Chapter 543 arranges( sought subscription) Beast King stares at Zhao Hai said : „you are being Human Race, did you such do are not the back have sentenced your race?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Your Majesty to speak discreetly, what my this time must cope was only Radiant Church, moreover was different from other Human Race in me, in my opinion, Beastman Race was the same with Human Race, everyone/Great Clan was the intelligent race on Continent, I did not think that Beastman Race was worse than Human Race, did not think that Human Race was worse than Beastman Race, I think that everyone/Great Clan was equal, told the sentence truth to Beast King, if Beastman Race these time because of settling on the Human Race domain, but invaded Human Race, was I with Tauren Foreign Crown Prince, I will also prevent Beastman Race such to do, similarly, Beastman Race now is for own. The survival fights, but you fell into Radiant Church trap now, I cannot sit by and do nothing, no matter what, I am also Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, is half Beastman.” Beast King and Beastman Race other Patriarch, somewhat accidental look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will reply like this, this answer in their expected, stems from their unexpected. Especially Zhao Hai said that if Beastman Race because of settling on the Human Race domain invades Human Race, he can leave prevents, not only Beastman Race Patriarch, Wales somewhat is accidental. Beast King look at Zhao Hai, suddenly laughs, his sound very low sinks, felt that resembles the roar to come, very sincere, inspires the tent to shiver. Some little time Beast King has anchored the laughter, his look at Zhao Hai said : good, young man, you are the Beastman Race genuine friend, I believe you, very heavy of the information that you bring regarding us wants, below you can for our Detoxification.” Zhao Hai to has not thought of Beast King unexpectedly such refreshedly, but he nodded, then has put out a canteen, in everyone to room but actually one water, after the look at people drank, Zhao Hai said : asks Your Majesty to order, making them prepare the wooden barrel, my immediately delivered Detoxification, only then you have drunk my Detoxification, will not have the issue.” Beast King nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : young man, when the war had ended, if you also arrive at Beastman Prairie to come, do not forget to seat guests to our great Tiger Race, but our great Tiger Race anything lacks, no matter you brought any thing, we will accept.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to obtain the recognition of Your Majesty, is my being honored, I certainly go when the time comes, invite Your Majesty feel relieved.” Beast King nodded, beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai then leave golden big tent, waited for Zhao Hai to walk, Beast King turns the head look at Wales said : Wales Patriarch, said Zhao Hai that you understand, he will say like him does?” Wales not hesitant nod said : meeting, Little Hai is not the ordinary person, he lives up to one's words, never spoke the lie empty talk, he is different from Human Race, I from first time with he contacts know that he does not have point looking down upon Beastman Race, most from the beginning he obtains is not our Tauren Clan Friendship flag, but is Friendship flag of Big bellied Pig Race person tribe, I also send for checked afterward, that Friendship flag truly is a that tribe actively gives Little Hai, moreover he badly meets indignation very to our Beastman Race now, therefore he will help us.” Beast King nodded, turns the head to look at Buzeer said : Dog Clan to be long, you said.”

