Shock of Chapter 530 Robert( sought subscription) Zhao Hai smiles said : „the second choice is Golden Island there, Golden Island there is also our Buda Family fief, after there, you can also carry out the supervisory work on Golden Island, for does not make you come here information to pass on, you possibly life under the surveillance of Undead Creature.” The Robert knitting the brows head , the meaning of his very clear Zhao Hai with, them the dull place, absolutely cannot expose now, therefore they went to Golden Island there, will have Undead Creature frequently the surveillance they, did not make them say the here matter. If went to Black Wasteland there, possibly does not use, because Black Wasteland there is a on the other hand very close environment, the bystander cannot go, inside person Zhao Hai release easily will not come, therefore goes to there they to move freely, but was not monitored. However Golden Island there can contact with outside world, Ikisa Family now although but actually, but Robert hopes that Ikisa Family can stand in the front of Continent person, making people understand on Continent, Ikisa Family not vanish, they still exist. However everyday was monitored, that is not the one type of very comfortable matter, Robert now really a little could definitely not have made up mind, how his don’t know must handle. The Zhao Hai look at Robert appearance, smiles said : Uncle Robert do not worry, I can first deliver to Black Wasteland there you now dull previous some time, you in consideration slowly, if you want to keep Black Wasteland there, I will not oppose, if you must go to Golden Island there, I certain first deliver you.” Robert nodded, this matter he truly now needs to thinking well, Space here is impossible to let Robert dull of their long time, therefore Zhao Hai, in had discussed after Robert this matter, they have delivered to Black Wasteland there Robert. Place that Robert they the affirmation, Zhao Hai they were at now, certainly is mysterious and huge Space, therefore he can achieve these. The Ikisa Family person is not many, Iron Mountain Fort there can arrange absolutely, moreover arrived at Iron Mountain Fort there, Robert their has shocked, they have not thought, in the legend barren mountains and untamed rivers Black Wasteland here, will really have a such beautiful castle, moreover in this castle also produce on Continent some in high demand commodity. Robert they visit this Noble on Continent calls most mysterious to be at surprisedly now, because in here, because of until now, people also don’t know Buda Family Lair in there.

Quick, Robert liked here, the here people mostly were some lead the person who the slave was symbolizing, but they now are not the slaves, here also had Beastman, but these Beastman treated they actually extraordinary friendliness and warm. What most important is, Robert on the bodies of these people, saw one type of thing, saw a vigor, yearning to happy life, has wanted on the happy life all-out effort, this vigor has little been able to see on Continent. When Robert hear of Zhao Hai introduced that Black Wasteland here was been good by his transform, when here all lands can cultivate, Robert was shocked. Robert was Ikisa Family Patriarch, Ikisa Family is on Continent well-known Clan, they must make the understanding regarding the Black Wasteland here situation. Black Wasteland here is on Continent a biggest plain treats, although is situated in the north, one year can only plant a season agricultural crops, but is undeniable, if Black Wasteland here can grow thing to come, that here will be the Continent first big granary. If not because in this case, before Continent on, will not put in that big energy to come research Black Wasteland here , because the here topography is really fantastic, if can grow thing to come, is huge regarding the influence of entire Continent. But what Robert has not thought that on Continent research long time did not have what result matter, Zhao Hai here actually with ease to solve. He understand, why Zhao Hai did not say that now Golden Island there was the Buda Family root, Golden Island there was seaborne commerce one is at importantly, can have the clan to bring the huge income to Buda, but compared with Black Wasteland here, has actually fallen far short, sometimes, you could not buy the grain richly, but the grain can actually change into money. Robert after knowing Black Wasteland has been able to grow thing, almost made immediately has decided certainly, he must keep the Black Wasteland here show. Black Wasteland here area is very big, can definitely establish an own country in here, is getting stronger and stronger along with the Buda Family strength, the construction of Black Wasteland here also meets getting better and better, by their Ikisa Family present Clan, can definitely become the Black Wasteland here most formidable influence in the future, this compared with is also better at the outside show. Moreover Robert believes that Buda Family is impossible forever not to make others know existence of Black Wasteland, the person on Continent will know existence of Black Wasteland in the future, that Ikisa Family can appears on Continent, moreover meets by one type of very sight stance appears on Continent.

