Chapter 544 fights to start( sought subscription) Zhao Hai smiles said : „to become Beast King, possibly so to be how simple, Beast King is different from the Human Race King, Beast King is two races does in turn, if this Beast King is unqualified, that was already given to push.” Laura nodded said : I to is thinks that Beastman Race such procedure is very good, Beast King that like this they choose, certainly is an able person, is very big to the help of Beastman Race.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this with Beastman related, they need is a strong leader, but this person must obtain their recognize to be good.” Megan said : Elder Brother Hai, Beastman changes to lead there the direction of main attack in Ikisa Family at this time now, Purcell Family will here be more relaxed?” Zhao Hai shook the head, sighs said : not necessarily, Beastman Race first will certainly carry on the deceptive attack in Iron Wall Fortress here, but do not think that the Beastman Race deceptive attack so is good to deal with, moreover one, but leads there to go well according to Kisa, attack of that Iron Wall Fortress here, certainly violent, they want to advance from two directions, beats the arrangement of Radiant Church at one fell swoop.” Megan sighed said : that not in other words, Purcell Duchy feared that was very difficult to escape death by a hair's breadth?” Zhao Hai sighed, this situation he had already thought that did not want leave from Evan he has thought that no matter how Beastman arranged, Purcell Family feared that is will not obtain well. The Purcell Family position had decided their life is far, their positions are neighboring Beastman Prairie , because of this, therefore they want each faced with Beastman attack, this assignment, is not that good dry. Fortunately, in recent years, Beastman Race and Human Race are together has been peaceful, therefore Purcell Family show is also very good, this actually is also the result that they manage, they increased toward the Beastman Prairie grain output effort, making Beastman have enough grain to eat, therefore Beastman naturally cannot attack them. Beastman Prairie was really too big, Beastman could not live including own Prairie, was all right to go to war with Human Race, said it, Human Race was not good to cope, they are not willing to act unreasonably comfortably. Laura also sighed, turns the head to look at screen said : this don’t know Aksu Empire to die many people.”

Zhao Hai sighed said : this not to have the matter of means that you should also know that if were not our appears , that Aksu Empire also dying many people, the person but who Beastman died will be more, does not do well Radiant Church to give the extermination of the clan them, these religious Lunatic, any matter could do.” Laura sighed, he knows that Zhao Hai did not have talk nonsense, Radiant Church these people to do completely, they have regarded all do not believe in the Radiant God person are the heresies, but Beastman Race biggest heresy, if made them killing off the Beastman Race elite, remaining these Beastman they let off are strange. Lizzy look at screen said : how our following several days has a look at Radiant Church to do, but in my opinion, their these time failed, will not dig dispiritedly, after all these time in Aksu Empire here, they only came Red-clothes Archbishop, moreover strength that uses, majority of is also Aksu Empire here, their overall strengths have not used many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, but this their motion failure, regarding the attack of their prestige is huge, in adding on them seized the Aksu Empire control power, it can be imagined, these with their relationship good country, feared that will start also against them, they such scenery before the imagination, feared that was is also very difficult.” Lizzy nodded said : this to be better, the Radiant Church present influence was really too big, did not help the stability of Continent.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at Beastman Race on screen, they do not have immediately/on horseback to move, but is making the preparation, does not have attractively what, Zhao Hai turned the head their said : to be good to meritorious deed, nothing, we rested, I will think possibly Beastman Race to take an action in the evening, when we evening were looking.” Laura nodded, turns the head present entire Continent to know to Zhao Hai said : the Ikisa Family brewer's grain meets, is adding on the Purcell Duchy here brewer's grain to meet, these people started to guard to Radiant Church, Radiant Church very attaches great importance to this weaponry, because one, but they have defeated, aspect very disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to think Radiant Church also understand this point, but they believe that their arrangement, they have thought own arrangement, was flawless, but they have not thought that our in hand is also taking scissors, gives to cut opening this seamless emperor's clothes.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, Zhao Hai looked at the time, they chatted a few words with Laura, went back to rest, he believes evening's time Beastman Race will certainly take an action, how he wants to have a look at Beastman Race to move. Not only Zhao Hai, entire Continent in look at here, now how they also wants to have a look at Beastman Race to move, although their don’t know Radiant Church with the poisonous matter, however the arrangement of Radiant Church they actually saw, they also want to know that Beastman Race can be swindled. Goes to the beast in Zhao Hai *** that night of camp, Beastman Race took an action, by Beast King to the race, was started leave in turn the beast *** camp, but they have not gone to Ikisa Family territory there directly, but was turn around, walked toward the Prairie deep place.

