Chapter 535 greatly popular Bread Fruit( sought subscription) Zhao Hai and Marriott entered inside Marriott special-purpose living room, although this hotel had just constructed not long after, but in this living room decorated still very luxurious, even was also better than Sky Water City there. After they sit down, Marriott look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Little Hai, today has the time to arrive at my here to come? What matter has?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : also really the matter to ask your Shelly Family to help.” Marriott smiles said : so not to be impolite, has any matter to reach an agreement, is polite with our you anything, said that any matter.” Zhao Hai smiles said : he he, you had a look to know first.” Said that took one stack of papers to give Marriott, this stack of papers to the matter about Ikisa Family, very detailed that inside recorded, is thing that Zhao Hai already prepared. Marriott received that stack of papers, carefully looked, exceed comes the facial expression more dignified, Marriott is a smart person, and has grown up in Shelly Family such Great Clan since childhood, struggles him to understand regarding this type. Matter that however this Radiant Church handles, truly is a little excessive. Although has only written the matter about Ikisa Family on this stack of papers, but Marriott has actually speculated to obtain, Aksu Empire there also certainly had problems, will otherwise not have such situation, if this is really the case, that issue on even bigger. Some little time Marriott puts down that stack of papers, gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : this is real? What Aksu Empire does there have to respond?” Zhao Hai sighed said : naturally real, now the Ikisa Family person was asked by me, arranged a very safe place, Aksu Empire not any response, not only had not responded, moreover now they still cope with Purcell Family in the arrangement, they bought over Purcell Family some elders, making Purcell Family not have the means to cooperate with our Buda Family, therefore I suspected that now Aksu Empire had been given control by Radiant Church.” Zhao Hai such analysis, is the same with the analysis of Marriott, therefore Marriott also nodded, he agreed with the analysis of Zhao Hai. Marriott look at Zhao Hai said : „is that your meaning?” Zhao Hai snort|hum said : present Radiant Church was too rampant, they dare such flagrant control big Empire, later perhaps to do any matter to come, I this material, have given my father-in-law, crosses several days they to make this matter transmit in entire Continent, but Markey Family also will help when the time comes release information, I hope when the time comes Shelly Family can also help release information, making the entire Continent people know that Radiant Church is any thing.”

Marriott one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, he has the profound meaning looked at Zhao Hai said : well, Little Hai, this helped us help.” Reason that Marriott can comply such passes quickly , because Radiant Church in recent time also in suppressing Shelly Family, although Shelly Family has withstood, does not fear Radiant Church, but they also take Radiant Church not to have the means that they impossible like coping with Grand Duke Layen tackled Radiant Church. Zhao Hai laughs said : well, that such settled, you prepare, does not exit information with immediately, when moves, I will make Grandfather Kun inform your one.” Marriott nodded said : well, that such settled, was right, remains to drink one cup? What kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to use, today some of my also matters, must go back to process, moreover immediately meets leave Golden Island here, you did not need to be polite with me.” Marriott nodded said : well, you had the matter I not to block you, next time you will come back, must drink two cups to my here.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, turn around walked, Marriott has delivered horse carriage Zhao Hai, this returned to in hotel. Entered the hotel after some frequent guests greeted, Marriott on returned to own room, the Ikisa Family there the request of matter and Zhao Hai had written a long letter, then immediately sends for supervising the regulation day and night toward the Shelly Family headquarters sends, he must know the Daoism clan to the response of this matter. Marriott complied with Zhao Hai to help, that will not renege on a promise, moreover Marriott this authority has, but he must make Clan know that this matter, how Clan makes him handle this matter finally, that is waits for discussing. Shelly Family with Buda Family is the ally, this small busy will certainly help, but helps also to be divided into many types , helping, this is an issue. Zhao Hai returned to the naval base, their return to Space has rested with Lao Jie, now Purcell Family there did not have what new information, look at Ryan they not to prepare. In fact Zhao Hai does not want to make the contact with Ryan \; first, because of the beforehand matter, he thought that their conference very awkward, second is he presently Ryan probably is to his a little meaning, but he does not think that was annoying the sentiment debt. Next day Zhao Hai still silently pays attention to the Purcell Duchy there situation in pass/test, once for a while pass/test pays attention to the Beastman Prairie there situation.

