Chapter 524 alliance( sought subscription) After knowing these Merchant bottom lines, Zhao Hai has decided that he decided these commodities that purchases these Merchant to bring, he will not certainly have bought at a high price, he will make these Merchant compensate, but he believes that even if this, these Merchant also meet very grateful he. However this also made understanding of Zhao Hai to Beastman Race further deepen, Beastman Race must make war with Human Race, they will catch up with the returned to Human Race domain to come up all Human Race Merchant, in this case, these Human Race Merchant will certainly remain these commodities that they brought, Beastman Race definitely may snatched these commodities. However according to the past convention, Beastman Race will not actually move these commodities one, whatever these commodities rotten in there, they can survive, takes weapon to go to Human Race there to snatch thing, but they will actually not move these Human Race Merchant to put the Beast God City here commodity, this is Beastman sounds queer, respectable place. However Zhao Hai also knows, if these Beastman expel these Human Race Merchant, these Human Race Merchant also loss on almost equal to. The Beastman Race here majority of tribes and race directly trade thing with Magic Beast, Human Race Merchant must bring to change into Magic Beast oneself to the commodity that Prairie comes up, then catches up with the returned to Human Race domain Magic Beast, carries on the processing to sell out, price difference, is one of their main sources of income. If Beastman drives away them, that will represent the war to be near, they will be bringing these Magic Beast, will be very difficult across the Human Race border pass, even if passed, they colored arranging expense, can be normally several times, as the matter stands their equal to has compensated a big pen, can say that Human Race and Beastman Race war from the beginning, most bad luck was Human Race Merchant that their these did not know the circumstances of the matter. Therefore Zhao Hai this plan makes the transaction with money with these people, he presently in hand has plenty money, the place that water Crystal Card that even some have not recorded a name, these water Crystal Card so far, too many uses, Zhao Hai has not spent are really not many, therefore helps the transaction should be just right with these Human Race Merchant with these water Crystal Card, these Human Race Merchant will also welcome. Had nearly ten days of Zhao Hai to Beastman Race, in these ten days, Beast God City here also slowly spread Radiant Church possibly with these time to run out of food related information, moreover believes that Tiger Race and Lion Race confirmed this information authenticity, prepared officially made war with Human Race. However although has this and that information to pass on, but Beast God City here Beastman has not caught up with these Human Race Merchant leave, this in other words, Beastman Race had not determined that must make war with Human Race, but on the current form, Beastman Race must make war with Human Race is also the sooner or later matter. Now Beast God City there Human Race Merchant, each and every one likely is the ant on hot pot, they also know that Beastman Race leaves their time not to be many.

At this moment, Zhao Hai make a move, he has made Ah Tai certainly arrive in Magic Lily Store these Human Race Merchant, then made Laura they prepare drinking of eating, Zhao Hai must discuss with these Merchant today this transaction. These Merchant with Ah Tai to Magic Lily Store, they have been able not to care about Ah Tai quickly, but they actually do not dare not to give Zhao sea surface. Zhao Hai this Buda Family Patriarch, was already world-famous in Human Race Continent there, naturally, Zhao Hai was world-famous by vicious and merciless. These people know that died the person on Zhao Hai had several hundred thousand, several hundred thousand person that they think to feel the back to be cool, scalp hemp, therefore Zhao Hai invited them, they could not dare, but everyone was gingerly, their don’t know Zhao Hai asked them to do. These Merchant entered Magic Lily Store following courtyard with Ah Tai, Zhao Hai has stood in courtyard is waiting for these Merchant, saw that these Merchant have come, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, bowed to many Merchant said : Zhao Hai Buda, welcome the arrival.” Zhao Hai checked, these Merchant are also on Continent the people of some medium grade Noble, but they cannot happen to obtain somebody's favor these formidable Great Clan, could not draw in any relationship with Radiant Church, therefore Zhao Hai will invite them, wants to get up their alliance. These Merchant differ with the Zhao Hai status very in a big way, they do not dare to accept the Zhao Hai big ritual confidently, each and every one return a courtesy simultaneously does not dare to continue talking hastily. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, showed a faint smile said : Zhao Hai to arrive at Beast God City to have ten days, because these days in being busy handling something, therefore cannot with together, really be Zhao Hai extremely in being disrespectful, today is to invite everyone/Great Clan comes get together, understanding well, after all, we must do business in Beast God City here.” Before these Human Race Merchant, although has heard the Zhao Hai name, knows the Zhao Hai dry matter, but they have not actually contacted with Zhao Hai, to be honest, by their present status, if in Human Race Continent there, does not have the qualifications and Zhao Hai contacts. Because of this, they did not understand Zhao Hai, what person also don’t know Zhao Hai is, wants to come in these people, Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, can one kill several hundred thousand people, such person certainly is gloomy of face, the killing aura steaming appearance.