If discussed understanding Prairie, the Human Race sycophancy could not catch up with Beastman Race, now therefore they must do was, walked toward the Prairie deep place, then was circling to Ikisa Family there, this cannot by Human Race present. Prairie is so big, Human Race must send Dead-soldier to observe the Beastman Race sound, in although Beastman Race also has some to cope with these Human Race Dead-soldier races specially, but Prairie is so big, unavoidably will have the fish slip through. Zhao Hai sits in Space, on the calm look at screen the reassignment of Beastman, he knows that the war must start, but this time war, he is only one delivers the information person, will not be involved truly, is some observers to be best. Laura the reassignment of their also look at Beastman Race, looked at a while, Laura cannot help but turned the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai Elder Brother Hai, if who me were telling that the Beastman Race head was not easy-to-use, I held certainly his son.” Megan their also young lady looked, Beastman Race this motion, is conducted in silent . Moreover the military strength that they reassign is not many, all will not reassign the military strength of that several clan, but keeps part, specifically is used to deceive the enemy, such arrangement is very great, consideration also comprehensive. Zhao Hai forced smile said : Beastman Race is not intelligent, they are only the temperament are straight, is easier to believe the person, managed, did not say them, it seems like also nothing, really damn, the miscalculation, daytime rested too, in the evening actually could not fall asleep, hey, several wives, should we do other?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they stare, then immediately/on horseback understand meaning of Zhao Hai, each and every one cannot help but face one red, Laura snort|hum said : several of us, your competently what? Your line?” Zhao Hai has gotten angry, bellows said : today to make you have a look at me to be good!” Showing throws toward Laura, immediately in the villa has heard a squeal...... Next morning, Beastman Race has carried on attack to Iron Wall Fortress, their attack are also loud thunder but small raindrops, although will look like aggressive, however the true contact will fight does not have many. This also makes Evan feel that being startled, their understand, what beast these Beastman are not really doing, wasn't such procedure, likely the Beastman Race style, when Beastman changes the temperament? Zhao Hai knows that Beastman did not change temperament, they do not want to create the too big casualties in the deceptive attack, although Zhao Hai can tell Evan these matters, but he had not said that he knows, the person sometimes cannot be too selfless.

If he told Evan the Radiant Church there the response of matter and Beastman Race, Evan knows that he told Beastman Race this matter, Evan knew, perhaps will have other person to know, if this matter passed to Continent to come up, Zhao Hai becomes the entire Human Race public enemy, this was not he wants to see. although in the Zhao Hai eye, Human Race with Beastman Race, is the intelligent race, does not have what difference, however is different in Ark Continent here, Human Race and Beastman Race are two races, hatreds between two races, are not he can change. If makes Human Race know that Zhao Hai helps Beastman Race cope with own race, he feared that will be immediately becomes the entire Human Race public enemy, will turn into one person to be deceitful, that may not be wonderful. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai not told Evan Radiant Church and Beastman Race situation, Evan they have had the mind set on must die the heart, but he actually must consider for entire Buda Family. Beastman Race is not a fool, they know, if the deceptive attack does was too false, some people do not believe that therefore they in evening, but also a night assault, having made Evan they think that the daytime deceptive attack prepares for evening's night assault. Naturally, this time night assault has not succeeded, made Evan they do not suspect Beastman Race, but when Beastman Race late raided, they then transferred the army, expunged toward the Ikisa Family territory, hawk Human Race also within the shortest time, has delivered simultaneously to Beast King there these information. Now was Radiant Church with the Beastman Race game, Radiant Church has been opening a poisonous bag, waited for Beastman Race to worm one's way into, but Beastman Race actually put on an act with you in bag spigot here, in other at the same time has actually sent out knife, prepared a blade to give to puncture this bag, if they have succeeded, that Radiant Church the pocket, on and other whether Bai Nong. However now Radiant Church may don’t know Beastman Race already present they in the here cloth a bag, they have thought Beastman Race came from far away, has not adapted, therefore attack rhythm such slow.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)