Chapter 521 ugly Chinese Ah Tai( sought subscription) That horse carriage style looked that is Prairie here produces, has been full of the Beastman Race characteristics, horse carriage is also very big, compared with Zhao Hai that Patriarch horse carriage small many. horse carriage arrived at Zhao Hai nearby quickly them, the person of driving a cart stopped horse carriage, then jumped down from the vehicle, this jumps the ground, Zhao Hai was startled, because of this person of body very tall and big, fully has about 2.5 m, muscle reaches does not miss many compared with Beastman. This person of putting on is also fur robe, the long side is ugly, moreover is very black, looks like looks like the black person on Earth is the same, if on his face in the long wool, said that he is some Beastman people of ape clan believes. That person arrives at Zhao Hai nearby them, bows to Laura, excited said : young lady, you may be came, Ah Tai wait for you quite a while.” Zhao Hai and Megan their then understand, this person unexpectedly was Laura sends in Beastman Race here Steward Ah Tai, look at this person of appearance, on Zhao Hai their faces to show the strange facial expression, this Ah Tai, because of the appearance, will not be sent Beastman Race here by Laura? Laura nodded with a smile said : Ah Tai, for these years had not seen, you were also long were probably black, come, has seen my husband Zhao Hai.” Ah Tai turns the head to see the uncle to Zhao Hai ritual said :!” Regarding this name, Zhao Hai too has not adapted, but he smiles said : well, the dispense with ceremony, these years was laborious you, were right, later were called me Young Master on the line.” Ah Tai gained ground, simple and honest smiling, said : is Young Master, is not laborious, here everyday has to eat to drink, feeling better.” look at Ah Tai of Zhao Hai accident, he has not thought that Laura keeps Steward on Prairie unexpectedly is this looks like gruff, the ugly fellow, she did not fear that this fellow sold to compensate thing. Then Laura looked like Ah Tai to introduce Megan they, Ah Tai Megan they saluted upon meeting, Zhao Hai also paid attention around, around him these Merchant saw Ah Tai, probably knew him, was directing to him. The Zhao Hai merit gathered binaural listened to the words of these people, listened to person said : of Merchant to his side to look, wasn't that silly Ah Tai? How did he run to go out of town?” Another person said : who knew, but you look at his respectful appearance, the person who comes certainly is his higher authority, I heard, this fellow probably is the Buda Family person, was looking at just that Undead Creature, came won't be Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai?” Individual said : that formerly spoke had the possibility, if were really Zhao Hai, that Ah Tai has had bad luck, now grain such expensive time, his unexpectedly fair price has sold out the grain, this fool these time feared that must have bad luck.”

Another person of said : „the tone down sound, heard that this Zhao Hai Clan clan is not a simple character, that is becomes famous by vicious and merciless on Continent, if made him hear us saying that Ah Tai bad language, we must have bad luck.” That person who formerly spoke snort|hum said : has feared anything, but here Beast God City, in radius of a thousand li(500 km) did not permit to resort to violence, if he dares to begin, these Beastman will not let off him.” Although said in him that his sound was smaller. Another person said : „, let alone, he has not dared to ask us to trouble in Beast God City here, exits to want us to trouble is different? But here Beastman Prairie, if had been killed by his blade, perhaps our family's people also think is Beastman dry.” Said that they do not make noise. Zhao Hai also probably understand what's the matter, he turned the head somewhat accidentally looked at one to the ugly Chinese who Laura spoke, if Ah Tai had the grain not to be willing the fair price to sell like these Human Race Merchant, that Zhao Hai is will be very disappointed, now he to is not disappointed. At this time Ah Tai they had greeted with Laura, immediately greeted Zhao Hai they to board, Zhao Hai they did not have the passenger train, on horse carriage, Ah Tai has driven personally, walked toward Beast God City. On horse carriage Zhao Hai puzzled before Laura said : did not say that Beast God City outside doesn't let person optional pitching camp? How to have these many people in here?” Before Laura smiles said : „, is such, but now Human Race of Beast God City here transaction are getting more and more, Beastman also allowed their outside the city to open a shop, in Beast God City that could exhibit, Ah Tai was outside the city had occupied also the a piece place, but Markey Family in the city had the a piece place, after I took over Markey Family, he pressed to arrive at in the city.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : differently what this in the city to have with outside the city?” Laura smiles said : actually not to have too many differences, in the city does not have the house, the most people live is the tents, just the in the city ground is also spreads by beast blood earth, moreover in the city holds Clan of place, is on Continent can count Great Clan, outside the city here was on the other hand weaker.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time horse carriage drove in the city. Zhao Hai looked at this Beast God City by the glass, this Beast God City in the city is really different from outside the city, in the city also several house that is made by beast blood earth, but in front of the door of these houses have large quantities of guard Beastman to guard, it seems like it is very important place, possibly is not used for the person, but other places, is the tents, but among these tents is separated by quite near, moreover a row case of order, looks like a within within house is the same. On the curtains of these tents wrote, what some writing is the name, what some writing is the project of management, but looks like the project that the here person manages is that several types, does not have anything specially. Before long horse carriage stopped outside of tent, this was a very big tent, on the curtain of tent writes several large characters Magic Lily Store. Zhao Hai sees these characters, cannot help but feels a kindness, but this Magic Lily Store Markey Family advertisement, but Zhao Hai thinks is actually Magic Lily Store that Laura establish.

