Hesitation of Chapter 531 Evan, decision of Robert( sought subscription) Evan has not received the Ikisa Family there fresh matter now, after all that was just lived, moreover there person also *** information, Evan was impossible to know. After Zhao Hai returned to Casa City, went to City Lord Mansion directly, Evan has not thought that really Zhao Hai such will quickly come back, but he knows that Zhao Hai has plenty secret, he had not asked that immediately Zhao Hai welcome to room. After they sit down, Zhao Hai told Evan the Ikisa Family there situation, Evan also being startled, must know that Ikisa Family although does not have the name of Grand Duke, but the strength of their family is not worse than Purcell Duchy many, but now their Clan almost equal to has been removed on Continent, this Radiant Church is really enough ruthless. After saying, Zhao Hai does not have immediately to make Evan pass on this information, he is looking at Evan complexion, he knows that Evan cannot put down the industry of Purcell Duchy here, he said today the point of this matter must tell straight Evan, if he did not understand that choices, feared that will march into to the Ikisa Family footsteps. Has not given up also drawing Purcell Family Zhao Hai to the present to the idea of Buda Family, now Buda Family needed the talented person, got bigger and bigger along with their booth, the talented person who they needed were also getting more and more. Now the Markey Family person, is helping to manage Golden Island there, is adding on their original business, therefore they could not take too many people to help Buda Family. Buda Family itself did not have who, although now Ikisa Family join they, but do not forget, they will have quickly hundred thousand Beastman Race slave join, moreover Zhao Hai has still subscribed a hundred thousand slave in Carson City slave market there, slave who two hundred thousand what did not understand, how many people can this need to manage? Just was studying could write depending on these, just became the commoner slave, definitely was incorrect, managerial talent who they also need to manage greatly, but if Versailles Clan can join, he be able to obtain a large quantities of talented person. However the Purcell Family here situation is more complex than Ikisa Family, Purcell Family by the Radiant Church person seeping, therefore Zhao Hai although wants to drag into own Purcell Family, actually also very careful. Before Evan mentioned in Purcell Family also to have the Radiant Church death was loyal, had not said how to process these people, obviously he has not prepared to process these people, possibly Evan also wants to leave a leeway to oneself, if the incorrect words, he may really prepare to hire oneself Radiant Church, but kept these people are being when led the way. Zhao Hai told Evan the Ikisa Family there situation, wants to make him know that the Ikisa Family there situation, may live in Purcell Family here very much, making them do not report anything to fantasize to Radiant Church. Evan heard after Zhao Hai words, the complexion number changes, he has not thought of Radiant Church really these time such ruthlessly, if Radiant Church also such copes with him, what to do their Purcell Family can? Zhao Hai has not made noise, he is only sitting of calm in there, look at Evan, how he wants to have a look at Evan to do, now the situation was very clear, between Buda Family and Radiant Church, sooner or later will have, looks at Purcell Family chose what.

Evan some little time has not made noise, his at heart also in making a firm difficult decision, his very clear, if he has hired oneself Buda Family, then he must give up Purcell Duchy here all on equal to, after Purcell Family , can only become the Buda Family vassal race, this is Evan is unacceptable. But if he has hired oneself Radiant Church, he feared that Radiant Church will renege on a promise to cope with him, by that time, his simply cannot make any advantage. What most important is, this matter is also not he can decide, after Purcell Duchy although underwent that change, this Clan authority was bigger, however the Elder Assembly strength is very big, this matter must attain Elder Assembly to come up finally the decision. The Zhao Hai look at Evan appearance, knows that he will not make the decision in a short time, he not, in saying made Purcell Family pass to the words on Continent the Ikisa Family there situation, because he knows, before has not made the decision, Purcell Family feared that will not pass on this information. To be honest, Zhao Hai now is somewhat disappointed to Purcell Family, Purcell Family handled the matter extremely in being overcautious and indecisive, they to the Zhao Hai issue, even did not have refreshed that Ikisa Family came. Evan Clan has clarified from the beginning the carriages and horses, supports Zhao Hai, but Purcell Family although also very much supports Zhao Hai most from the beginning, but they are always actually thinking leaves a leeway to oneself, is always thinking the two sides flatter, but this is almost impossible. Zhao Hai sighed at heart darkly, but on mouth deep voice said : uncle here also had the matter, I do not disturb, this several days I also nearby this, if you had any matter unable to solve, can have a look to the Laura original that palace, so long as you went to there, I know that you had the matter, can look your, I walked.” Evan has not thought that really Zhao Hai goes ahead unexpectedly, he wants to leave behind Zhao Hai, but how actually don’t know opens the mouth, finally must sigh, sent off Zhao Hai. He also knows that Zhao Hai in more than one year time, makes Buda Family become Great Clan that on Continent has known how things stand, besides he has the fortuitous encounter, his ability does not accommodate underestimated, Zhao Hai certainly was present his idea, therefore wanted leave. Regarding this situation, Evan also very helpless, his at heart wants to help Zhao Hai, but this Patriarch, sometimes also is really one has to compromise in this world, this relationship to the entire Clan big matter, is not calculation that he can say. After Zhao Hai sits horse carriage leave City Lord Mansion, found nobody's place to enter Space, he has not gone according to Iron Mountain Fort there, but in Space there look at response of Ikisa Family and Purcell Family. The Ikisa Family there affirmation was following Buda Family, to today's this situation, they were not good, 9th level Expert of their family died, and has had the enmity of not being able to untie with Radiant Church, they impossible to come up in returned to Continent.

