Chapter 549 hundred thousand slave After Jesse has finished talking the cooperation, Zhao Hai in Crook Family ate meal, this returned to Wild Dragon fort rests, next day he went to the dark soldier fort, said to Lando matter of cooperation, Lando naturally also agreed that now Radiant Church was suppressed, they are also preparing to go all out one. Comes out from the dark soldier fort, Zhao Hai returned to the Wild Dragon fort, this Laura they with Zhao Hai appears , they had not been staying in Space, has processed some Markey Delphi and Buda Family matter. Zhao Hai regarding processing these Suo Shi did not have what interest, but by Laura their strengths, handles these matters, that was handles, therefore Zhao Hai gave them to process these matters simply. Came back the second day from the dark soldier fort, Zhao Hai goes by car the imperial palace, he must see the old national king, met to go home Lizzy, then with him was discussing matter that cooperated. Imperial Family also has own business, cooperates with Imperial Family, Zhao Hai can little hold many hearts, Zhao Hai now in the place position of Emperor Rowson is also very high, in the imperial palace the taxi health/guard saw that was Zhao Hai came, does not dare to neglect, arranged Zhao Hai to the breathing place there rest, their immediately reported King. King will certainly not make Zhao Hai wait outside, Zhao Hai welcome to study room, after study room has sat down, old King look at Zhao Hai said : these time copes with the Radiant Church matter to be lucky you, but Radiant Church had been repelled these many days, how do you come back?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Went to Purcell Duchy there, prepares to establish a chain-like store in good, these time comes back one is meets Lizzy, two with the father-in-law you discussed matter that cooperates.” What King looked at Zhao Hai said : you to say was these thing cooperation the matters about your in hand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, my in hand thing are many, before because of the suppression of Radiant Church, these thing had not bought, now Radiant Church, these thing must but actually to turn into money.” Old King nodded said : well, should turn into money, this matter you with told me, looks Charlie, cooperated with Charlie.” Zhao Hai stares, then two eyes one bright, lowered the head to comply with one, at this time Lizzy also arrived at study room, Zhao Hai also spoke a while words with Lizzy with old King together, then Lizzy leave. They got up horse carriage to walk toward the Wild Dragon fort, walked Zhao Hai while turned the head to Lizzy said : looks like the father-in-law is prepares the counter- throne to pass to the Third Brother.” Lizzy stares, he has not heard old King with the Zhao Hai words, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that puzzled said : why? Did the father tell you what?” Zhao Hai smiles said : what he to not to tell me, but I said that I must with the matter that Imperial Family cooperates, the father-in-law made me look for the Third Brother directly, if the father-in-law does not want to pass to the Third Brother the throne, he will make me such do?”

Lizzy is also two eyes bright said : „, if the father said really that can affirm, the throne certainly is a Third Brother, he he, it seems like that the Third Brother must thank the talented person line.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to not to need him to thank me, so long as he has mounted the throne, our Buda Family can obtain many advantage, I look at this, tomorrow we visit the Third Brother, discussed the matter of cooperation with him, but do not say that the matter of related throne, we will go to slave market there the day after tomorrow, I must see Lin Li/everywhere, has a look slave who he gave me to prepare, preparation how.” Lizzy smiles said : not to need us to state clearly, the Third Brother heard that we must work with him, almost should know what's the matter, Elder Brother Hai, we look at the slave now, can be too few? Black Wasteland there has not prepared.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not early, now has plowed soon in the spring time, should make these slaves go to Black Wasteland there to prepare, if has missed this season, that was planting thing on the evening.” Lizzy nodded, has not said anything, regarding the matter of farm, she does not understand, likely is not management shop front anything, she can also jut out foot intent, in this regard, this ten fingers do not moisten spring the princess of water, but the word power does not have. Next day Zhao Hai and Lizzy visited Charlie, Charlie handles affairs now or very low key, but he already started to cooperate with Zhao Hai, therefore his business income is a point are also now many, it can be said that in several Prince highest paid, this is because of this, therefore he to Zhao Hai continuously attach great importance to. This Zhao Hai came saying that with him matter of cooperation, Charlie somewhat was excited, Zhao Hai with Crook Family, with Calci Family, must with information that Imperial Clan cooperated he be knows that Zhao Hai actually asks him to cooperate now, Charlie one this back has been representing anything on understand, therefore he very excited, wanted pulling Zhao Hai to drink, Zhao Hai had not actually agreed that he also prepared hotel in the afternoon, chatted the matter of