Chapter 520 arrives at Beast God City( sought subscription) Zhao Hai one hear of Black Bear Clan long said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : also becomes, before I gave their these grain, they wanted, but I told them, could go to war, these grain that therefore afterward I sent, they have not wanted.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, has put on the cup small table, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : what's the matter? Do they dare not to honor the agreement? All right, tomorrow I look for that old thin wolf to do accounts.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, is my lord moves tells Wolf King, you also know that Wolf Race there situation, their situations are worse than Black Bear Clan, therefore I told him possibly to go to war, they can snatch the grain, did not need to be many I in hand to buy the grain, therefore this business has not made.” Black Bear Clan long one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but curious look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, why you do want such to do? You are Merchant, they buy grain isn't it better? Zhao Hai smiles said : not to need, to be honest, these grain do not attain Prairie to sell, I can also sell, moreover can sell a better price, is adding on Wolf Clan is also your friends, that naturally is also the friend of mine, I do not need to do, moreover what I want is with the Beastman Race long-term cooperation, for this business, offends Wolf Clan, absolutely does not have that necessity.” Black Bear Clan long look at Zhao Hai, suddenly laughs, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, if beforehand Zhao Hai, definitely cannot bear, but he now is 8th level Expert . Moreover the body passed through Space multiple transform, this time he to does not have what feeling, he felt that Black Bear Clan long now is more intimate to his manner. The banquet is held very smooth, especially Black Bear Clan is long, do not visit him to call old Wolf King time very impolite, because of this, can look at among them the sentiment very much to be good. But performance of Zhao Hai when processing and Prairie Wolf Race the transaction, makes Black Bear Clan long feel very happy, from the performance of this Zhao Hai, the black bear lengthens to look, Zhao Hai regarding Beastman Race is very good, most at least he has not looked down upon Beastman like other Human Race. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai they little have not drunk, naturally, the Zhao Hai present to is nothing, a returned to own tent, his immediately has drunk two cups of Spatial Water, felt that was much better, simultaneously he also told Laura them the change in Space. although this time Space does not have Level Up, however the change of Space is very big, before they in Space, but feels warm, now some feeling, they felt that in Space was more comfortable, moreover had the vitality compared with before. The change or Farming Ground of there most important, Farming Ground there crops grows was in itself not slow, but after there is sunlight, the there crops growth rate was quicker, moreover probably the growing trend was also better.

Zhao Hai they now were also happy, they can feel, now the change in Space, Space here energy was thicker after before, simultaneously here energy also compared with before had the activeness. Regarding these changes of Space, Zhao Hai very much happy, well has rested in Space, next day, Zhao Hai long said goodbye like Black Bear Clan, they must go to Beast God City there to have a look, no matter what, Beast God City there is also keeping a person. Mendes and Buffon to, them have not wanted in the returned to tribe, this time matter their managed was very successful, Hercules Tauren Clan had Black Bear Clan this force War Clan to take the ally, this regarding Hercules Tauren Clan, the advantage was very big. But Buffon duty also is mainly helping Mendes and Black Bear Clan draws in relationship, naturally, he has also harvested, most at least he knew, Zhao Hai obtained Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, if Dog Clan also wants to make Zhao Hai this good friend, they must try hard. Zhao Hai sits in Alien within the body, is actually turning several flags on the body of Alien, has Tauren Clan own king´s flag, Big bellied Pig Race Friendship flag, Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, although Zhao Hai in hand also has Dog Clan War flag, but he has not turned to Alien carries on the back, that is only ordinary War flag, any special significance, he has not had Giant-horn Ox Clan side Friendship flag, that has not used, he now is Tauren Clan Crown Prince, in setting up a that flag on appearing unnecessarily. Even if this, that was also very great, Hercules Tauren Clan own king´s flag, that has almost represented entire Tauren Clan, Beastman Race is concerned about face-saving, moreover each each one race unusual heart is uneven, because of their understand, if the non- heart is uneven, that definitely meeting was given the annexation by other races, like the Bull clan, is only the exceptional case. If some people dare to move Zhao Hai, making the Tauren Clan person know own Royal Family Crown Prince had been bullied, that Tauren Clan meets cause disturbance , that is also not a small strength. Is adding on Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, that was extraordinarier, although is only Friendship flag, but that represents Zhao Hai is being the Black Bear Clan genuine friend, if Zhao Hai had been bullied, is known by the Black Bear Clan person, that Black Bear Clan person feared will be will not sit by and do nothing. But the Big bellied Pig Race that Friendship flag reality does with is not very big, but that has also represented a status, explained that Zhao Hai obtained an approval of Big bellied Pig Race tribe, this in the ordinary Beastman eye, is very extraordinary matter. It can be said that now is Human Race and Beastman Race immediately makes war, will not have Beastman Race to be disadvantageous to Zhao Hai, because such words equal to simultaneously offended several races, nobody will do such matter. Zhao Hai target is Beast God City, therefore he does not have to contact with other Beastman races, naturally, the suitable contact must have.

