Chapter 523 Human Race Merchant situation( sought subscription)

Zhao Hai is very satisfied regarding the Ah Tai working ability, possibly because of his disposition reason, therefore he in Beastman Race here very popular, listening to Ah Tai saying that he now with many Beastman Race is a good friend. However Zhao Hai is very calm, his very clear, Beastman Race feared that now was preparing to begin to Human Race, at this time, the Ah Tai success and Tiger clansman made the transaction opportunity people should not be big. However Zhao Hai has not said that said to attack the Ah Tai enthusiasm at this time, that was not quite good, moreover Ah Tai because of the disposition of this disregarding, can follow Beastman was so near. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai they have not walked, but entered Ah Tai to rest to the tent that in they arranged, the Ah Tai wife also to the tea with milk that they offered. What although just delivered to them is sub, now but delivers is actually the tea with milk \; first, because they have eaten many meat, drinks the tea with milk to have the advantage to them, second must in Prairie here, but sub is rare thing, Beastman Race is not familiar with drink sub. Zhao Hai they are not short in the Beastman Race here dull time, naturally also the custom drank the tea with milk, Zhao Hai has drunk tea with milk, sighed said : to the tree that the present we have not gotten so far as this type of tea leaves, I want to plant this type of tea leaves to Space in.” Laura smiles said : how Elder Brother Hai, do you like drinking the tea with milk very much?” Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, he cannot tell Laura, he likes drinking is not the tea with milk, but is the green tea, but he has not obtained the tea tree now, all did not say. Moreover Zhao Hai is very clear, if he makes really the tea leaves, that is a unique business, he believes that in this world also few individuals can block the tea leaves the charm.

Megan has not actually managed these, she turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do then can we? Now Ah Tai said that war between Beastman Race and Human Race feared that must start , are we keep here or return to Continent?” Zhao Hai smiles said : do not worry, on Continent there now is also chaotic , the King father-in-law has arranged the matter, now on Continent all people know that Radiant Church broke the Beastman Race grain, making Beastman Race must kill Continent to come up, one came under very big attack in Radiant Church in the Aksu Empire influence, because all Aksu Empire people know, if Beastman attacks Human Race, when their Aksu Empire it clashes, therefore the Aksu Empire person is a point favorable impression does not have regarding Radiant Church now, the matter also not show to the situation that control does not live, we can and so on, when Beastman really determination. Must dispatch troops to Human Race time, we are returning to Continent.” Megan puzzled can said : why return to Continent at that time?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, only then this information has determined, Continent there will be chaotic, when the time comes we go to Aksu Empire directly, digs a person to there, do not forget, our which Purcell Family and Ikisa Family relationship is good, but their Clan domain, with Beastman direct bordering on, in this case, we go to their domains, should be able to dig to some talented people are right.” Laura smiles said : I also to hear, now the Purcell Family day does not feel better, previous time you have helped Purcell Family pass through the exterminated the clan crisis, but similarly, made these people know you with Purcell Family relationship, Aksu Empire everywhere suppress Purcell Family now, this in Aksu Empire is not the news, but Ikisa Family actually because of your relationship, everywhere was helping Purcell Family, arrived at the suppression of Aksu Empire, can say that their two clans in the Aksu Empire day, was not feels better.” Zhao Hai complexion one cold, coldly snorted said : „, if Aksu Empire such does not do, I also will possibly help their pass through this time crisis, even can not make Beastman Race attack, the matter that but, they must do for them now pays the price.” Laura the meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, has Space, has to add on Bread Fruit and Farming Ground, existence of Space back, Zhao Hai can definitely provide the grain for entire Beastman Race now, Beastman Race in hand had the grain, naturally will not attack Human Race, Beastman Race although is militant, but they also know that going to war wants the deceased person, can not go to war was best at that time. However Zhao Hai actually gives Beastman Race too much grain, he is wants this war to live, this not only can to Acher merit Empire by the serious attack, same can also bring the trouble of even bigger to his another enemy Radiant Church. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai has been staying in Magic Lily Store here, he has put out Bamboo rice, has put out Bread Fruit, has put out some daily necessities, installs the entire store fully.