cooperation to there with Shelly Family. Previous Zhao Hai goes to Marriott there, asking Shelly Family to help, Ikisa Family information spread over Continent time, the Shelly Family showing due respect for feelings, did very good, output of ten points, therefore Zhao Hai wants to put to start the further cooperation with Family. His cooperation with the Shelly Family, besides Haven product, Fire Fish, beside sea product, is the liquor, not only naturally purify Milk Wine, rice wine and beer. Now the Black Wasteland there rice wine has made, the beer has also made, but these two types of liquor have not been able now the large-scale mass production. In this wine-making way also very backward Ark Continent here, to make these two types of liquor achieve to be able the mass production on Continent, that need is not 1800 personally on the line, that needs the skilled worker. However the Zhao Hai plan makes these two liquor initiatives, then like Milk Wine, puts in hotel to carry on to try first to sell, when the people on Continent can accept these two types of liquor, in they were good the liquor field also to construct, can increase the output. With Shelly Family discussed that cooperation matter very smooth, currently Shelly Family has almost the one type of blind confidence to Zhao Hai, they think the matter that so long as cooperates with Zhao Hai, can gain greatly gains especially, this is the experience that more than one year gains, first day the cooperation starts with Zhao Hai from them, they have been making money, moreover more gains. Zhao Hai to this result is also very satisfied, after Shelly Family reached an agreement the cooperation, he returns to the Wild Dragon fort, the preparation goes to the slave market next day.

Goes to many slave markets, after these slaves receive Black Wasteland, he prepares Beastman Prairie, Beastman retreat also about one month, went to Beastman Prairie should at this time to be OK now. Next day Zhao Hai increased the slave market with Lizzy, saw Lin Li/everywhere, Lin Li/everywhere told Zhao Hai, actually the slave they already prepared, but on Continent has been living the war in the past, therefore had not transported to Golden Island there goes, if Zhao Hai wanted, he momentarily can transport the person. Zhao Hai immediately money Fu of these slaves, then made them with transport the slave in the shortest time to Golden Island goes, then he with Lizzy leave, after returned to Wild Dragon fort, immediately rides the hawk to fly toward Golden Island. After Zhao Hai they arrived at Golden Island third day, dozens transported huge ship of slave to arrive at Golden Island, Zhao Hai has made directly them go to naval base there, then has put the naval base these slaves. Golden Island here naval base area is very big, in adding on now naval base here these Undead Creature, general time, goes on patrol in Golden Island all around, therefore here puts hundred thousand individual simply not to be a problem. But most makes Zhao Hai feel what happy is, this hundred thousand slave, Lin Li/everywhere comes for the unit according to the family, altogether also about twenty thousand household, ten points the request of coinciding Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately use evening's time, has delivered to Black Wasteland there these people, now is the spring, outside weather does not fill coldly, although said that Black Wasteland there did not have what house, but they can construct, constructing housing material Zhao Hai has prepared. After these slaves arrived at Black Wasteland there, the Zhao Hai immediately organization people give them the living substance, moreover stated clearly with them, after these living substances, was their private property, making them probably treasuring well. These slave has plenty are several is the slaves, they are similar to Zhao Hai Iron Mountain Fort here original these slave situations, even also can't compare with these slaves, they are also first time have their property, person excited serious. Next day Zhao Hai organizes these is the commoner slave helps them divide thing, then divides the village to them, actually address Zhao Hai of these villages they already divided, must do constructs these villages. The material of construction has prepared, Zhao Hai release large quantities of Undead Creature have helped to construct the service, moreover beforehand he has turned over to delimit in this these villages the style of house, turns over to delimit with the whole of village, therefore constructs is not very troublesome. Zhao Hai thinks what under-construction is big village, every thousand households of village, no matter moral behavior many, divides by the household, each household comes a minute of land according to head, old person five mu place, mature man ten mu place, mature woman ten mu place, child five mu place, each household of raging bull, or Scaled Wildebeest, moreover meets some farm tools and some daily necessities. With the village necessary these water conservations, Zhao Hai had already done well, with the Earth element Magic lane, on these lands anything, they also has planned, to these Human Race person minute of lands, is used to plant Bamboo rice, some good lands, are used to plant the wheat. But the remaining lands, Zhao Hai is remaining to these Beastman slaves, he must make these Beastman slaves herd in there, then bit by bit makes them study the cultivation land.

