that smiles said : well, that is good, this time we can independently tidied up Aksu Empire well.” Mendes smiles said : also to have Radiant Church, when tidies up Aksu Empire, we can the signalling exit, said that is Radiant Church wants to stir up trouble, did not sell to our Beastman grain, this was also helps Little Hai teach Radiant Church.” Black Bear Clan long laughed said : that not saying that coped with Radiant Church, in good not to have, Radiant Church these fellows my look at was repugnant, moreover this time grain shortage also really possibly was they make, we naturally cannot let off them, release sound of the wind/rumor went, making these Human Race cope with Radiant Church to be better, best honest that Radiant Church suppressed, avoid this we began.” The people in tent laugh, their there knows that they discussed the matter of this matter, some people began to Radiant Church, begins is not others, is the Zhao Hai father-in-law, Rosen Empire King.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)