Chapter 550 trivial matters Had join of this hundred thousand person, Black Wasteland here had some human spirits finally, although to general of Black Wasteland, more than 20 villages were too few point, but compared to the beforehand person not to come, that was strong too many. These villages leave Iron Mountain Fort not to be far, after all Iron Mountain Fort here is the Buda Family administrative center, the village that on some just constructed naturally cannot leave Iron Mountain Fort to be too far. After these slave to settle down are good, these slaves started to work, because in hand had the farm tool, enough many domestic animals, can plant family's land fully. In these slaves majority of does the farm work family background, leaves the farm not to be strange, conversely, they most adept farms. But before , for their Master farms, although said their very careful, does not dare to be loaf, but they actually impossible 100% investments. However now is different, now the land has given them, so long as they delivered crop 40% to be OK every year, remaining ended is they, the crop was higher, the grain that but he left behind were also more. However farm this thing has seasonal characteristics, you do not use throughout the year is busy in the place, because does not have that many matters to make you be busy, the farm busiest season only then two, the spring sowing, the fall harvest, passed these days, they did not need to be so busy, therefore Zhao Hai wants to make them study some thing. But Zhao Hai also makes Green they such prepare, when these slaves farm, Zhao Hai they opened built the liquor field, after waiting for the liquor field to construct, these slaves this spring this busy season, at this time they have also been able to make these slaves go to work to the liquor field, naturally, they will have paid wages. Therefore to settle down good these slaves, the Zhao Hai matter had not ended, is only the construction of this liquor field, requires a lot of time. However these matters can give Green them to be done, does not use his look at, construction Zhao Hai of liquor field uses is also Stone, but other work that needs, he finds the person to make to order in Golden Island these, now had Golden Island, Iron Mountain Fort here wanted to get so far as any thing, that has facilitated very me. On Continent many Great Clan had the business in Golden Island there, but these Great Clan why has, in their work almost can produce leave any thing that on Continent you want to obtain, therefore Zhao Hai needs any special thing, asked them to make to order is OK.

Construction Zhao Hai simply of workshop does not need to worry, his in hand that more comes 2 million Undead Creature army, must construct a house that is also not a very relaxed matter, only then Artisan was OK at one side look at. thing that under-construction the workshop, Zhao Hai must order oneself, gave these to manufacture these thing Clan specially, then does not manage, below he also had the matter to be busy, he must go to Beastman Prairie. Now Beastman drew back returned to Prairie to have two months quickly, Zhao Hai should also go to Beastman Prairie to have a look, this nearly two months of time, enough they divided the spoils of war, now they should need thing. Besides must deliver goods to Ah Tai, Zhao Hai thought one should also go to Beastman Prairie there to contact with many Beastman, can he wants to go to contact with Beast King, look from the Beast King there contact business, so long as he can receive the business from Beast King there, that later Buda Family can have big receiving. Now Zhao Hai wants to make Buda Family establish several super clients in Beastman Prairie there, forms a big commercial network in Prairie that this has the advantage regarding the Buda Family beforehand show very much. Do not be busy, Buda Family Lair in Black Wasteland, there land, if opens completely, is used to farm, can the grain that every year produces how many have? Feared that will pose the huge threat to the Human Race grain market. But Human Race has signed a fair price food supply association intent with Beastman Race now, but this so-called fair price food supply, is on the other hand, after all Human Race toward the Beastman Race there far grain, needs to smile the transport expense, that Merchant has not looked like Zhao Hai to be so luxurious, can carry on the transportation with Space. Therefore these grain transport to the Beastman Prairie there price will be very high, but will be lower than before on some, but as the matter stands, these grain merchants gain are not many, later except for some big grain merchants, these young grain merchants, should not do this business, because could not make any money. But as the matter stands will possibly let the Beastman Race there appears even bigger grain shortfall, does not do well, this will direct two clan wars, therefore the meaning of Zhao Hai is, the Black Wasteland here grain, selling of mass goes to Prairie, this can make the Prairie there grain not use that anxiously, but can also stabilize the Prairie grain price. Zhao Hai also present, Beastman Race and these Prairie different race of Earth ancient times were different, Earth China's these Prairie nationalities in generation, they longs for the land of Han nationality, they wholeheartedly are thinking became that lands Master, when Han nationality was small and weak, they will invade China.

