Chapter 526 pursues

Buda Family although Zhao Hai in the Space effort, now influence on Continent very powerful, but if spoke of personal connection aspect, some Buda Family can't compare with small Noble, did not even have the means that their background were too thin. Currently Buda Family has some personal connections, likely is Calci Family, Crook Family, Rosen Imperial Family, Shelly Family, Purcell Family, Ikisa Family. However you must know that these Clan are very formidable, even if Ikisa Family, that is also the title of duke, although has not become Grand Duke, establishes own duchy, however in Aksu Empire, was established Noble, they had their influence circle, had own personal connection, Zhao Hai help that can obtain from their there, was really not many. Therefore Zhao Hai has wanted to establish a own influence circle, but Milton they have happen to given Zhao Hai this opportunity. On Continent any Great Clan, has own influence circle, this person of circle is a relationship net that they for many years wove, but before Buda Family, does not have this net, now Zhao Hai also just now starts to weave. Therefore regarding Milton these people, Zhao Hai very attaches great importance, no matter what, these people are also a batch hire oneself the Buda Family person, can help him to hope that can help them as far as possible one. In the following several days time, all participated in Human Race Merchant of Zhao Hai that banquet, transported Magic Lily Store there own cargo, but Zhao Hai also put out water Crystal Card that these have not recorded a name to give these Human Race Merchant. These Human Race Merchant understand, if they are catching up with Magic Beast or the pulling money return to Human Race there, that this definitely will go to many perquisites by the card all the way, but takes water Crystal Card that does not record a name not to be different, so long as these water Crystal Card put in the pocket an attire, when the time comes said one have compensated, everyone don’t know. These Merchant are very grateful regarding Zhao Hai, this time Zhao Hai words, they really loss, but now the Beast God City here situation is day by day intense, they cannot remain in here, after thing Zhao Hai transports, their leave Beast God City. These Merchant walk, entire Beast God City one obviously had free time, other these Merchant that also directed has feared, they also prepared to walk. These Merchant that Zhao Hai invited, was passes through him to investigate carefully, these Merchant were some does not have too big background medium grade Noble generally, pulled relationship with these Great Noble, or had relationship Noble with Radiant Church, Zhao Hai has not invited.

Radiant Church when implements this plan, has not informed these Great Noble, therefore these Great Noble do not find out the situation, they also wanted Prairie here to do business. But currently on Prairie also part of Merchant have relationship with Radiant Church, but these Merchant occupy minority, they are Radiant Church send to monitor the Beastman Race situation. Zhao Hai must investigate these Noble time, very careful that looks up, he lets Cai'er peaceful looked up him to invite these Noble background that their Clan situation, until determining them truly with these Great Noble it doesn't matter, had nothing to do with Radiant Church, this asked these people to come, other, so long as a little suspected that he will not invite. But this batch hire oneself Zhao Hai Merchant and being not infrequent, their shops many outside Beast God City, these not good section, their this walks, one has caused the panic of surplus these Merchant, is adding on the Beast God City here atmosphere to be getting more and more anxious, Beast God City here Beastman are getting more and more, moreover looked that their looks are more and more unfriendly, many Merchant backed down, especially Merchant of these Great Noble, they can repay, some people have prepared to travel. Zhao Hai will certainly not let off this opportunity, he makes Ah Tai go with these people to contact, he must buy thing that these people bring, naturally, in this price, that impossible they to be the same with Milton. These Merchant also know that Zhao Hai such makes the meaning that the name fire takes by force, but they actually have no alternative but to comply, complying with Zhao Hai, minimum they to recoup a cost, did not comply, loss. Moreover water Crystal Card that Zhao Hai with does not record a name pays a bill, this way is not strange in Human Race that land there, however was very strange in Beastman Prairie here, especially at this time, regarding these Merchant, attracted gravitational force to be huge. Merchant that comes Beastman Prairie here to do business is not a fool, their naturally understand, bringing water Crystal Card to go back compared with bringing Magic Beast is going back cost-effective, after Milton they walked, the Zhao Hai here business to was good, more and more Human Race Merchant must sell to Zhao Hai their commodities. The prices of these commodities are even lower than in Human Race Continent there, Zhao Hai presently the in hand spare cash may be many, naturally was accept without question. Finally, Zhao Hai arrived at Beast God City one month later, Beastman has issued the expulsion order, ordering all Human Race Merchant to leave Beast God City within three days, otherwise they impolite. This orders, these Human Race Merchant know that must end, before has not wanted to sell to Zhao Hai Merchant thing, one entire was anxious, the immediately low price had sold to Zhao Hai all thing, then had money to travel.

