Chapter 529 two choices( sought subscription) 9th level Expert that Zhao Hai calm look at that four fast are dying of old age, must know that a 9th level Expert life is very long, moreover looks at these 9th level Expert appearances, their lives will have for a long time, most at least will be living in 3500 not to be a problem. But they now dying of old age fast, that is making people feel that they are riding the time speeding car, probably the time in their classes, is hundred times of other people, even thousand times. Zhao Hai facial expression calm, now his clothes inside body, completely has actually crystallized, he to Space unconditional trust, Space his body may by the crystallization, after only then crystallization, is almost the work may not break, therefore Zhao Hai wants positive facing these four 9th level Expert. Since continuously Zhao Hai, when with the person to the war, little has directly begins, besides time that and Terry fights, generally he is uses Magic to the enemy to the war, or uses Undead Creature, oneself hide in behind. This has relationship with his disposition, he does not like that charge before the forms of combat, thinks that the Magician forms of combat are safest. However now is different, if he now he if entered Space, these Magician midways will possibly stop Magic, such he has Space secret possibly to expose, in adding on, now him in City Lord Mansion that in depending on Kisa puts, if he entered Space at this time, that Ikisa Family person ended, he cannot look at his friend such die. Space although possessing marvelous abilities, but they actually cannot full of wisdom person receiving Space in forcefully, therefore Zhao Hai can only stand in the area now, when Fernand called own side his family member, then in received in them Space. Moreover Zhao Hai not presently, since his body can Crystallization, his idea also has the change of a little bit, he wants to try his body intensity, he is his body intensity, cannot block the attack of opposite party, but he also has Cai'er, has Space, so long as the people of their family received Fernand Space, he can feel relieved bold with the opposite party to fighting. Very obviously, opposite party time attack needs to prepare very long time, but Fernand is not a fool, he knows that now the time is the life, is adding on Ikisa Family other people are not a fool, they looked that beginning of that several 9th level Expert has almost also guessed correctly their attack. These person of very clear, 9th level Expert attack how fearful, although Ikisa Family also has Secret passage, but that Secret passage regarding 9th level Expert, simply exists in name only, Ferdes one shouted them, all people with oneself quickest arrived at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai does not have the time to be polite with them, immediately/on horseback said loudly: A while you to a strange place, but do not worry, some there people aided you, you startled on the line.” Nod of Fernand they make an effort. Prestige of Robert in Ikisa Family is very high, his immediately/on horseback has shouted out several, somewhat flurried Ikisa Family members were honest, must know Ikisa Family, but about ten thousand members, can in such a short time get down on calm, this is miracle. Zhao Hai has been observing that four 9th level Expert carefully, that four 9th level Expert life soon arrived at the end, the wrinkles on their face are overlapping, the head started to fall, old person spot also appears , even linked their teeth to fall. However they have not stopped, still the chanting incantations words, probably on them fresh all have nothing to do to be the same with them. Zhao Hai also in paying attention to the Ikisa Family situation, was looking that they prepared, Zhao Hai immediately all took in these people Space. But Zhao Hai just received in the Ikisa Family person Space, that four 9th level Expert also read the last syllable, then on them the violent has become one group of blood mist, information in sky, in sky probably is suddenly are afterward many a Sun to be the same, this group of light ten bright, bright scary. That bright is Zhao Hai had seen probably when science fiction movie original good Energy Cannon to be the same, threw toward City Lord Mansion from Space, but light how many have? Zhao Hai simply enters the Space time not to have continually, that light already attack to his head. However was good because of the entire body of this time Zhao Hai already complete Crystallization, Zhao Hai felt that light one fell his head, then his clothes one on the cleanness of disappearance, like good was simply does not exist, cleanness that then his all around construction also vanished, met however is the ground, these ground that used Cyan Stone to spread vanished, on do not say these plants, therefore by that group illumination to thing, vanished completely. Zhao Hai actually stands in there, he has not entered to Space, because of him presently, that group of light did not have anything to do to use to his present body. Moreover now he does not dare to open among the families the crack, although that group of light do not have anything to do to use to him, but he can actually be able to feel that group of light the fierce place, if that group of light penetrate Space rift, injects to Space, what will influence have not to say to Space, Zhao Hai does not dare to take risk.

