The fifth hundred 28 chapter of combustion lives The look at Zhao Hai appearance, Evan smiles bitterly next step: Feels inconceivable? However this actually really lived, not only imperial capital there, even if in our Purcell Family , the has plenty person is looking like Radiant Church wholeheartedly, probably maniac was the same, for Radiant Church, they can sacrifice all.” Zhao Hai look at Evan, he probably knew what's the matter, these people were surely given by Radiant Church ***. Religion *** is most fearful thing, he can make many frantic matters to come, has not thought that the Radiant Church person has been able to achieve this situation. The Evan look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : Empire not reinforcement, depending on our Purcell Family these armies, how possibly to block Beastman Race army? Our Purcell Family these time must die without doubt, but has been a pity these commoner common people, they must with bad luck.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he presently now the Purcell Duchy here situation also is really very complex, he to can help the Purcell Duchy here person, Black Wasteland there even the entire Purcell Duchy people to meet not to be a problem, however such words he most afterward the card in a hand did not expose. What most important is, he Purcell Family situation is presently more complex, if in Purcell Family that he imagines were seeped by Radiant Church, if he received Black Wasteland Purcell Family these people, what Black Wasteland there will change becomes, will also not say , the Radiant Church seepage ability was really too strong, Beastman Race could not block. Little Hai of Evan said : to Zhao Hai calm, I asked your matter, I will arrange the Purcell Family a batch person to go to Golden Island there with you, if our Purcell Family can pass through this time crisis, that all things say, if crossed this time crisis, I hope that you can look after their one or two, enabling Purcell Family this given name to continue.” Zhao Hai look at Evan, he knows that Evan has done now most badly has planned, he such does wants to stay behind to Purcell Family selects seed. Zhao Hai has not rejected, he nodded said : well, this I can promise you, but the uncle, I also wants to ask your matter, I help me look up, having a look at Casa City here to have many people to want leave, I can also receive Golden Island to come up them, you also know that our Buda Family is short of manpower now, if these Beastman attack, that in the city these commoner casualties will be serious, but I want these well-born, has the contact with Radiant Church, I do not want.” Evan nodded said : this not to have issue, I can arrange, presently the in the city has plenty person is willing to walk, but their don’t know must go, to other cities, they almost did not have the means to survive, finally will only degenerate into the slave, I do not want to see their this, helping you arrange not to have the issue.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to trouble Uncle Evan, this matter must as soon as possible, your here also prepare, has any need told me that I also want to go to Ikisa Family there to have a look, it is estimated that their days do not feel better.” Evan nodded said : you to have a look also well, Ikisa Family in looking at your face, has not helped me little, heard that this Empire to has sent reinforcement to them, but resembled their family actually to be put under house arrest.” Zhao Hai stares, then does complexion change said : really? Hateful, Aksu Empire, are they want to do? Have they really become the Radiant Church puppet?” Evan calm face said : has the possibility very much, if Empire by Radiant Church control, how may not have been made such matter to come, this equal to offended all Noble, later that will have Noble to strive for them.” Zhao Hai sighed, his some did not understand Radiant Church, they such did for what, didn't they such remind to other Empire hierarchs? Feared after is this matter, other Empire hierarchs, will suppress Radiant Church.

