Fifth hundred 25 chapter of vassal( sought subscription) These Merchant understand meaning of Zhao Hai, they also know what Zhao Hai said is real, this time Beastman Race and after Human Race war, these Radiant Church control Merchant definitely in one time will come on Prairie to do business, they also saw, the Radiant Church these Merchant strengths will be very really strong, because behind them will have the Radiant Church support. Such that just like Zhao Hai said that Radiant Church these people, this time can not make these Merchant sell the grain toward Beastman Race, next time can also reduce prices, when the time comes his loss can even bigger. But if their alliance gets up, that will become will not accommodate the underestimated strength, what most important will be, they can also draw in relationship through this matter and Buda Family, after such one will come, was they have not done business in Beastman Race here, can go to Buda Family Golden Island to do business, Golden Island there may be able to be called now really Golden Island, so long as did business to the island in does not have the non- wealth, moreover was much safer than in Beastman Race here. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, he did not have to say anything, he wants to make these Merchant choose, he believes that Beastman Race here did business, but also achieved the Beast God City here person the business, was not the fool, they can think understand. Really, before long these Merchant looked at one mutually, then nodded, then in the base a person turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Sir Zhao Hai, alliance that you said we agreed that later Sir was the leaders of our group of people, what regulation did Sir don’t know have?” Zhao Hai look at that person of appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he has not thought really that these people unexpectedly so refreshed, such quickly has decided that he smiles the alliance that said : actually we compose, completely is a commercial federation, this alliance too many restraints, I only have not hoped after everyone/Great Clan achieves, information sharing, if your in hand has the goods, but nobody buys, but he has the buyer, but in hand does not have the goods, like this you can sell to him the in hand goods, making him sell the goods, like this everyone/Great Clan profits, naturally, this is your sentiment I. Matter that hope, I only said that when some people broke the rule of Beastman Race here transaction, our everyone/Great Clan wants alliance to get up with them to resist, the person many strengths are big, does everyone/Great Clan agree?” These Merchant one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, now they to are believe that Zhao Hai these time must get up with their alliance, just that Merchant asked that is actually is probing, they want to take a look at Zhao Hai to form this alliance, can obtain any advantage, now looks like, Zhao Hai is not only wants to obtain the advantage wholeheartedly, he wants really with people alliance. That Merchant that just led held up wine glass said : well, listened to the Sir, Sir, I called Milton, was Clan, the Sir you looked that our alliances should get up a name?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to name is unimportant, I looked that called the commercial federation to be good, a while notified in the people of sitting own name, I hope everyone/Great Clan, not only formed an alliance in Prairie here, returned to Human Race Continent there, we are an alliance, what difficulty if had, I hope that everyone/Great Clan can help him within the ability, can everyone/Great Clan achieve?” These Merchant looked at one mutually, nodded, Milton turns the head we to achieve to Zhao Hai said :, Sir, the establishment of this alliance, regarding us, only then the advantage does not have the fault, but the Sir feared that will suffer a loss, after all our Clan are not very big.” Zhao Hai laughed said : not to matter, has formed the alliance with you, regarding our Buda Family, the advantage was not small, after all everyone/Great Clan knows that our Buda Family was also emerging Clan, did not have the means to compare with these established Clan on the personal connection, but has formed the alliance with you, you can also calculate that made our Buda Family personal connection, this to our Buda Family advantage was very big.” Milton one hear of Zhao Hai said that has been hanging a heart, has put down finally, he holds up wine glass to come, to Zhao Hai said : Sir feel relieved, later our Clan is Buda Family vassal Clan, the Sir has any matter, can explain/transfer we manage.”

Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really Milton will say, but makes Zhao Hai surprised still in behind, other these people also has held up wine glass, said with the same words, moreover these people are also some medium grade Clan Patriarch, they also really can say calculate. Why some Zhao Hai do not understand they must such do, must know that into a Clan vassal race, control that receives were many, they impossible the present any matter like considering as finished that said. Actually this is Zhao Hai these Continent situations fully had not understood that will have this idea, on Continent, various Great Clan, has own vassal race, these vassal races, although must listen to that Great Clan, but they are also same can obtain many advantage from that Great Clan there, had any matter also to ask that Great Clan help to solve, this regarding medium grade Noble, was very important. But Buda Family although is emerging Clan on Continent, but the strength is tyrannical, is adding on Zhao Hai is the Calci Family son-in-law, the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, with Crook Family or the forever ally, with Shelly Family or the alliance, these relationship is Milton their these medium grade Noble normally climbs cannot climb up, now had finally found such opportunity, they will certainly not let off. Zhao Hai look at Milton they, have smiled suddenly, said : good, I accept you, you later were my Buda Family vassal Clan.” Milton they is a happy expression of face, they thought, value that too today this food eats immediately, these person of immediately have put down wine glass, stood got up to salute to Zhao Hai, now they are Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate. Zhao Hai also received their this ritual, he was to belong to Milton now their half lord, naturally could receive this ritual, he also knows that received this ritual, Milton they really have become his under the hand/subordinate. After Milton they have saluted, Zhao Hai makes them sit down, after this then said : „, Prairie here my often come, will not have any matter, you can look for Ah Tai, Ah Tai will tell me your matters, today I ask you to come, actually also the matter must discuss with you.” Milton immediately/on horseback then said : asked Sir to tell.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : is not instruction, but wants to help you, this time you have not received information, bringing that many thing to come up to Beastman Prairie, now Beastman must drive away you, these thing have also abandoned, I, want to buy your thing, naturally, my impossible ether high price has bought, you will possibly compensate, but will not compensate too, moreover I can only or recording a name water Crystal Card do not trade with you with money, cannot use Magic Beast to trade with you, did you look to be good?” Milton stares, then great happiness said : Sir fantastic, we naturally agreed that but as the matter stands, didn't the Sir suffer a loss?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : you not to see that three flags outside my account? Has that three flags, Beastman Race will not catch up with me to walk.”

