Chapter 527 frantic Aksu Empire Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have, actually does not only think that these thing have wasted, these Merchant walk, these thing that remains, your Beastman Race is not willing to move, can only place there to shatter, has been a pity, I buy them, when the war had ended, I in low price sold to Beastman Race not to be good? These thing will not flow Fei Diao, I can make a money, Beastman Race also therefore obtained the actual benefit.” Black Bear Clan long nodded said : also well, HaHaHa, your youngster will handle matters, no matter what, you can also gain to smile, moreover our Beastman Race also obtained the advantage.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be natural, I now am also half Beastman Race person, naturally pit Beastman Race, Patriarch will not invite, the next door has prepared the meal, our drinking well two cups.” Black Bear Clan long nodded, with Zhao Hai to the next door, thing that Zhao Hai prepares today, besides seafood, by Ah Tai sister-in-law's barbecue give priority to. Ah Tai sister-in-law's barbecue that was needless saying that the flavor was very good, but seafood thing, Black Bear Clan long although Leader of a Clan, but before , has not actually eaten, happy that very this meal they ate. Zhao Hai had not asked that Black Bear Clan was long he just to go to do, because that possibly was the Beastman Race military secret, if he asked that may make Black Bear Clan long have the suspicion to him. Zhao Hai looked, Black Bear Clan is long, because before , had been deceived by Human Race, therefore his does not believe Human Race, even if Zhao Hai, his sometimes does not believe. Packed off Black Bear Clan to be long, Zhao Hai has also prepared, he planned after and other Wales they arrived, he they said a hello with Wales, then his returned to Human Race Continent went. In Black Bear Clan was long the second day after Beast God City, Wolf Clan long also arrived, Zhao Hai well received Wolf Clan. This Ah Tai was startled, on Prairie, Wolf Clan is any reputation, he is clear, Zhao Hai can turn in the friend with Wolf Clan unexpectedly, this is makes him be startled. Wolf Clan long saw that Zhao Hai time although does not have Black Bear Clan long to be so polite, actually also like friend chatted with Zhao Hai, moreover Zhao Hai also asked them to drink a food.

Naturally, these two food Zhao Hai will not have entertained them with the ordinary liquor, he uses is purify Milk Wine, this makes Beastman feel that very surprised, they have drunk Milk Wine for a lifetime, has not actually thought that this Milk Wine can also lead to this appearance. After Wolf Clan long until fourth day, Wales and Buzeer, relationship of their two clans are good, moreover leaves is almost also far, therefore this time their together comes, Zhao Hai naturally will not say anything, well drank with them. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Buzeer this time, has brought Dog Clan Friendship flag to him unexpectedly, this is makes him feel accident very. Now Beast God City here these Beastman looked that the Zhao Hai look somewhat was different, these Beastman really do not think understand, Zhao Hai Human Race, so will be why good with these many Beastman Race relationship, especially Dog Clan and Tauren Clan, look like the whole family are probably same, this makes them really feel puzzled. these days one after another also has other Beastman Race to arrive at Beast God City here, but these Beastman Race are similar to Black Bear Clan, is stationed in outside the city, only then their Patriarch are having dozens or above a year of guard enters a city. although they enter a city to do, Zhao Hai was clear, he saw their every action and every movement through monitor. These Beastman Race, arrive at here to come first, for the matter that to discuss dispatches troops, because in Beast God City here, is stationed in several big War Clan in Beastman Race, Tiger Race, Lion Race, Fox Clan is being stationed in here, moreover Royal Family in these three clans, therefore Beastman Race each secondary dispatches troops, to Beast God City does not calculate that far Beastman Race, will arrive at Beast God City to report, then acts in unison. In these Great Clan that Beast God City here is stationed, their encampment are not Beast God City, they have encampment, their status are just honored, therefore they are stationed in Beast God City here, can frighten other races, making them not dare to act unreasonably. After waiting for Wales they to arrive, Zhao Hai has greeted with Wales, on leave Beast God City here, entire Beastman Race knows that now Magic Lily Store here had Black Bear Clan and Dog Clan Friendship flag, therefore nobody came here to disturb, Zhao Hai these time walked, carried off that several flags. This Zhao Hai is the same, in these Beastman front, on Blood Hawk, Blood Hawk has then shot up to the sky, making these Beastman be startled very much, they have not thought that Human Race unexpectedly can also form own air force now, this regarding Beastman Race, is not good information. To the place that Beastman Race could not see, Zhao Hai their immediately flashes body entered Space, then from Space there to Purcell Duchy.