Also two people outside this tent, these two people looks at the discipline seems like not very big, however long actually also very strong, looked that the face shape somewhat looks like Ah Tai unexpectedly. Ah Tai jumped down from horse carriage, Ah Da to person said :, goes to unload horse carriage, Ah Er, prepares drinking of eating, young lady's Young Master.” The two complied with one, turn around ran, has not come with Laura and Zhao Hai unexpectedly greets. Ah Tai somewhat is probably embarrassed, scolds said : two not to have thing of custom.” Then turns the head embarrassed is unfair to the young lady to Laura and Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, these two youngster do not have the custom, making you laugh.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to have relationship, no matter this minor matter anything.” Ah Tai then feel relieved, asking Zhao Hai they to enter big tent. Entered this big tent, Zhao Hai has gawked, the ornaments that in Magic Lily Store because ornaments in this big tent managed with Laura were similar, thing that but inside suspended were not many, now only then some fruit oil, other places almost emptied. Ah Tai embarrassed to Laura said : young lady, excuse me, the grain and vegetables sold-out.” Laura smiles said : not to have relationship, you also happen to rest, walks, goes to you to live in the place that to have a look, I remember the barbecue that the Ah Tai sister-in-law makes is very fragrant.” Ah Tai smiles said : rare young lady still to remember, since knows that the young lady and Young Master, the young married woman are busy at work today, wants to come prepare was similar, Young lady, Young Master invited.” Said that directed a several people of gate from tent to walk. One that gate is very big courtyard, several tents in this courtyard, Ah Tai two son is also unloading horse carriage in courtyard. Ah Tai receives and instructs Laura they to walk toward the middle that tent, just arrived at tent in front of the door, the curtain screen of tent one is opened, then the stature tall Tiao woman's walked out from tent. This woman seems like about 40 years old, fur robe, although was old, on the face also had some wrinkles, but is middle aged but still attractive, is old yet still graceful, obviously she is young time certainly is a beautiful woman. That woman sees Laura, appears very excited, her immediately/on horseback arrives around Laura, left and right, has sized up Laura one carefully, this said : young lady grows up, was getting more and more attractive, the time passes real quick, in the blink of an eye, the young ladies got married, what a pity I have not participated on.” Laura smiles said : „the Ah Tai sister-in-law, these years you cross good? Hasn't Uncle Ah Tai bullied you?”

The Ah Tai sister-in-law looked around Ah Tai one, snort|hum said : he has dared, the young lady comes to sit quickly, I have prepared much delicious.” Then Ah Tai sister-in-law vision image rotation Zhao Hai, flavor that Zhao Hai in her vision were presently many carefully examining. Zhao Hai also present, this Ah Tai sister-in-law is not probably common with the Laura sentiment, she spoke with Laura, is impolite, Laura spoke to her, some respectful. At this time the Ah Tai sister-in-law was also busy at saluting said : this to Zhao Hai to see is an uncle, the pearl saw the uncle, the uncle has called me the Ah Tai sister-in-law to be good, the uncle quick in please sit down.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, it seems like here is popular calls the uncle, but he is said : thanks the Ah Tai sister-in-law, the Ah Tai sister-in-law called me Young Master, or Zhao Hai was good.” The Ah Tai sister-in-law smiles said : that to call your name, I look call Young Master.” Said that they let in Zhao Hai the tent. In this tent with the ordinary Beastman Race Clan tent is similar, just inside thing, some are in Human Race common, is uncommon in Beastman here. The middle of tent is also putting a Magic furnace, side suspends several to cut the good sliced meat also to have some this emaciated looks, is braving the steam. After the Ah Tai sister-in-law gives Megan they see to deliver the betrothal gifts, immediately asks Zhao Hai they to arrive on nearby carpet to sit, then gave Zhao Hai them to send to sub, this to Laura said : young lady, you first sits, my two vegetables have not done well, when has done well, can eat meal.” Laura nodded, the Ah Tai sister-in-law was busy, Ah Tai also helped in the one side. Zhao Hai has drunk a sub, turns the head to Laura said : Laura, are you very ripe with the Ah Tai sister-in-law?” Laura smiles said : I not only to be ripe with the Ah Tai sister-in-law, is also ripe with Ah Tai, Ah Tai is my mother's guard, the Ah Tai sister-in-law is my mother's maidservant, they are look at I grow up.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)