Chapter 532 angrily rebukes( sought subscription) The Zhao Hai calm look at screen, he is not accidental regarding the decision of Ikisa Family, he is only has not thought that Ikisa Family actually will want hiring oneself of heart and soul to arrive at Buda Family, they have become the Buda Family vassal race. What most important is, Robert they mentioned the founding of the nation, to be honest, Zhao Hai never has to see one must establish a country, he wants the Black Wasteland here management good, making here is different from outside world. However founding of the nation? This idea Zhao Hai, he has not regarded himself is an unimportant person, the nerd psychology, a little feels inferior with is not very self-confident. Even if were he now to this status, his still very careful, this actually was also the one type of shortcoming, by his present strength, even if were he says the Black Wasteland there situation, other influences on Continent can take him to be what kind of? So long as he said the there situation, on that Continent hires oneself his person more, issue immediately that Buda Family was short of manpower can solve. However Zhao Hai actually rather careful comes, his show bit by bit, this said that the point of pleasant to hear is discrete, said that the point not of pleasant to hear is timid. sometimes too balls youngster, not necessarily is the good deed. The Ikisa Family words, to were make Zhao Hai somewhat feel helpless, his don’t know Buda Family will arrive in the future that step, now he only wants to construct Black Wasteland here, simply has not thought the matter of founding of the nation. Zhao Hai also knows that the has plenty matter, gradually compels him to arrive at today, if however nobody compels him, after he possibly had Space, on the day of wife child hot head. Laura they sit in Zhao Hai side, they also heard Robert their dialog, to be honest, they have not thought Zhao Hai will possibly establish a country, they knew about the Zhao Hai disposition very much that Zhao Hai is not that ambition specially big person, all that he makes, want in letting a Buda Family to live better point, like other people, had not had the strength, on wholeheartedly wants to fight to draft the world, person who becomes in this world most has the power and influence, Zhao Hai does not want, but this point their also very clear. Looked that Zhao Hai some little time has not spoken, Laura cannot help but in a soft voice to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what is thinking?” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura, has smiled bitterly next step: Is thinking that Robert their words, have not thought, they want to make me establish a country unexpectedly.”

Laura smiles also right, the Black Wasteland there domain that said : actually Robert they said is very big, moreover seal, we can definitely establish one to belong to our countries in there on the other hand, we before not in other words?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Laura, you also know that I do not have that big ambition, before said that but draws an analogy, I have not thought really must construct to produce a own country.” Laura forced smile said : I know, but Elder Brother Hai, you should think now, why Ikisa Family is willing wholeheartedly with us , because we saw the Buda Family show potential, in their opinion, Buda Family will certainly establish a country in the future, will become on this Continent the most formidable country, therefore they will meet join we, Elder Brother Hai, later on Continent also will meet has plenty person join we, but if we did not have that target that the means will achieve them to imagine, they will be disappointed to us.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, to be honest, he does not like this, right that but Laura said that now many people with them, are because settles on the Buda Family potential, if Buda Family had not expressed when with ambition that their potential attach, these people will be disappointed. That person has not hoped one have been obscure, especially like Ikisa Family, is on Continent the famous Great Clan person, they do not hope that own Clan forever silent getting down, they help the Buda Family point, only then, Buda Family reached, they can obtain compared with originally a higher status, then sight comes up in returned to Continent. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighs, nodded said : „, should think that this issue, in the future our Buda Family population will be getting more and more, if manages according to the Clan pattern, obviously is incorrect, the founding of the nation is sole way out.” Laura nodded „the country that said : we must establish, must not be different from other countries, we must establish in our heart, ideal country.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : right, right that you said that we should establish a country, belongs to our countries, he he, but this is must to wait is good, but now on Continent eventful time, moreover must found a nation, that investment is very big, now Black Wasteland there anything does not have, we need many thing.” Laura nodded said : „, establishes a country is not that easy, most minimum present Iron Mountain there has not produced the iron, this regarding us is a major problem, it seems like we must thinking well be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, must thinking well be good, therefore this matter does not worry, I think that the Ikisa Family person will have this preparation.”

