Chapter 533 decided finally( sought subscription) Laura also exclaimed in surprise that said : has not thought, Ryan will really have such side, before I saw time, she seems like only an amusing Miss Noble, has not thought.” Zhao Hai has not said the meeting, is only the static look at screen, after Ryan said that these elders some people jump the rebuttal, in any case the meanings of these elders only then, reconciles with Radiant Church, does not hire oneself Buda Family. Zhao Hai looks at this, cannot help but will sigh said : looks like will not have any good result, Purcell Family ended.” Really like such of Zhao Hai imagination, Evan cannot change the decision of Elder Assembly finally, must announce breaking up, when the there elders walked, Ryan remained, her look at tired Evan said : father, you should know that has hired oneself Radiant Church, was good our Purcell Family to end, Radiant Church now looks like scenery, their even control Aksu Empire, is because, will therefore cause the vigilance of other countries, later the Radiant Church day such will not feel better, we were hiring oneself Radiant Church at this time, will be will not have the good result.” Evan sighed said : I also to know that however was useful, if these elders determined did, feared that was god worshipped/Foreign Elder acts, they were not necessarily able to compromise, ok, did not say that this, this, my a while asked for instructions god worshipped/Foreign Elder, making him lead you to follow Zhao Hai, established another Purcell Family to Golden Island there, no matter like this Purcell Duchy here lived any matter, our Purcell Family root will actually not break.” Ryan stares, look at Evan said : father, isn't this good? We were too young, even if bright Sir worshipped/Foreign Elder sits, feared that is Purcell Family is also very difficult to unfold.” Evan shook the head said : such to do, the matter was in this situation, does not have anything saying that walks.” Ryan not bears looked at Evan one, turn around walked. Evan sits in the living room, sighed, slowly has stood, walked toward outside. Zhao Hai in looking at screen, he knows that Evan was hits certainly Origin Sword Saint, now Purcell Family arrived at the life and death moment, appearance that looked at these elders, they feared that was received to sell by Radiant Church, reason that Radiant Church has not begun to Purcell Family, possibly cared was Origin Sword Saint, no matter what, prestige of Origin Sword Saint on Continent in the course of time, Radiant Church sends out 45 9th level Expert, feared that did not have the means with Origin Sword Saint. But this time Radiant Church 9th level Expert loses is not small, if losing several in Purcell Family here, feared that did not blow the scene, therefore they will receive to sell these elders. Zhao Hai turned the head to Laura said : looks like the matter also can only be this, was good, Cai'er, you paid attention to Purcell Family there, after they prepared, you told me, I met them, Laura, we walked, sees Uncle Robert they.” Laura they nodded, went to Iron Mountain Fort with Zhao Hai.

Now the day ended black, Iron Mountain Fort there is very bright, because Cai'er evening's time can leave the faint light, was adding on just dark sky/Hei Tian, the person who therefore Iron Mountain Fort here played outside returned has plenty. Zhao Hai they directly that piece of region that goes to Ikisa Family to live, because here is the old style castle, therefore has not supposed that many courtyard, Zhao Hai divided a piece region to stay to them. Zhao Hai and Laura they arrived at that piece of region there slowly, immediately had by the Ikisa Family person, person immediately directed Zhao Hai to walk toward the Robert dwelling. To the Robert dwelling, Robert received information, is standing outside the door is waiting for Zhao Hai, they proclaimed a few words coldly, this entered the living room. Sits down after the living room, Zhao Hai look at Robert said : Uncle Robert, lives in here is also familiar with? What need has? Although told Grandpa Green.” Robert smiles said : to be familiar with very much, here is also very good, is very good, to be honest, if I told others the here situation that they do not believe that Iron Mountain Fort here turned into this appearance unexpectedly, this made person difficult believe.” Zhao Hai smiles said : custom to be good, these days I will be very possibly busy, I have prepared with announcing your Clan brewer's grain, making the entire Continent people know that the Radiant Church countenance, Uncle Robert you doesn't oppose?” Robert shook the head, clenching jaws said : did not oppose that I will oppose? Should entire Continent to know that Radiant Church is any good.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : feel relieved to be good, I will not make Radiant Church feel better, you first in the Iron Mountain Fort here rest some time, familiar here situation, if you want to go to Golden Island there, waited for outside matter to subside a point, my immediately sent for delivering you to pass.” Robert shook the head said : not to need, Little Hai, we have reached an agreement, starting today, Ikisa Family was the Buda Family vassal race, we are willing to keep Black Wasteland here.” Zhao Hai stood pleasantly surprised got up said : fantastic, thank you Uncle Robert, too thank you, but I hope that you can select some people to come, to go to Golden Island there from your Clan to do some business, or helped us manage Golden Island , did you agree?”