Watched the weather, Zhao Hai has stood, turned the head to Evan said : Uncle Evan, the time early, I first did not go to Ikisa Family there, I feared that they lived any danger.” Evan nodded said : this Little Hai, you leave from our Clan Secret passage, my here also require the several days setup time, you do not need to worry, first rescued to say the Ikisa Family person.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that Evan will let him leave unexpectedly from their Clan Secret passage, that Secret passage may equal to be Purcell Family most important secret. The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Evan, Evan this is to tell him, he has entirely believed him, but Zhao Hai does not prepare Purcell Family Secret passage, he shook the head said : not to use, I have my means.” Evan also knows that Zhao Hai presently in hand has flight Magic Beast, therefore he did not have to say anything, nodded, has sent out the gate Zhao Hai, sat horse carriage, leave in the presidential palace. Zhao Hai enters to horse carriage , the immediately/on horseback flashes body entered in Space, Laura they in Space, just he with the dialog of Evan, Laura they heard now, now looks at Zhao Hai to come, Laura immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I just had made Cai'er pay attention to Ikisa Family there, the people of their family to were nothing, but was put under house arrest, but we had not actually received the Blood Hawk signalling.” Zhao Hai nodded, immediately made Cai'er assign out the Ikisa Family there situation, Ikisa Family City Lord Mansion has dispatched troops to surround, Robert to was nothing, but was stranded in City Lord Mansion, but the Fernand situation was not quite good, he was hit probably, whole body package of likely steamed rice dumplings. Zhao Hai looked, does not have presently the Blood Hawk shadow, he knows that Blood Hawk was possibly killed, it seems like that this Aksu Empire sent certainly 9th level Expert to cope with Ikisa Family, otherwise Blood Hawk cannot run away. Moreover Ikisa Family also has 9th level Expert to exist, if has not solved Ikisa Family 9th level Expert, they are impossible to put under house arrest the Evan Clan person. Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately makes Cai'er look to look, where having a look in Ikisa Family to have existence of 9th level Expert, the average person possibly could not find 9th level Expert, but Cai'er, the Cai'er present strength were too certainly more than general 9th level Expert. Looked some little time, Cai'er had finally found, in Sartre in the city, really has 9th level Expert, moreover more than one, but is four, these four 9th level Expert, gave to surround entire Ikisa Family City Lord Mansion. From these four 9th level Expert appearance, they are the Radiant Church people. Zhao Hai immediately has hit according to the situation of Bell, the person who presently depends on Bell was also put probably under house arrest, Zhao Hai knows that has certainly exposed according to Bell, will otherwise not be put under house arrest, it seems like that this is the wrap of Radiant Church cloth, specially waits his. Zhao Hai looked at that four 9th level Expert, presently their four people probably do not have too many special places, four people is a white robe, could not look that has any difference with other 9th level Expert. Zhao Hai knows that could not wait that many, the immediately/on horseback personal appearance moved, appears in Fernand in the room, the Fernand appearance was very miserable, the whole body used the gauze cloth wrapper, only then head dew outside, but the actually also hit black and blue, his maids did not know him quickly, looked like these person of simply has not needed Light Element Magic to treat the wound to him, otherwise he will not make into this appearance. Fernand now probably was unconscious, by has moved on the bed in any case, moreover such has not fallen asleep likely, Zhao Hai looked at the Fernand appearance, at heart acid, to be honest, he is not cannot help but long with the realities that Fernand was together, but Fernand was also the person of that playboy shape, with him was not a passer-by, but they actually mysterious became the friend, the average people do not believe.