That group light for him does not have in any case what harm, he feared that stayed outside was good, but Zhao Hai and don’t know, he stayed outside, actually they gave Laura in Space goes bad anxiously. Zhao Hai has made Laura they receive Ikisa Family, now Ikisa Family was in the situation of end of hills and rivers, can only depend upon Buda Family to live with the fear, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear that Ikisa Family will betray them, moreover he prepares to put Iron Mountain Fort there to go Ikisa Family, they knew anything in there, impossible to pass on information. Ikisa Family just entered Space time is somewhat anxious, when they saw Laura they, they are not anxious, but Space Villa although is big, is impossible to make this about hundred people of Ikisa Family live, Laura they asked them to rest in the villa first, then delivered to Iron Mountain Fort there to go them. But what now Laura they care is outside situation, therefore they received after Robert the villa, before they encircled the screen, look at outside situation. However was a pity that now on the giving people a hard time screen is white light, anything could not see, after white light vanishes, situation of appears on screen made Laura they hold breath a cold air. Now City Lord Mansion complete information, in could not find a point trace, in the original City Lord Mansion position, now is a giant hole, this hole looks like meteorite the huge meteorite pit that from airborne falls to form is the same, the entire pit deepest place has been a about 30 meters depth. But most makes Laura they what is uneasy, they have not seen Zhao Hai in that pit, shadowless that Zhao Hai also vanishes did not have the trace. When Laura they are flurried, Zhao Hai suddenly walked from outside, but he has changed the clothes now, what the body puts on is very ordinary Magic Robe. Saw Zhao Hai to come, Laura they then relaxed, actually Zhao Hai was just not deliberately played to be missing, but just outside, his clothes already complete information, if his suddenly naked body sub- appears in villa, that by the entire Ikisa Family person looking up, Zhao Hai was not an exhibitionism, therefore after he crossed Space, first has worn clothes outside, this entered the villa. Entered villa Laura their immediately to welcome, left was having a look to Zhao Hai, right had a look, to determining him was all right, this feel relieved.

Zhao Hai look at Laura their appearances, is shows a faint smile said : well, leaves is so anxious, all right, but Laura sorry, you gave my clothes to destroy.” said : that Laura does not know whether to laugh or cry who cares about clothes, you are all right well, sees Uncle Robert quickly, I thought that his is not quite happy.” Zhao Hai nodded, to the living room in villa, Robert and Fernand sat in the living room, saw Zhao Hai to come, they have stood. Zhao Hai to Robert gave a salute, asking them to sit down, this said : Uncle Robert, the present situation you also saw, feared that was your Ikisa Family does not have the means to live in Aksu Empire.” Robert has smiled bitterly next step: I already thought of this point, god worshipped/Foreign Elder of our family was killed, I know that our Ikisa Family ended, to be honest, if not your appears , our Ikisa Family feared that was must be given to extinguish, no matter what, Little Hai, I must thank you.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Uncle Robert, you were too polite, if because of my implication, your Ikisa Family will not fall to today's this situation, you arrived at here, I also stated clearly with you, this place, is our Buda Family biggest secret is, on Continent except for our Buda Family feel relieved person, nobody knows existence of here absolutely, even if my father-in-law also don’t know, now the Ikisa Family person knew, I can only say that I was impossible to put you to go back.” Robert nodded, as soon as he enters to Space, felt that here differences, he is also Magician, regarding energy very sensitive, he can feel that here energy active degree, with rich degree, came too to be many compared with outside, this certainly was not one ordinary was. Zhao Hai looks at the Robert appearance, then said : Uncle Robert, now I can only to you two choices \; first, to go to Black Wasteland, I can be clear told you, Black Wasteland there poisonous mist, was I makes, our Buda Family lived in Black Wasteland, there was our roots, Milk Wine that we drank before was there produces, there also had our many industries, to there you have been able the absolute security, moreover I prepared to buy up the massive slaves, settled down in Black Wasteland there, your Ikisa Family these person, was a capable person, I want to be helped me manage by you. These slaves.” Robert nodded, he thought that this choice is good, but he wants to ask Zhao Hai, what the second choice is, therefore his deep voice to Zhao Hai said : „that second choice?”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)