Chapter 534 sees Marriott( sought subscription) Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be very difficult, now Aksu Empire there by Radiant Church control, I have been suspected Purcell Duchy there also monitoring by Radiant Church, if is really such, if we from there pull people, may very much by them presently, I will look or consider as finished.” What to do did Kun knit the brows said : that? Now no matter Golden Island here or Black Wasteland there needs the person, has missed this opportunity, do we make the person to there?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandfather Kun, do not forget, war immediately must come, war from the beginning, besides massive deceased people, will also produce the massive slaves, the prices of these slaves will be generally inexpensive, because they have not undergone the training, we can definitely buy them, in these people who in addition dies, I can also turn into Undead Creature them, lets them under command(er) of person, goes to Black Wasteland there to work, such manpower can save a large part.” Kun sighed said : „the present looks like also can only be this, you had also subscribed a hundred thousand slave before, but now the Continent situation is so tense, I think that slave Merchant, such will quickly not see somebody off.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the present not to need to worry, after waiting for the war to tie, Wales Big Brother a hundred thousand slave to me will deliver, moreover I can also change some half Beastman slaves to come with Beastman Race other people, had these slaves, I think that the Black Wasteland there manpower is not a problem.” Kun nodded said : hope so, right Little Hai, couple of days ago the slave thought the person, looks me, he wants to make a shop front on the island, did you look?” Kun knows that Zhao Hai does not have what favorable impression regarding slave Merchant, therefore he such will ask that Zhao Hai thinks, said : agreement, they do not open a shop in here in any case, will buy the slave, made them open a shop in here, later we must buy the slave to be many on the convenience.” Kun nodded said : well, I have authorized, what your next does step have to plan? Sits at home, goes to Purcell Duchy there to have a look?” Zhao Hai said : presently at home does not have too many matters, does not need me to assume personal command also yes, but Purcell Duchy there I actually have to pay attention, Purcell Family has prepared to let their god worshipped/Foreign Elder, getting some young elites in Clan to come up to Golden Island, I must receive them, simultaneously I also want to take a look at Purcell Duchy there then to live any matter, understood that Radiant Church conduct method, Radiant Church is we biggest enemy, we have to pay attention.” Kun nodded, he also thinks that Zhao Hai such does is right, but he knit the brows said : I to think that you monitor in Space well, do not go to Purcell Duchy there, then comes Human Race and Beastman Race war, do not participate, not so later we in have wanted to do business with Beastman are very difficult.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I not only will not help Human Race, I also want to help Beastman Race, now Aksu Empire by Radiant Church control, Radiant Church look at own domain, will not be spoiled by Beastman Race, they will certainly take an action, I want not to think that Beastman Race loses is too big, Beastman Race very much bears a grudge, if they lost were too big, will be every year will move the war with the fear, but also I cannot make Radiant Church too sight.” The Kun knitting the brows head, sighed finally, has not said anything, to be honest, was locally born Ark Continent Human Race, Kun regarding Zhao Hai the procedure, was not approval, Zhao Hai such does, helped different race cope with same race on equal to, he did not approve. However he has to recognize, now the Buda Family biggest enemy be Radiant Church, but Zhao Hai is very good with Beastman Race relationship, compared in will consider to Buda Family in the future that Zhao Hai helps Beastman be indisputable.

Zhao Hai also knows that idea of Kun, however in the Zhao Hai eye, Beastman Race is much more lovable than these Human Race, here is not Earth, Zhao Hai does not have the nationality to worry in here, in their at heart, his true clansman, only then the Chinese on Earth, Ark Continent here Human Race, in their eyes is also the one type of intelligent race on Continent, therefore he helps Beastman cope with Human Race, not any pressure. Zhao Hai in continuing this topic, he turns the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, after Calci Family and Rosen Empire pass on Ikisa Family information, your also immediately/on horseback uses Markey Family, passes on this information, must in the shortest time, these on Continent to know.” Kun nodded said : feel relieved, this matter I process certainly, was right, Little Hai, are you find some Shelly Family people, Shelly Family is entire Continent biggest hotel chain-like Merchant, their information networks, have proliferated entire Continent, even if were the present has possibly carried on some suppressions by Radiant Church, but their Clan low yun was deep, should not have the matter, making them help to pass on information, that was certainly twice the result with half the effort.” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : well, my this looks for hotel.” Now but on Golden Island hotel, moreover on this hotel entire Golden Island highest construction, is most top hotel, naturally, now their business is also much better. What most important is, manager Zhao Hai of this hotel also knew that is Marriott, manager of original Sky Water City hotel, since Golden Island is open for business, he arrived at Golden Island here, has become manager of Golden Island hotel. Zhao Hai these year and the business of hotel had not broken, Fire Fish, the vegetables, Milk Wine, these have become one of the hotel advertisements, therefore hotel will support Zhao Hai. although said that now Radiant Church is suppressing hotel, but is not big regarding the influence of hotel, hotel these years on Continent, on many Great Clan and Imperial Family with Continent, has dealings in business, they use money and benefit, wove large net, simply has not feared Radiant Church attack. In adding on currently has the support of Haven product, the business of hotel is also better than before, the suppression of Radiant Church, regarding them, has the one type of superficial feeling. Before Grand Duke Layen, reason that when coped with hotel, can occupy the winning side, that was because of him in Rosen Empire, moreover had the support of Rosen Empire Imperial Family, otherwise depending on Grand Duke Layen, Shelly Family already tidied up him. Shelly Family also will do business, they are doing business this aspect, came to be strong too many compared with Markey Family, reason that Markey Family convention the rapidness of such, used copes with to subdue|grams mother's method, they married with some Merchant Clan, then through the cooperation control that Clan, was killing that Clan some successors finally, that Clan property has naturally turned over to Markey Family, can say that compared with Shelly Family, Markey Family was one adopts the ignominious method wealth the violent household, compared with the Shelly Family inside story, they have fallen far short. Also because of such characteristics, therefore Zhao Hai can extinguish Markey Family at one fell swoop, but he was impossible to extinguish Shelly Family at one fell swoop. After these many years exhibitions, Shelly Family some member how many, nobody knows, some Expert how many in their Clan? Also nobody knows that only knows on Continent the has plenty people have received the Shelly Family kindness, if some people cope with Shelly Family, Shelly Family can please innumerable Expert deal with his enemy. Reason that like this , because in Shelly Family turns over to decide, no matter who entered hotel, they must guarantee that the safety of that person, that person leave hotel, they will not be managing.