It is not gives for nothing to the lands of these slaves, they cultivate on the land, to the end of the year time, Zhao Hai they gather 40% crop pawn taxes, the remaining six achievements turned over to these slave to control. although this tax is very high, but regarding these slaves, this is the Heaven same day, they have not thought really that they went to such a place, really had own land, own property, must know, on Continent, even if some commoner allowance also with them almost. But what makes their excited is, did in here, they really had opportunity to turn into commoner same, look at have the slave signature person with them, everyday work in castle there, what ate was the meat, the child has opportunity to study, everyday also had own time to play, serious that they envied. Zhao Hai does not have immediately to carry out universal education, he must regard a reward with this matter, rewards these well done people, these well done slaves, not only can become commoner, but can also go to school to study by own child, even can become Noble. These slave that have thought such good deed, but sees these to turn into the commoner slave, they have also believed Zhao Hai words, each and every one is competitive. Zhao Hai gave back to them to divide seed, has divided the grain ration, has divided the farm tool, after all thing prepared, Zhao Hai has used seven days, this was because of his in hand Undead Creature many reasons, otherwise, he was really impossible in such short time to handle this matter. After thing divides, Zhao Hai also told these people, they after -working hours, but can also study other craftsmanship, so long as the craftsmanship has learned, immediately can turn into commoner, if who has the especially remnant ability, can go to the castle to look for Steward saying that Steward can also make them turn into commoner. When handles these matters, was half a month time passed, this had also been lucky the Green teams have done a lot of work ahead of time, planned each steps of these matters, otherwise was impossible to be so smooth. What if Zhao Hai arrangement is some commoner, is impossible to be so smooth, these that now he arranges are the slaves, these slaves were the process have trained, very obedient, why making them do, disturbed without one, can therefore only use half a month to be time, was good to to settle down the hundred thousand person, moreover now these slaves started to cultivate the land. thing that living of hundred thousand person, needs but are many, is popular in Zhao Hai Space not to idle, moreover Zhao Hai looked like had feared poorly the person was the same, any thing was good, thing that planted, so long as can receive, he received, therefore these people eat now, with, the firewood that burnt, had the whereabouts, after they autumn harvested, almost on can achieve self-sufficiently. Black Wasteland here had been improved land is very fertile, so long as these slaves can try hard to cultivate, their days meet very good, 40% taxes that Zhao Hai collects, is not a point is also invariable, if you one mu place has resulted in 100 jin (0.5 kg) grain, Zhao Hai will take away 40 jin (0.5 kg), if you one mu place has resulted in 200 jin (0.5 kg), he takes away 80 jin (0.5 kg), the remaining 120 jin (0.5 kg) are the slaves, these slaves after knowing this algorithm, serious of person happy, in adding on has to turn into commoner opportunity to be placed in there, their each and every one simply not. The personnel mobilizes, working that goes all out.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)