Milton they stare, they also real don’t know that three flags are any meanings, they only know that is Beastman War flag, Beastman War flag they also has, but Beastman should catch up with them to catch up. Zhao Hai looked that their appearances know their don’t know, he gawked, suddenly has thought that now on Continent knows Beastman War flag meaning person also few, Milton they were certainly impossible to know. Zhao Hai looked at Milton said : that three flags is various Beastman Race meanings gives to me, with your War flag some not too, Beastman Race will not catch up my, therefore sold to me to be OK these thing, feel relieved, I will not owe.” Milton they nodded, a piece big stone fell to the ground at heart finally finally, they now to Zhao Hai were really too grateful, because of this time, if Zhao Hai make a move, they really loss. Looked that Milton they agreed that Zhao Hai then happy makes them sit down, then puts out Milk Wine that he has bred, arrived to the people. The people are also first time drink such liquor, their status are insufficient, on adding on now Continent this type of liquor is not many, therefore before them, has not drunk this type of liquor in Human Race Continent there. This meal has eaten for several hours to diverge, after diverging, Zhao Hai tells Ah Tai, tomorrow to go to these Merchant these to meet thing, money to these Merchant, letting their leave Beast God City. These Merchant also know that this matter, they had not opposed, to be honest, because they also think selling point thing, recoups a cost the words, they already walked. Human Race and Beastman Race war was inevitable, they also kept here at this time, was too dangerous. However before them, has to remain, in these people the complete status of many person in these goods, if not pass recoups the cost, their later days were sad. Just on the seat, Zhao Hai has also reached an agreement with them the price, this price although compared with selling to Beastman Race was much cheaper, they most also can only a protect qualification, gained definitely not to gain, compensated not to compensate many, they were very satisfied, now Beastman Race here the situation, they can achieve this point, was lucky. Zhao Hai returned to own tent, has drunk several Spatial Water, then they became Milton the Buda Family vassal race matter they said to Laura. After Laura they listened, has smiled, Laura to Zhao Hai said : although said that receives them becomes our vassal races, suffered a loss regarding us, but no matter what, our Buda Family also had own vassal race, was good.”

Megan nodded said : is cheap these fellows, they really will also choose the time, raised at this time, Elder Brother Hai simply did not have the means to reject, one group of sinister fellows.” Lizzy smiles said : I to think that they are looked Elder Brother Hai was good to speak, therefore capture this opportunity probed, has not thought that Elder Brother Hai immediately agreed that these fellows were really the good luck.” The Zhao Hai some look at three people, he is really some not understand, was their Buda Family received some vassal races obviously, how in Laura their mouths, was they to eat probably in a big way owed to be the same. Laura also knows that Zhao Hai are not many, she who these matters understand explained like Zhao Hai, medium grade Noble becomes a Great Noble vassal race, is not the matter of humiliation, conversely, that possibly is a good deed, after becoming a Great Noble vassal race, there is any matter, they can ask other people respective that Great Clan to act to solve, this manages them is also much more relaxed. Moreover if later has who to feel embarrassed them, they can also ask their family Lord's Family clan to act, this their equal to were many a protective umbrella, such good deed that looks. Do not look at their these medium grade Noble, very sight appearance of normally probably on Continent, actually their days do not feel better, everyday is gingerly, especially these do not have medium grade Noble that Great Clan depends upon, when refers to being uncertain, did not offend that Great Noble carefully, or their in hand any thing looked by that Great Noble, asked a reason to give to extinguish them casually, therefore they were everywhere the careful, cautious appearances. But they also do not have the too big strength, does not have what good business to make these Great Noble have a liking, even to look for Great Clan to hire oneself, others not necessarily will also receive them, now Zhao Hai accepted them, their equal to found a strong backer, although must look like Buda Family to present tribute every year some thing, must look at the complexion conduct of Zhao Hai, but regarding them, advantage even bigger. Zhao Hai after listening to the explanation of Laura, understand what's the matter, but he did not regret that looks like he to such that Milton they said that now personal connection of Buda Family on Continent was too few, their all information almost come from Calci Family, this will make Zhao Hai sometimes very passive, but received Milton they, Buda Family had own Intelligence Network on equal to, later handled affairs facilitates. Zhao Hai is not a person of being under the control of others, he does not plan to depend on Calci Family to provide the information for a lifetime, that will make a Buda Family low Calci Family head, Zhao Hai not think such, therefore he must establish his influence. However own influence is not good to establish, thousand Nian Clan clans like Calci Family, their vassal races are innumerable, is the children of domestic slaves by the manifestation vassal race, these races have become in Calci Family that huge relationship net, but Buda Family simply this has not actually accessed the net, must from the beginning start, naturally was very difficult. But Milton they, happen to became Zhao Hai have woven a start of this net, although Milton their strengths were not strong, but they actually different places from Continent, so long as there is a support of Buda Family, they will be certainly getting stronger and stronger, they slowly can weave own net, but that standing net that they wove, becomes Buda Family this large net part, this, the Buda Family net on getting bigger and bigger, will be slowly getting stronger and stronger.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)