Chapter 537 final request( sought subscription) Evan has his pride, this point Zhao Hai understand, he is also a proud person, therefore Evan leave, he will not say anything, now he can do is, they looks after Ryan. Evan looked that Zhao Hai has not been saying anything, he also knows that Zhao Hai understand his meaning, Evan turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I asked your matter, hopes that you can promise me.” The Zhao Hai look at Evan appearance, cannot help but sighed at heart, he can guess the Evan request probably is anything, but this request regarding Zhao Hai was really somewhat awkward. Evan looks at Zhao Hai to frown, does not have immediately to comply, he also cannot help but darkly sighed, then said : Little Hai, this matter was the uncle asks you, you must comply, this was the last matter that the uncle asked others for help.” Zhao Hai also knows that this Evan feared could not live, even if he has not died in Beastman in hand, finally certainly will also die in Radiant Church in hand, Radiant Church person very clear, Evan with his relationship, the Radiant Church person will possibly let off in some Purcell Family the immaterial person, but will not let off Evan absolutely \; first, Evan is good with his relationship \; second, Evan is Purcell Family Patriarch, and has dislike to Radiant Church, has Evan, to Radiant Church control Purcell Family disadvantage. Zhao Hai sighed at heart darkly, but he turned the head look at Evan said : uncle you saying that I was listening.” Evan look at Zhao Hai said : you should also be able to guess correctly, my request was to let you married Ryan, Little Hai, I made you marry Ryan, not only considered for Ryan, thinks for entire Purcell Family, after this time matter, Purcell Family must decline, these people were too young, if you did not have a status, did not have means control they, I will pass to Ryan the position of Patriarch, so long as you married Ryan, these people will listen your, I want to believe under your leadership, Purcell Family will be good.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he knows that can be this, from Evan said that has the matter to request him, he knows that can be this matter, he had the engagement with Ryan before, then Buda Family meets misfortune, Ryan breaks an engagement, is adding on the Ryan reputation, no matter in the sentiment in the principle, Zhao Hai has no reason to marry Ryan, now his status with Ryan already completely not in a level. However the request of Evan, he actually has no alternative but to consider that Evan had to ask the heart, this time he is doomed not to be impossible to live, before adding on Evan has helped him, Evan with Buda Family relationship, all these makes Zhao Hai have to consider the Evan words. Evan looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, thinks that Zhao Hai does not comply, he cannot help but somewhat worries, Evan just had not lain, in fact he wants to make Zhao Hai marry Ryan, for marries, no matter after they marry, will be what kind, so long as there is this relationship, later other people on Continent have to give a Purcell Family face. Moreover also said like him, these time with the person who Ryan goes, although is an elite, but they were too young, young man is mad Sheng, in adding on the Purcell Family bad this disaster, is the flustered time, even if were he has passed to Ryan the Patriarch position, but by the Ryan prestige, was not enough to suppress these people, but if were Zhao Hai acts, that regarded as another matter. What status is Zhao Hai? Buda Family Patriarch, the Calci Family son-in-law, the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, Golden Island Island Lord, on Continent one of the strongest Patriarch, there are these status, certainly can shake the gathering place, so long as these people twisting a level rope, that Purcell Family also hopefully. These that actually Zhao Hai makes, a person can achieve, is Origin Sword Saint, he is 9th level Expert, so long as his appears , these people will be certainly honest. However Origin Sword Saint many tube these matters, his status will actually not allow him to take care these matters, actually Evan was a little also worried that the Origin Sword Saint age is not after all small, he can also live how long nobody to know, if he died, but in Purcell Family in appears another 9th level Expert, that Purcell Family had not actually ended, they were forever impossible to have the turning over day.

If Ryan got married with Zhao Hai, that is different, Buda Family has more than one 9th level Expert, this is on Continent all people knows that only then Buda Family not but actually, even if were Origin Sword Saint died, Purcell Family had Buda Family this big backer, also did not fear anything. Zhao Hai has thought some little time, in Evan cannot help opening the mouth when urged him, his finally open the mouth and said: Uncle Evan, I cannot immediately/on horseback comply with your this matter, you also know that I have solved the marriage now, I must they discuss with Laura, but must discuss with Grandpa Green, looked like you said that my present representative was not I, but was entire Buda Family.” Evan one hear of Zhao Hai said that although feels somewhat disappointedly, but he also knows that now cannot compel Zhao Hai, otherwise Purcell Family ended. Evan nodded said : well, this matter you considered slowly that now Ryan they have prepared, you momentarily can pick them.” Zhao Hai nodded, his deep voice said : „the present, in fact my Space Magic prepares, can deliver to Golden Island to come up them in the shortest time, why you could not find me in Casa City, but I can actually at any time appears in the Casa City reason.” Evan nodded, he has guessed correctly this point, but was the present was confirmed that his deep voice said : to Golden Island there, you must take care of them, I majority of the funds in Purcell Family have given Ryan, hoped them to live better a little.” Zhao Hai nodded, he did not have to say anything, but has stood, Evan has also stood, their walking outward silently, they arrived at relative independence courtyard before long, this courtyard in Grand Duke palace final institute, very remote, but here courtyard all around, was actually tightly guarded. Entered courtyard Zhao Hai to see Ryan, Ryan was standing in courtyard, the look at city wall direction, was don’t know the misconception, Zhao Hai saw a sadness from the Ryan eye. Hears the sound of footsteps, Ryan immediately/on horseback turns the head, saw that Evan and Zhao Hai front surface walks, in the Ryan eye has flashed through non- nature. Evan, her father, she once could not have a liking for him, thinks him to be incompetent, but he actually uses time opportunity, turned the hand has become Patriarch, when her was saddest, had not given up her, now is entrusts with an important task to her. Zhao Hai, this changed the playboys of name, is one of people she most cannot have a liking, therefore initially she must break an engagement may not, to break an engagement, she does not even hesitate to take the gambling stake with her reputation, finally she has succeeded, but Zhao Hai now actually has become on Continent strongest Patriarch, his wife is one by one pretty, the status is one by one noble. Ryan to oneself looked that the vision of person completely lost self-confidently, but she thinks that own this choice will not be wrong, Purcell Family only then cooperates with Buda Family, can survive, by Radiant Church, will not have the good result. Ryan on also moved forward to meet somebody, salutes said : to see the father to Evan and Zhao Hai, has seen Zhao Hai Marquis.” Evan nodded, Zhao Hai also returned a courtesy said : Princess Ryan to be polite, today I come am meet your.” Ryan nodded, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Set!”

