Hope of Chapter 545 Radiant Church( sought subscription) Next day, among Beastman Race attack suddenly violent, Beast King also knows, if Beastman Race the leisure attack, Human Race certainly will always suspect that therefore he made Beastman Race intensify the effort of attack simply, this can the motion of better shield another team of people. Really, Beast King such procedure, one on the vision of all people Continent centralized to Iron Wall Fortress here, Human Race Beastman Race also very had found that they also know, if Beastman Race by fighting strength, high is not only lower than Human Race, moreover Beastman Race is not fighting with all might that can only not use one's head, they can also advance to Human Race military strength carry out reconnaissance, especially Beastman Race also has Hawk Clan person airborne Scouts, their scout abilities, are stronger than Human Race. Therefore Radiant Church meets the cloth with large army in the Ikisa Family territory, but lets Purcell Family facing Beastman alone, such Beastman Race knows that Ikisa Family territory there has the large army, attacks the there words, may unable to look, they fully will attack Purcell Family here, this is Radiant Church to the script that Beastman Race writes. Moreover now Beastman Race also fully is coordinating, performs in this play, they have launched the attack of frantic to Iron Wall Fortress here, the Purcell Family casualties are very big, naturally, the Beastman Race casualties were not small, but this is also the characteristics of Beastman Race attack, attack of frantic, attack of sparing no effort, breaking through defense line. The attack of Beastman Race this frantic, little has the Human Race army to be able to block, therefore in the Human Race army common situation, almost will not carry on the field operation with Beastman Race, the words that because that wants will only make the Beastman Race Cavalry superiority wield to a big way. although said that Heavy Armor Infantry on Continent can cope with Beastman Race Cavalry, what Beastman Race Cavalry but that must look to cope with, if general Beastman Race Cavalry said fortunately, when faces the Cavalry charges of these big War Clan truly, they are also helpless. Naturally, Human Race Continent also and had to cope with the hand of Beastman Race to break, Beastman Race did not have full body armor generally, but Human Race had Heavy Armor Cavalry, this Heavy Armor Cavalry charged, can create very big lethality to Beastman Race, but this Heavy Armor Cavalry construction cost was really too high, therefore looked like looks like the powerful nation that on Aksu Empire here Continent knew how things stand, the Heavy Armor Cavalry quantity was also not many. However Beastman Race is actually not good at attack, does not have the city in Beastman Race there, their wars live on Prairie generally, is Cavalry to the war, therefore they regarding attacking a city, is not being good at. But Human Race regarding defending a city actually very knowledgeable, in the city that Human Race has lived, lives the war, generally also by urban give priority to, therefore they regarding defending a city with attack very familiar, therefore in Human Race and Beastman Race war, Human Race most important takes the city as the support, establishes defense lines, including the one layer level resists the attack of Beastman Race.

The people in look at, when look at Beastman Race can break through the iron wall defense line, must know that the iron wall fills is very famous on Continent , because before , they have blocked Beastman Race attack, now the people want to take a look, Purcell Family whether in time creation miracle. Beastman Race has attacked the Iron Wall Fortress seven days, these seven days of although are not long, but is not absolutely short, must know this Beastman Race sends in the armed forces, crosses 1 million absolutely, but Iron Wall Fortress there garrison troops, hundred thousand person. However this hundred thousand person was actually all soldiers who Purcell Family can take, moreover their each and every one reported must die the heart, therefore this fight hit very frigid. Seven days , the Purcell Family garrison troops died near fifty thousand person, but Beastman Race various population also close hundred thousand of clan army death, the battle loss ratio is 1 : 2, this in Beastman Race and Human Race war rarely seen, Human Race Innate has the inferiority compared with Beastman Race, therefore compares in the battle loss, generally is Human Race is higher than Beastman Race, like Beastman Race the situation that Human Race is higher, but also is really very rare. However only then the Purcell Family person knows that these days attacks the Iron Wall Fortress army, is not Main Force War Clan in Beastman Race, is some fighting strength good nationalities, will therefore have such battle loss ratio, if Beastman Race makes their Main Force War Clan attack fully, now feared that was they could not defend. Evan their these person who Beastman Race has dealt with, feels very strange, before Beastman Race in the attack, 2-3 days of will send some big War Clan to enter the stage, but this time, entire seven days, Beastman Race big hasn't War Clan made an appearance? Why is this? At this moment, making the entire Continent shocking matter live, in Beastman Race attacked Iron Wall Fortress the seventh day the evening, Ikisa Family leads suddenly to receive Beastman Race several big War Clan collaboration attack, although Radiant Church has stored with large army in the Ikisa Family lead(er), but was actually hit one to be caught off guard by Beastman Race, the defense line one was pierced, saved was Beastman Race Cavalry puts on to turn the division, led about three hundred thousand army that there gathered hitting Ikisa Family directly threw the helmet to abandon one's armor, is utterly routed! These time attacks the Ikisa Family lead(er), is Main Force War Clan in Beastman Race, they may be elite of the elite, fights the essence to examine very richly, by the armed forces of hundred thousand, to the audiences of three hundred thousand, captures in a single swift attack, really can interpolate the classic campaign in textbook. No matter Human Race other influences or Radiant Church, have not thought that Beastman Race will come this, on Continent in an uproar, they have not thought at once that these days Beastman Race in the attack that Iron Wall Fortress there goes all out, is covering for this surprise-attack forces unexpectedly.

