Shock of Chapter 538 Sword Saint( sought subscription)

These person of look at all around situations, are gawking, they have not thought that they met suddenly to run up to on the ship to come, they also think one were coming out, certainly on Golden Island. Origin Sword Saint looked at one, turns the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai Zhao Hai Clan sponsor matter really very careful, Old Man admires.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Sword Saint to be polite hastily, asking Sword Saint to rest to the cabin, in having one day we can arrive at Golden Island.” Origin Sword Saint not polite, nodded to Zhao Hai, turn around entered the cabin, immediately had Undead Creature to get him to enter a room. Looked at Sword Saint to go, Purcell Family these people also peaceful, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, turns the head to Ryan said : Ryan, a while to have Undead Creature to come to arrange the room to you, you rested in on the ship first, tomorrow can arrive at Golden Island, such did for does not make the person get suspicious, but your feel relieved, this piece of sea region is our Buda Family control, in the here absolute security.” Ryan facial expression complex looked at Zhao Hai said : „to arrange depending on Sir Marquis.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Ryan, you were too polite, no matter what, our two clans is also the family friendship of many generations, I should compared with you, you call me Elder Brother Hai to be good greatly, do not call any Sir Marquis, looked on as an outsider.” Ryan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then her look at Zhao Hai, some little time whispered: Thank you Elder Brother Hai.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use politely.” Said to wave, immediately had some Undead Creature to walk, Zhao Hai turned the head to invite everyone/Great Clan to Purcell Family these person of said : with these Undead Creature in the past, they will arrange the room to you, has remembered, every four person room.” These Purcell Family young man are obedient, they know that the Zhao Hai status, do not look at Zhao Hai to be young, moreover to Evan probably is very respectful appearance, but their actually very clear, if really discussed that do not look that the Evan title was higher than Zhao Hai, whose status quite high words but must say on Continent, that certainly was Zhao Hai. They although in Purcell Family are elite, normally are also arrogant, but compares with the Zhao Hai result, their these elites can only be the dregs, therefore they in Zhao Hai surface top ten minute of honest of, even if stands in giant front child.

Five mast huge ship originally are spacious, is adding on on the ship is almost Undead Creature, does not need to rest, therefore on the ship spatial room has plenty, do not say that arranges 100 people, in many 100 is not a problem. Then Zhao Hai gave Ryan to arrange the room, the Ryan room naturally was alone a person, after Ryan arranged the room, Zhao Hai sharply has not been entering Space, but went to the Origin Sword Saint room gate, just about to knocks on a door, heard the Sword Saint sound to transmit said : Zhao Hai Clan lord, came.” Zhao Hai was busy at pushing the door to walk, this room was Zhao Hai prepares specially, inside thing mostly, a table, a bed, in not having other, the room in room was not big, can display these thing, was very good, like four people of rooms that other Purcell Family people lived, inside only then two beds of bunk beds, were not having other thing. Does Zhao Hai bow said : Sir Sword Saint to Sword Saint to be also familiar with? Has any need, so long as said one, has Undead Creature to send, hopes that the Sir do not shut out.” On Continent has some people are very repugnant Undead Creature, therefore Zhao Hai said that Sword Saint showed a faint smile said : not to use politely, was old, what matter could look on the bright side of thing, that will care about this, today Patriarch comes, wants saying that Space Magic matter to me?” Zhao Hai stares, he finally present, 9th level Expert that these fight with all might, but also is really not general, each is the character who the person always becomes a ghost, his quickly said: Sir Sword Saint looked.” Origin Sword Saint nodded said : Space Magic my although not to see, but wants actually to use with you absolutely is not a matter . Moreover the strength has achieved 9th level, Mind Power can release, however in your there, my Mind Power actually simply unable to look, this is really very astonishing, therefore I think that your simply is not Space Magic, but is Space Divergent Technique?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Sir Sword Saint really eyes blazing like torches, is Space Divergent Technique, today I see Sir Sword Saint, to say this matter, asking Sir Sword Saint to come along with me.” Said that Zhao Hai side also appears that said Space rift. Sword Saint looked by a Zhao Hai that to say Space rift, his very clear, Zhao Hai these time caused this Space rift, has not read depending on what Incantation, it seems like his previous time read Incantation that all doing factions, but did to others looks. Sword Saint has not thought that lifted the step to enter Space rift, Zhao Hai also walked, but Sword Saint entered to Space was scared, this Space with is completely different, blue sky that he imagined, green grass, if were not because had that villa, Sword Saint thinks certainly that here was some place on Beastman Prairie.

