Chapter 539 King worried( sought subscription) Arrived at Golden Island the next day to the ship, what their ships enter is the Golden Island military harbor, moreover went to the naval base directly, after naval base, Origin Sword Saint they said to Ryan must close up, on leave, Ryan they also knows that 9th level Expert most time are closing up, therefore have not cared. Reason that Zhao Hai draws Origin Sword Saint to Space, actually did not have good intention how, Zhao Hai already present, staying time long the person in Space, was dead set on to him, but Origin Sword Saint in Human Race 9th level Expert rare Expert, how Zhao Hai possibly let off. Naturally, this had not meant that he does not want to help Purcell Family, conversely, he will help Purcell Family, now Ryan they in Golden Island, Zhao Hai can assure their securities, therefore regarding present Purcell Family, 9th level Expert assumes personal command, simply does not have what difference. Moreover now Purcell Family is also similar to the Ikisa Family situation, can say that might as well depends on Kisa to love the clan, Ikisa Family comes is the elites, is the team of Patriarch personally belt, but Purcell Family here comes is some young man, although they have the vitality, however on handling matters, they also lack the experience. In this case, Purcell Family needs is not assuming personal command 9th level Expert, but is a calm and steady environment, can let the environment of their feel relieved show. After Golden Island here, Zhao Hai to the place that Ryan they have arranged sitting, then asked Ryan their meaning, looked that they are think to do business, wants to help Buda Family manage Golden Island in here. Naturally, Zhao Hai was unable to them the too high duty, but lets them as an ordinary office worker, accumulates some experiences. If they want to do business, Zhao Hai can arrange the place to them. Ryan is also a very intelligent person, especially now her the decision can affect the Purcell Family future, although Ryan has not said that but her understand, Purcell Family can escape opportunity of this tribulation to be very small, they might are Purcell Family remaining Fire Seed/Allspark. Because has such idea, therefore Ryan no matter now does the matter, after thinking, Ryan really somewhat admires Zhao Hai now, the Buda Family initially situation, may compared with them now might as well, be Zhao Hai actually in short one year, came to change Buda Family greatly, this was too astonishing. Ryan thinks, in these people with Clan discussed that finally has decided that making several old, does business on the island, such Purcell Family had fixed receiving, moreover some years imaginary are quite small, do not have what experience, do to help Buda Family handle something on the island, study a study experience. Zhao Hai to approves of regarding Ryan such procedure very much, in the a batch person who Purcell Family comes, the part has the management experience, in Clan, has handled the matters of some conduct business, therefore makes them do business is the best choice \; first, can exercise them, two on are can make money for Purcell Family.

But these years are imaginary small, although they were elected carefully by Clan, but they do not have what experience, needs to study, at this time, making them study to experience on the island, was the most correct choice. Zhao Hai immediately they arranged to Ryan, simultaneously Zhao Hai also gave Ryan them to approve the a piece place, and has constructed the house to them, this was also the request of Ryan, she does not want always to live in the naval base. Ryan their appears , quick in the person by island was known, these people regarding Purcell Family and Buda Family matter also have some understanding, therefore saw Purcell Family person appears on Golden Island on understand is any meaning. On Continent all Noble almost such will do like Purcell Family, in meeting anything has not been possible for the matter period of five days of matter, will deliver to the safe place some elite juniors in Clan, can be Clan preserves Fire Seed/Allspark, perhaps one day can burn. But where does not have more appropriate than Golden Island here, Purcell Family and Buda Family have the friendship, in Golden Island here, Buda Family will look after Purcell Family, moreover by the Buda Family present strength, simply is impossible to have a liking for the Purcell Family property and so on thing, therefore Purcell Family in Golden Island here show that not only can feel at ease, because Golden Island here trade very reaches, perhaps they can also unfold is very good. But after Zhao Hai arranged these, in managing Ryan they, the Golden Island here commercial atmosphere was very good, little appears swindler and so on, because in Golden Island here, that was explicitly bans, if you have deceived thing of other people, Buda Family will govern your crime, moreover forever did not make you do business on Golden Island. Ryan their present although are the new people, but the people on island also know that they with Buda Family relationship, naturally do not dare them to be what kind. No matter Zhao Hai independently Ryan they have the reason, does not pass through the wind and rain, they can never grow up, if everything his appears helps them level, these people in that Purcell Family, will not have prospects. Now Zhao Hai must do was the pass/test pays attention to the Purcell Duchy there situation, Purcell Duchy there small Noble was almost exposed, their Clan these branches of dividing, walked now, was the order of Evan, making them go to Golden Island to help Ryan they go, kept Purcell Duchy here, be only the Purcell Family directly-related family member and army, entire Purcell Duchy one turned into the dead city probably, almost could not see who. Zhao Hai regarding this situation also very helpless, but he does not have the means that in Purcell Duchy all around Noble domain has the massive armies, but does not have soldier steps into Purcell Duchy one step, this lets Zhao Hai is the atmosphere not bears. In the Zhao Hai plan , in Space has appreciated Purcell Duchy, suddenly Kun transmits information, Rosen Empire King looks for Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback return to Carson City.