However now sees Zhao Hai actually completely is not that a matter, Zhao Hai although look very ordinary, but on the face is having the temperate smiling face, the body is dispersing a kind amiable aura, making people unnatural wants to be intimate with him. These Human Race Merchant really somewhat suspected now this Zhao Zhang pretends, his Dark Magician, Slaughter God of how many hundred thousand people can one kill, possibly so is sunlight, so how temperate? This huge contrast, lets these Human Race Merchant at once some dumbfounded. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, has not cared, but shows a faint smile said : everybody to invite to them, I have prepared the liquor water, today invites everybody drinking well two cups.” These Merchant one recovers, after busy expression of gratitude, entered the tent with Zhao Hai, in the tent has prepared drinking of eating, naturally, most important main course, is the Ah Tai sister-in-law's barbecue. Now the meal has prepared, after Zhao Hai invited the people sat down, oneself with Ah Tai also sat, naturally, Laura they have not made an appearance today, Human Race and Beastman Race after all different, if let Laura in this situation their appears , not only these Human Race Merchant will feel uneasy, Laura they were also same. After inviting these people sit down, Ah Tai personally stands to the people but actually one glass of liquor, this liquor naturally is the red wine, is not Milk Wine that Beastman often drinks. After nice wine, Zhao Hai has held up wine glass, to people said : can on this Beastman Prairie, meet everyone/Great Clan, is a happy matter, we were also the Human Race fellow villagers, later we must help to be good mutually, come, our everyone/Great Clan drink together this cup.” These Merchant normally in the Human Race Continent there status are not very high, they may not have to contact the Zhao Hai such status person, in their opinion, Zhao Hai such status could can be called absolutely is influential figure. Therefore these Merchant saw Zhao Hai such friendly spoke to them, ate meal on a table, but also looked like them to propose a toast, each and every one appeared very excited, all person excited has held up wine glass. The people drank. in liquor, Zhao Hai then have not only urged to drink, but started to urge the dish, making the people eat the barbecue, eats other vegetables that he prepared, Zhao Hai knows that now he is chatting with Human Race, but was not Beastman, if came up first to fill opposite party three glasses of liquor, that opposite party possibly on vitality cup

although Zhao Hai status compared with these person of high, but he does not have the enmity with these people without the injustice, he does not want to offend dead these people, in that case, his impossible alliance to have these people. The people ate some little time, were similar, Zhao Hai then said : that ate today I ask everybody to come, a matter must discuss with everybody.” These Merchant know that Zhao Hai will not ask them to eat meal with no reason at all, was playing, they and other this moment already for a long time, therefore has not felt strange, was only curious look at Zhao Hai. Does Zhao Hai look at their said : day not to feel better now? Human Race and Beastman Race immediately must fight, feared that was this day Beastman Race will catch up with returned to Human Race Continent to go everybody, when the time comes everybody may probably loss.” These Human Race Merchant one hear of Zhao Hai said that is the facial expression one gloomy, they also know what Zhao Hai said is the fact, but this fact they are actually incapable of changing. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, then said : I think that everybody also knows why one will fall to today's this situation, I can state clearly with everybody, these rumors that you hear real, this time matter is Radiant Church makes, they want to cope with Rosen Empire with this method, similarly, must cope with Beastman Race, but you are the sacrificial victims, in their eyes, you are the unimportant people, is not worth them reminding one, moreover they have to use you to come the meaning of paralysis Beastman Race.” These Merchant calm is listening, however in their eyes, slowly has actually been full of the anger, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, knows at heart that the crucial moment was similar, his then said : everybody, my status you also knows that I and graciousness grievances resentment between Radiant Church, you are also clear, but this time I told you to work as the matter of wise teaching meeting, was actually not I smears to fall they, I want Beastman Race to confirm after a period of time this information, I look for today everyone/Great Clan, the propositions, I hoped our everyone/Great Clan to be able alliance.” These Merchant one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, each and every one puzzled look at Zhao Hai, what meaning their do not understand Zhao Hai this saying is, what is they want alliance to get up? By the Zhao Hai strength, serves a need with their alliance? Zhao Hai looked at their said : „the Radiant Church strength you also to see, they issued an order, so many Merchant was not carrying on to trade with Beastman Race unexpectedly, obviously their influences big, this Beastman Race and after Human Race war, Radiant Church control these Merchant will also come on Prairie to do business, if our alliance did not get up, how to resist with them? They do not sell the grain toward Beastman Prairie today, if tomorrow they can reduce prices? Do we resist with them with what? Therefore our present sole means that are alliance get up!”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)