If on their returned to Continent, does not need Radiant Church to begin, in Aksu Empire these are jealous of their family benefit Noble, will want their life. Therefore now the Ikisa Family matter was also simple, now they must do makes a decision, wants to keep Black Wasteland here, must go to Golden Island there. Zhao Hai knows that Ikisa Family meets get together to discuss this matter, he wants to have a look at the Ikisa Family final decision is anything. But the decision of Purcell Family here, Zhao Hai also almost can guess correctly, the Purcell Family here Elder Assembly authority was too big, Evan sometimes simply is the body already, but these elders, feared that is impossible to discard the Purcell Family person to cut, hires oneself Buda Family. However Zhao Hai hopes that they can make one to let his satisfactory decision, now he is also paying attention to the Purcell Family there situation. Naturally, Ikisa Family by the matter that Radiant Church put under house arrest, he also has no alternative but on Continent to know, therefore his immediately had written the letter this matter, then has delivered to Kun in hand, making Kun give Lando this letter, in giving old King, then their several strength, must on Continent, in the quickest time knew the Ikisa Family here fresh matter. With Zhao Hai thinks, the Ikisa Family person truly gathered in together was discussing how must do, Green to Ikisa Family was very good, special after castle, piece of region of dwelling tidying up, there others, all has not been the Ikisa Family person who lived. Now Robert all the people of speech in Clan strongly to his in the room, altogether ten people, besides Robert, Fernand was not having the qualifications to participate. Robert look at people eyes, deep voice said : our Ikisa Family bad this disaster, can say that was almost given to extinguish, had been lucky Zhao Hai has saved us, makes us be able to preserve, but Zhao Hai also said that to save us, he Buda Family biggest secret exposing, we are thinking that leave Buda Family is impossible.” Ikisa Family these people, have not displayed the surprised expression, they are not the fool, Space there matter Zhao Hai although have not told them what's the matter, but they also general guess that was similar, therefore the Robert words, they have not been startled, because this is completely expected in them. Robert looks at the expression of people, cannot help but nodded, these people's performance have not disappointed him, his said : Zhao Hai now has then given us two choices, first is Black Wasteland here, second is Golden Island there, everyone/Great Clan has a look.” That several people looked at one mutually, person said : Patriarch, can't our Clan person in Black Wasteland and Golden Island two place exhibitions?”

Robert thinks said : „should yes, but this decided that we must do, what our Ikisa Family present situation is, you also know that we essential must have key Zhan Fang, but another can only look that the situation decides.” Just with that long Old Daoist that Robert spoke: Differently what do these two places have? Now we knew Buda Family biggest secret, a Zhao Hai method won't have? Such words he did not match to work as this Patriarch.” Robert nodded said : naturally to have, Black Wasteland here situation everyone/Great Clan also saw, we entered Black Wasteland, wants to exit to be difficult, therefore in Black Wasteland here, he will not send for look at we, moreover in the future he will buy large quantities of slaves, Black Wasteland here must open, we keep here, can manage these slaves, if goes to Golden Island there, to assure the Buda Family security, must make Undead Creature monitor us.” Frowning of several people in room feel embarrassed, this matter really is not quite good to decide that before that elder of speech had thought for quite a while, finally was the vision image rotation Robert said : Patriarch, your view?” Several other person also look at Robert in room, want to listen to the view of Robert. Robert polite, direct said : my meaning has not been, our Ikisa Family must place Black Wasteland here the key point of show, with does not have in Black Wasteland here what, is inferior to Continent lively, but the land on Black Wasteland can cultivate, here area big, I think that everyone/Great Clan is clearer than me, so many lands, will Buda Family be putting the non- tube? Black Wasteland here establishes a country, is not a problem, if we help Buda Family establish now this country, waits for this national real appears , on Continent, has everybody thought that what change our Ikisa Family status will have?” As soon as these elders listened to Robert saying that cannot help but two eyes one bright, they were also the smart person, immediately understand the meaning of Robert, this gave opportune help compared with improving on perfection to be much better, if Buda Family will have established own country in the future, that Ikisa Family this type with his former subordinate, the status certainly was not most from the beginning low, position of that a Grand Duke was also not easy. Appearance that Robert looks at the people, his immediately/on horseback then said : „, but goes to the Golden Island there situation not to be different, after Golden Island there, all our motions, will be monitored, even if Zhao Hai does not want to cope with us, our also equal to lost the freedom, in adding on the Golden Island there altogether that big place, in our Clan also does not have 9th level Expert to sit now, must depend on Buda Family at the Golden Island there show, although we can gain to a lot of money, but finally possibly only will become Merchant Clan, therefore I want key to put Black Wasteland here our Ikisa Family show.” These people in Ikisa Family nodded, they were convinced by Robert, Robert then said : now our Ikisa Family is not original that Ikisa Family, we want show again, cannot leave Buda Family, how since must depend upon Buda Family, why we do not wrestle big riches and honor, but is only relieved works as a wealthy man?” That elder who formerly spoke nodded right that said : Patriarch said that I to believe that this time matter, regarding our Ikisa Family, perhaps is opportunity, these years our Ikisa Family, looked like the scenery in Aksu Empire although, but had not obtained the Grand Duke title, established own duchy without the means that compared with the person was on low First Grade, but we at the Aksu Empire show, was, in wants further, that on to be difficult such as to ascend to heaven, but this time matter lived, has actually given us like this opportunity, if Buda Family in the future. Has established own country, our Ikisa Family thinks that does not reach difficultly, therefore I completely agreed that the opinion of Patriarch, does with Buda Family, leaves to help Buda Family construct fully Black Wasteland here.” Other Ikisa Family people also nodded, a Robert loosen, the Ikisa Family later road has decided at heart, arrives at any degree, that must watch the Buda Family show to any degree.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)