Before long walks each and every one Purcell Family young man from this courtyard each every room, their young, biggest looks like is also about 30 years old, smallest looks like, only then over ten years old, the population is less than 100, can say that they are the hopes of Purcell Family new generation. These people just came out, on the face also has one not to prefer, but sees Evan, that did not prefer immediately to vanish, honest standing in there. Evan looked at their said : „you are the elite in Clan, what situation should also know the Daoism clan now is, what I do not want to say that you will go to Golden Island there with Zhao Hai today, if here really accident sentiment, you were the Purcell Family final hopes, if Clan pass through this time difficulty, you at Golden Island there show well, are Clan are adding a source of income, simultaneously this was also to your exercise, your understand?” All person said loudly: understand Sir Patriarch!” Evan nodded said : your this motions, is by team leader Ryan, must listen to Ryan to Golden Island there, must listen to Zhao Hai Clan main, if Clan crosses of a time difficulty places, you will be quick returned to here, if Clan will not have pass through this time difficulty, that later Ryan will be Purcell Family Patriarch, you must listen his.” These person cannot help but look at each other in dismay, they have not thought that Evan meets suddenly to say today, what most important is, Evan must pass to Ryan the position of Patriarch unexpectedly, this makes them puzzled. Evan look at their appearances, coldly snorted said : do not think that this is my decision, this is the result of Elder Assembly agreement, you do not think that I am deceiving you?” These person of complexion change, simultaneously bows said : not to dare hastily.” Evan then nod said : good, Ryan, received the scepter.” Said that Evan from own clothes, has put out his scepter, this scepter Purcell Family Patriarch scepter. A Ryan face stern received the scepter, Evan then turned the head to remember to people said :, you are the hopes of Purcell Family, if Clan really accident sentiment, you shoulder are rallying the heavy responsibility of Purcell Family, in here, I do not have other request to you, my request only then, you must unite, unites in together, can you make more matters, understand?” People with one voice said : understand.” Evan said : was then good, below follows Zhao Hai Clan clan, has remembered, regardless of sees anything, should not be surprised, do not say, if you dare to speak irresponsibly, Ryan, you have the right to use the Patriarch authority, punishes by the revolting clan crime!” Revolting clan crime that is the grave offense, wants the deceased person, therefore heard Evan saying that all people were one startled, to receiving next life matter, attached great importance. At this time a person's shadow, suddenly appears in the Evan side, including Evan, all people had bowed said : to see god worshipped/Foreign Elder to this person's shadow.”

Origin Sword Saint nodded, turns the head look at Evan said : „the Clan here matter to hand over give you, has remembered, even if died in battle, cannot lose the face of Purcell Family, their you do not need to be worried that I will look after their.” Evan nod said : is god Sir worshipped/Foreign Elder, invited Sir feel relieved.” Origin Sword Saint turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai Clan lord, these time troubled you.” Zhao Hai very respects to this old person, he bowed said : Sir Sword Saint to be polite slightly.” Said that he has put out his Magic Staff, in there in a soft voice was reading Incantation, some little time, his in hand Magic Staff gently wielded, his front appears Space rift, then Zhao Hai turned the head their said : everyone/Great Clan to line up to Ryan, entered this Space, then you presently own all around is Dark mist, but do not worry, do not move heedlessly, quick in appears Space rift, when the time comes you will exit to be OK from that crack.” These person dull look at that said Space rift, although Space Magic they have heard, but has not actually seen, now suddenly presently their front appears Space rift, their really some had not adapted. Origin Sword Saint to has not thought that raised legs to walk, this went, other people also responded, hastily, last is Ryan. After Ryan also walks, Zhao Hai then turns the head to bow to Evan, has not said anything, entered Space rift directly, look at Space rift information bit by bit, Evan at heart not to mention was any taste. But these people in Space also in feeling strange, their curious has sized up, they presently are in one group of Dark mist, but they can actually see partner, this makes their restless vanished slightly a little. But now most surprised is actually Origin Sword Saint, do not forget, 9th level Expert can observe all around situation with Mind Power, therefore after he arrived at this Space, observed around with Mind Power. However he actually presently, own Mind Power simply cannot extend Dark mist outside, probably the present stands in one very independently, in not big Space is the same, before this situation him, has not met, therefore he feels being startled. At this moment, their front suddenly appears Space rift, then heard the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : everyone/Great Clan each and every one to come out according to the order from crack outside in addition together, do not worry, do not push.” Origin Sword Saint has not actually managed that many, raises legs walked out, other person also each and every one went out of Space, has gawked to outside them, because here is not on Golden Island that they imagine, they now even on land, their present positions are not in the sea, in the sea five mast iron armor on the ship.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)