Buzeer nodded said : I to agree that view of Wales, Little Hai this person is very good, in fact, if he must deceive us, our simply is impossible to know that this matter has relationship with Radiant Church.” Has not waited for Beast King to speak, Wolf Clan Patriarch on deep voice said : I also thinks that this Zhao Hai is the person who can believe that he is different from general Human Race, this point I from first day with he contacted on present, otherwise our Wolf Race person will not trade with him.” Black Bear Clan long also connection said : I believe that Little Hai will not deceive us, I think that now is most important, immediately sends for on returned to Prairie, reminded everyone/Great Clan to pay attention to the Human Race fleet, on their this fleet certainly was elite troops, not in the words cannot have anything to do to use, if made such elite troops move in Prairie, regarding the destruction of Prairie be very big.” Beast King nodded said : Hawk Clan Patriarch, immediately/on horseback sends for on Prairie delivering a letter, lets the centralism of these small tribe entering quantities, making these leave seaside near race to get ready for action, momentarily copes with the sea to come the enemy, I do not believe Human Race that these disembarked, but can also be able to compete with our enemy Human Race Cavalry, sending several Prophet to defend to seaside, Human Race will possibly send Magic to come to be able with this motion.” Hawk Clan Patriarch immediately/on horseback has complied with one, he also knows that this is relationship to the entire Beastman Race important matter, cannot be careless, must send the most capable manpower to be good. Beast King then look at people said : under attacks Human Race, Human Race is waiting for us in Purcell Duchy here, this regarding us, is not good information, but actually is also opportunity, Wolf Clan, Beastman Race, Tiger Clan, lion Human Race, leopard Human Race, Dog Clan, but also in hawk Human Race, this several days, I will then arrange other races to carry on attack to Purcell Duchy, but has remembered to me, here is only the deceptive attack, our main offense were not here, these races that I mentioned by name, your Mount sound when running very small, therefore you must use. This several days evening's time, shifts the tribe of own race to the Ikisa Family control domain, now there is not Ikisa Family control, moreover they have arranged the large army in there, the point to let our attack Purcell Duchy, we do exactly the opposite now, your races fighting strength very formidable, must the attack Ikisa Family domain, then immediately/on horseback put on to turn immediately, exploits the victory, so long as Purcell Duchy here that pocket becomes less crowded, Iron Wall Fortress here immediately/on horseback adds strong attack to strike, we also come one to use diversionary tactics, about advances together.” Beastman Race although everyone refuses to accept anyone in normally, especially these big War Clan, their status is almost the equality, even if Beast King does not have the means to order these big War Clan, however in wartime, order of Beast King they unconditional value line. Therefore people immediately/on horseback in tent with one voice should be, has prepared, they were the old shop military, only then Beast King said how to attack, the remaining specific matters did not use too, after all each race had the attack way that oneself liked, this point only then Patriarch of their race was most familiar, Beast King must do, but formulated a general orientation. Waits for these Beastman Race Patriarch leave tents time, has gawked, they presently all Beastman in gulps is drinking anything, but walked them to approach to look, these were actually not the water, but was the liquor. This is also a way that Zhao Hai finds to come out, he has given these Beastman some liquor, will not be the water, Beastman Race will not like drinking water. Just in the tent Zhao Hai has forgotten this point, when he left the tent he to remember, therefore he exchanged in Spatial Water the liquor, making these Beastman drink, this can play the antidote effect similarly, moreover Beastman liking will also drink. After Wales asked Zhao Hai what's the matter, on feel relieved, Beastman Race has not permitted to drink too much liquor in the wartime, but also is not complete prohibiting alcohol, wants to make Beastman not drink, that is almost impossible.