Zhao Hai although don’t know is any matter, but he also knows, if not the specially important matter, King will not look his, therefore returned to of his immediately from Space Carson City, to castle. Castle there although he has not kept who, but the there actually has plenty servant, cleans is very good, Zhao Hai returned to the castle has rested, next day sits horse carriage to go to Carson City. Zhao Hai to the Rosen Empire imperial palace, directly welcome to King study room, his status, but the King son-in-law, naturally must treat specially. To study room, King was sitting in the there look at document, on Zhao Hai busy moving forward ritual said : has seen the father-in-law.” King looked up Zhao Hai said : to come, sat.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, sat the one side, King has also put down document look at Zhao Hai said : to hear that you were good with Beastman Race relationship?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I in Tauren Clan with Beastman Race, Dog Clan, some Black Bear Clan friendship, am can pass with Wolf Clan relationship.” Did King nod said : that you to know don’t know this Beastman Race to attack the Continent genuine point?” Zhao Hai stares, said : father-in-law aren't you know? Beastman Race is because Radiant Church broke their grain, therefore they will hit?” King frowns said : „, only then such a point?” Zhao Hai smiles were too many, Beastman Race that said : father-in-law you thinks is actually very easy getting along with, if this time were not Radiant Church broke their grain, created on Prairie the big area grain shortage, they will not be light the outbreak of war, therefore you did not need to be worried.” King sighed said : I to have no alternative but to be worried that I heard, this Beastman Race came the attack army population to be many, if they extinguished Aksu Empire, finally projected on Rosen Empire to come, our losses were big.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : father-in-law, you think were too many, Aksu Empire is not good to hit, said it, has the lifeline canyon, Beastman Race is to hit not to be easy, but I to have an idea, the father-in-law, we can remain some present multi- village grain, Beastman Race are attacking, nothing because of grain, if they really Aksu Empire extinguishing, us so long as withstands their attacks some time, when the time comes in fair price sold to their grain, they can retreat.” Did King knit the brows said : as the matter stands not to look like Beastman Race to admit defeat?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is only temporary, said it, but may also not appears this situation, we store grains now, after the war ended, because of Aksu Empire by attack, produce was destroyed, after the war ended, the grain share meets appears to fluctuate, even if not affect our Rosen Empire, when the time comes we sell out the village good grain, that is also the money income.” King look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : your youngster is a madness for money, he he, but you said to is good, some village grain do not have the fault, was good, this year the matter you did not need to manage, but I hope that you had the opportunity words, many contacted with the Beastman Race person, had a look at their low lines in there, can not make them roast the flames of war to our here, that was best.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, father-in-law, my understand.” King nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : „are you what kind of Lizzy relationship? Why after having married, hasn't she come back to visit me? tomorrow delivers her, I had a look at you to bully her, if you dare to bully her, I could not forgive you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, bows said : is, the father-in-law asked feel relieved, tomorrow to make Lizzy come back on me, but her present matter is also very busy, did don’t know have the time.” King snort|hum said : I no matter she does have the time, tomorrow you must deliver him.” Zhao Hai must not bear has complied with one, he has not lain, now Lizzy they truly are very busy, had too many matters to process, but the King words, he did not dare, since.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)