Hits this shield with the casualties of near hundred thousand person, this price is really a little big, but actually very cost-effective, what this time they rout is three hundred thousand army, and has occupied the a piece very big domain in the Human Race territory. Must know that Purcell Duchy there commoner almost withdrew, commoner that but Ikisa Family leads has not withdrawn, because is stationed in here in army, their here has gathered many commodities, now these thing fall into big of Beastman, eased the Beastman Race food crisis greatly. The Radiant Church person has not thought obviously Beastman Race will come this with them, let hit their one to be caught off guard, making their beforehand plans fail completely, but also had the leeway of maneuver in them well, Radiant Church immediately withdrew these armies near Purcell Duchy, prepared to lead to encircle to Ikisa Family. However when the Radiant Church here army just a reassignment, Beastman Race actually in for day a night of uninterrupted attack, attack Iron Wall Fortress, Purcell Family although has carried on most Ying Tong resistance, but has not actually blocked the attack of Beastman, Evan they at the final moment, in loyal Warrior by Purcell Family were given to carry away by force, but direction Stony Mountain that these people retreat. This is a move of dark chess of Zhao Hai arrangement, he after Ryan they have delivered to Golden Island, specially asks Origin Sword Saint to act, has convened several in secret to Purcell Family absolutely loyal 8th level Expert, lets them, when the matter may not be, protects some important personages in Purcell Family to retreat toward Stony Mountain, only in them by quickest retreats Stony Mountain, can the lives of protect these people. Has Origin Sword Saint to act, that is compared with exists, therefore these 8th level Expert that the Evan speech causes fortunately watch the matter not to be, immediately/on horseback builds Evan to walk, they have arranged Demon Horse, prepared the grain and water, then dashed to go toward Stony Mountain. The Purcell Family person who these time runs away, altogether is also less than 200 people, in these people majority is worshipped/Foreign Elder in some Clan, is Expert, these 200 people almost all are 8th level Expert. But Beastman Race these time has not pursued them, these 200 people had not been paid attention to by them, what they stare was these is just assigned to the Ikisa Family lead(er), prepared to besiege these army of that hundred thousand person. Radiant Church has not thought that their here just transferred, Beastman Race there immediately breaks through Iron Wall Fortress, these armies that now Radiant Church sends, the surface is supervising about the destiny of converging attack by Beastman Race.

Radiant Church thinks Beastman Race places the Iron Wall Fortress here army is used for the deceptive attack, their fighting strength should not be strong, but main attack should be that hundred thousand that Ikisa Family leads advocates the War Clan army. However they have not thought that their here just a reassignment, Iron Wall Fortress here Beastman immediately changed deceptive attack give priority to to attack, the broken enemy, then they behind kills at one fell swoop. Passive! Now Radiant Church was passive, must know in Ikisa Family territory Beastman Race, but Main Force War Clan, moreover various countries' coordination, the population crosses hundred thousand now, but in their back, Beastman Race about 1 million joins the army, covered to kill off from Iron Wall Fortress there, this made the Radiant Church army one appear back very moves. However Radiant Church has not actually given up hoping that they want also to have trump card to be useless, was these toxins that they prepared, although Iron Wall Fortress there is broken through, but the time was Radiant Church sends actually not to be moved in the person of Purcell Duchy there ambush. These people have ambushed in Purcell Duchy, they and others is Iron Wall Fortress was broken through, so long as the Beastman Race army enters Purcell Duchy, their immediately intoxicates, then waited to tidy up the Beastman Race army. It looks like in Radiant Church, now the change of although matter, has some differences with their plans, but generally speaking, direction show that is planning toward them, but is the loss of Ikisa Family there not within their plans, looks like in Radiant Church, that also no big deal, lost has placed the commodity that Ikisa Family got, counter- will possibly reduce the Beastman Race vigilance, like this their plans were better to implement. But two-circuit hand-in-hand processing of Beastman Race, makes the loss of Radiant Church not small, but this is also they need, he must make Beastman Race enter to Aksu Empire, then tidies up them in Aksu Empire at one fell swoop, making opportunity that they want to escape not have.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)