Chapter 546 negotiated The ideal is very plentiful, reality actually very bone feeling! Radiant Church now perhaps is such mood, for they have alone coped with the Beastman Race huge prestige, but has rejected Rosen Empire and other help of several Empire, prepares to cope with Beastman Race with strength of the. Has to recognize, if no help of Zhao Hai, that Beastman Race really will possibly suffer a loss on their bodies, but now actually completely is two matters. The Radiant Church person, thinks that with their poison, can solve the Beastman Race majority of armies, but they have not thought that Beastman Race already knew this matter, and has drunk antidote. Beast King also knows the idea of Radiant Church, therefore they coordinate Radiant Church, they want to use Radiant Church this psychology, at one fell swoop extinguished the army that Radiant Church builds up, such Aksu Empire will look like one not to garrison ***, let their do whatever one wants to do. Has to recognize, at that time, the information very be really important, an information, can change all, but Radiant Church suffered a loss in this above. After Beastman Race enters to Purcell Duchy, has not destroyed anything, but starts to loot, thing that all they can use, all carries off. This is also the point of Beastman Race this war, but Beastman Race these time such does, is actually deliberately, they are in this way, was been slow by own attack, making Radiant Church have the time arrangement. Beastman Race must to the time of Radiant Church arrangement, they probably Radiant Church these to think in them the plan, only then such Radiant Church to their feel relieved, but they can use this opportunity, Radiant Church thorough extinguishing. All these time of use are very probably long, are actually it will not take long, Beastman Race after entering to Purcell Duchy, although directly threatened the left wings of Radiant Church these armies, but they did not have immediately/on horseback to look like the left wing of Radiant Church army to carry on attack, but frantic move of when Purcell Duchy, although said that in Purcell Duchy did not have who, but they walked was impossible to carry off too many commodities, moreover Purcell Family has not cooked the grain of own family, therefore Beastman Race also really obtained many advantage in Purcell Duchy here. But Radiant Church wants is Beastman this, if these army attacks of Beastman Race immediately to Radiant Church, that is very troublesome, their losses will also be very big, but Beastman Race stops now, that gave these to ambush staff opportunity. Radiant Church although set to apply drugs to cope with the Beastman Race means that but under these medicines want to the grain in or the water will be effective, but under wanted to the grain is very difficult, after all before these grain, under nursing of Purcell Family, did not prescribe medicine easily, that only then under water. But water special everyone/Great Clan do not forget to flow, even if the well water, actually is also the running water, if you under medicine, after several days, may be purified, therefore opportunity very heavy of this prescribing medicine wants. The time that these army attacks of looks like Radiant Church if Beastman Race goes all out, that Radiant Church prescribes medicine was not good to grasp, but if Beastman Race stopped, opportunity that they prescribed medicine came.

The Radiant Church person cannot help but secretly thanked Beastman Race, what made them not think, they were almost given by Beastman Race Black Panther Clan present. Black Panther Clan is dark attribute Beastman, their innate skill very fierce, just like Human Race Dead-soldier, therefore they specifically are also used to cope with a Human Race Dead-soldier race, Beast King after knowing the plan of Radiant Church, adjusted some 8th level Expert from Black Panther Clan, everyday in some water source carry out reconnaissance to camp, so long as existing Human Race were close, making them not permit these Human Race, so long as told him to be good. After the Beastman Race army all enters to Purcell Duchy third day, the Black Panther Clan person existing Radiant Church person poisons toward their water source, moreover immediately told Beast King this information, Beast King also knows that pass/test not many are the time, therefore his immediately sent the Hawk Clan person to exit, led there to Ikisa Family, agreed on the time of together motion with there Beastman Race. But at this time, the Purcell Family person also ran away Stony Mountain, they to Stony Mountain time Zhao Hai already in mountain high grade they. Evan sees Zhao Hai, cannot help but two eyes one red, then deep voice said : Little Hai, I must, you, I now possibly die in battle thank you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : uncle you not to blame me being good, walks, to Village courtyard on mountain, then we go to Golden Island.” Evan they also know that this time said anything is more, immediately nodded, climbed mountains with Zhao Hai together. After mountain on, Zhao Hai has not prepared to make Evan they go to Golden Island from Space, he prepares to send Evan them to seaside with the hawk, then travels by boat Golden Island. These time follows in Evan person, is not the Purcell Family person, but also has plenty is Purcell Family worshipped/Foreign Elder, although these people to Purcell Family very loyal, have not left not abandoned following at this time in the Evan status, but Zhao Hai to their feel relieved, he impossible in all directions not to speak irresponsibly Space secret. Before reason that will tell Origin Sword Saint, that is because Zhao Hai knows, regarding Origin Sword Saint, Space attracted gravitational force to be too big. Space there energy is active, moreover energy also very sufficient, regarding 9th level Expert, that is an inborn practice good place, may make them break through the final wall barrier, obtains a more formidable strength, such attracts gravitational force regarding 9th level Expert, was really too huge, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear that Origin Sword Saint will tell others the there situation. Rested a while in Cyan Stone Villa, Zhao Hai has made them board the hawk, oneself also boarded the hawk, then has delivered to seaside on the ship them, on they embarked Golden Island, but he did not have, he must remain to see a play. After Radiant Church medicine to Beastman Race water source, remained low grade, they defended by water source, waited for the Beastman Race person to fetch water. However what makes Radiant Church these people worry, Beastman Race was previous the day had possibly fetched water, therefore under them ended the medicine latter one all day, Beastman Race has not come to fetch water.

