Chapter 518 dead adviser( sought subscription) Rosen Empire King after receiving the Zhao Hai letter, felt that being startled, they have not thought really that Radiant Church will really have this method to cope with Rosen Empire. although said that this information has not been confirmed that but King actually rather believes his real, if this matter makes Radiant Church making really successfully, that Rosen Empire was been smelly by the thorough lane on Continent, to there feared that will be some domestic general publics will not be supporting them. If one, but these ordinary people have believed Radiant Church, starts Faith Radiant Church, that Rosen Empire marched into the footsteps of other countries' on equal to, even is more miserable than other countries, they have offended Radiant Church, but obtains opportunity, Radiant Church can let off them to call strangely. Old King thinks Zhao Hai this information sends was really too prompt, was calling Radiant Church has not moved, they first occupied offensive to say. Old King immediately had found in own Minister trusted aide the imperial palace, to them looked that letter that Zhao Hai sends, these ministers are also Rosen Empire various Great Noble, they may not have one are the fools, sees this letter, their immediately understand this matter regarding the Rosen Empire importance. Old King looked that their complexion know what they are thinking, old King deep voice said : has not thought that Radiant Church will use this move unexpectedly, this move was really too ruthless, had Little Hai to remind luckily, don’t know how otherwise our these time planted, everyone/Great Clan thinks how we do want to do?” The vision image rotations of almost all people Lando, Lando did not cope with Radiant Church, moreover he was the Zhao Hai father-in-law, how therefore everyone/Great Clan wants to have a look at Lando to say first. Lando looked that their types know they in thinking anything, his cannot help but coldly snorted said : our don’t know, now knew, is naturally impossible to make Radiant Church go well, my meaning, we begin first, first passes on this information . Moreover the clear words are Radiant Church do, first occupies offensive, making the person on Continent have one to enter the idea of give priority to first, I think that this Beastman Race can attack, when its flushing on is Aksu Empire, so long as Beastman Race one attacks, this Radiant Church not this meaning, others not. Will believe.” Old King nodded right that said : Lando said that am I also this meaning, everyone/Great Clan think?” Jesse said : Beastman Race, if said like Little Hai really lacks the grain, they can attack, we to do not need to be worried, but Aksu Empire there had to trouble, so long as made war, their appears massive refugees, we have no alternative but to manage, otherwise Radiant Church also had to say.” Old King nodded said : this time to think that these Beastman will project on any degree, if these Beastman ambitions are too big, the trouble of that Aksu Empire was big, Beastman Race army, is not his country resisting, does not do well us also to dispatch troops, but this dispatches troops unable to dispatch troops in vain, I thought that we must make Aksu Empire pay a price to be good.”

Another Great Noble said : should, but we cannot too many thing, we almost be able to affirm now that Aksu Empire colludes certainly with Radiant Church, even if Aksu King and Radiant Church has relationship, Boris certainly is also related with Radiant Church, if we with dispatching troops, when the excuse coerces Aksu Empire, possibly center their trap, I thought us to might as well first Aksu Empire clothing/taking soft, first lets the sovereignty of their recognize Golden Island, is making them carry on the public apology to us, Your Majesty what do you think?” Old King nodded said : to be reasonable, we cannot fall the person pretext, good, if Aksu Empire could not withstand, we such manage, pass on the aim, starts from tomorrow, Rosen Empire enters the 2nd level alert posture, the Radiant Church matter must pass on as soon as possible!” The people should be with one voice, this asks to be excused. When all people walked, old King deep voice said : you think that this matter is what kind of?” He was thinking aloud probably, but at this time, a sound actually conveyed said : Zhao Hai performance good of , it seems like he regarded himself the Aksu Empire person, moreover does Your Majesty have presently? He probably is not an ambition specially big person.” This sound resounds very towering, but old King does not have point being startled, this sound is belongs to Rowson Clan special community, dead adviser! This dead adviser did not mean that this adviser is Undead Creature, conversely, they are the person, moreover year to year following side Rosen Empire King, their status only then a King person knows, no matter King in doing, they in side, even if King and imperial concubine with the bed, they also work as the audience in the one side, but is never has the person presently to cross them. King, no matter in doing, the side will have a person to exist, their will be at heart comfortable? Answer definitely negative, but this is turning over to of Rosen Empire first King decides, nobody dares to defy. Moreover this dead adviser, each generation of one, what they study is practice method like Dead-soldier, however their practice method actually compared with Dead-soldier brutal, person who was trained, you can definitely regard the deceased person to regard them, but they are the best advisers. Therefore case generation of Rosen Empire King have any matter to discuss with them that existence of this person, in Rosen Empire, absolutely is biggest secret. Old King nodded said : „seems like, this youngster Golden Island there management good of , the in hand strength is so strong, the meaning that actually do not expand, gives him Lizzy, I to was real feel relieved.” That sound has not been conveying, old King sighed said : „, if this time were not the Little Hai present morning, that has troubled, Radiant Church, sooner or later I must extinguish him.” Old King was thinking aloud probably that sound in has not resounded. Old King also knows that asked except for him on own initiative, otherwise that person will not speak easily, old King also only knows that has such a person to exist, his long what, old King has not seen, he only knows, this person regarding Romanian Lin Clan clan absolute loyalty.

