Chapter 542 Beast King( sought subscription) Radiant Church such does also not bears, actually initially they cope with Hercules Tauren Clan, prepares for this day, they want to tidy up Hercules Tauren Clan with the Bull clan, then in making the Bull clan Rear Army, at war, in giving Beastman Race comes on behind, then with poison together, on a double insurance, has coped with Beastman Race to have confidence. But they have not thought that Zhao Hai appears made their plans fail, but well before they, when prescribed medicine to Beastman Race, has not let off Hercules Tauren Clan, therefore their plan also possibly is conducted now. Actually the cooperation of Radiant Church with Bull clan, simply has not settled the good intention, their although wants to cope with Beastman with the Bull clan, but they have not thought must let off the Bull clan, no matter the Bull clan or Hercules Tauren Clan, were prescribed medicine by them. Wales not polite, received the water bag, made the person look for Witch Doctor directly, then made this Witch Doctor look at the water in this water bag, the answer that Witch Doctor gave naturally did not have the issue. But Zhao Hai sees this Witch Doctor time, feels very curious, this Witch Doctor is water Ox clansman, Water Buffalo Clan is easiest Prophet and Witch Doctor also has the Shaman race. Wales one hear of Witch Doctor said that the water in bag did not have the issue, immediately to look for a Hercules Tauren Clan soldier, making him drink the water in this bag, that soldier although don’t know why, but heard has drunk, although he has only drunk one, however after putting down the water bag was less than one minute, he been poisoned fell to the ground softly, although had not been killed by poison directly, actually completely lost the ability of fight. Zhao Hai immediately put out one cup of Spatial Water to come that person rescuing to awake, then Zhao Hai let the person who Tauren Clan these time came, drank one such water, Wales naturally will not have opposed, he not only had not opposed, opposite returning completely support, when Zhao Hai let Tauren Clan these people drank water, he took that water bag to look for Dog Clan. Like this matter is also a race race come to well, if Zhao Hai looks for Tiger clansman and Lion Race person directly, they will not believe mostly. Zhao Hai has not looked for Dog Clan with Wales together, although he is also very good with relationship of dog head person, but he must feed the water to Tauren Clan now, this matter enabled Wales to be OK. Dog Clan after is hearing the Wales words, was startled, their immediately looked for Mastiff Race to experiment, finally was the same with Tauren Clan, naturally, Wales also brought one bag of Zhao Hai to give his Spatial Water, that Mastiff Race soldier rescuing. However to insure, Buzeer looked for -and-a-half Beastman Race slaves, making him drink one poisonous water, a result that half Beastman Race slave matter did not have.

Half Beastman Race slave, the status in Beastman Race is not high, they are not Main Battle Race, they their poison waste on the body of half Beastman Race, therefore most Beastman Race Slave Race will not have to be excessively poisonous. After this experiment, Buzeer believes finally the Beastman Race majority of races were poisoned, his immediately sent for inviting Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai here has also put out enough much water, let Hercules Tauren Clan person look at these Beastman Race, making them drink these water. Status of Hercules Tauren Clan in Tauren Clan is very high, these Tauren Clan regarding Hercules Tauren Clan being convinced, let alone was makes them drink the next water, even if were makes them drink to soak the urine to fear that will be they will agree. Zhao Hai after the person arrived at Dog Clan, immediately the matter to Buzeer says, then took appear out of the water(water outlet) to give these dog head people to drink, after drinking launching, these person of dog head people have tried, was drinking that bag poisonous water, nobody in poisoned. Buzeer regarding this matter attach great importance to, his very clear, if Radiant Church copes with Beastman Race with this move, but that Beastman Race suffers a loss. Buzeer immediately took the bag also to have Zhao Hai together to go to Bear Clan with Wales, Dog Clan could not speak with these big War Clan, but Bear Clan was different, Bear Clan was in itself big War Clan, they spoke in Beastman Race have the component very much, therefore Buzeer looked for Bear Clan. Bear Clan Patriarch these time leads personally, for these years day of Black Bear Clan in Beastman Race did not feel better, after Human Race has deceived, they had not recovered consciousness, therefore now their status in big War Clan , some crises. However Black Bear Clan fighting strength is placed in there, words that but they go all out, even if Tiger clansman and Lion Race person also has to make concessions, therefore also nobody dares to annoy Black Bear Clan now. information that this low-quality cloth Zelle brings, Black Bear Clan long also very attaches great importance, after asking Buzeer, knows that this information is Zhao Hai brings, Black Bear Clan long immediately has believed that he believes that Zhao Hai will not deceive their, said it, in these time delivers in the information process, Zhao Hai is an advantage has not obtained, he may not need to deceive them. Black Bear Clan long