Chapter 548 cooperates Aksu Empire is reconstructing, but on Continent actually unconscious appears a anti- Radiant Church upsurge, these time is not Rosen Empire country anti- Radiant Church, but is all countries starts anti- Radiant Church. However Radiant Church has 9th level Expert after all, several great nations on Continent are not good to go too far, but Radiant Church the momentum on Continent is actually not as before now. Reason that Radiant Church convention the rapidness of such , because they raised have gathered together large quantities of Noble join Radiant Church, because they can bring many benefits to these Noble. However in recent time, Radiant Church is actually the confusing maneuver frequency leaves, or in their opinion is the good move, but the match has not hit according to their repertoires, therefore they will look like such passive. Now Radiant Church already completely honest, besides Rosen Empire this and Aksu Empire, actual Empire full suppression Radiant Church, now the Radiant Church follower massively is also draining, according to such, they were very difficult to restore to the original momentum. However several big Empire were impossible really one extinguishing Radiant Church, Radiant Church had 9th level Expert to assume personal command, this regarding these Great Noble, was the one type of deterrent. Under suppression that in several big Empire collaborate, Radiant Church can also exempt now maintains, but originally supported their these Noble, has plenty withdrew from Radiant Church. But Zhao Hai has not actually managed these these days, he in Golden Island there, they are discussing Buda Family spanwise after Evan and Robert. After Evan to Golden Island on, Purcell Family these young man immediately had the main heart drum, therefore now they on the island the show is very good. But Zhao Hai also told Evan and Ryan Space secret, other Purcell Family members, Zhao Hai are still observing, these people are different from Ikisa Family, Ikisa Family from had not been seeped by Radiant Church most from the beginning, but Purcell Family had been seeped actually by Radiant Church, to be honest, these person not feel relieved of Zhao Hai to Purcell Family. Now Buda Family territory although has not increased, but they the one of the reputation on Continent in time increased, because Rosen Empire regards the chip to discuss the condition with their Clan with Aksu Empire, therefore now Buda Family becoming famous of very on Continent.

But the Buda Family future show, is by Black Wasteland there give priority to, there can establish a country, now Purcell Family and Ikisa Family, are the rootless floating screens, if they cannot follow close on the Buda Family side, after fearing is them , was very difficult to base on Continent. The result that Zhao Hai they discussed finally was, Ikisa Family sent team leader Fernand, went to Golden Island there to do business, but Purcell Family Ryan sent returned to Purcell Duchy there, before Zhao Hai, in Purcell Duchy there massive bought the grain, this was Buda Family opens the market to play very important doing to use in there, now Zhao Hai is symmetric this opportunity, built an own distribution in Purcell Duchy there. If before, possibly also some difficulties, but currently it doesn't matter, had Purcell Family join, they regarding Purcell Duchy there very familiar, but Markey Family also has many managerial talents to use, therefore Buda Family can definitely build a distribution in Purcell Duchy there now, first seizes the market. But Zhao Hai related to depend on Bell through Calci Family, let according to Bell again returned to Ikisa Family territory there, must build the distribution in there, this sale network was Buda Family and Calci Family cooperation, Calci Family to had not opposed. Had these two sale networks, the Zhao Hai later commodity sell quantity will increase, this regarding Buda Family was very important. Reason that Zhao Hai has not gone to Beastman Prairie there in a war end , because he knows, this time was the Beastman Race busiest time. Beastman Race snatched that many thing from Human Race here, they must assign, and because of these thing, therefore Beastman Race there should not need any thing now, therefore Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to go to Beastman Prairie, he prepares after a period of time in Beastman Prairie. Now the situation on Continent, regarding Buda Family, is good opportunity, on Continent to attack Radiant Church absolutely, but Zhao Hai is the Radiant Church biggest enemy, before Radiant Church was pressing them, but Radiant Church is unable to defend oneself now, that had the time to suppress them, Buda Family happen to can call this opportunity unfolded. although said Buda Family to be short of manpower, but there is Purcell Family, Ikisa Family, Markey Family join, Buda Family management staff were now many, although said these person of they cannot completely feel relieved told these people the Black Wasteland there situation, but made them help Buda Family manage these business, did not have what issue. Zhao Hai plans to use these days, the Buda Family business show to entire Continent, must know, if now the Buda Family business thinks that is unfolding outward, but has the superiority very much, first did not say Haven product, Haven product has made some reputations on Continent now, moreover do not forget, Zhao Hai in hand also has product and in the sea on Prairie special product. product on Prairie, Zhao Hai is not possibly in sole possession, because on Continent has plenty Merchant does business with Beastman Race, therefore thing on Prairie, on Continent various places have the sale.