Beast God City here Beastman also watches regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, but they have not said anything, to be honest, these Beastman do not hate these Human Race Merchant that on Prairie does business, therefore they after these Merchant will walk, will not go to their cargo. But that three flags on Zhao Hai big tent, makes these Beastman very surprised, they first time noticed that has Human Race to put out to Beastman Race own king´s flag and Friendship flag. Three days later, Beast God City here besides Zhao Hai them, was not having Human Race to exist, these Beastman Race people look at Zhao Hai now their look very strange, looked like looks at the monster to be the same. Zhao Hai to does not matter, reason that he also keeps here, is to have a look, Wales and Black Bear Clan are long they to come Beast God City. Wales they have not let Zhao Hai , etc. too long time, all Human Race leave Beast God City ten days later, Black Bear Clan long first arrived at Beast God City. Zhao Hai heard that Black Bear Clan was long, greeted immediately to Beast God City in front of the door, Zhao Hai just arrived at Beast God City city in front of the door, saw the distant place to fly quickly arrived Cavalry, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looks, this only Cavalry all was Black Bear Clan Cavalry, the population in thirty thousand about, as the saying goes the soldier over one side not extended absolutely not, look at this dense, the Cavalry charge of blotting out the sky, had one type of to be unmatched really the feeling. However this Cavalry has not only come toward Beastman Divine City, but when stopped to the Beast God City city gate also five li (0.5km), only then more than hundred rides to walk toward Beast God City, quick these hundred Yu Qi arrived at Beast God City city gate here. The Zhao Hai line saw Black Bear Clan is long, his Laeben, Laeben presently in hand is holding a flag, is Black Bear Clan War flag. Zhao Hai static standing in there, but Black Bear Clan Cavalry place slow, quick Black Bear Clan was long they to arrive at Beast God City city in front of the door, stopped, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, long bowed said : Zhao Hai to see Patriarch to Black Bear Clan slightly.” Black Bear Clan long carries on the back to jump down from Mount, stretches out the arms, nearby laughing arriving Zhao Hai, grasped him, said loudly: I know that your youngster will not walk, HaHaHa, has not really walked, happen , after I handled matters, asks you to drink.” Was saying while makes an effort has held Zhao Hai, this loosens him. Zhao Hai smiles said : well, I prepare the food and wine to welcome the arrival of Patriarch at home.”

Black Bear Clan long nodded said : well, Little Hai, I have the matter, first walked, at home I.” Said that turn around jumped up Mount, walks toward in the city, Zhao Hai then leads Ah Tai to walk toward Magic Lily Store. The time that Ah Tai now also somewhat shocking look at Zhao Hai, he and Beastman contact is not short, but has not actually seen Beastman Race to be so warm to that Human Race, Beastman Race is the very good guest is not false, however general big Beastman Race, grew with the time that Human Race contacted, their also learn Human Race handling matters way, for example you, if did business with these big Beastman Race, to their tribes, you must buy thing, do not think Beastman initiative invited you. But Black Bear Clan is also big War Clan, is very long with the time that Human Race contacts, is adding on them to receive deceiving of Human Race, therefore they must be hostile to compared with other Beastman Race regarding Human Race, wants they such warm treatment Human Race, that is almost impossible. Ah Tai Beast God City here has also said with Merchant that Black Bear Clan has done business, they when make the transaction with Black Bear Clan, Black Bear Clan person continuously like against thief against they, will restrict their freedoms, that like today, Black Bear Clan long unexpectedly initiative hugs with Zhao Hai, but must look for Zhao Hai to drink. Now Ah Tai believes that Zhao Hai in hand that several flags are not common, no wonder these days these Beastman have expelled all Human Race Merchant, actually nobody runs up to Magic Lily Store here to come ***, even also has many Beastman initiative notified him, manner also very enthusiastic. Zhao Hai and Ah Tai returned to the store, Zhao Hai immediately has let Laura they drinking that prepares to eat, simultaneously Zhao Hai also put out some seafood to make Laura they do, a while Black Bear Clan was long, if came their here to be startled, he may probably entertain. Ah Tai they now regarding Zhao Hai all sorts of magical things, became accustomed, they also press the meaning of Zhao Hai to help to prepare thing, is waiting for the Black Bear Clan long arrival. In they prepare, outside hears a clamoring sound, Zhao Hai went out looks, was the Black Bear Clan person, Black Bear Clan long leads ten guards also to have Laeben to arrive at Magic Lily Store outside. Zhao Hai is long Black Bear Clan and Laeben welcome to the backyard of store, have let in the tent, Ah Tai son immediately has offered the hot tea with milk to them. Black Bear Clan long has drunk tea with milk, this smiles said : to Zhao Hai Little Hai, your present easy life has is very comfortable, I listened to the person saying that you bought these Merchant in hand thing, the what? preparation sold in the high price, gained one greatly?”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)