Chapter 547 strength/Origin Qi damages severely Benefit, all for benefit! Beastman Race moves this war for the benefit, but Radiant Church plans Beastman also for the benefit, Rosen Empire also for the benefit. Spoke the sentiment to these big influences, that completely was the behavior of one type of idiot, even if were ingenuous and straightforward Beastman, they for the benefit, could not gain the benefit, who was all right to be willing to go to war, reason that Beastman liked going to war, was because they can gain the benefit in the war, but humanity did not like going to war, was because they could not gain the benefit in the war, was such simple. The negotiations are held very smooth, Beast King wants is this result, they want wants the grain, the grain of fair price, this can be Beastman Race gains more benefits. Naturally, they also know, if conquer Human Race, that Human Race has been able to give him to grow the grain continuously, but simultaneously their also very clear, Human Race is impossible by their conquer, they may in obtain a benefit in the war, but wants conquer Human Race, is impossible, because the Human Race culture is different from Beastman Race, Beastman Race was impossible to rule Human Race long time too, therefore they rather must a fair price like this sell the grain association intent. However Beastman Race actually after the grain price, proposed a request, they request to punish Radiant Church, because this time war Radiant Church selects. Regarding the request of Beastman Race, various countries' negotiator thoughts vary, their some are the image Radiant Church, some are actually not. But if they do not comply, that Beastman Race will not walk, may hit, even if were they finally Beastman Race repelling, what can they obtain? Anything cannot obtain, this is various countries represents most is not willing to see. Finally various countries represent discussed that the decision complies with Beastman Race first, in any case after waiting for Beastman Race to walk, does is their matter. Beastman Race after obtaining a satisfactory result, is bringing large quantities of grain of Aksu Empire compensation, back-spacing Prairie, but the Human Race here matter has not actually ended. This Aksu Empire strength/Origin Qi damages severely, but Rosen Empire they cannot the white society Aksu Empire gang not be, the matter that you annoy, we helped you solve finally, you want not to say a word on the past? That is how possible.

Therefore Rosen Empire they also looked like Aksu Empire to set the request \; first, in money, two were other requests, Rosen Empire this time has not wanted compensation in money, their requests only then, took fief to Buda Family Purcell Duchy. Buda Family originally is Aksu Empire Noble this is not false, but graciousness grievances resentment between Aksu Empire and Buda Family, on Continent was called a child to know casually, Aksu Empire person who therefore the people already did not regard as Buda Family. However is this, Buda Family in the Aksu Empire Marquis title, has a piece own fief, if, they are also the Aksu Empire people. However Rosen Empire this request, makes the Aksu Empire ten points awkward, does not seal, now Aksu Empire is at the weakest time, but Rosen Empire is silk has not damaged, can definitely regard a excuse with this, occupies the a piece domain, if this land parcel elects in lifeline canyon there, Aksu Empire troubled. But if complied, was makes Rosen Empire settle nail/saboteur on equal to toward Aksu Empire on, in this case, the Aksu Empire later day feared that was will not feel better. But is the same to Rosen Empire, other three countries also proposed own request, they to have not requested the land, after all they are far from Aksu Empire too, want the a piece administrative enclave not to be useful, but they proposed large amount monetary compensation, how this makes Aksu Empire don’t know probably handle for a while. These time is not Empire looks like them to be difficult, but is four Empire together looks like them to be difficult, they think that is not good, what most important is, the military strength that their present homes may fight was almost to lose negligently completely, this let them with several other countries negotiated the time very much does not have the energy. Now reason that Rosen Empire has not overrun to Aksu Empire to come up , because Aksu Empire this time defeat to is Beastman, is not other countries, if they invaded Aksu Empire at this time, will make on Continent all people look down upon. However cannot invade Aksu Empire, Rosen Empire can also set the request, can choke to death Aksu Empire economically. If Aksu Empire in most flourishing time, Aksu Empire is how regardless of not to comply with Rosen Empire this to show, but was a pity very much that now they are not the most flourishing times, but weakest time, this weak, not only they may not the soldier of war, most important refers to their economies also greatly being attacked.

