Chapter 522 four clans( sought subscription)

Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, no wonder Ah Tai sister-in-law to you probably not that polite, he he, no wonder you such believe Ah Tai.” Laura smiles said : actually Uncle Ah Tai and not suitable does business, he was too solid, did business well actually in Beastman Race here, Beastman Race liked this solid vigor, but his strictly observed the difference on status, only permitted me to call him Ah Tai, did not permit me to call his Uncle Ah Tai.” Zhao Hai smiled, but he looks in the Ah Tai look, many an appreciation, Megan looked at Ah Tai and Ah Tai sister-in-law eyes, turns the head to smile said : I to look that to Laura Ah Tai does fear the Ah Tai sister-in-law probably very much?” Laura looked at Ah Tai couple one eyes, smiles said : that to be natural, Uncle Ah Tai the mind is solid, moreover his initially very likes the Ah Tai sister-in-law, because own appearance does not dare saying that afterward Ah Tai sister-in-law initiative has married him, has gone bad his happy, from then on he continuously very favors the Ah Tai sister-in-law, was almost in the situation of always following.” Meg sighed said : also to press them, lived such long time in Beastman Prairie here, looked that their appearances adapted, this may not be really easy.” Laura nodded, sighs said : „, initially I want sends for Prairie doing business, because continuously could not find the appropriate person, their two on the driving request, I have not hated to drop, but cannot support them repeatedly to request, finally has to agree.” At this time Ah Da and Ah Er also ran from outside, entered tent Ah Tai to two *** scolded said : „your two young bastards, just saw that young lady Young Master don’t know greeted, gave the young lady to salute upon meeting quickly.” They have complied with one, has arrived around Laura, bows to salute to Laura and Zhao Hai, Laura look at they, smile said : Ah Da, Ah Er, your long real quick, couple of days ago I saw your times, aren't you so probably high?” Ah Da laughs foolishly said : is a young lady, over the two days we more and more can eat, therefore the stature also gets bigger and bigger.” Ah Er in the nod that the one side goes all out, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but has actually smiled, these two people also are really adorable. At this time the Ah Tai sister-in-law walked to come to Laura said : young lady, Young Master, the meal to prepare, dined.” Laura and Zhao Hai nodded, have stood, has arrived around that Magic furnace. This Magic furnace really according to the habits and customs design of Beastman Race here, the middle of stove is also used to heat up thing Magic Formation, but an all around actually very big made of stones stove top, can definitely regard the table to use. Now on the middle Magic furnace is sitting very big flat base iron pan, in iron pan is putting the a piece beast oil, but is lifting a tray on the stove top, in each tray is putting some vegetables. Zhao Hai has one type of space and time confused feeling, how he felt that probably was returned to on Earth, was going out to eat the feeling of barbecue with the friend.

After the Ah Tai sister-in-law invited they sat down, Ah Da immediately to them arrives at the liquor, these time gave is the red wine that they poured, at this time on the flat-bottomed pan the beast oil also melted, Ah Tai immediately toward inside toward the sliced meat. After Zhao Hai they end the liquor but actually, Ah Tai also sat, the sliced meat in pot was broadcasting the sound that incited, the fragrance has filled the entire tent. Ah Tai held up wine glass to come at this time, to Zhao Hai and Laura their said : young lady, Young Master, these young ladies, your weddings I have not participated on, I respects your one glass of liquor in here, hopes that you can be happy, happy joyful.” Zhao Hai they have held up wine glass hastily, Zhao Hai with a smile to Ah Tai and Ah Tai sister-in-law said : thanks, thank you, wished you happily, joyful.” Then several people drank up the liquor in cup. At this time Ah Da got up to arrive at the liquor to several people, Zhao Hai has stopped him hastily, has taken up the beverage bottle, arrived at the liquor to Ah Tai and Ah Tai sister-in-law, they arrived at the liquor to Laura, this arrived at one cup to oneself, then Zhao Hai held up wine glass said : Ah Tai, the Ah Tai sister-in-law, these years was laborious you, this glass of liquor I respected you.” Ah Tai and Ah Tai sister-in-law does not dare to continue talking, but actually drank that glass of liquor. Then Laura set out to give several people but actually to get up the liquor, respected one cup, has not eaten thing, three glasses of liquor first got into the stomach. Zhao Hai their in recent time always greeted with Beastman, has formed this habit, Ah Tai they the time that Beastman dealt with compared with Zhao Hai they also often, naturally become accustomed. After three glasses