From Black Bear Clan there to Beast God City there is not very far, in stepping onto about ten days can arrive, Beastman Race here is this, Beast God City regarding these Beastman, is sacred land in their heart, is the formidable race, is nearer to Beast God City, such one can demonstrate that their status, two can arrive at Beast God City there as soon as possible, can more convenient buying thing. Because there are that several flags, all the way Zhao Hai their this walks to is very relaxed, all tribes that they meet, to their very polite, the good friend same reception of Zhao Hai regards. Naturally, Zhao Hai has not made them suffer a loss, leaves behind some grain to regard the gift to these tribes, this naturally lets these Beastman very happy. This Zhao Hai they also slowly heard some rumors all the way, these rumors broke about Radiant Church have delivered the grain toward Prairie here the matter, pointed out directly, on Prairie this time grain shortage, because of the Radiant Church reason. This information is Wolf Clan, bear clansman and Dog Clan their together release comes, their release this information, for must remind to other races, somewhat to the meaning that these big War Clan exert pressure. This information looks like the bomb is the same, one in Beastman these clans has blasted out, entire Prairie one seethed with excitement probably, simultaneously Zhao Hai also saw, these Beastman looked that their look some did not suit. Zhao Hai can affirm, if not they have that three flags, these Beastman will not let off his, certainly will expel Prairie him. Now these Beastman although looked that his look some do not suit, but also actually very warmly receives him, this made Zhao Hai put the heart slightly. Zhao Hai does not dare release Blood Hawk to go to Beast God City there Zha Zhong now, Beast God City there year to year about ten Beastman Race 9th level Expert guards in there, but now Prairie here situation such anxious, although Blood Hawk is not weak, but is impossible to hide the truth from 9th level Expert, if made these 9th level Expert misunderstand, his trouble was big. One should have many races to know that on Prairie he had Blood Hawk this Magic Beast, although he now is Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, but if his release Blood Hawk examined the Beast God City there situation, will defend will not let off in Beast God City there 9th level Expert his. This in ten days time, Zhao Hai arrived at Beast God City finally, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, more walked, relationship Radiant Church that heard toward Beast God City here breaks the view of their grain to be unexpectedly less, to the Beastman city nearby time, actually mentioned in nobody, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled.

However quick Zhao Hai saw has been well-known world Beast God City, saw in greens from afar that big black red existence, looked like bites ferocious beast of blood to lie in there, prepared to stick out suddenly at any time offends somebody. To that city wall getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai feels the pressure to be formidable on exceed, Beast God City although does not seem like Stone City such style is extraordinary, dark-red that but that dyes with the blood, still makes people feel the very enormous pressure. Beast God City here city wall does not have Carson City to be so high, Beast God City here city wall be only about ten zhang (3.33 m), however on this piece of boundless big Prairie, this city wall actually appear particularly big. Beast God City here to is appears very lively, has not arrived under the city, can see outside the city many tents, the has plenty person's shadow is in there to be busy. Zhao Hai look at that tent piece by piece, but also some are unable to adapt, but he also knows that in Prairie here, you wants to construct a house, is much more difficult than in Human Race there, tent in here being suitable. Quick, Zhao Hai they approach the surrounding of that piece of tent, he has been able to notice that there in Human Race Merchant that in the tent passed and out. Zhao Hai stopped, from Alien within the body walked out, to is not he feared that will cause the panic of these Human Race Merchant, but is he does not want to make Beast God City these Beastman blame him, if he offended there Beastman in here, that is the behavior of non- wisdom. Zhao Hai they come out from Alien within the body, since his immediately received Alien, then on foot walked toward Beast God City, in this time, horse carriage fast was driving from Beast God City, what this horse carriage pulled a cart was the 4th level Magic Beast Huwei horse, was one type of fighting strength very good Magic Beast, running although was not top, however their strengths in 4th level Magic Beast were existences of top.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)