immediately told Tiger Race this matter, to Lion Race, Black Bear Clan is better with Tiger Race relationship, but alliance leader of present Beastman alliance is also Tiger clansman. Tiger Race to this matter also attach great importance to, information that because Zhao Hai brings, directly on relationship to the results of their this war, therefore their immediately made the Black Bear Clan person invite Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also knows that can be this result, but he has made some camouflages, most at least he own appearance changing, now he looks like the physical age is older, looks like has over 30 years old fully. This time is Beastman Race acts in unison, therefore the big wide leaf of entire Beastman Race, has golden big tent, is Tiger clansman golden big tent. Zhao Hai entered golden big tent with a Tiger clansman soldier, his first time such short distance sees the Tiger clansman soldier, Tiger clansman soldier really very formidable, each height in three meters about five, an eye can probably attract the soul of person. Zhao Hai knows that Tiger clansman has one type of innate skill, this innate skill called the fright eye, this innate skill was Tiger clansman unique, but the Lion Race person also had own innate skill, their innate skill called to seize the soul roar. This is also these two races can become Beastman Race Royal Family relationship, their this innate skill truly are other Beastman Race has not managed Law Idol is right, especially Tiger Clan the fright eye, this innate skill very astonishing, so long as their look at person time, that person will feel fearful and apprehensive, if they with that person four items relative, that person might the soul for seize, moving that will frighten very much does not move. But lion Human Race that seizes the soul roar, compared with Tiger Clan the fright eye, was bad much, their innate skill, when the first use effective, after using, the effect will miss. Moreover lion Human Race fighting strength, compared with Tiger clansman, has missed a point, Tiger clansman beast relative also wants compared with Lion Race person beast relative fiercely, therefore Tiger clansman must press a Lion Race person head obviously. That Tiger clansman after gazing at Zhao Hai this meeting, cannot help but feels somewhat surprisedly, Zhao Hai under his gaze, does not have any unusual performance, this makes that Tiger clansman feel very curious. After Zhao Hai entered big tent, presently in this big tent arrived at many Beastman Race Patriarch, he knows is Wales, Buzeer, Wolf Clan is long, Black Bear Clan is long, Beastman Race Patriarch that but also has plenty he does not know, but sits on the seat of honor, is Tiger clansman. This Tiger clansman looked like old, the wool on his face had some were white, but this made him increase several Sang Canggan, Zhao Hai saw this Tiger clansman time, suddenly has remembered a few words at heart, the tiger old strong wind in! This Tiger clansman gives his feeling is this. After Zhao Hai Tiger clansman Patriarch salutes, to other saluting, knew that the Zhao Hai person, to his very polite, did not know his person, to does not have no dislike to him, after all Black Bear Clan said steadily, Zhao Hai is the Magic Lily Store boss, attracting gravitational force of this status to these Beastman Race is very big.

Tiger Clan Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai some little time, suddenly smiles said : young man, how you can believe words that you spoke?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : respect Beast King, do I hold true by deceiving you? I and Radiant Church have the big enmity, the enmity of life and death, but I am Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, if I harm Beastman Race now, is helping Radiant Church on equal to, that must look for trouble for oneself, I believe that this will be any person will not do.” Beastman Race alliance leader although is not fixed, but each, no matter what Beastman Race alliance leader, will be called Beast King, therefore Zhao Hai such called not to call wrong. Beast King look at Zhao Hai said : you were said that our attacks, in planning of Radiant Church, they had intoxicated in Purcell Duchy underwater completely, on we?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, time very long that Radiant Church this plan uses, they now were not willingly when only taught, they wanted a control country, established one to teach the country, Aksu Empire was, Beast King Your Majesty that they chose can imagine is the same, if Radiant Church real control Aksu Empire, then has cut off passage between Human Race and Beastman Race on equal to, later Human Race Merchant in wants toward on Beastman Prairie transported the grain to be difficult, said that the sentence was not of pleasant to hear, when the time comes they almost can the control Beastman Race life and death.” Beast King complexion has not changed, but complexion of other people actually change, their very clear, one, but lets Radiant Church control Aksu Empire, means anything regarding Beastman Race, from this point, Zhao Hai has not deceived them. Zhao Hai then said : this matter to our influence also same big, one, but Radiant Church successful has repelled Beastman Race, their momenta at the height of power, will unable to be finding to contend with their strengths on Continent, but I as their enemies, first bad luck is I.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)