Beastman Race although has not snatched commoner thing, however Aksu Empire several was evacuated in northern state granary, moreover Noble of several cities were also killed, in the family was snatched, they compensate to Beastman many grain, now can say that the economy of Aksu Empire one backed up for 20 years to continue, in this case, if they did not accept to take Rosen Empire as the requests of these four countries, these four countries will possibly carry on the economy to them ***, that Aksu Empire wanted in restoring to the original appearance, was almost impossible. What most important is, now the Aksu Empire two north strategic places, Purcell Duchy and Ikisa Family lead(er) was destroyed, two Clan ran up to Golden Island now, on this point Continent has spread, moreover these two Clan strength/Origin Qi damage severely, simply did not have the ability to take over their territories, therefore Rosen Empire will propose that must make Aksu Empire treat as the Zhao Hai territory Purcell Duchy to Zhao Hai. However Aksu Empire also understand, this territory is how regardless of cannot seal to Zhao Hai, if they sealed this territory really to Zhao Hai, if later Rosen Empire coped with Aksu Empire, can achieve the southern back converging attack, therefore they have started very difficult negotiations with Rosen Empire. Aksu Empire thinking intent only then, so long as does not divide their territories, other can discuss that Rosen Empire is actually dies to nip is not being willing to relent. Actually to afterward, all people looked, Rosen Empire did not want Purcell Duchy this territory not to be possible, so long as they wanted to gain the even bigger benefit. Finally underwent both sides' consultation, Aksu Empire after must compensate the Rosen Empire big money, but also has remitted the entrance customs duty of Rosen Empire commodity. But makes people feel what is strange, these days Zhao Hai does not have appears on Continent, this very unusual, must know that beforehand Rosen Empire the primary coverage of Aksu Empire negotiations has relationship with him, but Zhao Hai had not actually made an appearance, this really not like his actions. Actually Zhao Hai these days also very busy, he is collecting the corpse that this war keeps, the corpse that this war keeps may be many, moreover majority of is also some strong soldiers, these corpses were too useful to Zhao Hai. This Beastman Race and in the Human Race war, altogether caused a more than 1 million corpse, these corpses had by Beastman Race burying, some did not have, after all the corpse were too many, but Zhao Hai also knows, whatever if these corpses placed there, may very much becomes the epidemic disease, therefore he collected these corpses, was turning into Undead Creature them. But negotiations matter Zhao Hai also knows, but he has not reported anything to hope most from the beginning that he knows Aksu Empire is impossible to agree, although Aksu Empire was now weak, but Rosen Empire they have scruples, does not dare to go too far.

However makes Zhao Hai feel those who despise is Radiant Church these people, now the people on entire big border know that Aksu Empire there King turned into Boris, but Radiant Church person actually already leave Aksu Empire. Radiant Church such procedure, lets Zhao Hai despising very, this equal to own ally discarding, but they ran. Now Boris does not have that high-spirited appearance, reason that before Aksu Empire will cope with Purcell Duchy and Ikisa Family, is his proposition, they will carry on this kind of war, finally is actually such miserable of defeat, after this disastrous defeat, if Aksu Empire does not have 20 years of time, do not want to restore. Even if 20 years later coming that he restores, the national strength will also be not as before, because they not only compensated to Beastman Race that many thing, but also compensated to other four big Empire big money, this made Aksu Empire strength/Origin Qi damage severely. However after the negotiations are completed, Aksu Empire also started the official restoration to reconstruct, but Radiant Church actually has become in Aksu Empire street Old Mouse, liked Radiant Church without any Aksu Empire person, can say that Radiant Church later wanted to do missionary work in Aksu Empire, was more difficult than in Rosen Empire. The Aksu Empire official restoration reconstruction starts, most needs is not other thing, is the grain, they need the mass the grain to come the stable grain price, moreover needs the mass the grain to restore produce, after negotiations, Rosen Empire these big Empire not in stingy, they large quantities of grain to Aksu Empire . Moreover the fair price sale, this eased the Aksu Empire grain question greatly. But these, most famous is Zhao Hai, he was bringing the big grain to Purcell Duchy there, this played very important doing to use regarding the reconstruction of Purcell Duchy there. Now Purcell Duchy and Ikisa Family there, had new Master, Noble of these two places, are Boris most loyal under the hand/subordinate, their former although had grudge with Zhao Hai, but they actually have to welcome Zhao Hai now, because of the present, no matter Purcell Duchy there or Ikisa Family there, need the grain quantity of mass to come to make the original resident come back to settle down. These grain that Zhao Hai brings, is not Bread Fruit, but is ordinary Bamboo rice, he believe Bread Fruit popular in Beastman there.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)