At this time Zhao Hai also appears in his said : Sir Sword Saint, here is my Space, is one type of Divergent Technique that I obtained, here was independent Space, in this Space, I was the god, reason that our Buda Family can such quickly reach, depended was here.” Origin Sword Saint turns the head look at Zhao Hai, puzzled said : „, since is this, why you will tell me this Space?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, because I believe that Sir Sword Saint can say, in fact Sir Sword Saint should also present, energy ten sufficiency in this Space, very active, the very suitable practice, my Buda Family 9th level Expert practices in this Space.” Origin Sword Saint said : Buda Family altogether how many 9th level Expert? How these 9th level do Expert come?” Zhao Hai smiles said : our Buda Family now altogether 40 9th level Expert, these 9th level Expert from Carrion Swamp, they are in Carrion Swamp these with Human Race 9th level Expert has signed beasts 9th level Expert of agreement.” Origin Sword Saint look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Zhao Hai in hand now unexpectedly so many 9th level Expert, moreover these 9th level Expert come out from Carrion Swamp unexpectedly. The Zhao Hai look at Origin Sword Saint appearance, shows a faint smile said :this Space to be able bit by bit Level Up, so is not most from the beginning strong, was afterward getting stronger and stronger, these 9th level Expert are in Carrion Swamp comes out, because my this Space Spatial Water can solve the Carrion Swamp toxin. Origin Sword Saint general understand meaning of Zhao Hai, Carrion Swamp there strongest is their toxins, if no that toxin, Carrion Swamp there is impossible becomes Continent five big absolutely one. Zhao Hai can solve the Carrion Swamp there toxin, naturally can come and go out the freedom in Carrion Swamp, has this 9th level Space, naturally can also subdue these 9th level Expert, then Origin Sword Saint immediately has thought Black Wasteland there situation, his only does complexion in one time change said : that Black Wasteland there poisonous mist is also you make? You also give transform the Black Wasteland there land well?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : well, was transform was good, now Black Wasteland there all lands can plant, actually told the sentence truth, by our Buda Family present strength, even if were immediately/on horseback overthrows Aksu Empire not to be a problem, but I do not want to do.”

These words Sword Saint to believes that 40 9th level Expert, the light with 9th level Expert, extinguished Aksu Empire to be also relaxed, his understand, why Zhao Hai did not agree. The Zhao Hai look at Sword Saint appearance, shows a faint smile said : Sir Sword Saint also to know, calculation that now on Continent says truly, is actually these Noble, especially Great Noble, their is powerful . Moreover the Clan person in a country, is holding the post of very important duty, our Buda Family Expert although are many, but manages staff to be few, does not have Great Noble low yun, at this time, we have overthrown Aksu Empire, what advantage can we obtain? Feared that sits that throne, will be built on stilts by these Great Noble, we impossible to kill off them, what finally obtained the small advantage was these Great Noble, we snatched that throne to do, might as well worked as Great Noble, toward, the person of tube are not few, but also nobody dares to bully, said it, Black Wasteland there area big, in the future I can definitely construct a country in there, the country that constructed when King, did not snatch King when was more interesting than?” Sword Saint is listening to the Zhao Hai words, he has not thought that really can be this, right that but he has to recognize, Zhao Hai say, King is not good to work as, actually in Ark Continent here, to put it bluntly, a Imperial Family lord is biggest Clan, other is these Great Noble, but a country is by Imperial Family and other's Noble together control, calculation that the has plenty matter, Imperial Family may not say. But Buda Family is only powerful small Clan, like world first Expert, he is difficult to bear good King? Not necessarily, even if were he has become King with the strength, finally will also be given to be built on stilts, can only work as a puppet. Now what Buda Family does is absolutely correct, Zhan Fang to also very correct, Sword Saint is only has not thought that Zhao Hai can such calm analysis own advantages, not be hoodwinked by own strength, this truly is very rare. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Sword Saint said : I to bring Sword Saint to enter to the Space point, only then, is makes Sword Saint practice in here, if Sword Saint strength, no matter to Purcell Family, has the advantage to Buda Family, the Purcell Family matter, Sword Saint does not need to be worried that these person of I will look.” Sword Saint one hear of Zhao Hai said that has hesitated, nodded said : well, that such settled, I practice in here.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good, a while I will make the person give you to introduce that Space here, tomorrow Sir Sword Saint was best they to say one to Ryan, naturally, do not say that the Space matter, said one must close up the practice to be good, otherwise their don’t know you went to that possibly can cause disturbance .” Sword Saint nodded.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)