Chapter 519 Sun?( Sought subscription) The Beast Race person saves the gold to have some differences with Human Race, the Human Race gold is one type of circulation currency, therefore the gold makes the gold coins appearance generally, but the Beastman Race here gold actually does not circulate, generally Beastman Race trades thing with Magic Beast, therefore their here gold has made the gold brick appearance. In this tent almost is gold brick, the pieces code in there, this absolutely is a big wealth, Hans look at Zhao Hai, what expression wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to see these gold brick is. Before Wolf Clan also carried on the transaction with some Human Race, Hans has also received the treasury to come Human Race Merchant, these Human Race Merchant saw these gold brick, the saliva flows, their immediately has forgotten Hans, in the eye only remaining gold brick, some, directly threw on gold brick, often kiss, looked at Hans intermittent disgusting. What expression when Hans wants to have a look Zhao Hai sees these gold brick is, when he sees the Zhao Hai expression, actually stares, Zhao Hai at will has swept these gold brick one, turns the head to size up this tent, probably is these gold brick anything has not attracted gravitational force to be the same. Zhao Hai such performance is makes Hans accident, Hans although not arrive at Human Race there to go, but he also knows that the Human Race there transaction with gold coins, he also knows these gold brick are representing a big wealth, reason that he receives here to come Zhao Hai, wants to probe Zhao Hai, has a look at Zhao Hai is a greedy person. Reason that Wolf Clan little with the Merchant transaction of Human Race , because they do not believe Human Race, they think that Human Race was too greedy, therefore they want to look for a long-term collaboration Merchant, must look for one to be not so greedy, but this treasury is a test. Before these have come Merchant of this treasury, they after killing has fed Mount by Hans, this time he wants to have a look at the performance of Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai performance, they with the Zhao Hai long-term cooperation, if Zhao Hai also performance greedy of that looked in Hercules Tauren Clan, Mastiff Race and in the Bear Clan face, they will not kill Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai in wants to work with them, was actually difficult. Zhao Hai performance Hans although is startled, actually also very satisfied, but at this time Zhao Hai also really somewhat surprised, because of him presently here, not only Beastman Race treasury, but is their storehouse treasure houses, the here surface also has many good thing, but Zhao Hai did not know, but depending on these thing appearances, these thing is not simple. Hans looked that Zhao Hai in all directions is still sizing up, this deep voice said : mister, you can take gold brick, gold brick of 300 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, you begin.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Hans one, smiles said : this not to worry, I looked at here probably am your treasure house, was I possible not to want gold brick, chose same thing top the grain money in this treasure house, in, if that thing value crossed the grain, I can many trade with some grain, you look?” Hans stares, then strange reason that looked at Zhao Hai one, Hans will have such expression , because Zhao Hai spoke incorrectly, here is not the Wolf Clan treasure house, here is actually only the Wolf Clan treasury, besides gold brick, here is also putting some Wolf Clan out of the ordinary thing, why these thing Wolf Clan don’t know use, is Wolf Clan has more than enough, or research understand, is not the treasure. Because of this, therefore a Zhao Hai saying must trade these thing with the grain, Hans will use that look look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at Hans appearance, puzzled said : What happened? not?” Hans shook the head said : this matter I unable to take responsibility, I must ask Patriarch, asking mister to come out with me first.” Zhao Hai nodded, comes out from treasury with Hans, Hans looked for Wolf King, but Zhao Hai stood in treasury there.