However Ark Continent here Beastman Race is actually not such, these Beastman Race they have their civilization, their civilization degree do not come compared with Human Race badly, therefore they do not want to go to Human Race Continent to come up, in this takes the strength as Venerable in world, most advocates the strength Beastman Race, cannot have a liking for Human Race, in their opinion, Human Race was too emaciated, but reason that Human Race such thin and weak, is place fantastic that because they live, therefore Beastman Race does not think that Human Race land, Beastman Prairie is very big, enough Beastman Race survived. Beastman Race has not invaded the Human Race ambition, they will not brave the moving war rashly, can make them move the reason of war to have one, their survivals were threatened. Beastman Race combative, this with their straightforward related, in their eyes, the black is black, in vain is white, but in many Human Race eyes, black and white between has one grey generation, does not have in the Beastman eye. It is hot tempered in the Beastman temperament, a word does not gather, shakes the fist to quarrel that to be light, therefore gives people the one type of combative impression, actually among them does not like the war very much. Beastman Race although looks down upon Human Race, but they actually have to depend upon the Human Race grain to survive, but Human Race also needs Beastman Race beast skin, the wool blanket and beast meat, two sides can definitely be supplementary. The Beastman Race straightforward atmosphere, however Human Race Merchant was actually very greedy, for benefit, they, but any matter could do, before Beastman Race and Human Race several times war, was because Human Race Merchant was extremely greedy, they are too high, affected the survival of Beastman Race the grain price lifted, to survive, Beastman Race has taken up weapon, has fired into the Human Race Stone City wall. But Zhao Hai wants toward the Prairie massive sale grain, to solve this situation, if some day he has become the Beastman Race first big grain merchant, Beastman Race will not have worried for the grain, the they and Human Race wars , will frequently not possibly live. If there is such one day, that Buda Family will get the how huge interests? Feared that is entire Human Race there, gets the interests in a big way was they. To be honest, before Rosen Empire wants to let come with Zhao Hai with Aksu Empire negotiated the time, Zhao Hai began, one, but his control Purcell Duchy land, then united Purcell Duchy and Black Wasteland on equal to, he even did not use when the time comes Space, can direct transported the grain to Beastman Prairie came up, what a pity, has not succeeded finally. However Zhao Hai does not worry, so long as there is Space, he does not worry, later can slowly establish such grain passage, because his don’t know can live how long, if he died, Space does not exist, after that Buda Family, depends can only be that grain passage.

Walks one step to look three steps, this is the Zhao Hai characteristics, he knows Space not information with no reason at all now, but he was worried after one died, will be what kind, nobody is can undead, even if 9th level Expert is also same, therefore Zhao Hai after Buda Family considered. Because has thought of these, therefore Zhao Hai thinks one should arrive dull Prairie comes up well previous some time, with these Beastman contact well, so long as meets some super clients, after that Buda Family, thinks that does not reach difficultly. Zhao Hai after handling the Black Wasteland there matter, went to Rosen Empire, his present although decided their several to cooperate with Calci Family, but how cooperation, must discuss well, other did not say, was only the business mouth circulates this a piece, needed research well one to be good, otherwise their will become originally will increase much. Can prompt delivers to place the cargo, the top carriage sale, this regarding the store is very important, therefore this logistics must complete is good. Car(riage) that now the Ark Continent here logistics only then two forms, the one type is waterway, with the freighter, another one type is 6 groups, draws with other horse carriage or Magic Beast. These two ways compare, naturally is waterway convenient, is quicker, the cost is also lower, horse carriage suits the transportation of short distance, but the ship suits the long-distance transport. Is good because of these that Zhao Hai must cooperate, may not be easy to deal with, their Clan has own transport network, but Zhao Hai goods supply place, is impossible only in a place, such words are not convenient. Finally Zhao Hai decided that by the Buda Family present manpower, even if is adding on Markey Family, is impossible to establish too many sale points, therefore he draws back to ask next, he establishes some special goods supply points in some main cities, saves ships and sells this aspect toward other cities, gave several other Clan. Calci Family they naturally also agreed that they also really feared Buda Family establishes a direct sale point, such words have become their competitor. However the place, Calci Family they do not have extend the hand into to go, is Purcell Duchy there, now Ryan is managing to work in there, the there shop front has established, there is one by one of Buda Family only on Continent can the direct sale Haven product place.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)