Beastman Prairie there is preparing fully, this time they must attack Human Race not to have the matter to prepare, because of the grain shortage, they have to go into action, therefore they did not have the too much time to store up rations, that method only then, was bringing Argali advancing. Argali is not quick, will affect marching of Beastman Race, moreover after Argali to the Human Race domain, will fall ill, therefore general Beastman goes to battle, brings is rations. However has been a pity, now they do not have the time to prepare rations, they also do not have the time, therefore they can only bring Argali to leave. Beastman Race does to fight is so, each race can prepare the grain and weapon, then the everyone/Great Clan set arrives at together, finally is pressing the merit the size to obtain the spoils of war. For this reason, therefore Beastman Race not repugnant war, in fight also very brave, naturally, if loses is too big, they will not do, after all a loss too big race will possibly be annexed. Beastman there now prepared was similar, Zhao Hai believes that in less than one month, Beastman Race army will arrive at outside Purcell Duchy, the war must start. He also looked at Ah Tai they, fortunately, Ah Tai they in there is very good, Beastman knows that this shop with the Wolf Race person, bear clansman, dog head clansman and Ox-head clansman relationship is very good, therefore nobody will go to there to disturb. Moreover a little, makes Ah Tai they very popular, because of Bread Fruit appears , this time must fight, the grain of other tribe belts can only be Argali, because good type Argali very convenient, to be able with their advancing. But Wolf Race and Xiong Clan have Dog Clan and Tauren Clan, the grain that they bring is Bread Fruit, Bread Fruit this thing convenient, so long as opens can eat, even does not need to light a fire. Beastman Race other races first time sees such grain, this lets their envying, hears in Magic Lily Store can buy, these Beastman will be naturally impolite, especially several big War Clan, immediately purchases with Magic Lily Store. Has beforehand Ah Tai has related Tiger clansman, Tiger Race branch race also has plenty, with Ah Tai what before had the relation was in Tiger clansman a branch race, in Tiger Race. In Tiger Race in Tiger Race is not biggest, but they are actually in Tiger Race recognize most attractive one type of Tiger Race, on their faces is also growing the old tiger same stripe, but in the Tiger Race stripe, is in all Tiger Race the strip series are most, is most attractive.

Does not want, because in the Tiger Race long attractiveness takes lightly them, their fighting strength are not weak, in War Clan of Tiger Race such force, they can also stand in line the medium grade level. Because beforehand Ah Tai has the relation in Tiger Race person, therefore this in Tiger Race immediately has gotten Ah Tai, the point has one, Bread Fruit. Bread Fruit regarding Beastman Race that doing to fight, is really very important, this thing convenience preservation, moreover eats convenient, what most important is, had Bread Fruit, can save Argali, Argali regarding Beastman Race, is the extraordinary property. Reason that Beastman Race, when makes the war not to take Bamboo rice , because Bamboo rice is not convenient, does not ship conveniently, moreover is not quite easy to preserve, what most important is, Beastman Race very much can eat, with the Bamboo rice words, they must take many pots, such reduces speed their motion. But Bread Fruit, will actually not open can eat, moreover big that very can expand, Bread Fruit sufficed Beastman to eat, appetite relatively few races like Wolf Race, Bread Fruit even sufficed two people to eat, brings also convenient, therefore looked like in Beastman Race, this Bread Fruit may really be Beastman Race rare rations. Ah Tai not polite, Zhao Hai gave him to instruct that this was one fires Bao Guo opportunity of reputation, but he did not prepare to buy for Beastman Race too many Bread Fruit, if Beastman Race asked that said did not have, but Zhao Hai had 300 million jin (0.5 kg) to the Ah Tai Bread Fruit quantity. 300 million jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit seems like many, but regarding entire Beastman Race, without doubt is a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, simply is insufficient. Ah Tai is also intelligent, he asked Black Bear Clan to act directly, then told these Beastman races, presently in his hand altogether has 300 million jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit, their tribes wanted many, oneself divided. These Beastman Race to have not felt embarrassed Ah Tai, moreover Beastman Race is the normally disagreement, when makes the war outward, is actually very of one mind, they are acted by several big War Clan, these Bread Fruit dividing equally. Finally they know that Wolf Clan in hand Bread Fruit are most, they make Wolf Clan also take their Bread Fruit, has divided to everyone/Great Clan, they need to trade with Argali. Wolf Clan to agreed this trading law, they buy Bread Fruit time, uses, but money, now trades is actually Argali, this business was too cost-effective, if in normally, they take money to go with other Beastman Race to trade Argali, certainly will be regarded the idiot, therefore Wolf Clan almost does not want to agree, they have left behind Bread Fruit that suffices to eat to their clan, other took to trade Argali.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)