When continuously evening time, has Beastman to fetch water, moreover one hit, this let in these person of excitements of water source nearby Radiant Church. After eating meal, normally quite noisy Beastman Race large camp today actually extraordinary peace, these person of not feel relieved entered Beastman Race large camp to look, presently many Beastman have fallen to the ground not to get up, when they want to kill two people, suddenly airborne has transmitted Hawk Cry, Radiant Church these people frightening, their very clear, the space also had existence of Hawk Clan person, these person of immediately turn around leave large camp, has given Radiant Church to notify. After determining these people walked, Beastman Race large camp in one time has lived it up not, but this time they not for amusement, but to arrange, prepares to cope with the attack of Radiant Church. Their very clear, Radiant Church these armies one, but knows that after they intoxicate is successful, definitely will send for attacking, to moment they can first these people extinguishing, in fully has then struck, must give to extinguish Radiant Church these armies was good. Obtained this information when Lundi Becker, immediately/on horseback has issued the order of all-out attack, their don’t know, Beastman Race now in turn to them has arranged a pocket, waits for them to drill toward. Lagged behind next life matter on very simple, Radiant Church sent to receive the army of victory, in the pocket of Beastman Race cloth, was all extinguished by Beastman Race, then Beastman Race army pushed directly into, killed off toward the Aksu Empire center, two armies looked like two advantage arrows are the same, toward flushing away of Aksu Empire, they has almost not encountered the too nice resistance all the way, the army that because can resist, they almost sent, by Beastman extinguishing. This entire Continent has shocked, Radiant Church has shocked, Aksu Empire has shocked, now Aksu Empire almost lost the ability of resistance. This Beastman Race one has destroyed completely the Aksu Empire about 2 million armies with the idea, that almost equal to Aksu Empire complete national defense capability. Must know before them, lost many people in Golden Island there, now Aksu Empire really very weak. Beastman Race these time has not done too certainly, they have not begun to these ordinary commoner, but is begins to these Noble directly, especially these have relationship Noble with Radiant Church. Moreover every time takes over a Aksu Empire city, these Beastman wantonly raises noisily, reason that they attack Aksu Empire , because Radiant Church broke their grain. On original Continent has this information, but these information are only some words of speculation, has not been confirmed final, now Beastman Race said personally, did that also wrong result in? This Radiant Church in Aksu Empire thorough has become street Old Mouse. But Beastman Race this time attack also very interesting, they do not grasp Human Race to work as the slave, they are only snatch the grain, therefore they have not gone to snatch these commoner, but gave to snatch these Noble grain and Aksu Empire state granary. Actually Beastman Race such does, equal to these commoner grain that finally snatches, because the Aksu Empire state granary was snatched, that will certainly affect the Aksu Empire grain market, finally the grain price rises, suffering a loss commoner, but these commoner have not actually wanted these, Beastman did not snatch them is lucky, their also having a mind thought other.

Aksu Empire cannot collapse now, they have to look like Rosen Empire to request reinforcements, Rosen Empire also takes advantage of opportunity to act, has negotiated with Beastman. Rosen Empire does not certainly want to wipe this buttocks to Radiant Church, therefore they do not want to draw carries on with Beastman Race to the war, but is thinks direct negotiated with Beastman Race. Beastman Race although has not overrun to Aksu Empire now, but was also similar, but Rosen Empire sends for negotiating, they stopped, after all the Rosen Empire strength is placed in there, they have to deal with carefully are good, if stirred up Rosen Empire also to invest in this war, that Beastman Race will not fall to anything is good. Beast King is a very astute person, this time they attack Human Race, it can be said that very smooth, although lost some manpower, the manpower that but compared with a former case attack, he only these time lost was smallest, but the victory of obtaining was actually biggest, at this time, if Human Race can comply with the fair price really sold to their grain, their retreat also all may. Before this such that Zhao Hai thinks, Beastman Race does not want to seize the Human Race world, they are not interested in the Human Race mortal world, in their opinion, Prairie is their families, there is their roots, if to the Human Race world, sooner or later one day, fierce Beastman also became the weakness like Human Race. In the Beastman Race eye, Human Race is very weak, therefore they will have this feeling, they like drinking to sing loudly on Prairie. But Beast King makes this decision, Zhao Hai also has a large part of reasons in inside, Zhao Hai when leave Beastman Race large camp, to these words that Wales spoke, Wales to Beast King said that Beast King naturally must ask that the Zhao Hai strength, how Wales also told Beast King, this made Beast King have to face up to Zhao Hai. Beast King beforehand although appreciation Zhao Hai, but he too has not cared Zhao Hai, but one hear of Wales said that now Zhao Hai about 1 million Undead Creature army, he actually has to take seriously Zhao Hai. Must say that Beastman Race most is not willing to deal with any enemy, that naturally is Undead Creature, because you cannot obtain any advantage on Undead Creature, if you do not have the means to destroy completely Dark Magician, that offends him, regarding Beastman Race, is not really cost-effective, he can penetrate into Prairie, manufacture Undead Creature that then keeps, that absolutely is a very terrifying matter. Beast King also understand, now they after all in the Human Race domain, if annoyed Luo Lin Empire, in adding on Zhao Hai this terrifying Dark Magician, regarding Beastman Race absolutely was not the good deed, moreover their these time came attack Aksu Empire, most important point for grain, so long as the problem solve of grain, they are draw back returned to Beastman Prairie to come up, nobody will say anything, after all now they have fished many thing. But point that Rosen Empire these time negotiated, to let Beastman Race retreat, was adding on Luo Lin Empire King to believe Zhao Hai words, they accumulated many grain ahead of time, happen to can take to use, therefore their these time negotiated with Beastman, lets their retreat, later they the fair price will provide food supply to Beastman. That country has not liked the war, especially such war, this matter war is Radiant Church selects, finally makes other people help them wipe the buttocks, this has made other Empire not be feeling well very much, if in the weaponry of sending, how many people that can also die? They do not hope this.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)