However in the sea thing, on Continent is actually rare, therefore these thing on Continent certainly are in high demand, so long as nobody suppresses them, that Buda Family business can quick unfolds on Continent. Moreover Zhao Hai did not plan that these business do, he prepares to cooperate with the person, Calci Family, Crook Family, Charlie, Rosen Empire Imperial Family, Shelly Family, these people can cooperate. Works with these people, not only can make Buda Family product spread over entire Continent in the shortest time, but can also draw relationship with these Clan. After having this plan, Zhao Hai processed according to Kisa put after the Purcell Family matter, immediately returned to the Wild Dragon fort outside Carson City, he has then prepared to go to the imperial palace, met Lizzy. although said that the Lizzy majority of time are staying in Space, but he, if the time grew has not met Lizzy, feared that old King thinks, therefore the matter on this face must be done. Zhao Hai just a returned to Wild Dragon fort, the servant told him, Jason has visited his several times, moreover leaves the words, making Zhao Hai come back, immediately goes to Crook Family castle. Zhao Hai has gawked, but immediately/on horseback nodded, immediately sits horse carriage to go to the Crook Family castle to the family , the Crook Family castle he is not the first time, these servants saw Zhao Hai horse carriage, immediately have moved things out of the way the roadblock, let Zhao Hai directly toward the mountain on. To the castle outside, saw Jason to wait for him in there, he from vehicle, laughing welcomed Jason to walk said : Jason Big Brother, I heard information immediately that you kept to come, any matter was so anxious, but this was also good, even if were you do not look for me, I must look your.” The Jason approach, has held Zhao Hai next step: Your youngster, if not keep the letter to you, you did give to forget me? Quickly, the grandfather is waiting for you.” Said that they entered the castle, on horse carriage, walked toward the castle, before long arrived at Jesse study room, Jesse was really waiting for Zhao Hai, look at him to come, smiles said : your youngster, such long time did not come to see my old man, what to run away in fear? Have not been busy, you were Great Clan Patriarch, must a little calm vigor.” Zhao Hai knows said : painstakingly grandfather, you stand are really speaking the non- lumbago, our can Buda Family compare with Crook Family? If our Buda Family also has Crook Family that a few tricks, I daily am lying down at home.”

Does Jesse laugh said : daily to lie down at home? Your youngster did not turn into the pig, sat down quickly, I was having the matter to look for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, after Jason sits down, the immediately person servant has sent to sub, Jesse to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your youngster nearest/recent crest of wave is not then small, really has not thought that Your Majesty will let the person with your family as the chip of negotiations unexpectedly, but such achieves makes Aksu Empire have to yield, is very good.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : what good is good, I am the advantage have not obtained, is really, Grandfather, you such anxiously are asking me to come, what matter is?” After Jesse smiles said : your youngster God's Grace Day, busy east busy west, that has the time to arrive at my here to come, this time I ask you to come, wants to ask you, what business your does youngster have to do with us?” Zhao Hai one hear of Jesse said that cannot help but has smiled, he also came for this matter today, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback nodded said : you not to look for me, I also want to look for you, I also really have the business to with you do, now Radiant Church was suppressed, in did not hinder us to unfold, therefore I want with you, my father-in-law they to cooperate, our these commodities, put in your shops to sell, these that but my request, our Buda Family produced produced the mouth, the selling price must unify.” Jesse stares, then two eyes one bright, he knows that Zhao Hai in hand has many good thing, if works with them, that these thing will bring the very enormous benefit to Crook Family. His immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, this does not have the issue, is not the unified selling price, Ok, some any thing, you said.” Zhao Hai nodded, said place that they can cooperate, is mainly Haven product and Prairie product, is sea product, but now, sea product is also not many, mainly by Haven product and Prairie product give priority to. However is this, Jesse also very happy, peach fist product and Prairie product, on Continent are very popular, especially Haven product, that was almost the unique business, although said that on Continent same type product were many, if must speak of the quality to be best, was Buda Family Haven product, Buda Family Haven product, by the excellent in quality and reasonable in price characteristics, was very popular in Rosen Empire.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)