Laura nodded, turns the head look at Megan and Lizzy said : Megan, Lizzy, do you think what kind of?” Megan and Lizzy looked at one mutually, to be honest, she is is also very shocked, they have not thought that Zhao Hai they are actually are discussing now, how must establish a country, this makes them be startled really very much. However they excited, has established afterward actually a country, they have never had such idea, this idea frantic, was too too exciting! Megan excited said :good, fantastic, we must establish one to belong to our countries, HaHaHa, this idea was really good. „ Lizzy also with her almost, effort of face excited nodded, Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but flipped the supercilious look, now their simply don’t know establishes a country to have difficulty how. Afterward Zhao Hai shaking the head of gently, he also knows that now thinks this was too remote, now Black Wasteland here did not have that many people, even to found a nation is impossible. Zhao Hai changed to Purcell Family the screen, there, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, this Purcell Family meets, not in their conference rooms, but in a very big living room, inside not only then these elders, unexpectedly including Ryan their these Purcell Family Rebirth generation in. Probably will open a while, by according to to subdue|grams host, now in conference site very chaotic, these elders whoop in there, but Evan complexion is actually very difficult looks, looks like their this meetings, discussed the result, feared that will not make Zhao Hai like. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, just they said anything.” Cai'er said : Evan said that must make Purcell Family give up Purcell Duchy, with our Buda Family, best to establish new Purcell Family to Golden Island on, but their Clan elder actually did not agree that their opinions are, wants to reconcile with Radiant Church.”

Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, Cai'er then said : their Clan the meanings of these elders are, reason that Purcell Family will reach today this situation , because has helped us, has had a falling out with Radiant Church, if they do not help us most from the beginning, that brightly will perhaps teach not to aim at them, Purcell Family will not have the matter.” In this time, on the screen suddenly appears a sound, a girl's voice, Zhao Hai they were looking toward the screen on, what lord is Ryan. Ryan has stood, said loudly: Shuts up, thanks to you could say, reconciles with Radiant Church? Reconciles? Your don’t know Radiant Church fierce place? If we have hired oneself Radiant Church, the final result can only be Purcell Family is given the annexation by Radiant Church, is this you wants to see? Are you Purcell Family people?” The Ryan words just a saying ended, in which elder, coldly snorted said : Ryan, here did not have the share that you spoke, what? you can affirm that Radiant Church will certainly annex our Purcell Family, goes to Golden Island there? To Golden Island there, we wanted the breath of supine Buda Family to survive, is that good? what? do you also want to marry Zhao Hai? Do not have a dream, but others now the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, that will be have a liking for you.” The Ryan air/Qi results in complexion to be pale, roars said : beginning light Zhao Hai, our Purcell Family already by Boris extinguishing, now among you however also hires oneself that enemy, point courageous spirit, has not matched to be the Purcell Family person.” Another elder actually deep voice said : Ryan, your mouth cleanly, what is the hiring oneself enemy? Does this enemy we annoy? Also not because of Zhao Hai, if because of Zhao Hai, we will not annoy such enemy, Purcell Family will not reach today this situation.” coldly snorted is said : of Ryan air/Qi because of Zhao Hai, your also understand, initially Purcell Family that food crisis, pass through? Your understand, when food crisis, said who who the fire takes by force? Also is not Boris, they already wanted to destroy completely our Purcell Family, Zhao Hai and Laura, feared that was our Purcell Family was very difficult very to pass at that time, now your fools, are cherishing unexpectedly also the fantasy, you think that Radiant Church was helping us really? They find an excuse of open and aboveboard, making Radiant Church these nail/saboteur enter to our Purcell Family interior, then control we, the fools can look, but your decided the person who Purcell Family order is cherishing unexpectedly also such fantasy, pitiful.” Zhao Hai look at in Ryan that there angrily rebukes loudly, he has not thought really that Ryan will have such side, moreover words that spoke, is fair, before it seems like him, has underestimated Ryan, Ryan may , is not only suspending the attractive vase.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)