Purcell Family of Chapter 536 tragedy( sought subscription) Wolf Clan is not wealthy, therefore now present such good opportunity, they will certainly not drop, now they felt regret really, they regretted why initially has gotten down 1 billion jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit with Zhao Hai Ding, finally hears to go to war, only has actually left behind 300 million jin (0.5 kg), if that 1 billion jin (0.5 kg) remained, they not. However now regrets also late, but they slightly have also gained one. However what harvests is biggest is Ah Tai, he not only in Tiger clansman official had the relation, but also has fired Bread Fruit this type of new grain, later in Beastman Race here, believes that Bread Fruit will be very certainly popular. Zhao Hai also notes this situation, in although his Space is also saving the number by Bread Fruit of No. ten thousand idea, but he may not have the plan to take now, if he takes now these Bread Fruit, Beastman Race simply will not attack Human Race, but now Zhao Hai needs Beastman Race the war. It is not the Zhao Hai heart hates, but is he does not want to wipe the buttocks to Radiant Church, this matter is Radiant Church annoys, the although war will make many commoner die, but this account these people can record on Radiant Church, with his it doesn't matter. He with Radiant Church is a personal enemy, in adding on him is not that sage, therefore he will certainly not help Radiant Church, but this war starts, regarding him, has the advantage very much. Beastman there does not have what good attention, Zhao Hai started to pay attention to Purcell Duchy here, now he pays attention, not only Purcell Family, other people in Purcell Duchy, he want to take a look at Radiant Church like he imagined, has placed the spy in Purcell Duchy. Now the Space function was very formidable, map Zhao Hai on Continent also collected much, most minimum Purcell Duchy here map, Space all had, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that was monitoring Purcell Duchy also becomes very relaxed. After two days of surveillance, Zhao Hai really had also found some Radiant Church people, these people are Expert, naturally, was not 9th level Expert, 9th level Expert is not the cabbage, Radiant Church these years has trained much, actually cannot casual send. The people who this Radiant Church sends are 8th level Expert , some 7th level 6th level, the population are many, about 2000, the 8th level population has achieved about 500, can look at the Radiant Church strength from this point. Besides these people, Zhao Hai also presently, Purcell Duchy all around Clan has gathers with large army, so long as a Purcell Duchy here appears situation, their immediately can enter Purcell Duchy. Zhao Hai looked at this situation on understand, Aksu Empire simply has not thought must let off Purcell Family, they must with the hand of Beastman Race, Purcell Family from Continent cancelling.

One presently this situation, the corners of the mouth of Zhao Hai cannot help but have shown a smiling face of taunt, he ridiculed naturally was Purcell Duchy these length old, they for that a little bit benefit, built unexpectedly entire Purcell Family. However fortunately, in Purcell Family also has two smart people, the decision of most minimum Evan and Ryan is very correct. Zhao Hai also knows, these elders perhaps not all for benefit, they more is also good for Purcell Family, but they about Radiant Church too really did not know, therefore meets appears such fault. Perhaps Purcell Family these elders have selfishness, but they are not the fools, they know, reason that oneself will settle on, because of Purcell Family relationship, has existence of Purcell Family, has their today's all, if Purcell Family vanished, their anything not. But reason that these elders opposed that Purcell Family gives up all going to Golden Island, besides they obtained the Radiant Church advantage and commitment, they also feared that loses the present all. Purcell Family one, but went to Golden Island, that to the Buda Family domain, the Buda Family domain after is not their Purcell Family domain, they arrived at there unable like to be casual in Purcell Duchy here, for this, opposition Purcell Family that they must go all out goes to Golden Island, that feared that had a hope, they hope that Purcell Family can keep Purcell Duchy. Two days later, Zhao Hai saw that Ryan they have prepared, Zhao Hai immediately from Space to Purcell Duchy, now in Purcell Duchy many commoner already leave, they have to leave, currently Purcell Duchy here grain supply appears the issue, they in leave, not have the danger of starving to death. However these commoner do not have what resentment to read regarding Purcell Family, Purcell Family to commoner is very good, the Purcell Duchy here price was not high, the tax is not very high, little appears bullies the commoner phenomenon, here the price of school is also not very high, many commoner children can go to school to the school, these commoner very much support regarding Purcell Duchy. although these commoner do not know the High level matter, but they actually know that Aksu Empire gave up Purcell Duchy probably, this lets these commoner disaffection. Reason that because Zhao Hai they vigorously propagandize, therefore Aksu Empire these people know why Beastman Race these time attacks Human Race, because of the Radiant Church lane. But now Beastman came, Aksu Empire has not actually sent that to fear that toward Purcell Duchy reinforcements, this lets these commoner to Aksu Empire very discontented. Then Purcell Duchy here has transmitted information, said that now the Radiant Church person in the Aksu Empire imperial capital, turned sat the honored guest, all Noble are respectful to them, King to their very polite.