But comes out Lando that from the imperial palace, now in anxiously is also catching up toward the family, he must the decision of old King here, telling Zhao Hai as soon as possible, no matter what, this matter be Zhao Hai present, he must make Zhao Hai know this information. Actually did not need him saying that Zhao Hai knew now, after Zhao Hai the letter delivered, has made Cai'er pay attention imperial palace there, even that dead adviser Zhao Hai knew the understanding. Zhao Hai arrived at Wolf Race large camp now, when he declines from sky to Wolf Race large camp outside, the person in large camp somewhat is tense, but sees Zhao Hai, they to were not anxious. Zhao Hai has not braved rashly walks toward large camp, but stands outside large camp is waiting, Hans ran from large camp before long, he saw Zhao Hai, expression indifferent said : you late two days.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to sorry, because there are other matters to delay time.” Hans nodded, turn around walks toward large camp, Zhao Hai follows on the heels hastily. Entered Wolf Clan golden big tent, old Wolf King is waiting for Zhao Hai, he saw Zhao Hai to come, on deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai, you late.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be unfair to Wolf King Your Majesty, because there is a matter, delayed for two days, but my information must tell you, I said this information, you possibly not for the matter enmity of grain.” Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai said : said that what matter?” Zhao Hai the Prairie here grain shortage was the ghost who Radiant Church did, Beastman Race may possibly move the matter of war to tell old Wolf King to Human Race. Old Wolf King facial color calm is listening to the Zhao Hai words, when continuously Zhao Hai said why old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai said : did tell me these? You should be clear, you told me these, I possibly will not be buying your grain.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to know, but this matter I must tell you, I do not want to deceive your money, what I want is the long-term cooperation, is not the short-lived business.”

Old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, for a long time has not seen such interesting person, interesting, was too interesting, good, my impolite, this time I wanted your 300 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, other grain I do not want, after , was saying that you don't have the opinion?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have the opinion, I told you this matter, has thought of this point, did not have relationship, opportunity that later cooperated returned has plenty, since Wolf King Your Highness did not have other matter, I must walk.” Why old Wolf King look at Zhao Hai does said : such worry? What matter has?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I just to catch up from Bear Clan there, Bear Clan Patriarch has arranged the banquet, was waiting for me, I must go back to attend the banquet.” Old Wolf King nodded said : „, since complied with that stupid bear first, that goes, later has is opportunity, the grain that our Prairie Wolf Race needs every year are many, you will not do a bit less.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, if Wolf King also has any need, must tell me that my here does not have the grain, other thing, the daily necessities, the iron hardware, the salt, any thing has, you want anything, me told directly was OK.” Old Wolf King nodded said : well, if lived the war, waited for the war to end, you in our Prairie Wolf Race, we were cooperating, did Hans, prepare to Mr. Zhao Hai thing?” Hans nodded said : to prepare.” Old Wolf King nodded said : to bring Mr. Zhao Hai to take.” Hans complied with one, turn around walked outward, Zhao Hai to old Wolf King gave a salute, this followed. Hans walks in front, Zhao Hai in behind, they arrived at outside a tent quickly, outside of this tent has two Wolf Race people to defend, looked at Hans to come, they bowed to Hans, Hans selected the curtain to enter the tent. Zhao Hai looked that this knows this is lets him also with, he not polite, entered the tent with Hans, enters tent Zhao Hai to know why Hans led him to come to here, here was the treasury of Wolf Race person.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)