However thing producing goods of store here is not quick, other Human Race that not only Magic Lily Store this, does business in Beast God City here also mostly are this, they produce goods one slow, this quickly gave these Human Race anxious. These Human Race Merchant in coming Prairie before and don’t know Beastman Race noisy grain shortage, don’t know Beastman Race must dispatch troops to Human Race, they defer to every year convention, after the beginning of the spring, bringing commodity one after another to arrive at Prairie here, because all came Prairie here to know with the people who Beastman Race did business, Beastman Race after a winter, beginning of the spring time, will carry on to a busy season of purchase, you attained thing on Prairie, simply do not worry to sell. This year's situation is but different, these Merchant just came time, the business truly is very good, but spread the Beastman Race big grain shortage afterward is the Radiant Church lane, Beastman Race must dispatch troops such information to Human Race, such information passed on, thing that these Human Race Merchant brought, the drop of sales volume straight line, a day cannot complete several batch of transactions now, but also was that very small transaction, the heart that these Human Race Merchant want dead had. These Merchant know, one, but Beastman Race and Human Race make war, that Beastman Race will not have anything to trade with them, because Beastman wants any thing, so long as makes war, went to Human Race there to snatch had, simply did not use in from their hands buys. But these Human Race Merchant these time brings to be many to thing that Prairie comes, but these thing actually must now rottenly in here, because of their very clear, one but Beastman Race and Human Race make war, Beastman Race will certainly drive away them, they impossible bringing these thing belts draw returned to Human Race there to go, that these thing can only lose in here. However Beastman will not move here thing generally, they will be recognized by these thing place there, this also Beastman Race principle, but their people were expelled, these thing keep here nobody to look, damaged slowly will also fall, their this equal to loss. Zhao Hai these days also saw certainly this situation, they know that these Merchant this times were to compensate miserably, same he also knows that these Merchant did not certainly have no relationship with Radiant Church, might also meet the enmity very much, otherwise Radiant Church will not inform them, look at they jumped toward the fiery pit. However Zhao Hai changes mind thinks, understand meaning of Radiant Church, if the matter success of this Radiant Church, they advanced the head of Rosen Empire all mistakes, but these Merchant also will naturally hate Rosen Empire, when the time comes Radiant Church in appears , then told them, had relationship Merchant with Radiant Church, did not have what loss, let their also join Radiant Church, as the matter stands Radiant Church can further control these Prairie Merchant, that almost on be able about the Beastman Race here price, to be able do without, this plan of Radiant Church, was really too brilliant. If were not their this plans that Zhao Hai bumped into destroying, after that , no matter Rosen Empire or Beastman, the day will not feel better.

However now Zhao Hai knew Radiant Church idea, that naturally will not be making him prevail, he observed these Merchant several days, presently these Merchant really to the situation of end of hills and rivers, they have not been able to transport these thing, but cannot sell out, reason that they did not have leave Beast God City to the present , because everyday they can also make that the transaction of 1 or 2 pen, they hope that can sell thing to exit, like this they on can fall to lowly the loss, therefore they on are by, by has started to catch up with the person to Beastman Race, they leave. This to was makes Zhao Hai see opportunity, he can buy these Merchant in hand thing, otherwise these thing have also abandoned, he bought these thing, has solved these Merchant biggest difficult problems, but can also join relationship with these Merchant, after these Merchant, will thank him, perhaps when the time comes he can through these Merchant, reduce control ability of Radiant Church to Merchant, let Beastman Prairie here in not appears this situation. Thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately they said to Laura this idea, to be honest, regarding doing business this aspect, Zhao Hai compares to listen to the opinion of Laura, Laura is doing business innate skill in this aspect is not general high. After Laura listened to the idea of Zhao Hai, immediately agreed that she also thought that the idea of Zhao Hai is very good, is good, therefore her immediately made Ah Tai exit with these Merchant to contact, probed these Merchant low lines. The Ah Tai although temperament is quite straight, but has also done these many years business, behind adding on him also astute the wives supports him, he in matter also understanding many of regarding business, his immediately started to the probes of these Human Race Merchant. The Ah Tai nickname called silly Ah Tai, this also made these Merchant have one to enter the idea of give priority to first, the vigilance to Ah Tai fell to is very low, was adding on a Ah Tai normally careless appearance, this also made these Merchant to Ah Tai did not have what protection, Ah Tai inquired these Merchant bottom lines quickly. Now the requests of these Merchant are not high, so long as does not compensate too on the line, in their opinion, these time compensated has compensated definitely, they only hope that can take back a point originally to be good.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)