However Robert also knows that this matter is not easy, Ikisa Family after all on Continent sight, now lets these people in Clan, in Black Wasteland here this pure in heart life, had feared that is meets the has plenty person not to be familiar with. Robert although is Patriarch, however in making this relationship to giving people a hard time at Clan fate important matter, he must listen to Clan the opinions of these old person, he is not a dictator. Zhao Hai hopes that Robert they can keep Black Wasteland here, because compares Golden Island there, Black Wasteland here needs the managerial talent. But before Ikisa Family, after all is also on Continent famous Great Clan, the Ikisa Family member who although comes is not many, but Zhao Hai knows, these time comes is the elite members in Ikisa Family. Radiant Church this time point very simple, killed him also to extinguish Ikisa Family, therefore Radiant Church will not let off these Ikisa Family elites, they want to use the sacrifices of four 9th level Expert, achieves to destroy completely Zhao Hai and Ikisa Family point, must destroy completely Great Clan, said that was very difficult, but also was very easy, coped with the Great Clan most direct two means \; first, to destroy completely their 9th level Expert, making this Clan lose the backer \; second, to destroy completely the elite in this Clan, let this Clan successor uninhabited, they will naturally decline. Radiant Church employs two methods to achieve one goal to cope with Ikisa Family, they have destroyed completely Ikisa Family 9th level Expert first, is concentrating the Ikisa Family elites, destroys completely with Zhao Hai together, therefore these time comes Black Soil original Ikisa Family member although not to be many with Zhao Hai, but actually is elite Human Race, so long as adapts slightly, immediately can become the management capable person who assumes sole responsibility for an important task, this has the advantage regarding the Black Wasteland here show very much. Because Zhao Hai has such idea, therefore he they brings to come to Black Wasteland here Robert, he must make Robert have a look at Black Wasteland here is any situation, he believes Black Wasteland here, regarding Robert, has certainly attracts gravitational force. Very obviously, he has succeeded, Robert has moved, the Black Wasteland here present situation does not have Golden Island there to be good, but here just the grass constructed, unfolds the potential endless, regarding Robert, Ikisa Family must really in the words that Black Wasteland unfolds, that feared that compares Golden Island there much better. In Golden Island there, has Buda Family to cover, they do not need to fear some people of attack, but that can be what kind, in Golden Island there, they most can only become Merchant Clan, before must imagine such, becomes on Continent well-known Great Clan, is impossible. But this is Robert is unacceptable, before was in Aksu Empire, how well-known Great Clan, possibly only felt at ease worked as a wealthy man, therefore Zhao Hai made him see the Black Wasteland here show potential, for let tie up Buda Family War Chariot/Tank Robert.

Zhao Hai also asked Robert they need any thing now, after all the Iron Mountain Fort here environment does not have the means before them compares. However Robert said that here is very good, some daily necessities prepared, moreover drinking that ate not compared with their Clan difference, but was the person of contact has been short , the environment was quite strange. Zhao Hai has not asked Robert, Ikisa Family family property bring out, such words may have made Robert misunderstand him to swallow Ikisa Family thing. After Ikisa Family to settle down is good, Zhao Hai returned to the Ikisa Family territory, he must have a look according to Bell their situation to be what kind, has possibly exposed according to the Bell present status, cannot make them keep there, no matter what, is the Calci Family influence according to Bell, cannot make them be given to extinguish by others. To Ikisa Family territory here, Zhao Hai presently he with that several 9th level fights, has caused the stir, now Sartre city here had declared martial law. Zhao Hai looked at the Ebel Family situation, presently their Clan vanished from Sartre in the city, it seems like already wants to run according to Bell, but continuously by that several 9th level Expert look at, therefore cannot run presently, now that several 9th level Expert died, he naturally was immediately travels. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai to was feel relieved, he believes that has certainly prepared the escape route according to Bell, the fellow was not an average person. Ikisa Family territory there nothing, his immediately went to the Sartre city, he must look for Evan, the Ikisa Family there fresh matter, told Evan, then in letting Evan passed to Continent to come up this information, he must make on Continent all Clan know that Ikisa Family here lived any matter, this was also to Radiant Church attack. This matter Radiant Church does truly is very excessive, moreover Aksu Empire by control, Zhao Hai was announced completely this matter, on Continent several other countries, will certainly have guarded to Radiant Church, looked after Radiant Church, dares to be so rampant.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)