Chapter 541 Iron Wall Fortress( sought subscription) Zhao Hai although knows many matters, but these matters he actually cannot tell others that does not have the means that he does not have the means to explain that to these people he is similar to presently these matters. However Zhao Hai has been ready, this Beastman attack was exceedingly good opportunity, Radiant Church has made the completely safe arrangement, but they will not have this observer continuously in one side look at, looked at their entire plan clearly. If Beastman Race this time does not attack Human Race for the grain, Zhao Hai will certainly help Purcell Family block the attack of Beastman Race, but this Beastman Race goes all out for own survival, now therefore Zhao Hai does looked on. The attack of Beastman Race comes in time, enormous and powerful army has arrived at outside Iron Wall Fortress, the Beastman Race special-purpose tent gave to block from Prairie. But the Purcell Family person has not actually given up, they evaded fortress here to build up the massive military strength in the iron, prepared to deal a head-on blow to Beastman. Now Purcell Family has not been thinking other reason that they have not escaped, has not given up, what is only the Noble honor. Noble is very special community, they were born be higher than commoner, but can enjoy commoner not to have good thing that the means enjoy for a lifetime, they can have the privilege that commoner envies, but similarly, they have commoner also no being responsible for with the sense of honor. The Purcell Family present knows that their this time cannot escape by luck, most from the beginning opposed that with elder understand that Buda Family cooperates, the reason that now they keep only then, fights for the Purcell Family honor! Fights for the honor, this looks like probably very laughable, however looks like in Noble, this is not laughable, did not have Noble of honor, cannot be called Noble, this is Ark Continent here spreads very broad a few words. Noble, when facing enemy, if moves forward to meet somebody, finally died in battle, he will also win the respect, even his Clan will also be respected, but if you did not fight to run away, that entire Clan will be despised, that left the decline not to be far. Therefore Noble regards as the life and death the honor, but now Purcell Family prepares to go all out with Beastman Race, they are drain off weep blood finally, must defend their homelands.

But for this time war, Purcell Family has made the completely safe preparation, their although made Ryan have in the family the majority of money, but thousand Nian Clan clans, were the family property are also only many, when they disbanded the people in Purcell Duchy, they gave these potencies in a Purcell Family soldier family member very rich family settlement fee, these money have bought the lives of these soldiers on equal to actually. In adding on Purcell Family is also thousand Nian Clan clans, although said that they are not on Continent the topest thousand Nian Clan clans, but do not forget, their control a duchy, these soldiers in this country, are almost looking like their Clan children of domestic slaves have been same, to the Purcell Family absolute loyalty, in this case, the Purcell Family strength, is anybody does not dare underestimated. The entire Continent vision centralized to Iron Wall Fortress here, the war between people's on Continent regarding Human Race and Beastman Race was not strange, but the wars between first two clans, can capture the attention of many person. But the reasons of this attraction numerous vision are Purcell Family, now the discerning people on Continent look, Aksu Empire was wants to give up Purcell Family, otherwise they will not do. Moreover Rosen Empire and Calci Family their there these rumor also suitable time passed on, in adding on the help of Buda Family and Shelly Family, the person on entire Continent one on understand, why Aksu Empire will do. These Noble on Continent are not the fools, looks at Radiant Church in the Aksu Empire appearance, these people have believed the Buda Family words, flickered one of the time these Great Clan attention to the Radiant Church to mention high. Great Clan of some other countries regarding Radiant Church are not attach great importance to, in their opinion, but is a church, but some big doing use, but presently this rumor passes on, they actually have to attach great importance , a country such was given to occupy by Radiant Church, that also has anything is they cannot do. Therefore these person of relationship Purcell Duchy here on Continent and because, not only this is the wars between a piece two races, they also want to take a look at the response of Radiant Church. This truth, response of Radiant Church, these Great Clan on Continent very disappointed, this time war is not wars between two Clan, but is wars between two races, in this war, no matter Radiant Church because of anything, they should request reinforcements Purcell Family, after all Purcell Family is also a Human Race member. But Radiant Church actually chose had sacrificed Purcell Family, these Noble may, no matter Radiant Church considered stemming from anything that they only know, Radiant Church gave up Purcell Family. In the vision of all people concentrate when Purcell Duchy here, Zhao Hai actually arrived at Tauren Clan large camp, Tauren Clan in this time war, has not really requested the prepeak the position, but requested specially a Rear Army position, is mainly responsible for look at these Argali, delivers the grain to the front army.

