Chapter 540 big chess( sought subscription)

Zhao Hai in recent time is mainly is paying attention to Purcell Duchy there, naturally, he will not have let off Aksu Empire there. Now Aksu Empire there came many Radiant Church people, moreover Zhao Hai saw, Aksu Empire original that small King died, now sits Boris in throne, but Radiant Church these people can say already control entire Aksu Empire. This situation although in expected of Zhao Hai, but also stems from his unexpected, he thinks that the Radiant Church person, no matter how does, will keep a Aksu Empire King life, making him work as a puppet to be also good, has not actually thought they do certainly, directly King killing. Zhao Hai paid attention to their several days, this Purcell Duchy there situation, is they make intentionally, they must enable Beastman capturing easily to arrive at Purcell Duchy, then other people press in army, eliminates Beastman in Purcell Duchy there. They must look like the people on Continent to demonstrate, their Radiant Church can also go to war, can rule a country. Besides setting up prestige, they can also the elimination of open and aboveboard to Purcell Family this scourge, but can also severely wounded Beastman, when the time comes their Radiant Church reputation at the height of power, they do missionary work on Continent also convenient. Their ambitions are very big, plan is also very good, but they had underestimated Zhao Hai ability, they are impossible to know that Zhao Hai knew their complete plan. Rosen Empire also plans to support Aksu Empire, has not actually thought that Aksu Empire has not thought most from the beginning makes them support, they want independent repelling Beastman, is used for the vertical prestige. After Zhao Hai knows these, naturally will not be Rosen Empire will be worried, but he to was some are Beastman Race was worried now, but Beastman Race has not attacked now, after he prepared and other Beastman Race to attack, he in reminds other people. This Radiant Church to cope with Beastman Race, can many means that although ran in the present Purcell Duchy person, but Radiant Church sent some Expert to ambush, these people to not kill many Beastman, but was on them is bringing Potion, this Potion was one type of poison, can poison the person, even if were the medicine undead person, can make the person whole body feel weak, lost the ability of resistance, this was Radiant Church is used to cope with Beastman trump card. From these people's talks, Zhao Hai knew, the plan of Radiant Church carried on was not a day or two, from old King also living time they started to carry on this to plan, destroyed completely Buda Family is only part in plan, but they have not thought most from the beginning destroyed completely Purcell Family, but Zhao Hai was too afterward big to their threats, but Purcell Family with was also too near, therefore Radiant Church that Zhao Hai walked will change under one to plan, wanted to destroy completely Purcell Family. But these medicinal powder, are observation Beastman of these Human Race Merchant long time after Beastman Prairie, is manufacturing after Radiant Church long time research. Zhao Hai also knows from these people's talks, words that this medicine alone takes, is toxicity does not have, he must have with another one type of medicine together use, but for today's plan, Radiant Church lets their control these Human Race Merchant, in these years sold to the Beastman Race grain, intoxicated, this type of toxin can have the response the one type of medicine with this medicine in addition, but that medicine alone taking is also not what harm, only then at the same time these two medicines will use will have the harm.

Radiant Church such does not have means that must know that now Beastman Race will march to go to war will be bringing Witch Doctor, when a place, the water that they will eat must pass through these Witch Doctor to be simple, after the determination will not have the toxin can take, but reason that will create this result, before because in a fight, Human Race has used poison, making Beastman Race eat one time in a big way to owe, therefore Beastman Race will have custom like this. although now Radiant Church is impossible to achieve, making these Beastman simultaneous two medicines both eats, but do not forget, these years they have made Beastman take the one type of medicine, the time grew, this medicine within the body massive stacks in Beastman Race, so long as when the time comes Beastman Race is eating up another one type of medicine, that certainly will have the response, even if cannot kill by poison them directly, will make their fighting strength pelt, such Radiant Church on can Great Radiant carried on to slaughter to many Beastman! The plan of Radiant Church is nothing less than toxin, the plan that for control Empire, they even carry on this kind of more than ten years ago started, this was too scary. In this plan, Aksu Empire, Beastman, Rosen Empire, these are chess piece on Radiant Church checkerboard, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, the Zhao Hai appears words, now Radiant Church does is certainly better than the present. To be honest, although is a match, but Zhao Hai very admires regarding Radiant Church, if Radiant Church does not have a grudge with him, he also really thinks join Radiant Church. This is one to achieve point resorts to all means that has the patience, the plucky association, no wonder they can within the short time, become one of the powerful organizations on Continent knowing how things stand, because they continuously diligently is making all. From the Zhao Hai perspective, Radiant Church these are evil, but from the Radiant Church perspective, is actually not, looks like in Radiant Church these people, these that they make should be, what they eliminate is own enemy, they for the Radiant Church future. What what a pity is, now they are the enemies, therefore although he appreciates Radiant Church, actually must destroy their this motions, otherwise first bad luck is he. After knowing these, Zhao Hai is also making the preparation, he has gotten so far as some Radiant Church that two types of medicinal powder secretly, then brought Iron Mountain Fort there, has given the Junichi mother, making her help research. Junichi mother Su Ju, originally is one with poisonous Expert, in Iron Mountain Fort there, she has studied these thing, now her used the poisonous level to be very good. After her minute of board, already present this two poison ingredient, these two medicines separate to eat truly do not have the issue, but one but also uses, is one type of deadly poison. After using the fluid of life has tried, Su Ju present, the fluid of life has the antidote effect regarding this poison although, but effective is not quick, needs some time, if in normally, when also waited, but if in the battlefield, can want the human life these days. Finally Zhao Hai has thought means that these two medicines mix, in the together mixture has attained in Space, Zhao Hai brought poisonous thing to Space, Space can analyze toxin, then automatic production antidote, he hopes that this Space will not disappoint him.