Reason that Zhao Hai will propose that this request , because he noted same thing in that tent, that was one a piece metal type thing that in jar placed Crystal to make, but unusually strange, this metal type thing, boiled like the water seethes with excitement, outside was wrapping probably also 10% pale blue flame, if did not pay attention to simply nobody to see the that layer flame. But reason that Zhao Hai will pay attention to this thing , because he, when sees this thing, his at heart sound keeping was calling, obtained him, must obtain him! Because of this feelings, therefore Zhao Hai will set the request like Hans. Before long Hans came out from big tent, he arrives at Zhao Hai nearby said : mister, Patriarch has the command, mister is our Wolf Clan friend, we cannot treat unjustly mister, this in the room thing, is some regarding thing that our Wolf Clan does not have what to use greatly, mister likes, gives mister one, gold brick pays mister in the same old way.” Zhao Hai one hear of Hans said that cannot help but laughed said : Wolf King Your Highness is really too polite, but I do not want to occupy Wolf King Your Highness to be cheap, thing in this tent, regarding you, possibly did not have what use, but regarding me, will possibly have big using, so long as I same thing has been OK, after gold brick, was saying.” Said that turn around entered big tent, took up that to think of the strange metal the jar, to with Hans said : Hans, I wanted this thing, today I have the urgent matter, did not say goodbye like Wolf King Your Highness, later had opportunity, I certainly.” The Hans look at Zhao Hai appearance, nodded, he to really regards the friend Zhao Hai now, no matter what, Zhao Hai such procedure, won the Hans favorable impression today. To outside, Zhao Hai after Hans said goodbye, got up Blood Hawk, Blood Hawk shot up to the sky, when he determined the following person could not see his time, he flashes body entered Space. He just entered Space, Space prompt sound immediately transmits said : presently the strange pure energy body, is the [gold/metal], the fire, the water three attribute combining capacities, has the promotion to do to use to the growth of agricultural crops, pure energy enters Space, the Host physique is improved, the Host original physique for the [gold/metal] and wooden pair is the physique, presently is the [gold/metal], the water, the fire, wooden four are the physique, the Host controllable [gold/metal], the water, hot, wooden, asking Host many to practice.” Zhao Hai heard this prompt sound to be shocked, he also real first time heard that this same thing can have three energy unexpectedly, was [gold/metal], energy that the water, the fire three types, this water and fire repelled one another, can the coexistence of An Ran/safely in this object, this be too strange unexpectedly. However this regarding him, is good information, originally Zhao Hai only to be able absolutely Metal Manipulation and plants, now his even/including Shui, fire can also control, this absolutely be the good deeds. Magic inside although also has Water element and Fire element Magic, but Zhao Hai now can be said as Fire element and Water element Divergent Warlock , Water element and Fire element Divergent Warlock , uses Water element and Fire element Magic with Magician is different. Magician uses Magic, generally through Incantation, is adding on Magic energy of oneself within the body, causes resonance with attribute Magic energy, then can use Magic. But Magic one, but forms, was very difficult in changing the transformation condition, looked like Fireball Spell, you when used Fireball Spell, was impossible to make Fireball Spell turn into the Fire Dragon technique, can only other use the Fire Dragon technique.

But Fire element Divergent Technique is different, they can the optional controlling fire, release Fireball Spell, they be able to make this water ball technique in instantaneously become change Fire Dragon, or hot whip. If compares with Fire element Divergent Technique with Fire element Magic, that Fire element Magic is one only knows that is pounding wild man of person with Stone, but Fire element Divergent Technique is one can the artist who Stone carves the statue, comes compared with Fire element Magic, control that Fire element Divergent Technique gets a light from another light, can definitely with reaching the pinnacle to describe. However Zhao Hai although obtains these two Divergent Technique, actually also needs to practice, looks like Metal element is the same with Wood element Divergent Technique, must practice to be getting more and more fierce. However regarding this harvest, Zhao Hai is actually very happy, what in although don’t know this jar attire is anything, but one made him many two Divergent Technique, moreover had the promotion to do to use to the growth of agricultural crops, this was really the big good deed. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but turned on that Crystal bottle, has not actually thought that this jar opened, inside that group of metal liquids, one in flew from the bottle, moreover rapidly high, more rapidly high, Zhao Hai slowly unexpectedly looked to disappear, but Zhao Hai actually suddenly felt that in this Space lived some marvelous changes. Before the temperature in Space was to weigh, but actually some Death Qi, probably sat to the feeling of person in Space in the room is the same, the although temperature has not changed, but made people not quite comfortable. However now is different, now the temperature change in Space is not big, but Zhao Hai actually felt on one warm, probably is awaking solar same comfortable! Thinks of here, Zhao Hai suddenly has gawked, then has tapped own head, this group of haven't thing replaced Sun? He just saw was not the metal, but was a Sun of small shape? Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but looked at own hand, in hand that Crystal jar, he has not thought that oneself in hand just actually took solar same thing, but this Crystal bottle can install under that solar same thing unexpectedly, was this too also strange? In this time, Space in one time is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Presently the unclear material, the material becomes the Crystal attire, coke-bottle, cause unknown, the material is special, may install the myriad things, cannot damage, absorption matter energy, strengthens Host energy, Host may make the body crystallize instantaneously, may defend any attack.” This Zhao Hai thorough was shocked, he has not thought that will have such matter, oneself have met unexpectedly one type of Divergent Technique, can make the body crystallize instantaneously? Didn't that turn into a Crystal person? Also active? Just about to thinks of here, the prompt sound transmits said : Host not to need to be worried that the body crystallization refers to the body cell crystallizing, Host all moves all normally, strengthens along with the Host ability, Host can make the crystallization ability attach with any thing, can take back at any time.” After Zhao Hai hears the prompt sound, cannot direct to laugh, this ability was really too powerful, if oneself later the ability sufficed, put out a grass casually, can make him turn into the Crystal grass, this that cannot be damaged was too powerful. Is good that jar careful receiving, the Zhao Hai flashes body left Space, this jar regarding him is also very useful, he did not have the ability now, attaches with the ability that other thing crystallize, if the good this jar is used for thing that installed other thing unable to install, that in good not to have.

Processes these afterward, Zhao Hai the Space flashes body on appears in carrying on the back of Blood Hawk, now Blood Hawk has flown the Black Bear Clan sky, Zhao Hai immediately has made him fall. The person in Black Bear Clan had seen Blood Hawk, but just looked at one, now looks at Blood Hawk to fall, a person curiously is staring at Blood Hawk. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, made Blood Hawk fly away, but then all half step before Black Bear Clan big tent walked, the there banquet started. Now Black Bear Clan person regarding Zhao Hai actually very polite, even if the person who Zhao Hai does not know, friendly notifies him, because Zhao Hai has given them the grain, because Zhao Hai has attained Black Bear Clan Friendship flag. Zhao Hai notifies the Black Bear Clan person, before while has arrived at golden big tent, the there banquet really started, the Black Bear Clan senior clan member from the management, some elders sits accompanies, Buffon and Mendes sit in there, they are drinking Milk Wine, Laura they are sitting in the one side, their sides with some Black Bear Clan women, are chatting in there. Black Bear Clan long looked at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately greeted Zhao Hai to sit down to his side, his nearby there was putting was emptying small table, remained to Zhao Hai evidently, Zhao Hai to was somewhat accidental, his position, near the Black Bear Clan long left hand, that was one very important, very honored position. However he also knows that cannot be polite at this time, in Beastman Race here polite is by person dislike, his immediately to people gave a salute, then arrived at that small table there to sit. Black Bear Clan long looked at Zhao Hai to sit down, this holds up wine glass said : today is a happy matter, our Black Bear Clan had a faithful Human Race friend, Zhao Hai, he has attained our Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, later was our Black Bear Clan invariable friend, for the friend, cheered!” People simultaneously holds up wine glass said loudly: Cheers!” Then drank up. in liquor cup When wine glass after one time to full, Black Bear Clan long holds up wine glass said : our Black Bear Clan brothers race, Mastiff Race has sent information, our Beastman Race grain shortage, may have is the ghost who Radiant Church does, I have looked like Lion Race and Tiger Race sent the letter, if this matter real, we must use our nail head hammers, goes to Human Race there to beg the grain, everyone/Great Clan does not reach an agreement well!” All Black Bear Clan people have held up wine glass, said loudly: Good! Good! Good!” The second glass of liquor drink. Black Bear Clan long holds up third cup of liquor said : „, but all of us must remember, no matter we and Human Race have any enmity, Zhao Hai is our Black Bear Clan best friend, dry!” People said : does with one voice!” The third glass of liquor drink, then everyone/Great Clan can be optional! After having drunk three glasses of liquor continually, Black Bear Clan long then puts down wine glass, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, is what kind of the transaction of Wolf Clan?”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)