Robert look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : well, you me did not tell that this matter, I you told that we will send some people to go to Golden Island there to do business, can help you manage Golden Island there, no matter what, Golden Island there is meeting the goose that lays golden eggs.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, that such has decided that but you first rest several days, is arranging now, do not worry, was right, you must live in Iron Mountain Fort here, then must familiar be very good to the Iron Mountain Fort here situation, this, tomorrow I said one to Grandpa Green, making him lead you to be many in Iron Mountain Fort here as far as possible visits, lets you as far as possible many understanding under Iron Mountain Fort.” Robert nodded said : well, that trouble Green Manager.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to be troublesome, Uncle Robert, I first walked, had the matter to ask Grandpa Green to be OK.” Robert nodded, has delivered Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai to outside, immediately returned to in Space, then went to Golden Island there, he must greet with Kun, by the way that letter delivered. Golden Island there now prospered, many merchants in passing and out that harbor there keeps, now Golden Island there is constructing the new harbor. The Golden Island here tax rate is very low , some pirates will come here to trade, these Merchant like here coming, the show strategy that Zhao Hai they set most from the beginning is very correct, free trade harbor, really very popular. Kun there reviews the document now, now although had Markey Family these people to help, the matter or has plenty that but his everyday must be busy, Golden Island here was short of manpower. Zhao Hai not polite, pushed the door to walk directly, Kun looked is Zhao Hai, under immediately/on horseback into the pen, laughing to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you may be came back, the light of your this waving the arms about storekeeper good, really what matter no matter, wants to give the tired loose frame my this Old Bone?” Zhao Hai smiles said : those who are able more laborious, said it, you now are not old . Moreover the matter of Laura everyday processing are also many, the matter that I must handle were more.” Kun snort|hum said : have not wanted to deceive me, you can have any matter now, ok, did not say that this, can you make a person to come to me now, now Golden Island here manpower serious insufficiency.” Zhao Hai nodded said : quickly, some quick people will come, the Ikisa Family matter, I think that you also knew, they will send after a period of time some people to arrive in the island to come up, you can the relaxed point.”

Kun relaxed said : that fortunately, these days was exhausted me, you are don’t know, now the Golden Island here shop front had more than 5000, light deals with the issues of these shop fronts, suffices my busily, do not say that must build roads, but must construct the harbor, these matters add, will be really exhausting.” Zhao Hai smiled, does not have the connection, is only said : Grandfather Kun, do I give your to believe you to be able Calci Family to send to? This matter must pass to Continent to come up to be good as soon as possible.” Kun nodded said : to deliver to Calci Family, you do not need to be worried that this Radiant Church courts destruction, this matter can make Continent stop all Imperial Family and Great Noble has dislike fully to them, their scenery, to the end.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : not necessarily, now they were control Aksu Empire, that was a country, later Radiant Church can in Aksu Empire feel relieved has done missionary work, this regarding them, not necessarily was any misdemeanor, did not do well them to be able finally complete control Aksu Empire Noble and commoner, when the time comes one crowd of quilts *** Lunatic, but any matter could do.” Kun nodded said : „, I have not thought really that Aksu Empire unexpectedly by Radiant Church to control, the Radiant Church method also is really high, I looked at Markey Family, if one were not extinguished by us, finally also will possibly fall to Radiant Church in hand.” Zhao Hai sighed said : Radiant Church uses the religion *** method, control bit by bit these people, the people think most from the beginning they did not have what harm, waits for presently them to have the harm the time, already late.” Did Kun nod said : „the Purcell Duchy there situation to be what kind of? Beast there? When moves attack?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : Purcell Family these elders to be bought probably, they are the decision cannot hire oneself our Buda Family, Beastman there did not have no information, but I think that they will not wait for too long time, after all now Beastman Prairie there may not have how much grain.” Before Kun nodded said : you, did not say that wants to draw some people from Purcell Duchy? Are the means feasible?”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)