Space has not disappointed him, Space has truly withdrawn toxin, strengthened Space toxin, outside also made in Spatial Water produce this toxin antibody, Zhao Hai has attained Spatial Water makes Su Ju carry on research, after Su Ju research presently, present Spatial Water is truly effective to this medicine, moreover very effective. What what a pity is, they do not have the microscope now, is impossible to look at the complete ingredients in these medicines, is more impossible to analyze the ingredient in Spatial Water, therefore did not have means to manufacture antidote. Regarding such result, Zhao Hai although has some disappointments, actually also accepted, no matter what, the poison matter has been solved now, on equal to Radiant Church biggest trump card blocking, Radiant Church in has wanted to successfully conduct their plan, some difficulties. Naturally, Radiant Church is also not entire relying on this poison, they also built up massive Expert, in all armies Aksu Empire gathered, they must lean the strength and a Beastman war nation, but regarding lifeline there, they almost did not put the garrison troops! The Radiant Church person thinks very clear, Beastman Race must attack Aksu Empire time, if Rosen Empire dares seize the opportunity to invade Aksu Empire, that certainly will become the entire Human Race enemy, therefore they simply gave up to the lifeline canyon there guard, moved to cope with Beastman Race all military strength. In order to cope with Beastman Race, they have even prepared a fleet, the fleet of this only expedition only then a point, delivers to the Beastman Prairie interior a equipment excellent army, making them go to the Beastman Prairie interior to destroy, forces Beastman Race retreat, so long as they can depend upon their strength, repels the attack of Beastman Race, that Radiant Church has won, no matter Beastman Race or Rosen Empire were lose. Generally like big shape fight, 9th level Expert will not participate, main body or 8th level of Expert fight, because one, but 9th level Expert participates came, not only that a battlefield was so simple, then regarding entire Continent is a catastrophe, may cause other races, when the time comes was the fight of entire Continent. Zhao Hai has not thought that really can be this, he looks at normally, no matter that Clan, so long as has 9th level Expert to exist, one, but Clan comes across the matter that anything could not solve, 9th level Expert will jump, then like the war, 9th level Expert certain meeting all over the sky randomly flies, but has not actually thought that such war, simply does not have the 9th level Expert anything matter, entire of depending on is under strength. However Zhao Hai changed mind one to want also on understand, in Ark Continent here, 9th level looked like the nuclear bomb is the same, may not use easily, Clan compelling the dead angle, they will not have made 9th level Expert come out to go all out, you saw that two countries to make war on Earth, comes up to use a nuclear bomb correlation, that was impossible. Zhao Hai regarding this procedure, to very approves, 9th level Expert on Continent cannot move this to be best lightly, because the 9th level Expert strength was too strong, the ordinary soldier is in their eyes different from the ant, if 9th level Expert kills these ordinary soldiers, fears is in at any time, can solve 1800 people, if makes these 9th level Expert also participate in the war, feared that will be post-war casualties big increase. Radiant Church regarding this time war, the preparation is very full, they were already waiting for this war, preparation naturally very comprehensive. But is opposite with Radiant Church, Beastman Race this preparation actually not that full, they can say that accepts battle in haste completely, this time war, regarding Beastman is very disadvantageous. Beastman Race also knows this point, but this weaponry they actually have to hit, for in can let the grain that they survive, this weaponry, they do not want to hit must hit.

However their don’t know, this weaponry, from is Radiant Church makes them hit most from the beginning, their every step almost in planning of Radiant Church. If Zhao Hai appears , that Beastman Race this time cannot defeat, they will lose massive youngster, moreover faces is lacking the grain the predicament, when the time comes Radiant Church is lighting a fire in the one side, Beastman Race possibly henceforth faints dispiritedly. Radiant Church in the next very big chess, they considered that the aspects, only have not actually thought Zhao Hai appears , Zhao Hai appears has disrupted their plan, they have regarded disturbing chess piece Zhao Hai, when their handle extended the past time present, this was actually the thorn ball. Through monitoring Radiant Church in Aksu Empire these people, Zhao Hai knew the Radiant Church general plan, these time comes Aksu Empire here to sit the Radiant Church highest leadership, is next to Pontiff Red-clothes Archbishop, but this person, is one leaves the person with Zhao Hai, he is the Lindsey Becker father, in Radiant Church most has of Lundi Becker power and influence Red-clothes Archbishop! initially Lindsey Becker wants attack Zhao Hai, finally was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, he also obtained non-directional Transmission scroll from the body of Lindsey Becker, that motion of initially is intent that Lundi Becker receives, has not actually thought that this made him lose his son, therefore he and Zhao Hai Qiu Keda between. However Zhao Hai also has to recognize, this Looney really be a very fierce character, initially Radiant Church, when makes this plan, he is one of the important participants, afterward this plan under his promotion, bit by bit carries on the present, can say that this absolutely is a fierce character. Radiant Church to this time motion attach great importance to, will otherwise not send Red-clothes Archbishop to come Aksu Empire to assume personal command, reason that only sends Red-clothes Archbishop, to let Looney's command(er) smooth, in Radiant Church, that several Red-clothes Archbishop are also not that harmonious, person who if sends were many, phenomenon that possibly appears will wrangle mutually, therefore this time Radiant Church on gave Looney to process all matters, this also full demonstration Looney's status in Radiant Church. Naturally, if this time matter were defeated, the responsibility also naturally is Looney, this Red-clothes Archbishop also worked as to the end. These arrangement of Zhao Hai static look at Radiant Church, he knows that he from chess piece of long thorn, turned into an observer now, he needs is opportunity, a person can destroy opportunity of Radiant Church overall scheme, but this opportunity, is not far!( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)