of liquor, the people then stopped, Ah Tai quickly said: Young lady, Young Master, tastes this barbecue, but this barbecue cut in the morning, the needed materials have been simmering, the flavor was definitely good.” Laura smiles said : well, barbecue that my very greedy Ah Tai sister-in-law makes, is very fragrant.” Said that clamps to take up by the flat-bottomed pan has been putting long handle large size two unusual or difficult rhymes, forked the a piece barbecue to put in own tray, then has put by two unusual or difficult rhymes the flat-bottomed pan, this has taken up own knife edge, cut a scrap barbecue to eat. Zhao Hai they have also taken up the long handle two unusual or difficult rhymes, forked the a piece barbecue to put in own tray, has eaten, the barbecue that but also let alone, the Ah Tai sister-in-law did this was very fragrant, this barbecue Katagiri's big of , moreover very thick, although has roasted some time, but did not have complete roasting to pass, in this barbecue was also bringing the a little bit blood thread, but actually very fresh and tender delicious. Zhao Hai has eaten the a piece barbecue, nodded said : delicious, was too delicious, the Ah Tai sister-in-law's craftsmanship is really good, if opens a shop on Continent, special sells this type of barbecue, that business is very certainly good.” As soon as the Ah Tai sister-in-law listened to Zhao Hai saying that on the face smiled to blossom, on the mouth said : that had is so good, Young Master that Young Master said if liked eating, ate.” Several people eat continually chat, but soon ate to the full unconsciously, eating that only then Ah Da and Ah Er also keeping, Zhao Hai they now by drinking to chat give priority to.

Ah Tai to Laura and Zhao Hai said : young lady, Young Master, some nearest/recent Beast God City here also rumors said that Beastman will possibly have resorted to arms to Human Race, may pursue Merchant, what to do do you watch this matter to?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this matter we already to know that feel relieved was good, even if they must pursue the Merchant words, will not have the too tremendous influence to us, our in hand had Hercules Tauren Clan own king´s flag and Black Bear Clan Friendship flag.” Ah Tai nodded said : to have this flag, Beastman to will not move us, but Young Master, you gave my grain in the past, was sold by my fair price, your will not blame I?” Zhao Hai laughs said : not, how I will blame you, right that you make, was right, this time I come, is delivers the grain, you later buy this type of grain.” Said that has put out Bread Fruit. Before Zhao Hai to the Ah Tai grain time, not to Ah Tai Bread Fruit, but has given his some Bamboo rice, at this time Zhao Hai took Bread Fruit. Opened Bread Fruit, the look at Bread Fruit appearance, Ah Tai and Ah Tai sisters-in-law cannot help but two eyes one bright, they grew the time that Beastman dealt with, naturally knows that Beastman needed anything, this Bread Fruit absolutely becomes the grain that Beastman most liked. Zhao Hai has given them Bread Fruit, making them taste, this said : this Bread Fruit is our Buda Family is in sole possession, on Continent any influence does not have, later our principal product is this, moreover wants many to have many, these daily use articles we also prepared, clear(ly) displayed on the day, this Bread Fruit price was Bamboo rice half, the price of daily use articles did not use too high, compared with on Human Race there high one on can.” Ah Tai said : Young Master, can this be too low? This Bread Fruit is more convenient than Bamboo rice, cost-effective grain, even if will be high price Beastman Race will also like, but these daily use articles, if will transport to Prairie comes up, the light was becomes originally increased, if were not many adds a price, feared that must lose money.” The Ah Tai temperament is straight, but this did not express that he is a fool, his very clear comes to Prairie here from Continent, the middle must pass through many checkpoints, these thing deliver to Prairie to come up, cost compared in Continent there minimum many about two times, but does not increase the price the words, lost money on equal to. Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, presses this price to calculate that feel relieved, I will not lose money, now we must do makes the fame in Beastman Race here, if Beastman Race fought with Human Race, waited till post-war, we must become the Beastman Race here biggest business.” Ah Tai one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then laughs said : well, had Young Master these words my feel relieved, I will certainly not disappoint Young Master.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : now our Buda Family with Markey Family is, spoke the sentence honest remark, on this Continent did not have that influence is our Buda Family cannot offend, but Ah Tai you must pay attention, do not presumptuously think to take a person to lord over to give people a hard time the Beastman Race market, that was impossible.” Ah Tai smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, my understand.