This information looks like a blasting fuse, one made these commoner hatred of Purcell Duchy have the Aksu Empire royal family, Radiant Church has brought in attack Beastman obviously their culprit, but the Imperial Family person did not tidy up them unexpectedly, instead to welcome to sitting the honored guest them, moreover did not give them reinforcement, this let the feeling that these commoner had one type of get rid. However the Purcell Family person also started to take an action at this time, they have sent out the person in Clan, organized these commoner leave, let these commoner leave, because Purcell Duchy immediately must turn into the battlefield. These commoner do not want to walk, however the Purcell Family person urged their leave, because the Purcell Family person also knows that they do not have the ability to guarantee now these commoner was safe, including oneself Clan security, they did not have the means to guarantee, but how also to assure these commoner securities. These commoner also understand, at this time they remained unable to help, all has the relatives and friends in other places, they went to there to subsidize, but these did not have what friends and relatives, their also leave Purcell Duchy. When Zhao Hai in one time arrives at Casa City, here many people, many person leave, Zhao Hai actually have not thought that many, his immediately sat horse carriage to go to the Grand Duke palace. Regarding these commoner leave, the matter in Zhao Hai anticipation, Zhao Hai also paid attention to these commoner whereabouts, after these commoner leave, Radiant Church to does not have to feel embarrassed them, Radiant Church possibly also knows, these days their style extremely in making widely known, if they were beginning to these commoner at this time, feared that will be entire Aksu Empire commoner will not welcome them. Looked that these commoner were now safe, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, although he very much has also wanted to draw these commoner to Black Wasteland comes up, but Zhao Hai also knows that is not realistic. Zhao Hai horse carriage entered in courtyard from the back door of Grand Duke palace, Evan waited in there, now Evan also slowly has been familiar with the mysteriously appearing and disappearing of Zhao Hai. He has to send for in Casa City looking for Zhao Hai, the result of however obtaining is, Zhao Hai not in the city, but the first time Zhao actually sits horse carriage to the Grand Duke city, but the city gate there person said that had not seen such horse carriage enters a city, this makes Evan very puzzled, does not have the means. What most important is, Zhao Hai each appears is very prompt, their here will have any slightest sign of trouble, Zhao Hai appears , like this time, their here just prepared, he has not informed Zhao Hai according to the method that Zhao Hai will say, he already appears in the Grand Duke palace. After Evan invited Zhao Hai sat down to the living room, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your this time, I wants also to know that our here did prepare?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is, I know that your here prepared, moreover I must tell you, in Purcell Duchy, 2000 Radiant Church Expert, including 500 were 8th level Expert, in the Purcell Duchy surrounding Clan territory, but also the has plenty army, these armies built up massively, they were waiting for Purcell Family to be eliminated, then regained Purcell Duchy.” Smiling said : that Evan self-ridicules I already guessed correctly this point, these fellows will not let off our, what is pitiful, these fellows in Clan are cherishing unexpectedly also the fantasy, but fortunately, god Sir worshipped/Foreign Elder agreed my opinion, he will bring Ryan they to follow you, later Ryan they depended on you to look.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, I will look after their, if later has opportunity, I will make Purcell Family regain the status.” Evan let out a long breath said : that look at them, if they were worth helping, you helped their, if they were not worth helping, so long as you made their relieved worked as a wealthy man to be good.” Zhao Hai look at Evan said : Uncle Evan, you also with let's go, have you, I believe that every Sergio Clan will certainly reappear magnificently.” Evan shook the head said : not to be good, everyone can walk, but I cannot walk, I am Purcell Family Patriarch, if I walked, Purcell Family ended, I rather died in battle in here, cannot leave.” Zhao Hai sighed, he knows that was urging to be also useless, Evan cannot leave.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)