Tauren Clan in Beastman Race although is not a force race, however their strengths are not bad, in beforehand war they display very Cai'er, this time war their suddenly requested this kind of duty, this has truly stemmed from the anticipation of these Beastman. However Beastman Race also knows that Ox-head has sprung up in a throng any matter, therefore they also understand Tauren Clan, moreover Tauren Clan this time matter, Radiant Church selects, in adding on them present Radiant Church will also snatch some Beastman Race children, then them ***, making them cope with Beastman Race, is only this matter has the great merit to Beastman Race, therefore these races have not looked down upon Tauren Clan, conversely, they to Tauren Clan feeling, they also specially investigated thoroughly an under own tribe, look has a Beastman Race this spy. Also let alone, these tribe, have found out a 1 or 2 spy, especially these big tribes, are so, they have found out several spies from their tribe, this made these big tribes get angry thoroughly, their present goals only then , to a Radiant Church lesson, therefore they have not been angry because of Tauren Clan retreat, conversely, they to Tauren Clan feeling, now Tauren Clan already with Black Bear Clan, relationship that draws in Tiger clansman. Draws in relationship with big War Clan like this, regarding Tauren Clan such nationality, the advantage is very big, the advantage that therefore Tauren Clan these time obtains but are many. Ten points free and unfettered that therefore now the Wales day passes, he is only Rear Army, moreover by looking at commodity give priority to, almost does not have what fight duty, however eats is in the entire army is best, now Wales present, originally makes Rear Army is such cost-effective matter. Naturally, this is also only in his opinion, looks like in other Beastman Race, makes Rear Army not to be good, although in the fight, Rear Army is most relaxed, when the post-war minute of spoils of war, Rear Army actually most suffers a loss, because they divide the spoils of war that arrives at are almost minimum. However Wales does not care about these, has Zhao Hai, he did not worry to these matter simply, now Tauren Clan needs rests and builds up strength. Therefore Zhao Hai arrives at Tauren Clan here, the this situation of seeing, the Tauren Clan fight race by Hercules Tauren Clan, several other fights race give priority to, but the here surface Hercules Tauren Clan person is most familiar with Zhao Hai, but the Zhao Hai most from the beginning appears place, is Tauren Clan large camp outside, some Tauren Clan people, do not know Zhao Hai, they also very anxious. However the Hercules Tauren Clan person has not known Zhao Hai, they regarding Zhao Hai very enthusiastic, therefore Zhao Hai arrived at Hercules Tauren Clan camp quickly, by please come in Wales tent. Beastman Race although very likes drinking, but they in going to battle, actually little drink, therefore Wales immediately has offered the tea with milk to Zhao Hai. Wales look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, how you ran up to this to come at this time, this to you was really too dangerous, if by Human Race present, you later did not use in Human Race mix.”

although said that Wales has not contacted Human Race, but he Human Race style very found that his very clear, if makes the Human Race person know that Zhao Hai looks for him today, that later Zhao Hai has become in Human Race there street Old Mouse. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Big Brother not to need to worry, my this time guarantees nobody to see that this time I look for Big Brother, the matters of some relationship this wars must you say to Big Brother.” Wales nodded, he to Zhao Hai is the absolute trust, he believes that Zhao Hai will not deceive him, therefore he nodded, static is listening to the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai to Wales said the situation that he knew, including the poison matter, light the plan of church wait / etc., said, Zhao Hai to Wales said : Big Brother, the attack of this Beastman Race, completely in expected of Radiant Church, their points must make Beastman Race attack, then they repelled Beastman Race, oneself set up the prestige at the same time, Beastman Race thorough defeat.” said : that Wales some cannot believe you were said that Radiant Church must sacrifice Purcell Family, then the poison in Purcell Duchy coped with us? This was too scary.” Zhao Hai has put out a water bag, has given Wales said : Big Brother, you make Witch Doctor have a look at the water in this water bag, then you are finding the person to drink this water to give a try, knows Radiant Church was carrying on this to plan.” Zhao Hai very clear, you said anything, was inferior that a fact comes to be convincing, before he looks for Wales, has prepared that bag of water, in that bag of water has put Radiant Church to poison that Beastman prepares, Hercules Tauren Clan, is the Radiant Church key prescribing medicine object.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)