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : I to think that original Markey Family in Beastman Race here, the Beastman tribes of how many feeding specially does certainly have? We also this thick relationship taking over?” These Great Clan do business, has the Beastman tribe of feeding specially, they transport the grain to Prairie come up, then transports to that Beastman tribe there directly goes, simply does not need to be worried any sale issue, like the Beast God City here shop front, almost on equal to now the office of company, they not continuously direct is placed thing in there sells, what however is undeniable, thing that they sell every year are truly many. Ah Tai nodded said : to take over, a Markey Family person is making the business of grain and daily necessities with four big tribes, these four big tribes separately are Fire Fox Clan, Black Panther Clan, Gibbon Clan and Golden Ring Hawk Clan, these four races are the beasts *** War Clan several branch races, every year their the demand of grain and daily necessities is very big, but Markey Delphi likes the clan only accounting for these race food supply quantities the surface 20, 10% of daily necessities supply.” Zhao Hai one hear of Ah Tai said that lightly wrinkled under brow said : what's the matter? Why can like this?” Ah Tai sighed said : this also no wonder that several races, Markey Family beforehand thing, the although quality was also good, but the price actually on the other hand compared on several other supplier high some, if did not fear that several suppliers monopolized, feared that is these four races will not trade with Markey Family, this year on Prairie big grain shortage, but that four races have not actually wanted Markey Family much to deliver the grain to them, the quantity of daily necessities has not increased.” Sighing that Zhao Hai not bears, his really understand Markey Family actually in thinking anything, not only antagonizes people on Continent in all directions, but also the starting business returns very overbearing, appearance that probably soars to the heavens conceited, these time is Zhao Hai does not extinguish them, some sooner or later people will also operate with them. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I knew, knows these addresses of tribes? Has the words of time, I will visit their.” Ah Tai nodded said : to know that these types of pens in Beastman here also very famous, is very good to look, Fire Fox Clan is in Beastman Race very famous Prophet race, in their clan very good at appears Prophet, moreover their dominoes summons also very has the characteristics, heard beast soul that summoned was fire attribute, attack ability very strong, Black Panther Clan was in Beastman Race the rare Assassin race, their Stealth Technique very fierce, first time with Human Race made the war, with Human Race Dead-soldier fought many on is this race, Gibbon Clan they were Main Battle Race in Beastman Race, their weapon were two Scimitar, they. Movement very flexible, is in Beastman Race the attack Human Race city wall main race, but Golden Ring Hawk Clan is Main Battle Race in Hawk Clan, their builds are not very big, but the people in clan are good at shooting arrows, is in Beastman Race best airborne detects Cavalry.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very good, knows that these materials were good, but now is not visits their times, the war between Beastman Race and Human Race seems like cannot avoid, now Beastman Race is impossible to buy too much grain, because they must go to Human Race there to snatch, therefore you do not need to worry, first stays in Beast God City here, I think this war time possibly not too long, so long as the war one ended, we establish the commercial link on must the earliest possible time and these Beastman Race, when the time comes on looking your, looked for several races to cooperate many.” Ah Tai nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, I know how should do, my originally is good with Pig Race relationship, now but leaves is too far, moreover Pig Race is only a race in commoner, now cannot use, these days, I am preparing to join relationship with Tiger Race, if joins relationship with Tiger Race, our later thing did not worry the sales volume.” Zhao Hai nodded, Tiger Race Lion Race is called Royal Family in Beastman, these two race under the hand/subordinate Slave Race are innumerable, the light is thing that Slave Race delivers, using that they cannot use up, therefore the people of these two clans have more time to practice martial arts, the fighting strength nature stronger compared with other Beastman Race on many, is adding on them not to be short of money, if makes the business with them, that Zhao Hai in hand thing has not worried the sale.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)