Purcell Duchy here full preparation, their here was receiving information, Beastman Race must truly dispatch troops to Human Race, moreover these time is not small-scale, latter strength extremely numerous that Beastman Race sets out, they feared that cannot block. Zhao Hai sits in not big horse carriage, calm look at Purcell Duchy these people, although Purcell Duchy person full preparation, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, after Purcell Family Ben Ox protects, they unexpectedly have not seen other Aksu Empire armies, this was really too inconceivable. The motion of this Beastman Race is not secret moves, they clarified the car(riage) to be big, came on a grand scale, in this case, Aksu Empire was impossible unable to receive information, why haven't they sent other Noble armies to support Purcell Family? They think that light with Purcell Family these military strength, can block Beastman Race army? The Zhao Hai appears place, is in Casa City a very remote place, is adding on horse carriage that he sits is looks like very ordinary horse carriage, therefore and nobody pays attention to him. Now Casa City here already appears person of fleeing from calamity, but mostly is some small Noble, they are bringing the family belongings, leave Casa City, but these commoner in Casa City, did not have many to walk, because their don’t know must go to that can go to that. These commoner all properties almost in Casa City here, if their leave Casa City, they will turn into the refugee who does not have a thing in the world, to other cities, they did not have the means to go on living, finally will not starve to death becomes the slave. These commoner hope the army of own country, but can also expel as before these Beastman, protects them to be safe, but their actually don’t know, this is almost impossible. Zhao Hai to the Purcell Duchy Grand Duke palace, immediately has made Xu Wanying send to card, this Zhao Hai goes to Prairie, has not brought Xu Wanying and Junichi, but kept Iron Mountain Fort there them, making them help Green prepare in there, they want to receive some refugees to go to Black Wasteland. However waited for Zhao Hai to Casa City time, his immediately called Xu Wanying and Junichi, if did not call them, his in hand did not have available person, that is not convenient. Xu Wanying just delivered not to have how long card, Grand Duke palace Manager came out, received the back door Zhao Hai directly, entered the Grand Duke palace from the back door. To the Grand Duke palace, Zhao Hai just one from the vehicle, saw Grand Duke Evan in there , etc. he, saw Zhao Hai, Evan immediately welcomed, laughed said : to Zhao Hai great Little Hai, your youngster was really good, now Buda Family on Continent at the height of power, making the uncle I quite envy.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : uncle to be too polite, now the Beastman Race main strength threatens the border, my feel relieved, does not come to see.” Evan one hear of Zhao Hai said that the smiling face on face one vanished, he turned the head to walk to Zhao Hai said :, enters living room to say.” Said after Zhao Hai welcome, in the small living room in dwelling sat, had the servant to send to sub, but that old Butler actually defended in in front of the door, no one let. After Evan sits down, sighed said : my Purcell Family to end, these time feared that was doomed.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : Uncle Evan, I just, presently Casa City here Noble am fleeing from calamity, moreover here besides your Purcell Family army, I have not seen other Noble armies, hasn't Aksu Empire dispatched troops to support you?” said : that Evan clenches jaws do not raise these bastards with me, since previous time you have rescued our Purcell Family, Aksu Empire these bastards everywhere feel embarrassed me, this I also endured, is they should not, when the Beastman attack still in one side look at, I left to the imperial capital has dispatched troops to request that was don’t know these bastards is also what kind, they replied me to say unexpectedly that Empire provisions was anxious, building up of army required the time, if before reinforcement has not arrived, Beastman Race attacks, must withstand by me, this was clarifies to borrow the Beastman blade to kill me, These bastards were too not thing.” Zhao Hai frowns, he also straight has not thought that Aksu Empire such will do unexpectedly, isn't this is cracking a joke with the life of oneself subject? Do they have such do? Zhao Hai transferred first year look at Evan said : Uncle Evan, did they say really? Their don’t know can Beastman Race why attack Aksu Empire? Are they crazy?” Evan sneers said : to know that the entire Continent people know, their how possible don’t know, now outside commoner regarding serious of Radiant Church dislike, is these bastards in imperial capital, regards the honored guest Radiant Church, heard that now Empire some Clan, receive the Radiant Church Priest specification, compared with receiving a duke also wants exquisite.” Zhao Hai is listening to these, he is really some cannot believe that this is real, what Priest is, that is in Radiant Church the most low grade position, said that is not of pleasant to hear, if these duties in Radiant Church are Noble level, Priest is most low grade Third Grade baron, do these people unexpectedly with receiving the standard of duke receive Priest? Their crazy?( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)