Zhao Hai with Wales returned to the Hercules Tauren Clan tent, after they sat down, Zhao Hai turns the head to look at Wales said : Big Brother, the here matter has completed, I who should say said that I must go back, I cannot keep here too long time.” Wales nodded said : to go back brothers, our here has prepared for the place and ensure makes Radiant Church eat one to owe greatly, if there are if possible, we will certainly put down Aksu Empire, you sweeps clean an enemy for the brothers.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, if is really such on fantastic, but Big Brother you must pay attention, if has swept clean Aksu Empire, Beast King Your Majesty also wants to attack, you best are dissuade, because in the attack was Rosen Empire, I have to become famous, moreover you, if has swept clean Aksu Empire, I will speak of Rosen Empire King, making them carry out the grain transaction of fair price with Beastman Race, this came the war was more cost-effective.” Wales nodded, fierce of actual Beastman Race possible don’t know Zhao Hai, but his impossible don’t know, currently Zhao Hai in hand to have about 1 million Undead Creature army, moreover many are also some Beastman Race, such fighting strength he thinks to be scared. Actually Wales has underestimated Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai in hand was Undead Creature army has only achieved about 1.5 millions, moreover these Undead Creature all equivalent to 8th level Expert. 1.5 millions 8th level Expert? Such army feared that can sweep away entire Human Race Continent, naturally, Zhao Hai has not done, such words he possibly becomes on Continent all races enemies, he does not think own present has the ability with the entire Ark Continent artificial enemy. Zhao Hai look at Wales said : Big Brother, you take care yourself, when the war had ended, I am arriving at Prairie to ask you to drink.” Wales laughs said : well, Brother, I’ll wait for you, I believe that this war will end quickly, so long as let our our Beastman Race attack Aksu Empire, believes that the war leaves the conclusion not to be far.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but he regarding the Wales words, to believes that no matter Radiant Church or Aksu Empire somewhat had underestimated now Beastman Race fighting strength, they think with their plans, can certainly make Beastman Race cherish hatred to end, but Beastman Race knew their plans now, they biggest trump card already, no matter has used, below was the real blade really loose proceed boldly, but such fight, Beastman Race has not feared anyone. Also chatted some time with Wales, Zhao Hai on leave the Beastman Race camp, he walked certainly toward Beastman Prairie, after leave beast *** the camp was not far to enter Space. Laura they in Space, although Laura must handle the Markey Family matter now, but she likes staying in Space, in Space the air is good, moreover very comfortable, they did not certainly give up leave. Was adding on to handle the Markey Family matter in Space here, Laura lived in head Space simply, actually now Zhao Hai is also same, lived in head Space.

Lizzy now returned to the Rosen Empire imperial palace, naturally, that is only the superficial phenomenon, actually her majority of time stay in Space, only then once for a while exiting accompanies old King, old King don’t know, he also thinks certainly that Lizzy has been accompanying him, unbearable of his happy. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura their immediately has encircled, just Zhao Hai in beast *** camp there has done anything, said any they know, after seeing the arrangement of Beast King, Laura they believe that this time war result almost can decide. After how many people sit down, Laura look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, then do we want to see a play? To be honest, I regarding this war, I think that the result did not have what suspense.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, is almost this seeing a play time, Beastman Race such arrangement, Radiant Church could not ask for the advantage, Beastman Race this although has not leaned the strength of entire clan to attack, but their this coming out may all be the elite, the point that their these time comes to only uses one, has a Human Race lesson to Radiant Church, in this case, Radiant Church some have a low opinion of the enemy, this war was almost not what suspense.” Lizzy frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that Radiant Church can go all out desperatily? Let 9th level Expert make a move? Must know that this matter Radiant Church does absolutely.” Zhao Hai wrinkled under brow said : to have the possibility, but I think that a Beastman Race arrangement will not have, after all this was relationship to the important matters of two clans, Beastman Race is impossible not to have a subsequent party to prepare, does Cai'er, in Beastman Race campsite, you have presently the 9th level Expert aura?” Cai'er shook the head said : not to have in Beastman Race camp, however I present had several 9th level Expert aura outside their camp, I looked, the no less than ten people, is Beastman Race 9th level Expert.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head their several people to smile said : I to Laura to be this, this time Beast King you also saw, that is not a simple character, his impossible subsequent party not to arrange, after all like the war, the Beastman Race elite came out much, if these elites had been killed by 9th level Expert, the loss of that Beastman Race is very big.” Megan nodded said : we to see that Beast King from screen, that person is really not a simple character, although he is Beastman Race, but his temperament, actually does not compare a Human Race King difference, I am King Your Majesty compared with him, must miss on.” Lizzy has not been angry, instead to is nodded said : well, my father compares with Beast King, has been short of an aggression, this beast Wang Zhen is very extraordinary, can look from this arrangement, he is also a knowledge soldier, moreover can in such a short time, believe that Zhao Hai words, this itself needs very strong compelling strength to achieve.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)