However sometimes, fate thing said that does not scavenge unclearly, the dispositions of two people defeat the purpose obviously, but actually has become the good friend. Zhao Hai has arrived at the Fernand bedside gently, in a soft voice said : Fernand Big Brother, Fernand Big Brother? Did the people hear?” A person response on bed does not have, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback Light Element Magic lost, the wound on Fernand face, then his eyelid moving gently, did Zhao Hai look at this appearance immediately/on horseback happy said : Fernand Big Brother? You awake.” Actually does not think that this saying just said that Fernand one opened the eye to bellow said : bastard, my brother came, will not let off your.” Zhao Hai stares, Fernand was also shocked, he decides looked at Zhao Hai some little time, then turning over sat, jumped down the bed, threw to the body of Zhao Hai, effort was holding Zhao Hai said : brothers, how you come now, I quickly bullying dead by these bastards.” Zhao Hai stares, then does not know whether to laugh or cry has patted Fernand dorsal said : well Big Brother, do not cry, the brothers came, certainly will revenge to you.” Fernand has then stopped the weeping sound, anxious loosens Zhao Hai said : brothers, this Qiu Ke is not good to report, the opposite party has 9th level Expert, our Clan god worshipped/Foreign Elder, was given to kill by them, you are quick.” In this time, is a chilly sound conveying said : to walk? He could not get away.” Hears this sound, Fernand complexion changes, his complexion disastrous incident, to Zhao Hai forced smile said : brothers, it seems like you really could not get away, this is 9th level Expert.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : 9th level Expert I to see a lot, all right, walked Big Brother, went out with me, I to have a look at this 9th level Expert to have anything to be great.” Said that Zhao Hai is leading walked out of Fernand from the room. To outside one looked, Zhao Hai present, 9th level Expert that four Cai'er see has flown the City Lord Mansion sky, the small courtyard that Zhao Hai is at surrounding. Zhao Hai stands in there calm look at that four several 9th level Expert, sneers said : Radiant Church is really the good method, to cope with me, is stops at nothing.” That 9th level Expert look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : you to say right, Sir Pontiff ordered, does not hesitate at all costs, executes you, to cope with you, our Radiant Church lost too many people, this time you must die.” Zhao Hai smiles said : your Radiant Church to kill me is not a day or two, to the present I live, instead to is you works as the 9th level Expert deaths of wise teaching meeting well, I to admire you really very much, your Radiant Church 9th level Expert are really many.” That 9th level Expert look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : little wasted breath, Zhao Hai, you now are our Radiant Church number one enemy, one day did not eliminate you, my Radiant Church one day can not be peaceful, for except you, my Radiant Church can sacrifice all, our life originally were the churches, sacrificed for the church, should be, Zhao Hai, you must die today!”

Zhao Hai laughs said : that to be possible not necessarily, do not think that several 9th level Expert can kill dies I, did you imagine yourselves?” 9th level Expert coldly snorted said : of that lead „the completely safe preparation, we do not dare saying that can kill you, do you think your card in a hand really our Radiant Church don’t know? Zhao Hai, today your time of death.” Said that several 9th level Expert in hand suddenly departs several brights, divides to shoot the City Lord Mansion four corner/horn. Zhao Hai stares, but after that several brights fall, before passing together protective shield, immediately rose from City Lord Mansion all around, covered entire City Lord Mansion in middle. Zhao Hai to has not cared, because just asked Cai'er, he can in returned to Space, this transparent protective shield, unable to block him now at any time. The speculation of Zhao Hai, this protective shield possibly is Magic Formation, it seems like Radiant Church wants to come to meeting him with Magic Formation, Zhao Hai to has not said anything, but stands in there curious look at that several 9th level Expert. That several 9th level Expert in a soft voice have actually had a thought Incantation in sky, along with their Incantation, on faces of these 9th level Expert with present obvious wrinkles. Zhao Hai looked that this situation stares, then his complexion changes, his very clear, this situation is 9th level Expert is consuming own Life Force, it seems like their these time prepared to perish together with oneself. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, he transfers to turn the head to align to stand in him behind, dumbfounded Fernand said : Fernand Big Brother, informs your family member quickly strongly, immediately to my side, this Radiant Church uses used Magic is not simple.” Fernand stares, he also knows that now said other is unnecessary, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : well!” Said that turn around runs toward the backyard. But look at that several 9th level Expert that Zhao Hai now actually decided that the wrinkles on their face are getting more and more, was white, but Zhao Hai that sense of crisis getting bigger and bigger at heart, it seems like these four people of this Radiant Church use are not simple. These four people have certainly the one type of method, can collaborate to use one type of very special Magic, but this Magic Might certainly very formidable, but this Magic Formation, definitely is not that simple Magic Formation, is not 9th level Expert, feared that is very difficult to defeat this Magic protective shield from inside.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)