This regulation looks like probably is no big deal, but if queered outside, by person who the person full world chases down, he has had no way out, then he entered hotel, Shelly Family has guaranteed his road, he was finding the way to run away, this person naturally will feel grateful to treat virtue to Shelly Family. If this person is only an average person, that said fortunately that cannot add on too big busy, but if this person is Expert? If this afterward has become a character? He must repay a debt of gratitude to hotel, as the matter stands, hotel are naturally many have been able to help their people, is adding on Shelly Family personhood, even if these people thinks to repay a debt of gratitude, they will not agree that counter- will use his strength to work with these people, making the influences of these people formidable, as the matter stands, their Clan although superficially so many strengths, but some big background, really nobody can talk clearly truly. But reason that Shelly Family these many years not but actually, a reason is, they handle affairs very low key, generally will not participate in anything struggling, therefore they almost do not have the too big personal enemy, the friend to is everywhere is, therefore nobody will feel embarrassed them. Zhao Hai sits horse carriage to hotel, although was the evening, but hotel here was still brilliantly illuminated, extremely busy, here is quick landmark on Golden Island. The horse carriage that Zhao Hai sits now, is in the island horse carriage that is used to handle matters, not very magnificent, in other these businessmen with the island makes horse carriage that to compare, was bad. Zhao Hai to hotel in front of the door, from vehicle, what follows side him was Junichi, Xu Wanying kept naval base there, Laura they did not have come. Zhao Hai their horse carriage just stopped, in hotel waited on should immediately to walk, bowed said : to welcome the arrival of mister to Zhao Hai, asking mister to come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward the shop. To shop in the hall in present shop has plenty person, standing of these person of in twos and threes chatted in there, after that waited on should Zhao Hai please come in the gate, can immediately/on horseback mister reserve or must dine to Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „I am sees Marriott Manager, he in?” That sales clerk stares, must know that Marriott on the island is also wind and cloud Human Race, Shelly Family is very good with Buda Family relationship, in the island to their Clan also extremely caring, has plenty Merchant, wants to ask Marriott to help them with the Zhao Hai say a few words words, pulls closer some relationship with Zhao Hai. Person who however Marriott is one has the principle very much, he does not want to help these Merchant, therefore he lives in seclusion and declines visitors these days generally, ordinary person simply cannot see him, must see him to make an appointment is good. That sales clerk does not know Zhao Hai, therefore he heard that must see Marriott to stare, because in the person to hotel knows that must see Marriott, obtains the secretariat to make an appointment, waited on to say with their these directly, useless. However that sales clerk immediately responded comes said : mister, Manager is very busy, must see Manager to obtain the secretariat to make an appointment, if has not made an appointment, is very difficult to see Manager.”

Zhao Hai smiled said : to be so busy to him, does not have relationship, you told him that Zhao Hai wants to see him, I think that he can see my.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, not only that sales clerk, the hall in entire hotel one peaceful, must say on Golden Island, who some people of don’t know Rosen Empire King are, this definitely has the man-machine letter, but if said that some people of don’t know Zhao Hai are, that definitely is impossible. Therefore the person in shop, knows that who Zhao Hai is, these people heard Zhao Hai to send out the name, with look look at Zhao Hai that one type of awed, that waited on to be appears very excited, his quickly said: Good, my immediately called Manager.” Said that runs toward the room. The person in hall after that waits on to run, one humming sound opened, some people of some people want to come to clean to shout with Zhao Hai, but fears to be disrespectful, therefore these people encircle in there look at Zhao Hai. The appearances of Zhao Hai look at these people, turn the head to bow said : everybody to be busy to these people slightly, today I had the matter to Marriott Manager say that on that day I asked everybody to dine.” These Noble return salute hastily, arrives continually does not dare, at this time Marriott walked out from the room, nearby arriving Zhao Hai of half step, had bowed said : Sir Marquis to arrive to Zhao Hai, has to lose welcomes.” Zhao Hai laughed said : I to say Marriott Big Brother, you were also too polite, what relationship we were, served a need to make these discard head Palestine brains? Walks, asking me to drink one cup of sub, I drank to go bad.” Marriott smiles said : well, invited quickly.” Said that then Zhao Hai walks toward the room. Zhao Hai just entered the room, this of nearby is Noble to his partner said : Zhao Hai Buda? Buda Family Patriarch? Doesn't look like like? Heard that he is Slaughter God, so to be how amiable?” His friend smiles said : this your don’t know, I heard, this Zhao Hai Clan clan, is very special, he only suppresses to his enemy, to his friend, he is very kind, you look at Marriott, but is Manager of hotel , because before , knew with Zhao Hai Marquis that Zhao Hai Marquis is polite to him.” That Noble nodded, said : that then a face regrets you said how I have not known him in the time that Zhao Hai Marquis has not reached, must otherwise now I be.” His friend smiles said : you little to have a dream......”( to be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)